daftykinshmm CRMs seem like what folk bring into businesses because they think it'll help, but really it's just a massive cash earning exercise for someone else00:08
diddledanhey Cortana, google for Siri on Bing00:09
mappssiri sucks00:10
mappsi never used it really00:10
diddledanSiri is not an "it"00:10
diddledanshe's a foxy laday00:11
daftykinsthat's just siri... er i mean silly00:11
diddledandear lord this is purest evil: http://twitchintheshell.com/00:30
daftykinsyeah i heard some gentoo folk tried to take over00:32
daftykinsi see the twitch feed is as stable as an Arch update ;D00:34
mappsits done now isnt it00:35
mappsthe stream was relentless lol nonstop commands00:36
daftykinsnope that's just booting the live installer ;)00:36
mappsso whats it doing now00:37
daftykinsdunno, closed it already - total waste of time :)00:39
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
daftykinsi got sent three invites for the oneplus 2 phone, if anyone wants one00:42
diddledanthe 3?00:42
diddledanthree invites for the 3?00:42
daftykinsvery funny00:42
diddledanI don't want one :-p00:43
diddledanI'm hungry00:44
mappshm might watch 2nd maze runner00:46
daftykinshttps://oneplus.net/2 <-- anyway 3 invites for that if anyone is interested00:47
* diddledan eats cake00:49
diddledanso it looks like vim is getting forked? https://github.com/neovim/neovim01:47
mappswhos up03:49
daftykins97% on the intro to Linux course on edx.org XD03:54
mappsaha cool03:55
mappsi did it before, unless it changed?03:55
daftykinswell it did become version 2 at the start of 2015 i think03:56
daftykinsi hadn't been back since i was in hospital.03:56
daftykinsi didn't even finish the content XD just decided to give it a go now and only got one question wrong03:56
mappsim watching walking dead03:57
mappsepisode of the league yay04:05
daftykinsyou and your TV04:06
mappscriminal minds and the league for me this morning04:06
mappscatching up on walking dead..not watched any of new season04:06
mappsalso need to watch ...need aka want to , watch maze runner 204:07
mappsyou not watch much?04:07
daftykinsi've got a few on the go at the moment but i'm at the point where i don't even rush to check i'm up to date04:08
daftykinsFargo season 2 :)04:08
mappsahhh yea im an ep behind04:11
mappsneed to watch e3..u seen?04:11
mappsi take it you watched s1 fargo04:11
daftykinsi think i spotted 4 on my server earlier04:12
mappscut my toe ;/ caught it on side of cooker04:27
mappsthe legue's so funny04:51
daftykins5am zmoylan-1i ;)05:01
mapps5am what05:23
daftykinshad some disks to unplug :> six to be precise!05:36
mapps<daftykins> ouch!05:37
mapps<daftykins> 5am zmoylan-1i ;)05:37
mappswhat did that mean heh05:37
daftykinshe reboots @ 505:38
mappswonder why always 505:39
daftykinsrouter woes i think :>05:42
daftykinsunder 10 pages left of my book \o/05:44
daftykinshttps://danieldeluxe.bandcamp.com/track/darkness :D05:47
mappswhat book05:53
daftykinsLee Child - Echo Burning ; one of the 'Jack Reacher' series05:54
daftykins#5 of 20 as it goes, and i've got 19 of 'em on a shelf now :D05:54
mappsjack reacher series?06:01
daftykinsalrighty, book done - sleep time06:03
daftykinslaters ^_^06:03
mappshow many more seasons will they do for the walking dead..surely cant be many more06:30
daftykinshmm decided to stay up a bit and tinker06:38
daftykinssun coming up already after all ;D06:39
mappshah what you doing:D06:39
daftykinswell i booted this spare PC i have that has xubuntu+win10 on it, few mins later i've got my windows drive mounted with the local backup of music... now playing with a music proggie in xubuntu06:39
mappscool:D not tried 1006:40
mappsyou like?06:40
daftykinsquite pretty that gmusicbrowser06:41
daftykinsyeah i like 10, it's very aesthetically boring but it's faster and leaner than even win7 was06:42
mappswhats min spec required06:42
mappsi saw some game said 12gig ram LOL06:42
daftykinssounds like the re-release of Batman Arkham Knight :)06:43
daftykinsmeh Windows sys reqs never make any sense, just runs nicer on what 7 would run on :)06:43
mappsthAt was it lol06:43
