didrocksgood morning06:00
seb128good morning desktopers06:49
didrocksre seb12806:49
seb128re didrocks ;-)06:50
hikiko-lpthello all07:01
=== hikiko-lpt is now known as hikiko
didrockshey hikiko07:03
hikikohi didrocks seb12807:05
seb128hey hikiko07:05
didrocksgood morning Trevinho!08:02
Trevinhoheyd didrocks08:02
seb128hey Trevinho08:02
seb128Trevinho, still holding to the waking up early it seems :-)08:03
Trevinhoseb128: yeah... Up since almost 2 hrs -_-08:03
TrevinhoAnd it's not a good thing08:03
TheMusoHey willcooke.08:51
didrocksmorning TheMuso, willcooke!08:52
seb128hey TheMuso willcooke08:53
Laneyradio show about p vs np on the radio now09:02
Laneyhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_radio_fourfm ;-)09:02
didrockshey Laney!09:07
Laneyhey didrocks09:09
Laneyhow's france today?09:09
ochosimorning everyone09:10
ochosii read that USC will likely be retired for X in favor of gnome-software09:11
ochosiis this decided already or only a plan?09:11
seb128hey Laney ochosi09:11
ochosi(would like to evaluate it for xubuntu, but no PPA with it or anything)09:11
seb128ochosi, isn't a plan something that is decided?09:12
Laneyyes because there is a lot of work09:12
ochosiheh, right09:12
larsugood morning!09:12
Laneytry unstable09:12
Laneyhey seb128 and larsu!09:12
* larsu spent the morning offline :)09:12
Laney(or fedora I guess)09:12
seb128hey larsu09:12
Laneyoh god09:12
Laneywas it awful?09:12
willcookeg'night TheMuso09:12
ochosioh ok, i'll look in debian then09:12
seb128larsu, what are you hacking on?09:12
larsuLaney: hi! Happy Thursday09:12
larsuhi seb128! ça va?09:12
Laneyhacking on plumbing in the sink09:12
seb128larsu, oui, et toi?09:13
larsuseb128: started on geonames localization09:13
larsuseb128: anything more pressing?09:13
Laney"let's say you have a group of N people"09:13
larsuseb128: I'm great thanks!09:13
larsuLaney: sink is done since last week ;)09:13
seb128larsu, no, that's a good one09:13
Laney"just leaving that here"09:14
willcookeErr.  maybe bug: 1480217:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/148021709:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1480217 in nautilus (Ubuntu Trusty) "Nautilus background handling screwed when changing scaling factor." [High,In progress]09:14
willcookethere we go09:14
seb128willcooke, that's fix commited09:14
didrocksLaney: cloudy09:14
seb128and uploaded09:14
larsuwillcooke: I fixed that last week09:14
larsu(or this week?)09:14
larsu(some week)09:15
willcookeCool!  I am confused about why there is a "Needs Fixing" review09:15
Laneyit says it is merged09:15
larsuare you looking at a different bug? "Merged" for me09:15
seb128it was need fixing from me because we found some other issue09:15
seb128but it fixed09:15
willcookeAh, I see the dates.  Laney's OK is after seb128's  Needs Fixing09:15
seb128and laney took over reviewing09:15
seb128so I didn't update mine09:15
* Laney thinks this doesn't need 4 minds09:15
Laneysee you!09:15
willcookethe status is still "In Progress"09:16
seb128Laney, have fun09:16
seb128willcooke, fixed that09:16
seb128set to fix commited09:16
willcookeThanks seb12809:16
willcookeand thanks larsu for fixing it09:17
seb128larsu, do you know if "gtk_window_set_titlebar (GTK_WINDOW (window), NULL);" should be enough to make the GtkHeaderBar in gedit not be a titlebar?09:18
larsubtw, I'll probably drop by the systemd conference later today09:18
seb128(that's what the osx backend does)09:18
larsubut I should be online09:18
seb128you got an invitation?09:19
larsuseb128: that will remove the headerbar completely09:19
seb128or paid $crazy_price for a ticket?09:19
larsuyou need to pack it into the main area of the widget if you want to have it shown09:19
seb128larsu, what is gedit looking like on osX then?09:19
larsuseb128: invitation09:19
larsuseb128: only titlebar (this is what that line would do)09:19
seb128with no menu09:20
larsuthis is wrong09:20
seb128well gedit upstream doesn't have a menubar09:20
larsuI would look into this, but I can't install gedit on X09:20
seb128btw your patch is accept commit I think09:20
seb128why not?09:20
larsu gedit : Depends: gedit-common (< 3.11) but 3.16.3-0ubuntu3 is to be installed09:21
seb128you have a local install09:21
