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tumbleweedis it just me, or is force-badtest unuseable these days?08:35
tumbleweedI find I have to use skiptest, to get bitney to listen to me :(08:35
Ian_CorneI'm looking for my bugreport i submitted, but can't find it on https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?dist=unstable;package=ibus08:38
Laneytumbleweed: I used a badtest yesterday09:04
Laneygot an example?09:04
tumbleweedLaney: sure, I can roll back to what I had, and wasn't working09:20
tumbleweedalthough the situation is slightly different now09:20
tumbleweedgrr pyzmq just won't build on ARM09:21
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oSoMoNoxide-qt was pushed to vivid by accident (it should have gone to the overlay PPA, wrong landing request config), and is now sitting in the unapproved queue, can someone please delete it from there?22:56
infinityoSoMoN: Done.22:56
oSoMoNinfinity, thanks a bunch!22:57

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