daftykinsoh great kadiro is in now :P00:00
Bashing-omHummm .. I did not know this was a Friday .00:01
Ben64really, he wanted to argue about root, i  just said "you shouldn't"03:04
Ben64i'm done with it though03:04
daftykinsthose stubborn users really are frustrating03:05
daftykinshey guys i just got 97% on the Introduction to Linux course on edx.org ! :D03:05
Ben64it was like step 1 in the diagnostic process and he couldn't understand what i was trying to say03:05
Ben64i don't get paid enough here to deal with that :D03:06
Ben6497 sounds good03:06
daftykinsi dropped one question about shell scripting because i've never done it - and didn't even cover the whole course material ;)03:07
chaos7theoryIs there any indication of how exactly big all the packages under texlive-full takes up?04:16
wafflejockBen64: I ended up PMing with The_Yeti, he calmed down, guess what he shouldn't have been running it as root :) I told him you're a very helpful guy and he shouldn't be so dismissive he was just already angry to start, but cooled down once we chatted for a minute and I explained why we don't just tell everyone to install PPAs and run as root if they want04:51
lotuspsychjegood morning to all06:05
lotuspsychjegood morning to all08:21
daftykinslotuspsychje: heya :) thanks for the backup!08:23
daftykinsangry little fellow there08:23
lotuspsychjedaftykins: didnt that akik guy came for issues days ago08:26
daftykinshmm not sure08:26
lotuspsychjeive seen him before08:26
daftykins*adds to ignore*08:27
daftykinslotuspsychje: we need to break in and add this chan to Eric's computer again ;)08:48
lotuspsychjedaftykins: i try hard to get em to add to favs, but some are very hard stubborn08:49
lotuspsychjeioria, monkeydust,eric08:49
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: morning mate09:02
cfhowlettgreetings.  it's grey, wet, gloomy and 1700 hours here in BJ.  :)09:03
daftykinsmuch the same as over here at 9am!09:03
lotuspsychjerainy and 10h here09:03
cfhowlettcool story:  I saw ubuntu in the wild yesterday!  Chinese guy at starbucks was using it.09:04
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: on what device09:05
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: did you see the hackatton ubuntu insights?09:05
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, nope.  link?09:06
cfhowlettah THAT one!09:08
cfhowlettdamn. I had to work today, or I might have gone.  VEry close to my present location!09:09
daftykinslotuspsychje: actually what is that system? branded or a custom build?09:18
daftykinscould be a motherboard quirk too09:18
lotuspsychjedaftykins: its my own build, but the wifi card has worked on trusty before09:19
lotuspsychjethats what so confusing09:19
daftykinsare you on the vivid HWE stack on that system, so 3.19 kernel - or original 3.13?09:19
lotuspsychjemaybe ill cmos reset aswell09:19
lotuspsychjekernel 4.2 on xenial now i believe09:20
daftykinsoh yeah you updated, silly me09:20
lotuspsychjebut tested the live trusty right after09:20
lotuspsychjeand card didnt show either09:20
daftykinsi've seen bad states get held onto until a PSU's connections have been removed from the motherboard09:20
lotuspsychjei tought it was a kernel thing too at first09:20
lotuspsychjeill surely try :p09:21
lotuspsychjebrb im too curious :p09:23
daftykinsgood man09:24
lotus|xenialdaftykins: you did it mate!!!09:33
lotus|xenial00:0c.0 Network controller [0280]: IBM Device [1014:0601]09:33
lotus|xenialdoesnt show proper ralink chip, but at least it show in lcpci now :p09:34
daftykinsdid you go for the CMOS reset too, or just the power pull?09:34
daftykinsyeah that's a weird name09:34
lotus|xenialpower pull09:34
lotus|xenialdaftykins: that might be early xenial stuff09:34