daftykinsthat game was ace on my xbox one :) glad i don't mess around trying to get such things going on PC though06:44
daftykinsused to enjoy it but gaming on PC is such a joke these days06:44
daftykinshaving said that i'm tempted by treating myself to a completely new PC build :)06:44
mappsi dont bother with pc games06:47
mappstoo much effort..new game..great my gfx card sucks ont play it etc06:47
daftykinsin fact if i did a new build, i'd use the PSU and card from this one... but it's ancient so it'd suck06:50
daftykinser not this one, but mine :D06:50
daftykinshey mapps you heard anything by Tove Lo? :)06:50
daftykinsmusic wise06:50
mappsnope what is it06:51
daftykinsreally damn catchy06:51
daftykinslittle bit more poppy than i might usually go for, but mmm06:52
daftykinshrmm, i have a couple of SSDs to try blanking06:54
daftykinsodd they won't work in this NAS06:54
daftykinsor i could shop for a new PC case :P06:54
mappsah will check it06:55
daftykinsholy crap LG G4 32GB smartphone £299.99 on ebuyer right now06:56
mappsis it a good price or?07:02
daftykinsyeah, my mum just upgraded to one07:03
daftykinstelco wants £500 retail07:03
daftykinshmm £288 on ebay07:03
mappsridiculous how much phones cost really07:04
daftykinsyip, glad it's not a vice of mine07:05
daftykinsmy brother is always buying the very latest Apple, such a mug07:05
daftykinsthis is what's making me hesitant about dropping £500 on a PC upgrade really, i'd still be doing the same things :)07:07
daftykinsi just know modern kit is now 4x faster than mine - plus it's giving some grief with age now07:07
daftykinscoffee shop's open now07:13
daftykinsmight nip down in a tick :)07:14
daftykinsnow that's my vice07:14
mappspff i hate going out so early07:15
daftykinsi quite like seeing the normal folk heading in to start :)07:16
mappsi dont heh07:16
daftykinsthen i go home and go to bed XD07:17
mappsi cant ever get comfortable07:17
mappsil fall asleep and wakeup an hr later07:18
_RidgewingMoin Moin, Good morning \o/07:18
_RidgewingYou at UOS ?07:19
mappswhats that07:19
* _Ridgewing opens a fresh bag of galaxy cookies that cost 5p from Tresco.07:20
mappsso what is it _Ridgewing07:20
mappsonline thing..a forum a webcast?07:21
mappsso if i registered what would i see..how do i participate07:21
_RidgewingIt's a dev summit where you can log onto gogle hangout and participate in the community tacks etc .. e.g. This was yesterday: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22620/community-roundtable-ii/07:22
_Ridgewing(just follow the links and participate on irc.07:22
* _Ridgewing puts his cookie monster badge on :)07:23
mappsthose galaxy cookies are nice they sell them here in morrisons07:23
mappshave you had the bounty ones?07:23
_RidgewingYeah, originally cost £1.37 but I got five bags of four cookie (american big style-y)for 5p each . Yay \o/07:24
_RidgewingThe bounty ones are like cocaine for me. Too much and I won't fit in my one-sie.07:25
daftykinsif you were a FOSS lover you'd be greeted by a requirement to install flash in order to watch07:25
daftykinswhich is quite frankly laughable :)07:25
mappsa one-sie?!07:26
_Ridgewingshuttleworth says you have to take "risks", these days with things like pepper flash.07:26
daftykins_Ridgewing: i doubt he said that at all :P07:27
_Ridgewingmapps: There are suggies available, but not at the moment: http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/jml-snuggie-blanket-10-instore-at-asda-64671807:28
_Ridgewingdaftykins: He did say you have to take risks in the keynote. want me to find it for ya ?07:29
daftykinsregarding flash specifically? :P07:29
daftykinsright, thought so07:29
daftykinsbut yeah being Canonical then requiring flash on your summit events, hilarious07:32
_Ridgewingdaftykins: I take it you don't 'hangout' much, then ?07:32
* _Ridgewing waves his little Manx Flag.07:35
daftykinsnever used Hangouts no, resist it on my phone too - still on the standard SMS app in android land :P07:37
_RidgewingSMS .. is that texting ?07:39
* _Ridgewing wonders if ppl stil send Txts07:40
mappseuropeans say SMS more07:40