seb128you can sudo apt-get install gedit/xenial gedit-common/xenial09:21
larsuI do?!09:21
seb128well, 3.16.3-0ubuntu309:22
seb128that's likely your local update build09:22
seb128we are on 3.1009:22
larsuah you're right! Thanks :)09:22
larsuok now your problem :)09:22
seb128I still didn't make up my mind on decorations or not09:22
seb128well my problem is with the 3.18 update I'm working on09:22
seb128it works fine but I wanted to try with normal decorations09:22
larsuand then you get no menubar?09:23
larsuor is that unrelated?09:23
seb128things work well09:23
seb128I'm just trying to find the easiest way to turn off the gtkheaderbar as decoration09:23
seb128to see how things look with decoration + headerbar09:24
larsuyes that line should do it09:24
larsuif you want the headerbar as toolbar, you also need to pack the headrbar into the main area of the window (maybe wrapped in a vbox)09:24
seb128right, thanks09:25
larsulet me know if you need help09:26
seb128should be fine, but thanks09:28
seb128I'm pondering just uploading with the headerbar to get feedback09:28
seb128it's looking/working mostly fine09:28
seb128the other thing I'm unsure about is whether we should hide the gear menu under unity09:28
seb128would it make sense to have both? like keep the upstream UI but add the menubar as well for desktop consistency/those who use it?09:28
larsuseb128: the idea we had last time we talked about is that we show the gear menu when LIM is enabled09:42
larsuwhich requires a downstream patch, of course09:42
seb128what's the point of hiding it in normal use?09:42
larsugood question09:43
larsuI guess we could leave it09:43
seb128I'm just wondering09:45
seb128it would make the application looks like design and have the modern UI for those who like that09:45
seb128but still provide the menubar for consistency/users that like those better09:45
larsuindeed. I think I'm in favor (at least for trying it out and getting feedback)09:46
Laneywe like headerbars now?09:47
larsuLaney: yes?!09:53
larsudid we decide against them at the sprint?09:53
larsuso much back and forth, I can't even remember09:53
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
seb128same here, I sort of lost track09:54
seb128I just want that gedit update out09:54
LaneyThere was some command at the previous sprint to not change anything09:54
larsuwillcooke: ^09:55
Laneybut maybe I was wrong09:55
LaneyI thought we were going to make gedit use the osx UI for us09:55
Laneytrad titlebar + menubar + no toolbar09:55
larsuI thought we changed our mind at the sprint09:56
larsuwhy else would we have the whole rgba window discussion?09:56
Laneythis is awesome09:56
larsuno, *you* are awesome09:57
seb128screw LIM users :p09:58
willcookeI think we agreed that LIM would suffer, but HUD and Global menu would still work right?10:02
willcookeBut that we are going to put a demo together to show design so that they can check it10:02
* larsu nods10:02
larsuthanks will10:02
Laneyso stop the patches?10:03
willcookewhat do the patches do?10:05
seb128Laney, maybe not before having the demo and the result officially acked10:05
larsuhaving it in xenial is fine, isn't it? We can always revert10:06
willcooke+1 to seb128 and larsu10:08
seb128k, let's get gedit in like that10:08
seb128it's going to be a good demo case10:08
seb128though we need the unity fix for the corner rendering issue to be resolved10:09
seb128but that's minor10:09
didrockscorner rendering issues… and my eyes! :)10:09
seb128sharp corners in your eyes hurt?!10:10
larsuTrevinho is "on it"10:10
Trevinholarsu: actually I'm leaving he ball to hikiko-lpt as she got a proof of concept using proper shadows that is maybe better than what we decided... So, I'm waiting for that.10:11
seb128larsu, btw any idea if it would be easy to do the gtk hack that somebody suggested on that upstream blog, dropping the headerbar decorations when maximized10:11
didrocksseb128: I wear glasses!!!!10:11
didrockssecurity ones :p10:11
willcookeoh, that reminds me...10:12
* willcooke makes an opticians appointment 10:12
didrockswillcooke: see you in a year or 2!10:12
willcookeTrevinho, will that fix be for 15.10 as well?10:13
seb128when he says "see you" he really means it10:13
seb128blurry vision meanwhile for you!10:13