lotus|xenialdaftykins: tnx mate :p09:35
daftykinsmy pleasure :)09:35
daftykinsmy hardware love is far above my ubuntu skillset09:36
daftykinsso tempted to upgrade to a skylake build by the way :)09:36
daftykins£500 i figured it would be09:36
lotus|xeniallets hope once my store runs, xenial rocknrolls on i709:37
daftykinsi don't even think the skylake retail boxed chips come with a heatsink!09:38
lotus|xenial50mb of xenial updates09:41
daftykinslotus|xenial: i'd have to get a new case to get some USB 3 ports built in if i upgrade ;) my choice is: http://www.antec.com/product.php?id=705439&pid=8909:46
lotus|xenialdaftykins: error in link?09:47
daftykinsoh drat09:47
daftykinshow about - http://www.ebuyer.com/312927-antec-p280-case-0-761345-82000-409:48
lotus|xenialdaftykins: nice109:49
lotus|xenialok reboot for xenial updates09:51
daftykinsaaaah, i love a good puzzle.09:53
lotus|xeniallol my gf fooling around again09:54
daftykinshi Ms.lotus! o/09:55
lotus|xenial1 min away from the netbook :p09:56
lotuspsychjelol and hello there09:56
lotus|xeniallotuspsychje: be polite and say hi back!09:56
lotuspsychjetoo late09:56
lotuspsychjehe is a one..09:58
daftykinsno way, us Guernsey folk use that phrase :O09:59
daftykinsor more specifically, "cor you're a one you, eh?"09:59
lotus|xenialthats a flemish expression here aswell lol09:59
lotus|xenialalmost like sayin, your a weird one you09:59
lotuspsychjeyes you are10:00
lotus|xenialok lemme go downstairs to punish her10:00
lotuspsychjebbl :p10:00
daftykinsTMI guys!10:01
lotus|xenialdaftykins: ok dinnertime, tnx for the wonderfull fix mate, ill add bug to it later10:20
daftykinsenjoy :)10:20
daftykinsthis pikapi is pissing me off :P10:49
daftykinshaha someone just shared this with me in another channel - so good - http://i.imgur.com/UXIXZgF.jpg11:15
daftykins(safe for work)11:15
lotuspsychjedaftykins: he's been acting like this for few days here also11:28
daftykinsyeah, complete troll11:28
daftykinshe pasted a command to advise someone with earlier, which was a direct quote from TJ on a prior day - didn't even help the situation :D11:29
lotuspsychjedear lord11:29
daftykinsmight inform the ops actually11:29
lotuspsychjehe will get caught eventually anyways11:30
daftykinsreport complete!11:31
lotuspsychjebeing helpfull with other users quotes is bad idea11:32
daftykinsooh this is appropriate...11:34
* daftykins is listening to "You Don't Have a Clue (feat. Anneli Drecker)" by Röyksopp [Junior]11:34
lotuspsychjedaftykins: he starts to make mistakes :p11:44
daftykinsswitch to legacy *facepalm*11:45
lotuspsychjephilipballew: hi11:50
daftykinsuuuugh this guy pikapi is such a troll11:51
lotuspsychjedaftykins: leave him be to next mistake11:51
lotuspsychjehe wont be able to resist im sure11:51
lotuspsychjelol chill11:54
lotuspsychjehi BluesKaj11:55
BluesKaj'Morning all11:55
BluesKajhi lotuspsychje11:56
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: daftykins solved my ralink card mystery, had to unplug power from mobo11:57
BluesKajlotuspsychje, why would that work?11:57
daftykinsBluesKaj: resets any persistence in the NVRAM of the mobo11:58
daftykinssome kinda quirk in there11:58
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: now xenial sees it in lspci -nn with IBM chipset lol11:59
lotuspsychjemight be little early for wifi card recognition12:00
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: helloooooo12:00
lotuspsychjeadd to favs mate12:00
lotuspsychjewe start to get crowded here12:01
lotuspsychjedaftykins: <pikapi> he was accusing me personally for no reason12:01
lotuspsychje<pikapi> i was pissed off ;|12:01
lotuspsychje<lotuspsychje> dont msg me, use #ubuntu-offtopic12:01
