ahoneybunhey pleia2 or jose I sent an email from the Membership Board about our newest member, can you please push it though? thanks!22:28
pleia2ahoneybun: yep, sent it through22:30
pleia2ahoneybun: if you want to subscribe, you can set it to not deliver messages but you can post to the list22:30
pleia2ahoneybun: and for future reference, putting the date on the announcement helps :) like https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-news-team/2015-October/002331.html22:31
pleia2then we can just copy/paste without any guessing22:31
ahoneybunsorry I was just rushing22:31
pleia2no worries, I'm glad that it was sent at all22:32
ahoneybunthe damn log is not working or something on the list22:32
ahoneybunwhere can I subscribe?22:32
ahoneybunand I'm in22:35

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