Trevinhowillcooke: *maybe* but not sure10:13
willcookeSo I think we need to fix the square edges in 15.10 as well really10:13
willcookebut if that's a tonne of work, then I can be easily convinced that we don't need to10:14
seb128willcooke, which ones you mean?10:14
seb128the tooltip issue is being addressed10:14
seb128the one we are talking about is only impacting some applications10:14
willcookeright, I understand now10:15
didrocksand millions of didrocks are happy :)10:15
seb128you can see one example if you have a bluetooth device configured and try to send files to it from the indicator10:15
seb128the dialog is using headerbar and have solid corners10:15
larsuTrevinho: yes, should be a small patch in gtk for all applications that don't add those buttons manually (and I think none do, it's a feature of gtkheaderbar)10:16
seb128willcooke, oh, easier test case, the font viewer10:16
willcookeseb128, do I need X to see it?10:18
Trevinholarsu: not sure I got what you mean10:18
larsuTrevinho: I meant to ping seb128, sorry10:18
seb128larsu, thanks10:18
larsuseb128: now or wait until we have the ok?10:19
seb128larsu, for the "hide the decoration when maximized"?10:19
Laneysome theming needed too, or something10:20
Trevinholarsu: ah, that was something that some gnome guy was saying in a blogpost...10:20
Laneyfont viewer looks weird when maximised10:20
larsuseb128: yes10:21
TrevinhoLaney: hey... not sure whether the silo 11 has been fully published, but it should be fine now10:21
Laneyhi Trevinho10:21
LaneyI had some weird highlights last night10:21
larsuLaney: because of round corners? Ya, I think we should square them when maximized (and I thought we already did...)10:21
seb128larsu, I think we should do it in any case, we have csd applications in universe, we can't patch the world, that would make them look better10:22
Trevinhoyeah, you know... hallucinations...10:22
Laneylarsu: no, not the corners10:22
Laneythe gradient10:22
larsusame problem now when moving a window to the top10:23
seb128gedit 3.18.1 uploaded, enjoy good desktop people ;-)10:23
larsuor maximizing it on half the screen10:23
larsuI agree it's ugly, but it's the design and we've specifically been asked not to change it10:24
seb128larsu, thanks for the work you did previous cycle on that update, it made the remaining bits easy10:24
larsuseb128: \o/ thanks10:24
LaneyI don't think that request extends to this10:24
larsuand then should we change the half-maximized ones as well?10:26
Laneysounds like a perfect enemy of good argument10:27
Laneycan't/won't fix all the cases so shouldn't fix this one?10:27
Laneyor: already have bad cases - adding another bad one is therefore alright10:28
larsudidn't mean that, sorry. honestly asking10:28
Laneydon't know how you can theme that, but if possible then I guess so10:29
Laneyand I don't know if it would look more weird to have the headerbar change theme when you maximise it10:29
* larsu makes a note to try this out soon10:30
LaneyI mean, I know you can theme maximised stuff differently10:30
Laneybut a titlebar which just happens to touch the panel...10:31
larsuprobably not :/10:33
larsuseb128: is the gsettings-qt fix scheduled for landing? https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/gsettings-qt/lp1503693/+merge/27619010:33
seb128larsu, yeah, I put in a silo yesterday, it's waiting for qa testing10:36
seb128sorry it took some time10:36
larsumeh, it was waiting for a review until yesterday10:36
larsuand I pushed a last fix even10:36
Sweet5hark1*grumble* no popey *grumble*10:40
willcookeSweet5hark1, I'd guess he's shifted his hours for UOS10:42
willcookeSweet5hark1, probably be on soon10:42
didrockssuch a shifter! :)10:42
* Sweet5hark1 is just being an annoying child that cant wait.10:42
Sweet5hark1willcooke: thanks, actually its not too urgent ;)10:43
* Laney runs dep11-generator process . xenial10:45
willcookeSweet5hark1, et voilà ^^10:52
Sweet5hark1willcooke: shhh, you will shy him away!10:52
Sweet5hark1popey: heya!10:52
* willcooke lays down a trail of kebabs and lager10:52
willcookebox, stick, piece of string....10:53
willcookeGOT HIM!10:53
popeynom nom nom10:54
Sweet5hark1popey: libreoffice-vanilla 5.0.3 update finished compiling on https://launchpad.net/~bjoern-michaelsen/+archive/ubuntu/libreoffice-3-4 finally.10:54