lotuspsychje<pikapi> tell him to stop saying stupid things12:01
EriC^^daftykins: i need your expertise on tv and resolution12:01
BluesKajlotuspsychje, well 16.04 is still mostly 15.10 so it should see the wifi chip12:01
EriC^^lotuspsychje: :D12:02
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: it sees now, but as a wrong chipset12:02
EriC^^daftykins: do you think a 32" tv with 1920x1080 resolution is better than a 1366x768 ?12:02
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: can we start making bugs in this staqe?12:02
daftykinsEriC^^: oh definitely yeah, a proper 1080 panel is mandatory in 2015 i'd say12:03
daftykinsmight only be able to appreciate it sat close though :)12:03
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: wich brand are you gonna choose?12:03
EriC^^i read somewhere that on 32" if you're sitting a little far from it, it won't make a difference12:03
BluesKajEriC^^, I'm using a plasma tv as a monitor and the former works much better than the latter12:04
daftykinsEriC^^: depends a lot on what kind of content you'll have access to, to use on it i'd say12:04
EriC^^daftykins: what about like the watching normal cable stuff on it? cause it said that it gets scaled down to 1200 or something so does it make a difference if the tv is 1366 or 1920?12:04
daftykinsmmm you'd have to find out what your local TV service broadcasts in12:04
BluesKajalso the gpu must be able to handle the resolution, EriC^^12:05
daftykinsit would most likely not show up so much12:05
EriC^^BluesKaj: it's for a tv no pc12:05
daftykinswhat was that path that confirms an EFI boot? was it /sys/firmware ?12:05
daftykinsty :)12:05
BluesKajwell the tv will automatically run the resolution the signal provides12:06
EriC^^so buying a 32" 1920 isn't ridiculous then?12:06
EriC^^yeah, that's what i read online, but i dunno about tv's and 1920 just seems better to me12:07
BluesKajit is12:07
daftykinsit's a lovely resolution :)12:07
EriC^^ok :D12:07
EriC^^thanks everyone12:08
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: whatever you do, buy a samsung :p12:08
EriC^^noo, lg man here :P12:08
EriC^^i have an lg plasma, i love it12:08
lotuspsychjeplease dont12:08
lotuspsychjei know a guy that bought a 60" LG12:08
lotuspsychjeand he returned it fast to the store12:08
lotuspsychjeto switch for samsung12:08
EriC^^you get a bad lemon here and there, happens all the time i guess12:09
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: when you play a 1080p mkv and compare youl see big difference12:09
EriC^^daftykins: do you know about lg and samsung?12:09
daftykinsEriC^^: ihave a samsung smart TV myself, ordereda couple for someone else recently too12:10
daftykinsLG's i know run WebOS for their 'smart' features but i've not really researched their TVs12:10
daftykinsthis space key is terrible XD12:10
EriC^^lg cost more though12:11
EriC^^they seem more elegant (?) or advanced? i dunno12:11
BluesKajlarhe screens aren't always best , depends on the size of the room ,and the rule is the viewing distancew should be 2.5 to 4 times the size of the screen12:11
lotuspsychjenothing can beat samsungs quality trust me EriC^^12:11
BluesKaj2,5 to 3 times rather12:12
lotuspsychjethe guy from my work played his full bluray on the LG and it lagged hard on him12:14
lotuspsychjegot myself a samsung UE8000 + mede8er mediaplayer with full blueray mkv's and rocknrolls12:15
daftykinsjust don't buy too old a model or rely on the smart functions, as the manufacturers will definitely abandon them sooner than you hope :(12:15
BluesKajmost likely the player was causing the lag12:15
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: no, it was same mede8er i bought for my friend12:16
