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* balloons does a happy dance19:51
balloonsUOS is complete.. Another one in the books!19:51
* flocculant asks balloons how the jenkins for flavours is getting on - to bring him down to earth :p19:52
* balloons feels deflated again19:53
balloonswhat's in your glass knome?19:53
balloonswait, wait.. there's no knome?19:53
flocculantoh noes19:58
flocculantballoons: so it all went ok I guess then :)19:59
balloonsflocculant, I've been told everything is done, but one test still fails. That's been the status for a bit now19:59
flocculantI did pop by a couple of sessions - but it all seems a bit phone/snappy and not really of much interest to me19:59
flocculantright ok - thanks - wasn't sure where it was tbh19:59
balloonsflocculant, lots of snappy and phone stuff20:16
balloonsI suppose.. I wasn't really in any of those20:16
balloonsI did mention xubuntu once today in the future of UOS session20:17
flocculantdid it go BEEEEEP ?20:18
balloonsBOOP actually20:21
balloonshow'd you know?20:21
flocculantI'm telepathic today20:21
dkesselyou make me smile guys :)20:27
dkesselballoons: so i guess the build results could also be made public then? or are they already?20:29
balloonsThat's the piece i don't know they most certainly are public on Jenkins someplace. Been busy this week with uos but i suspect i could find them if i went hunting20:30
dkesselhere's your bow and arrow, balloons20:31
* dkessel hands them over20:31
balloonsdkessel, flocculant we spoke about qa plans for the desktop (as in ubuntu, but broadly it also applies to all images) in this session: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22587/1604-lts-desktop-qa-plan/20:34
flocculantballoons: I did read the notes for that session20:35
flocculantthat one and the let's bin usc notes :)20:35
balloonstalk about gating the images based on the enhanced results, and they wanted to add tests from the problems with the live session not working and rebooting and lightdm doesn't load, etc. Those issues we had the last few cycles20:35
dkesselit would be great to have a protection against getting those problems again and again20:37
flocculantballoons: at this stage I would like to at least see that the image boots to a desktop20:37
flocculantsaves that zsync and boot test I do twice a day20:37
balloonsright right. They were keen to see the same thing20:38
balloonsI didn't even bring it up :-20:38
flocculantI suspect I will see you tomorrow then :)20:38
dkesselSame for me. bb.20:46

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