popeythanks Sweet5hark110:55
Sweet5hark1popey: the splitting of -dbgsym with the ppa setting seems to have worked -- and more importantly: it doesnt seem to increase the size of the non-dbg package in a relevant way.10:56
Sweet5hark1popey: no arm build on that yet, though. So I guess the thing to do now is a/ check the build/publish dbgsym package checkboxes on the canonical-community ppa b/ copy over the package (without copying binaries, so that they will be re-build, including armhf)10:58
popeywhere are those switches?10:59
Trevinhowillcooke: so for the python3 thing in unity, who can I talk to?11:00
seb128larsu, I have https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/notify-osd/spam-a-bit-less/+merge/274382 in a silo and just tested it, with it the sound icons are wrong when mouse whell scrolling over the indicator11:01
TrevinhoBecause this is the situation: unity launch script depends on python2, fixing it is trivial and I've done it. So we can ensure that the dependency of the unity package is on python3.11:02
TrevinhoHowever, unity also builds unity-autopilot that is in universe and should depend on python2.7 (as ap-legacy is not python3-friendly)11:02
Sweet5hark1popey: go to ppa -> "Change details" -> check "Build debug symbols" and "Publish debug symbols"11:02
seb128Trevinho, there is a patch on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/151290911:02
larsuseb128: indeed.... I wonder how that change can influece the icon :/11:02
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1512909 in unity (Ubuntu) "Port unity to Python 3" [High,In progress]11:02
popeySweet5hark1, okay, thanks11:02
seb128Trevinho, having universe binaries using python2 is fine11:03
TrevinhoOk, I was wondering that this was enough ${python3:Depends},, but i wanted to ask11:03
Trevinhoseb128: yeah, sure11:03
popeySweet5hark1, you have those both checked?11:03
TrevinhoI just wanted to make sure that ${python:Depends} was correclty replaced on "unity" package11:03
Sweet5hark1popey: yes.11:03
TrevinhoSweet5hark1: did you see the reddit AMA req? :)11:03
Sweet5hark1Trevinho: huh?11:04
TrevinhoSweet5hark1: sent a link last night11:04
TrevinhoSweet5hark1: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/3rjbj4/ama_request_for_libreoffice_team/11:04
seb128wooot, new glib11:05
Sweet5hark1popey: btw, I also had a look at the libreofficekit stuff and changes for the upcoming LibreOffice 5.1 release ... lots of good news there, it seems it would to be easy to add some basic editing capabilities with that (e.g. for correcting a sentence in a press release or a presentation slide, or some basic formatting foo) ...11:05
Sweet5hark1Trevinho: ohhh, me clicks link.11:05
seb128is guest session working for others on xenial?11:08
Laneylooks like there's a pygobject -> libpeas -> gedit problem11:08
* Sweet5hark1 makes a note to do the sproket dance at FOSDEM (LinuxTag is dead, Jim, isnt it?)11:09
seb128Laney, you mean libpeas not built on !i386/amd64?11:11
Laneytrying a test build11:11
seb128I bet the pygobject build issue is a gtk < 3.18 one11:12
Laneywhy does it work on those arches then?11:13
seb128pygobject ftbfs everywhere11:13
Laneyno need to dupe my work anyway11:13
seb128well, I had looked at pygobject on monday11:13
seb128so I'm just commenting about what I found out then11:13
seb128not duplicating anything now11:14
seb128good luck figuring it out ;-)11:14
* didrocks goes for the second run of the week! see you later dudes11:24
popeySweet5hark1, okay, i have set the community team ppa like that, shall I copy it over now, for a test build?11:31
Sweet5hark1popey: yes, please.11:31
seb128didrocks, enjoy!11:32
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desrthello humans12:36
seb128hey desrt12:37
seb128andyrock, Trevinho, hum, got compiz eating 100% cpu again with one thread in libpam code again ... did anything change in that area recently? it's twice this week (using xenial)12:38
desrtgood morning seb12:38
Trevinhoseb128: nope12:38
Trevinhonot at our level12:38
seb128nobody else reported that yet?12:39
seb128pam didn't change either :-/12:39
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
andyrockseb128: nope13:03