daftykinsi'm using Kodi on an Amazon FireTV right now :)12:16
daftykins£50 box, plays all my full HD bluray stuff over lovely wired LAN12:16
BluesKajI just use vlc , don't own a blueray .. i use a vpn and DL them12:18
MonkeyDustmy desk is a mess, any quick and easy way to solve my issue?12:19
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: whats going on mate?12:19
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: good afternoon12:21
OerHeksHi lotus12:21
OerHeksjust rebooted due to a new kernel12:21
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: wich ubuntu12:21
daftykinssudo apt-get install desk-clean && desk-clean --auto12:22
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: did something not worj on previous?12:23
BluesKajsome of the most organized people have messy desks,  I was one of them :-)12:23
daftykinsdoes any boot wizard fancy taking over kasper's issue? i'm not experienced enough for that one - weirdly his windows 7 + ubuntu appear to be installed as legacy, but his disk is GPT and he's getting bootloader errors from windows when selecting ubuntu at boot time12:27
OerHekshow did he made space for ubuntu?12:32
daftykinsmmm no idea12:33
daftykinsprobably let ubiquity handle it12:33
daftykinsi think he's ruined it by using EasyBCD at some point12:33
daftykinsthe disk looks like it's in some kind of EFI + legacy hybrid situation :D12:33
OerHeksoh pikapi will solve it12:33
lotuspsychjegrrr what a frustrating troll12:34
daftykinshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/13111933/ <---12:34
daftykinsOerHeks: lol12:34
daftykinswhy *do* we attract these weirdos? i really don't get it.12:38
lotuspsychjehe's gonna make more mistakes soon i feel it :p12:38
OerHeksI think we are the weirdos.12:38
daftykinsedx.org is still giving free chromebooks out if you sign up for a course12:39
lotuspsychjebrrrr chromebook :p12:40
lotuspsychjei wouldnt even touch it if it sat in my kelloggs box for free12:40
daftykinsi'm not a huge fan of them either but it's kinda tempting ;)12:42
lotuspsychjethings fro free always :p12:42
daftykinsoh they'reactually crazy money, i didn't realise it said "not" free courses :)12:45
lotuspsychje2.100$ for a course yayyyy12:45
daftykinsyeah XD12:46
lotuspsychjeTJ-: wb12:49
daftykinsTJ-: o/ wb!12:50
lotuspsychje37 users we have a winner!12:50
* TJ- walks in looking like Sherlock Holmes :)12:51
daftykinsdon't say he gets my allocation of cookies for the day...12:51
* lotuspsychje isnt guilty so stop looking12:53
TJ-Had some plonkers fly-tipped two builders bags of rubbish at the entrance to 1 of our tracks this morning, I saw them doing it whilst I was out around the fields, but too far away! Found some names/addresses/photos in it and been trying to identify who dun it :)12:53
daftykinscor, pesky scoundrels12:54
daftykinsTJ-: well it's been all go here too ;) pikapi is one of those bad-advice trolls12:54
TJ-It's a major problem around here. Folks drive out of the city and dump their rubbish - despite there being free council-operated sites all over12:55
TJ-pikapi, the 3-a-day Ubuntu kid?12:55
TJ-what? did he broke it already this morning?12:56
lotuspsychjeTJ-: daftykins seen him quote you for solving an issue12:56
TJ-uhoh! was it bad?12:56
lotuspsychjeand it wasnt even relevant12:56
daftykinsyeah some guy had some package issue and he typed in one of your style commands that was totally unrelated ;)12:56
daftykinsshocking it was12:56
TJ-Oh, gee, it's great to be f.f.f.famous :D12:57
daftykinsall the kids want to be TJ!12:57
lotuspsychjei wouldnt want pichachu fans12:57
TJ-pikapi is probably our mystery fly tipper, too!12:57
daftykinsi wouldn't put his past him :>12:57
TJ-The ways the new kids find to stalk you online!12:57