mappsbrits just say text07:40
_RidgewingReally ? That's so 200507:40
mappsive seen hangouts on my phone too..never used07:40
_RidgewingAt least use telegram07:40
mappspeople use snapchat..whatsapp kik telegram viber etc07:40
_RidgewingThat's a good question: I know snapchat is available for Linux (it has an API) - what do-we need to do to get it on Touch ?07:41
* _Ridgewing wipes the cookie crumbs away from keyboard.07:42
mappsno clue07:42
mappsnever used it07:42
daftykinsi have to use SMS for some holdouts, yeah07:42
daftykinstypically on whatsapp07:43
daftykinsheard that telegram name lurking around, no idea what benefits it has though07:43
mappsi believe07:43
daftykinsah so for the tinfoil hat crowd, great ;)07:43
mappsbut for most peoples convos its irrelevant07:43
_RidgewingI'm sure I wouldn't have an eHarmony girlfriend if it wasn't for Snap chat available on Linux. She specifically stated she was a snapchat addict. [Fair enough]07:44
daftykinssee, i heard that one was for school kids sexting each other originally ;)07:44
daftykinsno point over whatsapp imo07:44
mappseharmony eh07:45
_RidgewingOnly cost a grand in subscription/s.07:45
_RidgewingBut I'm in Lurve07:45
* _Ridgewing blinks07:46
_RidgewingWhat am doing telling you my juicy bits, anyway - This is a tech channel !!!!!!07:46
mappsfull of fakes and transexuals on dating sites07:46
mappsive been on pof and yea uhh07:47
_RidgewingeHarmony is abit more softcore IMHO.07:47
mappsloads of fake profiles nice pics clearly stolen and then guys that are now girls..had a message off them before07:47
mappsnot for me ta07:47
_RidgewingI take it "ta" is tea, then ?07:49
mappsta like thanks07:49
_RidgewingOh Ok, but what your favourite type of tea-bag ?07:50
mappsgreen tea with honey=]07:50
* _Ridgewing prefers She-ra to Supergirl.07:51
_Ridgewingshe-ra was all about eternity - supergirl is all about muscles.07:51
mappsdecent enoughratings07:52
mappsi watch lots of tv;D07:52
daftykins_Ridgewing: you not British then?07:52
mappsare you new here, didnt recognise the nick07:52
mappsdaftykins the ta thing?;)07:52
_Ridgewingdaftykins: I'm a mixer of Manx and Irish, thou.07:53
daftykinsthat's what made me wonder ye :>07:53
_RidgewingI'm quite new.07:53
daftykinsalright time to go down the coffee shop i think07:53
_RidgewingI had a haircut yesterday- and I felt like a new man !07:53
daftykinsooh already an hour into opening time!07:53
daftykinsi've been debating losing the pony tail :P07:54
* _Ridgewing shudders07:54
_RidgewingDo we have any Corbyn fans here ?07:55
mappsnot me07:55
daftykinsCorin... DALLAAAAAS!07:55
daftykinser Corbin07:55
mappsso you gonna be a regular here _Ridgewing?07:55
daftykins</The Fifth Element>07:56
_Ridgewingmaybe, why is that a problem ?07:56
mappsive never 'got' reddit like twitter07:56
diploMorning all07:56
mappsno:P thats good07:56
daftykinswill be if you bring up politics :)07:56
mappsjust seems like so much text to keep track of07:56
daftykinsdiplo: gm sir07:56
diploCan't get used to the speed of login since new ssd :)07:57
_RidgewingI did apply for reddit funding recently.07:57
diploHow are we all this rather sh*te morning07:57
_Ridgewing**CAnonical funding07:57
daftykinsis it the "i'll just get up to make a coffee" type chair movement, but then you see the desktop ready? ;)07:57
mappswhats that _Ridgewing07:57
daftykinsnot bad here ty, ooh yeah it does look rather nasty out there07:58
diploI used to wait 20 mins before I could get to work, boot up, go make a brew and open all my daily applications and do nothing07:58
diploYep exactly daftykins :D07:58
_Ridgewingmapps: http://community.ubuntu.com/help-information/funding/07:58
mappsand re reddit i just mean unless i sit there refreshing how would u keep up with a topic07:58
_RidgewingRight - trading time ...07:58
daftykinsdiplo: i really can't stand being on a machine without one now :( ruins you like proper resolution screens, then multi screens07:58
mappssame as twitter, i follow some accounts but notifications alays has like 1000007:59
mappshow can you keep up with it all unless constantly checking07:59
