jpdsk1l: How can you have that giant whitespace taking up your screen's real estate?02:15
daftykinshi folks, just a heads up that "pikapi" is one of those 'pretend volunteer' trolls that wastes peoples time with inappropriate 'advice' and direct googlings.11:30
daftykinsnothing actionable i'm sure for now, but worth making a note of11:31
Unit193User is in a live system too (Don't think anyone is around right now, either.)11:37
daftykinsyeah usually pretty dead :)11:38
daftykinsthere we go, first of many terrible pieces of advice11:45
daftykinsok i'm gonna part for now11:45
not_phunyguysomeone mind keeping an eye on pikapi in #u-ot? I cannot pay enough attention right now.16:18
not_phunyguynevermind.  They /quit16:19
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* phunyguy grumbles18:51
phunyguyanyone else care to step in?18:52
FartZombie!ops please unban me19:01
ubottuFartZombie: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:01
FartZombieI must carry out the apocalypse19:01
phunyguyhello FartZombie, which channel?19:02
=== FartZombie is now known as PornZombie
tewardIs someone watching #ubuntu and L0LFunny?  I think they're reaching the line of "disruptive"19:11
Piciwe're always watching19:11
tewardcool, wanted to check is all :)19:11
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bazhang [sruli] (~sruli@
bazhangis sruli the new pikapi23:55
Unit193Using Pidgin, not a live ISO.23:56
bazhangseemingly giving advice, but mostly offtopic running commentary23:56
k1l_india vs england. but both are very chattery23:57

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