TJ-I hope you put him right daftykins ... without being banned :D12:58
daftykinsLOL that's my personal challenge12:58
lotuspsychjeTJ-: he's been trolling both of us all day12:58
TJ-Have you ever had a 'net stalker?12:58
lotuspsychjenot me12:59
daftykinsTJ-: actually i've got a guy with a really funky hybrid EFI with GPT disk arrangement right now and yet both windows + ubuntu booting in legacy mode that you might enjoy12:59
lotuspsychjemy ip is anonymous!!!12:59
TJ-'enjoy' isn't quite the word I'd use to describe it :)12:59
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: wb12:59
TJ-lotuspsychje: Oh you should get one - they're so much fun to toy with12:59
daftykinsTJ-: d'aww13:00
daftykinsTJ-: he gets this on picking ubuntu - http://i.imgur.com/DCXZ4FM.jpg yet his disk looks like - http://paste.ubuntu.com/13111933/13:00
lotuspsychjeTJ-: by the way, daftykins solved my mystery ralink wifi card issue, had to disconnect power from mobo13:00
daftykinsTJ-: i've suggested he either ask a boot expert ;) or just reinstall both OSs after wiping the drive :>13:01
daftykinsso far he wants to wipe the drive13:01
TJ-My partner Eddie and I had one about 3 years ago; was the real thing too - mystery letters, cards, packages through the mail; emails, weird sites being subscribed with Eddie's email address, people turning up at the door expecting a sex hook-up!! Had the cops involved... but we managed to entrap the perp online with a honeypot web-site and from that ID where he was and the cops got him.13:02
daftykinsholy moly, that's nasty13:02
TJ-lotuspsychje: you mean you never COLD booted it? Aha! That's the one thing I assumed you'd done and never thought to suggest13:03
daftykinsnot bright enoughfor a proxy eh?13:03
TJ-daftykins: thank-fully, not, else it would have been difficult. It lasted about 3 months.13:03
lotuspsychjeTJ-: now it has become stranger and lspci shows it as IBM chipset lol13:04
daftykins:D identity-crisis wifi13:05
lotuspsychjethe xerus illness13:05
TJ-daftykins: re your UEFI user: autoneombr0 is the Easy BCD alternate boot-loader; that ought not to be on there,13:05
TJ-lotuspsychje: really? are you sure? show me :)13:06
TJ-lotuspsychje: the entire dmesg and "lspci -nn" please13:06
daftykinsTJ-: yeah he installed it as ubuntu didn't show up as an option apparently, i suggested that broke things13:06
lotuspsychjewait lemme go upstairs holdon13:06
* daftykins waits for ms.lotus to jump back on lotuspsychje and type :D13:06
TJ-daftykins: the problem us... the autoneombr0 is for BIOS boots, not UEFI, so the firmware starts in UEFI mode and loads the Windows EFI boot-manager, which then apparently tries to chainload MBR-style that file, which the UEFI calls don't support... well, that's my best reading of out. Anyhow, the problem is that neo'dumb' stuff13:08
daftykinsweird, 'cause that guys windows install claims to be legacy13:09
lotus|xenialTJ-: #5: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13112219/13:09
daftykinsi smelled a win8 -> 7 conversion leaving a GPT disk13:09
daftykinsanywho, it's ugly but he seems keen to do the full disk wipe and reinstall :)13:09
TJ-daftykins: OK, but there's apparently an EFI SP on that disk. Did you check if it does have EFI boot files in it?13:10
TJ-daftykins: /dev/sda2 fat32 boot 105MB13:10
daftykinsnah, i was hoping to pass it onto the resident boot expert after yourself, but he was not active at the time :(13:11
lotus|xenialah now it shows in lshw: *-network:0 UNCLAIMED13:11
lotus|xenial       description: Network controller13:11
lotus|xenial       product: RT2800 802.11n PCI13:11
TJ-lotus|xenial: show us "pastebinit <( sudo lspci -vvnnk -s 00:0c.0 )" please13:12
