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br01Hello there, I just wanna ask if any one tried ubuntu-touch on asus memo pad 7 ? :-)05:23
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mardydobey: the embedded content is coming from https://launchpad.net/signon-ui07:31
abeatohey, just saw my phone (latest OTA, bq e4.5) kept the screen on after cancelling an alarm, is it a known bug? I have taken logs, and I can get more things if needed07:50
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jibelabeato, there is bug 1502145 , it is a problem with the webbrowser, but there is also a task for unity-system-compositor, it might be related.09:04
ubot5bug 1502145 in Canonical System Image "Apps can keep screen lit permanently" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150214509:04
abeatojibel, I'll add a comment, thanks09:05
jibelI cannot find any report for the notification specifically09:05
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Gunpowder Day, and happy Men Make Dinner Day (totally unrelated)! 😃11:15
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dakerHi can someone help with this, i am flashing rc-proposed v280  https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/YsSTs01X/20151105_114856.jpg11:54
dakerogra_: any idea please ?11:58
jibeldaker, IIRC you just need to flash again, eventually it'll work11:58
dakerjibel: ok i'll try again11:58
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dakernow it still hang at the google logo :(12:27
lotuspsychjedaker: on wich device?12:28
dakernexus 412:29
lotuspsychjedaker: did you follow the official wiki to install?12:29
lotuspsychjedaker: did the phone have new android version?12:29
dakerlotuspsychje: new android ? android 5.1 if i am not wrong12:30
lotuspsychjedaker: some devices might need downgrade to lower android, before installing ubuntu touch12:30
lotuspsychjedaker: maybe try a 4.4 android downgrade first?12:31
dakerlotuspsychje: ok i'll try that12:31
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dakerlotuspsychje: yeah i remember now that it doesn't work if you had Android 5.x13:07
dakerit works now13:08
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dobeymardy: signon-ui is qt. i'm asking about the *gtk+* ui14:03
dobeywhich does not embed the qml plug-ins14:04
mardydobey: it's unity-control-center-signon, but for the authentication step it's actually embedding (via X-EMBED) the signon-ui14:23
dobeymardy: so it's embedding the oxide qt stuff and not webkit-gtk? or what?14:24
mardydobey: correct; and signon-ui can work both with oxide and QtWebkit 114:25
dobeymardy: so is it possible to embed the u1-credentials qml UI in the gtk+ interface, and not require /usr/lib/libaccount-plugin-1.0/providers/libubuntuone.so to exist?14:26
mardydobey: not trivially, but with some work it might be possible14:28
mardydobey: indeed, it would be nice if we could reuse the same QML plugins for unity714:28
dobeymardy: well, we need to get u1-credentials into main at least. how hard would it be to make that work for xenial?14:29
dobeyi want to get ubuntu-sso-client out of xenial14:29
mardydobey: give me a few minutes to investigate the thing, I haven't been touiching signon-ui and the gtk UI for quite some time14:30
dobeymardy: sure14:30
mardydobey: no, I'm afraid it's not as simple: I forgot that the protocol which the QML OA uses to talk to the plugins is based on QDataStream14:41
mardydobey: so you would have to create a Gtk-based widget which embeds the QML account plugin, but also talks to it via that protocol14:42
dobeymardy: what would be the easiest solution to get an account plugin for u1 in the gtk+ UI?14:43
mardydobey: well, I guess this might not help, but let me say that writing the plugin would be trivial if U1 spoke OAuth 1.0 or 2.0 :-)14:45
dobeymardy: obviously. and you are welcome to convince beuno that we should do that. i would be very happy if we could do that. but alas14:45
mardydobey: if as I presume this change is not realistic, then I don't know what client libs U1 offer, so I'm not sure. Do you have client API for C apps?14:47
dobeymardy: no, just the qt lib14:47
beunoSSO does speak oauth 1.0?14:48
beunonot 2.014:48
dobeybeuno: no. we use oauth 1.0 style tokens, but we do not have a complete oauth 1.0 interface14:48
dobeywe used to, a very long time ago, but we got rid of it, and use a REST API now14:49
mardybeuno: but IIRC it was the pre-standard 1.0, right? It's not the same as RFC 5849, is it?14:50
dobeymardy: everything after token acquisition is standard 1.0a oauth. the issue though, is token acquisition14:50
dobeyand we do not have oauth 1.0a token acquisition14:51
mardydobey: ok, then let me have another look...14:51
mardydobey: it's made complicated by the fact that the plugin object is created by the unity-control-center-signon, which passes it to the plugin; and there's no easy way of converting this into something usable by Qt14:54
mhall119Kaleo: can you join #ubuntu-uos-convergence?14:56
mardydobey: I honestly cannot find any simpler solution than writing a small C-wrapper around the U1 library...14:56
Kaleomhall119, cheers14:57
dobeymardy: well, the problem is that it's not a small wrapper, because have to provide all the UI14:57
Kaleomhall119, I'm alone in it though14:57
mhall119Kaleo: alone in #ubuntu-uos-convergence ?14:59
mhall119Kaleo: on Freenode?14:59