diploI need more, tried the one from this lappy in my D820 dell at home08:00
diploDidn't recognise it :(08:00
diplomapps: You just don't care what you missed :)08:01
diploThat's how I do it, I have lists and add people I like to keep on top of in the list, so have 5 lists08:01
daftykinsdiplo: non recognised o0 still a SATA machine? might need a BIOS update perhaps08:02
diployeah there is one update08:02
diploNo mention of it though08:02
diploBut reading online others have had luck with drives, supposedly intel ones work/recognised beter08:02
daftykinssometimes you get lucky :) i did a RAM upgrade in a Dell that claimed no benefits but it made new RAM POST ok \o/08:02
daftykinswhich did you get?08:03
diploSamsung Evo 850 250gb, work bought it for me so didn't choose per se08:03
daftykinsah yeah08:04
daftykinsmmm not a bad choice at all08:04
diploOh good, as I am sooooo soooo far out of the hardware game it's ridiculous08:04
MooDoomorning all08:05
daftykinsonly £65 odd for that one too08:08
daftykinsMooDoo: gm o/08:08
diployeah it was a bargain, I want to spuce the speed of my home laptop though08:12
daftykinsoh yeah i think we may've spoken about its' specs in the past08:12
diploYeah, that's two I've tried now a hybrid and this one08:13
diploOnly bios updater is windows too :/08:14
daftykinshmm, freeDOS on a flash drive ;D08:15
_RidgewingAre you looking for an SSD drive ?08:16
diploIf I remember correctly I may have done that before... wish I knew someone with some spare drives to test :D08:16
diploYeah for an *old* laptop08:16
_Ridgewingk .. hangon ...08:16
_Ridgewing£54.99 http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/sandisk-ultra-ii-2-5-internal-ssd-240-gb-54-99-pcworld-230589208:17
daftykinsi'd go crucial BX100 for a budget option maybe08:17
daftykinssandisk, not so hot.08:17
diploYeah, I just don't want to spend the money and it won't work, not the flushest guy with money being a single dad :D08:18
diploIf I'd tried this Evo and it had worked I'd have bought one already08:18
diploJust got a UPS for work PC, todays task is to get it to email/Telegram on powerfailure, unfortunately it's only usb connected08:20
_RidgewingIs that a power-back up kinda thing, then ?08:20
daftykinsdiplo: http://uk.crucial.com/ have a model picker so you can guarantee compatibility08:22
daftykinsfree return if it doesn't work \o/08:22
_RidgewingThey have good returns (crucial.com) But there certainly not the budget option.08:23
diplodaftykins: thanks, looking now08:23
daftykinsnp :)08:24
diploOnly shows memeory08:25
_RidgewingWhy doesn't this work ? http://tinyurl.com/uukstat08:36
diplodomain doesn't resolve08:37
diplowww or non www08:38
SuperMattit's not that the domain doesn't resolve, it's that port 80 is not open on ip
SuperMattnmap lists the firewall rule as closed, instead of filtered, and I can see port 22 is open, so it's probably that httpd/apache/nginx is down, rather than firewall rules locking it down08:41
diploheh, hadn't gone that far to check08:43
diploGood work :D08:43
SuperMattI'm just breaking out my l337 ex-Rackspace skills08:44
daftykinshang on a minute, didn't you chat on here when you got that job? doesn't seem like all that long ago?08:45
daftykinsmmm gingerbread latte08:46
_RidgewingMy domain resolves : http://wilywerewolf.com/08:48
daftykinsoof, that'll be out of date very quick08:49
daftykinshope you only picked one year :)08:49
_RidgewingJust not sure what to do with it.08:49
_RidgewingYep, I didn't even register it with my real name Hey-Ho domain-monster !08:49
_RidgewingI want to get discourse running, but not sure how ?08:50
_RidgewingPlus, I need shopping cookies.08:50
_Ridgewingand bounty cookies.08:50
daftykinsyou're not that redtape fellow from a while back are you?08:51
_RidgewingIn fact all types of cookies are acceptable, to me.08:51
_Ridgewingdaftykins: Why ?08:51
_RidgewingWell, I'm curious that your curious, too.08:52
daftykinsi'll take it as a yes then.08:57
_Ridgewingdaftykins: dunno, describe him to me .08:58
daftykinssorry, can't be bothered to play that game.09:01
_Ridgewingfair enough, but I think your barking up the wrong tree.09:01