TJ-daftykins: did the user boot from Live USB? If so, did you confirm it booted UEFI mode? Does the PC even support UEFI?13:13
lotus|xenialTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13112244/13:13
daftykinsTJ-: i'll see if he's still there and fancies a troubleshoot :)13:13
TJ-lotus|xenial: you see the Subsystem correctly reports. The device is apparently one supplied to IBM and branded by them13:14
lotus|xenialso it makes sense afterall13:15
MonkeyDusti'm installing xenial too, in vmware player13:16
lotus|xenialMonkeyDust: nice113:16
daftykinslotuspsychje: mind blown that you give a guy a google link and he says it'll save him hours, he hadn't googled already *facepalm*13:17
TJ-lotus|xenial: do this; it'll show you some other devices along the same lines:13:18
TJ-lotus|xenial: "awk '/^[0-9A-F]{4,4}/{BRAND=$0} /1737.*006./{print BRAND, $0}' /usr/share/misc/pci.ids "13:18
TJ-lotus|xenial: did that WiFi device *ever* work on Ubuntu?13:18
lotus|xenialTJ-: yes, we fixxed it on trusty the other day13:19
lotus|xenialTJ-: but cant remember how, something with linux-firmware13:19
TJ-lotus|xenial: hmmm.13:19
lotus|xenialTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13112272/13:19
TJ-lotus|xenial: did you pastebin the dmesg ?13:19
lotus|xenialTJ-: on trusty?13:20
TJ-lotus|xenial: that is weird! awk didn't work correctly for you!13:20
TJ-lotus|xenial: on what is booted now13:20
lotus|xenialTJ-: xenial, holdon13:20
TJ-lotus|xenial: this is what I expected you to see http://paste.ubuntu.com/13112277/13:21
lotus|xenialTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13112279/13:21
lotus|xenialTJ-: maybe its because its unclaimed right now?13:22
TJ-No. The file awk is parsing is the text pci.ids list13:22
lotus|xenialTJ-: its empty on my side13:23
lotus|xenialdaftykins: lol, hope it helps him13:24
TJ-lotus|xenial: the file is empty? it can't be, you got some results out of it!13:24
lotus|xenialTJ-: no i man empty where it should mention emtec..13:24
lotus|xeniallike your file13:24
OerHeks102 is out ! multiboot with uefi http://dl.fullcirclemagazine.org/issue102_en.pdf13:25
TJ-lotus|xenial: the awk command is (trying to) capture an earlier line and hold on to it in BRAND variable so that when it gets a match on the device ID it can print BRAND and current matching line, so that BRAND capture logic is probably failing because you file is using lower-case hex characters13:26
TJ-lotus|xenial: Try  "awk '/^[0-9A-Fa-f]{4,4}/{BRAND=$0} /1737.*006./{print BRAND, $0}' /usr/share/misc/pci.ids "13:26
lotus|xenialTJ-: still empty13:27
TJ-lotus|xenial: that IS weird! maybe the file format there is different then. Can you "pastebinit <( tail -n 1000 /usr/share/misc/pci.ids )"13:28
lotus|xenialTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13112314/13:29
daftykinsTJ-: looks to me like windows' boot image only; http://termbin.com/0x2p13:33
TJ-lotus|xenial: weird; the file-format is OK. Must be something about how your system interpets the 'awk' script13:36
daftykinsso i think someone didn't clean up the EFI mess before putting legacy Windows + ubuntu on :O13:36
TJ-daftykins: looks possible. might be good to get a bootrepair report on that system, unless the user is going to do a reinstall (correctly)13:37
MonkeyDustthere, xenial installed and working...13:38
lotus|xenialMonkeyDust: nice113:38
TJ-daftykins: tip, for when getting a listing from an FS/directory you expect not to have many files in its heirachy: "find /mnt -ls"13:38
daftykins*nod* that makes sense :)13:40
daftykinswas certainly tedious my folder by folder attack13:40
TJ-I used to get caught by that until I learned to love 'find' :)13:40
TJ-adding in a -maxdepth X to control it is the other thing I use alot13:40