Kaleomhall119, yes14:59
Kaleomhall119, oh no14:59
Kaleomhall119, trailing ?14:59
Kaleomhall119, sorry14:59
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mardydobey: OK, it seems that the account creation code is not checking that the created account is the same that was prepared by the Gtk+ code15:09
mardydobey: so it should be possible to write a Gtk+ account plugin which executes a Qt process and embeds its UI15:10
mardydobey: but again, it not trivial15:10
dobeymardy: well, there is some bits in the qml that uses the account created by the online-accounts ui or whatever15:11
mardydobey: yes, that's fine, the Qt process that loads the plugin can create that15:11
jgdxseb128, hey, can I use the Settings qml module in System Settings for storing stuff, or should I use the gsettings schema?15:12
seb128jgdx, I guess you can use the Settings api if you want, but why not gsettings? what do you want to store?15:13
jgdxseb128, I want to store a summary of the call forwarding settings (All, Off, Some). I guess the argument for gsettings is that it's more robust.15:14
jgdxseb128, do you know if gsettings has a 'session' scope? Meaning if you reboot or log off, the settings is reset? I want a setting that is nuked on reboot.15:15
seb128it's more robust and it's maintained by us, also it makes us use one system15:15
seb128no, it doesn't15:15
hasselmmhi, seems my google skills and my patience fail me, but how would i install qtdeclarative5-private-dev to chroot:click-ubuntu-sdk-15.04-armhf ?15:22
hasselmma plain "sudo schroot -c chroot:click-ubuntu-sdk-15.04-armhf -- dpkg-query -l qtdeclarative5-private-dev" doesn't seem persistent15:23
hasselmmso apparently i have much to learn about this click chroot system :-) but for now i'd just impress my friends by quickly running our qt app on my ubuntu phone :D15:24
dobeyhasselmm: #ubuntu-app-devel is the channel for app development questions15:24
hasselmmok :-)15:24
dobeyhasselmm: packages not installed in the click chroot are not part of the SDK, and you likely need to ship such libraries within your app's package15:25
hasselmmdobey: yeah, it's just for a quick test. will have to figure out later how to deal with our private api usage :D15:25
dobeyhasselmm: well, clicking "maintain" in the qtcreator settings for the chroot, and then apt-get install stuff, is how you install other things :)15:27
hasselmmdobey: let's see :-)15:28
hasselmmok, directly from UI this fails with an ENOTFOUND, but running the command manually seems to work.15:30
hasselmmdobey: thank you15:30
hasselmmwill figure out the error later15:30
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jgdxabeato, hey, around?16:16
jgdxabeato, are responses (like call forwarding settings) from the carrier cached somewhere? Because the list-modems completion time varies greatly.16:19
hasselmmhow can i figure out why my phone doesn't pickup 3g for internet?16:30
jgdxhasselmm, how do you know that it doesn't?16:32
hasselmmjgdx: the web browser won't resolve host names16:33
hasselmmalso i don't see any indication that the phone even tries16:33
jgdxhasselmm, i.e. the connectivity icon is an empty wi-fi icon16:33
jgdxhasselmm, ensure that System Settings -> Cellular -> Mobile data is ON16:34
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hasselmmjgdx: oh, interesting.... it now finally switched to a (H) icon...16:35
hasselmmjgdx: sorry for being confuse(d)16:35
jgdxnp.. H is 3g-ish.16:35
jgdxdobey, ^ :p16:35
hasselmmHSPA i asume16:35
hasselmmjgdx: before the wifi symbol was empty16:36
hasselmmjgdx: it just joined the network while i've asked16:36
hasselmm(after joining this noon, and a few minutes before)16:36
hasselmmbut yes, "(H)" is very uncommon, compared to 3G16:36
hasselmmbut can deal with that16:37
dobeyjgdx: eh?16:37
jgdxhasselmm, i don't know why that happened, but if it happens again, would you please file a bug?16:37
hasselmmjgdx: yup16:37
jgdxdobey, I no longer say anything for sure about the H icon16:37
jgdxbecause everytime I do, dobey proves me wrong16:37
dobeywell my phone has [4G] icon right now16:38
hasselmmjgdx, dobey: anyway. seems i'll be happy with this phone16:38
jgdxhasselmm, good show16:38
hasselmmawesome stuff, good stuff, mediocre stuff. the few strange minor bugs here and there (it wouldn't be an ubuntu os if they wouldn't)16:39
hasselmmbut much more polished than i expected :-)16:39
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hasselmmi like it. seems i picked the right phone for me,16:41
abeatojgdx, yes, iirc, they are cached16:43
abeatojgdx, so the first time you use list-modems it takes considerably longer16:43
abeatofor instance16:43
jgdxabeato, on the file system?16:44
abeatojgdx, no, just in memory probably16:44
jgdxabeato, hm, okay. Thanks16:44
abeatojgdx, btw, we will probably need to add the authentication protocol to the APN settings, see bug #150499216:45
ubot5bug 1504992 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Cannot connect to Simple Mobile APN" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150499216:45
jgdxabeato, ack16:46
jgdxabeato, it's on our backlog now.16:47
abeatojgdx, awesome, thanks16:48
slvn_hello, I have a question about ubuntu touch. I used to be able to flash it on my Nexus10. But it does not seem to work anymore .. is it still updated for nexus 10 ?16:54
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