qwebirc70370I am running Mythbuntu 12.04 with MythTV 0.27.  I noticed in the Software Sources, I have PPAs for 0.25 and 0.26 which are still checked.  Is it safe to uncheck those given I'm running 0.27?00:09
tgm4883qwebirc70370: yes it is00:59
dmfreytgm4883, you around?01:23
tgm4883dmfrey: yep01:23
dmfreyweird thing has been happening lately01:23
dmfreywhen I do an upgrade on my master backend, mythbuntu control center always has mysql set to disabled, so that it is not exposed on my network for my frontends to connect to01:24
tgm4883I don't think theres been any update to MCC in awhile01:25
tgm4883so might be an old bug01:25
dmfreyonly started recently with the last few updates i have done01:27
tgm4883dmfrey: since roughly when?01:30
dmfreymaybe a month or 201:30
tgm4883dmfrey: 0.27 or 0.28?01:31
tgm4883I bet it broke Aug 29th01:32
tgm4883dmfrey: is there a bug report on this?01:33
dmfreynot sure, i haven't had a chance to really diagnose it yet01:33
tgm4883dmfrey: ok, I can't fix it now. Can you file a bug report and add that link I posted. Also describe what's happening (eg. what bind-address is set to before the upgrade and after)01:34
dmfreythat commit looks to be for handling ipv601:34
dmfreythat should be off on all my boxes01:34
tgm4883dmfrey: I'm looking at this stuff from simonlremonger and there are quite a few commits. Many hitting mysql stuff01:36
tgm4883I'd mention that as well01:37
dmfreyyeah, a bunch of them in that list01:38
tgm4883I'm not too happy with that, because I think it was all a single merge01:39
tgm4883but what's done is done. We'll have to do better on merges in the future01:39
dmfreywe fight that every day :)01:40
qwebirc70370@tgm4883: Thanks muchly!02:21
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