daftykinsis there an elegant way to use find on / whilst suppressing all the output of paths a standard user isn't permitted to view?13:42
daftykinsand avoid using sudo with it13:42
TJ-there is the 'don't X file systems' option13:43
TJ-you could jsut do "find / 2>/dev/null" to 'loose' the warnings about permission denied I think13:45
daftykinshrmm ok, ty13:46
daftykinslol this is going to make pikapi flip out, i think his solution would have worked after all :)13:54
MonkeyDustdon't make him start a discussion...13:55
daftykinsnah i'm hiding now :D13:55
daftykinsit's still a mess, so i don't personally like the 'solution' of changing EFI boot to legacy13:55
TJ-other way around.... Legacy to UEFI13:57
MonkeyDustto geek or not to geek, that is the question14:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1513477 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ralink RT2800pci doesnt work by default" [Undecided,New]14:06
lotus|xenialthere we go first xenial bug14:06
MonkeyDustlotus|xenial  support in #ubuntu+114:07
lotus|xeniali was 'discussing it'14:07
lotus|xenialwith myself14:08
daftykinsquick get your gf back on lotuspsychje :P14:10
lotus|xenialshe's sleeping shhhh14:10
BluesKajheh, I have a ralink rt2780 usb dongle ...wonder if it works , haven't tried it in yrs14:10
lotus|xenialBluesKaj: test for me later?14:11
lotus|xenialim curious :p14:11
BluesKajor is it 287014:11
lotus|xenialprobably all the same mess14:11
lotus|xenialim gonna bug whatever feels wrong this time14:12
lotus|xenialso we have a clean nice xerus14:12
BluesKajok, I'll set it up just for fun14:12
daftykinsthat's the spirit14:12
lotus|xenial: )14:13
* daftykins keeps dreaming about new motherboards14:13
daftykinsmmmm - http://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards/Z170-PRO/websites/global/products/rNcl9BhUV4NzvQIk/images/mb/mb.png14:14
daftykinshas one of those M.2 PCIe v3 x4 SSD slots for a nice NVMe SSD :)14:15
TJ-lotus|xenial: is this the wifi device? http://www.walmart.com/ip/Linksys-WMP600N-IEEE-802.11a-b-g-IEEE-802.11n-Draft-2.0-PCI-Wireless-Adapter-with-Dual-Band-WEP-WPA-WPA2-Personal-WPA-WPA2-Enterprise/1232171914:16
lotus|xenialready for 95014:16
daftykinsexactly :D14:16
lotus|xenialTJ-: yes14:16
lotus|xenialbut i need to go to the bank right now14:16
TJ-I have one here on my desk14:16
lotus|xenialTJ-: running ubuntu?14:17
lotus|xenialanyway bbl guys14:17
TJ-It used to be in an Ubuntu wireles router system that had 10 Ethernet interfaces and did dual-band AP using hostapd too14:17
daftykinsten O_O14:18
TJ-yeah, it does the job of several different devices: switch, router, gateway (had a DSL PCI modem in), AP, NAS14:22
TJ-hmmm, time I cleared some outstanding projects. The pile on the workbench has now reached my corner so I have nowhere to work to test things out!14:23
BluesKajlotuspsychje, sorry, found the dongle , but the stick is missing14:24
daftykinsTJ-: :D well thanks for the second set of eyes as always, sorry to distract you so much ^_^14:24
TJ-Trouble is, knowing where to start :s It's going to be revolving chairs :)14:25
TJ-looks like kasper got lost14:34
daftykinsthat's the trouble with ghosts14:35
TJ-:D just found 2 untouched Windows Office XP Pro 2002 sets at the back of a shelf!14:37
daftykinsto ebay! you'll be laughing all the way to the bank14:39
TJ-no-one would want that old stuff nowadays14:41
daftykinsyou'd be amazed :) i have to grin and bear it when a younger lad i know is obsessing over older windows installs14:43
TJ-really? it's worth the time of listing them?14:43
daftykinslets have a glance14:44
TJ-I've got the entire suite of Windows software and packs of licences from the Microsoft Action Pack subscription14:44
daftykinshehe there y'go, some going for £20 worth in the US!14:46