andyrockseb128: no change at all for two years13:04
andyrockseb128: on wily o xenial?13:04
andyrocknew gcc stdlib?13:04
andyrockwe use c++11 multi thread sync features13:04
andyrockmaybe something changed at that level?13:05
seb128could be...13:09
seb128well so far it's only me13:09
seb128so let's see13:09
Laneythis bug is weird13:09
Laneythe same test fails13:09
Laneyif you build wily's pygobject on xenial13:09
* Laney invokes the pitti 13:10
didrockslet the man sleep a little bit longer today :p13:11
LaneyI called the hotel to wake him up13:11
didrocksLaney: if that doesn't work, I guess step 2 in a normal slow-raising alarm-clock type is to call the swat team13:14
didrocksstep 3 is an international arrest request13:14
Laneyyou've done this before I see13:14
didrocksand what assure you won't be next? ;)13:15
seb128willcooke, throwing random keywords at the channel? ;-)13:15
willcookeit's a primer to me msg'ing laney13:15
didrockswillcooke: for Martin, it's more "ffm" as a keyword13:15
didrocks(even if he gave up now that it works in unity7)13:16
Laneydowngrading g-i fixes it13:19
qenghogood morning.13:38
seb128hey qengho13:46
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Trevinhodo you guys also have the bug where if you just click over an indicator it doesn't get prelighted?13:57
Trevinhoseb128: ^  ?14:06
seb128Trevinho, yes14:06
seb128still doesn't if I move down14:06
seb128but it does if I move back up to the panel14:06
Trevinhoyeah... Wondering since when there's that issue14:07
pittiBonjour mes amis !14:30
pittididrocks, Laney: I actually did wake up at 5:30 (like clockwork), but I didn't go on IRC this morning14:30
pittiwanted to have some quiet time to draft https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ProposedMigration/TestClassesSpec14:30
pittiwhat's up?14:30
didrocksbonjour pitti !14:30
pittididrocks: ça didrocks, comment vas-tu ?14:31
pittierr, s/ça/salut/14:31
didrockspitti: ça va bien mieux, presque plus malade :) et toi ?14:31
Laneyhey pitti14:32
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=== mcs_ is now known as matt_symes
pittididrocks: je suis un peu fatigue, c'est déjà jeudi  :)14:32
seb128hey pitti14:33
pittididrocks: "presque plus malade" -> "nearly more sick"?14:33
pittisalut seb128 ! *accolade*14:33
seb128*accolade* ;-)14:33
didrockspitti: "nearly *not* sick"14:33
pittididrocks: oh, "presque plus" -> "almost not"?14:33
didrocksyeah ;)14:34
didrocksplus (you pronounce the "s") is "more"14:34
didrocksplus with a silent "s", is "no more"14:34
didrockshere, it was obviously a silent s :p14:34
pittimerci pour la petite leçon :)14:34
didrocksbecause, writing makes it easier ;)14:34
didrockspitti: de rien ;)14:34
pittididrocks: ma professeur dit "plus" sans un "s" pour le cas "positif" aussi14:35
didrockspitti: ah, ce n'est pas vraiment valide, je ne trouve pas de cas où ça marche. seb128 ? ^14:35
seb128pitti, it's rather "almost not anymore" (e.g have a sense of things that used to be true and is less)14:35
didrocksI don't see any case where it's positive and you don't pronounce the s14:36
pittididrocks: elle est de Paris, peut-être un accent différent ?14:36
didrocksnot really on this…14:36
seb128didrocks, hum?14:37
pittije vais elle demander à ça14:37
seb128didrocks, "tu es plus grand que moi"14:37
didrocksseb128: 15:35:09       pitti | didrocks: ma professeur dit "plus" sans un "s" pour le cas "positif" aussi14:37
didrocksyeah, so there is a case :)14:37
seb128I would say whenever plus is followed by something14:38
didrocksseb128: do you know the rule for pronouncing it ? because "j'en ai plus que toi", you will…14:38
seb128no :-(14:38
didrocksyeah, no :p14:38
didrocksplus + quantifier maybe?14:38
didrocksand in that case, it's positive, but you don't pronounce14:39
didrocksplus + adjectif14:39
* Laney joins in14:39
seb128it's too difficult14:39
pittiévidemment cette langue est trop difficile :)14:39
pittiLaney: la viande !14:40
didrocksseb128: plus + adjectif isn't the only case to not pronounce the s and it's still positive14:40
didrocks"plus j'y pense, plus je trouve cela difficile"14:40
didrocksyeah, so there might be a rule about pronouncing the s, but we don't know ;)14:41
seb128we are not the only ones to discuss the topic :p14:42