_RidgewingI'm mostly a Kubuntu fan.09:02
* _Ridgewing is doing the PR and everything.09:02
daftykinsi installed that in a VM the other day, i find it weird looking09:03
_Ridgewingwhat the wallpaper , or what ?09:03
_Ridgewingseems a_lot more solyd to me.09:03
daftykinsi'm in a tech channel on IRC, i'm not judging an OS by its' WALLPAPER!09:05
_Ridgewingok, no need to get the hump. Hump day was so yesterday, :)09:06
daftykinsjust pointing out how ridiculous your claim was :)09:08
daftykinsor query even09:08
daftykinsnah every UI element really, it's grown up a bit since i last saw it though09:08
daftykinsbut 1.2GB RAM used at boot? that one's been at the cookies09:08
_RidgewingSo it's basically the RAM overhead, then ? - well It's not for your average 2004 laptop, I guess.09:17
daftykinsno that's an aside09:17
_Ridgewinggo on ...09:18
_Ridgewingwe need feedback.09:18
daftykinsno, you don't09:18
daftykinsi was being told just the other day by a guy who considered joining the kubuntu dev team until he saw how they're just glorified debian repackagers :)09:19
daftykinser, just how iffy the dev on that one seems09:19
_RidgewingOne of the dev has a Patreon page if you are interested ? https://www.patreon.com/sgclark?ty=h09:20
ali1234_Ridgewing: KDE has huge problems with alignment - i have to agree it makes everything look weird09:20
_Ridgewingright, got it - I shall pass that on.09:20
SuperMattdaftykins: yes, it was only 21 months since I started at Rackspace, but I quit last week for something a little more down to earth09:21
daftykinsSuperMatt: ah-har! wow almost 2 years :S09:21
diploWhatcha doing now SuperMatt ?09:28
SuperMattI'm working for a company called Sporting Index, doing infrastructure stuff09:30
diploCool, a bit slow paced ?09:31
SuperMattso this week I have mostly been working on zabbix09:31
SuperMattyeah, lovely and slow paced09:31
daftykinsrackspace was a bit high pressure and time based eh?09:32
daftykinsi was just glancing at their careers page, heh09:32
MooDooglad you're enjoying yourself SuperMatt :)09:44
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:12
daftykinsheya \o10:13
daftykinshow's brobostigon this fine morning?10:13
brobostigonmy eczema could be better, and you?10:13
MooDoooh no - https://blogs.fsfe.org/jonas/?p=30 a sad day indee10:14
daftykinsbrobostigon: doh! a friend gets that big time on the island, but when he lived in England it all went away - sea air! all good here ty :)10:14
brobostigondaftykins: i find moutains are good as well.10:15
daftykinsMooDoo: :(10:18
daftykinsevil cancer10:20
daftykinsdear Asus, please speed up your UK website10:20
diploGood luck daftykins, it's been awful for years!10:22
MooDoodaftykins: yeah i know :(10:22
daftykinsdiplo: :D glad it's not just my funny island then10:23
daftykinsjust ogling my likely new choice: http://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards/Z170-PRO/specifications/10:24
daftykinsproper intel gigabit LAN, proper intel USB 3.1 controller10:24
diploI sooooo need a new Pc at home, well everything really :)10:25
daftykinsyou can have my core 2 quad once i upgrade ;)10:26
diploStill runs steam though10:26
diploMines a old Dell workstation, core2duo something with 4 or 6gb of ram10:26
diploMore than anything I'd like to be able to play newer games and rip dvd's a lot quicker10:27
daftykinsmmm you could definitely benefit from a more modern intel i3/i5/i7 with intel quicksync10:28
daftykinsthat's great for the DVD transcoding10:28
diploYup, stopped using it at home for nearly 2 years :D10:29
diploSwitched it on for the kids for Minecraft on the PC, last windows update was like Jan 2013 :D10:29
diploWasn't insecure as it hadn't been powered on :)10:30
SuperMattI'll be honest, you should upgrade to windows 10. It's good. Like, really good10:30
diploI just didn't feel like doing computers at home anymore10:30
MooDooI've only got a laptop but we're having an extension so I'm building a new PC for streaming games etc10:30
diploI still don't like it SuperMatt, will stay with 7 for now10:30