daftykinsthose being sold listings if my link works14:46
TJ-don't look like any UK sellers... which suggests there's not the same market for them here or in the EU14:51
daftykinsd'aww, ah well14:51
daftykinsi get quite heated when i see folk still claiming installing and using XP is ok =|14:52
TJ-oh, there's one, with 0 bids. Thanks. I'll watch it, see if there are any takers14:52
daftykinshurrah :D14:52
TJ-XP is fine for air-gapped PCs; running machinery control software often requires XP; anything later has problems14:53
TJ-That's one reason I keep the licences and install disks; never know when I may need to run up some legacy installation for recovery or analysis. I have NT 4.0 install disks still14:54
daftykins:) these are folk installing them on laptops they use online though14:59
daftykinsthey keep pushing the registry tweak that makes a system pretend it's XP point of sale / embedded edition, so supported longer14:59
cfhowlettI beg to differ.  I see WAY too many Chinese machines still running XP14:59
cfhowlettincluding POS devices14:59
daftykinsmmm supposed to be a big problem over there15:00
daftykinsand that's POS for both meanings of the initialism ;)15:00
cfhowlettstrangely enough, I have yet to see ubuntu-kylin in use.15:01
TJ-Nothing wrong with XP; It's how it is used. In all the time I used it, never once was compromised, and never installed A/V either.15:03
daftykinsyeah, same here15:06
daftykinsit was great for the time, i was just glad when it got murdered :)15:06
daftykinsthose lengthy installs were etched in my mind :)15:06
TJ-I'm going to need to convert the Calf Shed into a workshop! Far too many components and bits!15:38
daftykinsbut that's a lot of moo-ving15:39
TJ-don't tell me - you'll be here all week?15:40
daftykinsi'd love to but i think i will head to bed shortly :>15:40
TJ-Is it sleepy time already?15:42
daftykinsyeah, i didn't sleep last night15:42
daftykinsup to my usual tricks ;)15:42
TJ-Awwww, I know how it feels. I had the same the night before, but slept for about 11 hours last night15:45
TJ-I can see the workbench now - time for the Dyson!15:45
MonkeyDustxfce is very 'likable', wasnt aware...15:58
daftykinsyeah ifind it quite comfy :)15:58
daftykinsblast this membrane keyboard's overused space bar :D15:59
MonkeyDustusing it for my xenial vm16:00
TJ-Yes, I like lxfe/lubuntu too. Nice and simple16:00
daftykinsok i'm gonna head off, laters everyone \o16:04
pauljwhey lotuspsychje  :)19:07
lotuspsychjegood evening to all19:07
lotuspsychjehi pauljw19:07
lotuspsychjexenial news19:19
pauljwsaw that as well the redhat issue...19:20
lotuspsychjefinally a software center alternative19:22
pauljwi tend to use synaptic myself19:23
lotuspsychjeterminal here19:24
pauljw:) been known to do that too, just not always.19:24
pauljwi still struggle with all the gazzillions of commands in the terminal that i can't remember...  :D19:26
lotuspsychjepauljw: yeah there's so many to remember :p19:27
TJ-lotuspsychje: I'm trying to get an old mobo to boot with that WMP600N so I can let you know what linux reports19:31
lotuspsychjeTJ-: cool! tnx mate19:32
lotuspsychjeTJ-: i got a reply from a dev already19:32
TJ-currently the mobo is refusing to boot from any USB!19:32
lotuspsychjeTJ-: he suggest mainline kernel 4.319:32
lotuspsychjeTJ-: try 'plop boot manager' to force the usb's, its a nice cdrom to have :p19:32
TJ-I have, it's not helped so far. Weirdly, I have booted this mobo with this USB diagnostic kit before19:34
TJ-anyhow, going to dinner now. I'll tackle it later.19:34
lotuspsychjebon apetit19:37
lotuspsychjeits all over the news :p20:27
lotuspsychjenite nite20:56

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