pittithat would be surprising indeed14:42
seb128post 2 has details14:42
didrocksseb128: yeah, but post 2 doesn't cover all the case "j'en ai plus que toi"14:43
didrocksno an end of sentence14:43
didrocksand no way it may be mislead with the negative sense14:43
didrocks(and not an addition)14:43
didrockswaow, never thought about that one, clearly complex…14:44
Laneypitti: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=748832#c8 <- this was what I was pinging you about14:44
ubot5Gnome bug 748832 in libgirepository "Remove special GdkRectangle case when scanning/reading girepository data" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]14:44
LaneyNot sure if you know g-i itself though, so don't worry about it :)14:44
* Laney goes for some lunch14:45
larsupitti: we miss you here :)14:45
* pitti likes the "don't worry" while being too distracted on the sprint :)14:45
didrocksyeah, let's talk about real work!14:46
didrockslike this "s" rules :)14:46
pittilarsu: me too! please say hello to Michael, Lennart, Kay, and Harald14:46
seb128Laney, enjoy!14:46
pittilarsu: and please prod Tom to fix the networkd regression :)14:46
pittiLaney: more seriously, are you actually at the conf?14:47
xclaessein ubuntu 15.10 I often have the gtkfilechoose that freeze the whole app (gedit in my case) when I have sftp:// locations mounted in gvfs14:47
larsupitti: will do!14:47
larsuI guess he'll know which regression I'm talking aobut14:47
pittilarsu: https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/164514:48
seb128xclaesse, likely some sync call in gtkfileselector? having a bt when that's happening would be useful14:48
pittilarsu: I was mostly kidding, this isn't really good conference matter14:48
pittilarsu: shaking hands and listening to what's new is!14:49
* larsu shakes hands14:49
xclaesseseb128, running it in gdb now, let's see if I can reproduce14:49
xclaesseseb128, actually I have /var/crash/_usr_bin_gedit.1000.uploaded14:50
xclaesseprobably that already14:50
xclaessedunno where I can find it14:50
seb128probably not14:51
seb128a segfault would close the app, not block the UI14:51
seb128does in unfroze and keep working?14:51
seb128or does it crash?14:52
seb128larsu, Laney, do we consider that to be ok or buggy? http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/gedit.png14:58
seb128larsu, unsure what was the logic dialog, was it to use linked button when csd is on?14:58
larsuseb128: yes15:33
seb128larsu, yes to "be ok"?15:33
seb128it looks weird to me, at least the border around the button being cut15:34
larsuseb128: yes to "do we consider this buggy"15:34
seb128oh, ok ;-)15:34
larsuit's ugly in our theme15:34
seb128do we want to fix the theme?15:34
larsuand we have a gtk patch for the built-in dialogs15:34
seb128or what is the right way to handle those?15:34
larsubut many apps pack those buttons themselves15:34
larsuso we'd need to fix this in apps15:34
* larsu makes a note to fix this15:36
larsuseb128: btw, this isn't a problem in the 3.10 version15:36
seb128of gedit?15:37
seb128right, but we updated to 3.18 now :p15:37
larsuI didn't get it when I updated this morning15:38
seb128btw they sort of gave a pre +1 to your menubar patch15:38
larsuand don't want to use all of the conf wifi now :)15:38
seb128it's blocked in xenial-proposed due to libpeas and pygobject issues15:38
seb128Laney was looking at it15:38
seb128and I think he needed pitti15:38
seb128larsu, yeah, no hurry15:38
* larsu is doing some talking and shaking hands anyway - pitti told me to ;)15:39
* pitti pats larsu -- "braver Hund!"15:39
pittilarsu: *hug*15:39
larsupitti: hug back!15:39
seb128tjaalton, I don't understand your comment on bug #1480217, you say that the nautilus fixes creates intel driver issues?15:51
ubot5bug 1480217 in nautilus (Ubuntu Trusty) "Nautilus background handling screwed when changing scaling factor." [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148021715:51
tjaaltonseb128: the crasher was triggered by nautilus which wasn't patched for this bug, but there's still some corruption left15:52
seb128tjaalton, how is that relevant to the scaling issue?15:53
tjaaltonthe crasher itself is a bug in intel x driver, fixed in wily and up15:53
seb128your comment makes it sounds like there is a problem with the nautilus change15:53
seb128that's not the case right?15:53
tjaaltonseb128: no15:53
tjaalton"this update doesn't trigger it anymore" sounds to me that it fixed it15:53
tjaaltonjust wanted to say that the corruption is not fully fixed15:54
tjaaltonadded a comment15:56
Laneytjaalton: feel free to upload that SRU now that you've built and tested it ;-)15:57
seb128tjaalton, right, that bug/change was neither about the segfault nor the corruption though, so mentioning corruption in the middle is a bit confusing15:57
* Laney only did T so far15:57
seb128tjaalton, thanks fo rthe update!15:58
* Trevinho has done something wrong.... Just accepted to go to IKEA.... Please kill me.16:02
tjaaltonseb128: huh, it was all about the corruption16:28
tjaaltonLaney: oh yeah, guess i might push it for vivid too since that's what i use for testing, not lts-vivid on trusty which would mean more work16:30
Laneytjaalton: hm?16:30
Laneythis is nautilus no?16:30
Laneyorthogonal to lts-* then16:30
willcookemdeslaur, you might be interested in this:  https://plus.google.com/111583136332687352922/posts/d3NqxYfVXBu16:30
tjaaltonsure, just saying it would help me when doing crap on vivid16:31
tjaaltonand not hit this issue which would be fixed in trusty16:31
Laneyare you planning on testing wily too? :)16:31
Laney(does lts-wily exist yet?)16:31
Laney(or ever?)16:32
tjaaltoni might16:32
tjaaltondoesn't exist yet16:32
Laneywell, I have backporting this there on my list16:32
Laneyso lemme know if you do it so that I can cross it off16:32
mdeslaurwillcooke: I just volunteered to unbork the current one, not become a new maintainer :P16:32
willcookesame thing16:33
mdeslaurwillcooke: thanks16:33
Laneythis is going to end up being your life's work now you've said that16:33
Laneyusb-creator: the project which outlives Ubuntu, Linux and all other Free Software16:34
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tjaaltonLaney: right, i might do wily too16:34
Laneyok, just let me know16:35
willcookeusb-creator consumes systemd16:35
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Laneylet's start with a track at the next UOS16:36
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mhall119willcooke: was there a decision made to drop brasero and empathy from the default desktop install?17:36
willcookemhall119, pretty much yes17:36
willcookemhall119, both are unmaintained upstream and not used very much17:36
didrocksmaybe, we should send an email to the ubuntu-desktop ML about it17:36
didrocksI guess UOS isn't enough17:36
* mhall119 is working on the convergence track summaries17:36
willcookesure, we can do that17:36
didrocksmhall119: don't forget the addition of gnome-calendar17:37
mhall119didrocks: which is being added, yes?17:37
Sweet5hark1its been done.17:38
LaneyI will mail the list when I do it, of course17:39
Sweet5hark1despite enormous incompetence of some players that bordered on sabotage, USN-2793-1 is out (fixing 4 cves on 3 releases).17:40
Laneysilly specially crafted files17:41
Sweet5hark1Laney: they should be outlawed.17:41
didrockshave a good night everyone, see you tomorrow! :)17:42
Sweet5hark1Laney: I hear the political climate for such actions is welcoming in the UK right now, given you just outlawed evil encryption. Wanna start?17:42
didrocks(I'll probably run early, so unsure I'll be connected when you arrive if I'm not lazy)17:42
Sweet5hark1didrocks: have a nice evening!17:43
didrocksthanks Sweet5hark1 ;)17:43
willcookemhall119, I've drafted a quick email, just want seb128 to sanity check it and then I'll send it17:56
* Laney blinks17:58
mhall119willcooke: email to me?18:02
LaneyDo you want to see the current pending diff?18:04
LaneyI was planning on sending such a mail when doing the actual changes18:04
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Laneymhall119: You could just mention those three changes as probable and say to watch out on ubuntu-desktop for when it's done18:10
Laneyprobably next week18:10
* Laney has to go now, see you18:10
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willcookemhall119, desktop mailinbg list18:19
willcookegnight all18:56
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