SuperMattIf I could only have a good SSH client on it, I would genuniely use it for my day to day10:31
diploI'm debating for the same reason MooDoo10:31
SuperMattI really don't like putty10:31
MooDooSuperMatt: wait for SSH to be bult into powershell :D10:31
SuperMattyeah, I was just about to say that10:31
MooDoodiplo: :)10:31
diploI use mputty SuperMatt :)10:31
diploSecureCRT is OK, but not free10:31
MooDoodiplo: I stream via twitch at the moment via my xbox one :)10:32
daftykinsxbox one \o/10:32
diploDid I see a vid from you the other day ? Destiny ?10:32
daftykinsMooDoo: looking forward to the new OS on the 12th? i am :)10:32
SuperMattI think waiting for power shell is th ebest bet for me10:32
daftykinson an xbox? XD10:33
MooDoodaftykins: ah wondered when it was being release, not fussed really as long as I can stream and play games :)10:33
daftykinsshould be waaaaaay faster to do most things10:34
daftykinsplus xbox 360 backwards compatibility comes \o/10:34
MooDoowell i'm a MS fanboy any way so I'm sure it's going to rock!10:34
daftykins^5! :)10:35
daftykinsi love win10 streaming from it10:35
daftykinsi can play the games up here at my desk10:35
daftykinsxbox down in the lounge downstairs10:35
MooDoodaftykins: I'm wireless laptop so it doesn't work over wireless10:35
daftykinssure it does!10:35
daftykinsi've had my laptop streaming over 130Mbps 'n'10:35
daftykinsmaybe not on the 'very high' setting, but it does admirably10:36
MooDoohmmm will need to look into it as my laptop won't discover the xbox one10:36
daftykinsis it possible your router / WAP has wireless isolation configured? so it can't see wired devices? unless they're both wireless.10:36
MooDooi'll look into that :)10:37
MooDoodaftykins: ah looks like I can just create a new static route in my dd-wrt router and that should fix it10:38
MooDoodaftykins: or I'll just plug in a ethernet over power adapter :D10:40
=== zmoylan-1i is now known as zmoylan-pi
diploMy 360 RROD'd last weekend :(11:10
daftykinsd'aww, long out of warranty?11:11
daftykinsa friend of mine claims 100% success rate on applying the GPU heatsink bolt application fix, very cheap but a fair amount of time to do11:12
diploYeah it is11:12
daftykinsi did a couple myself but they were only ever temporary fixes11:12
diploI've looked on ebay, can get the elite for about 50-60 quid11:12
diploOr £79 in Game11:12
diploCan't decide what to do, can't really afford the One yet11:12
diploKids just bought 4-5 games for the 360 with their birthday money :/11:13
daftykinserk! the GPU sink mount kit costs about £5 if you're good with hardware11:14
daftykinsbefore going that far, it's usually worth unplugging all accessories + the HDD to make sure it's definitely the main unit too11:15
daftykins(MS support makes you do that as step 1 too)11:15
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Gunpowder Day, and happy Men Make Dinner Day (totally unrelated)! 😃11:15
Garyoh I so need to hide someplace safe from bleeding fireworks tonight11:15
MooDoooh no forgot it was that onight11:16
daftykinsme too!11:16
daftykinsi'm in the capital so i can't avoid haha11:16
GaryI once visited a friend on bonfire night - his housing estate was more like a warzone11:17
foobarry popey thanks for he tp link11:18
foobarrysad about losing root on my hudl2 though11:22
daftykinsthey patch it out with their lollipop update?11:22
diplodaftykins: I will look into it thanks, think I'll order another anyhoo and have the old one as a project11:22
daftykinsi guess now they're winding those down, it'll likely come back11:23
diploKids can have one in another room if it works11:23
foobarryand they don't allow unlocing bootloader11:23
daftykinsdiplo: :D11:23
foobarryeven though they stopped selling the tablet11:23
popeythey don't sell the hudl2?11:27
popeyI thought i saw them in tesco last week11:27
daftykins'til stock runs out i think now11:28
daftykinsno more making them11:28
zmoylan-pino hudl3...11:29
daftykinsthey shut down a lot of their content streaming services and are getting out of hardware it seems11:32
zmoylan-pithey created a really nice piece of kit, got a lot of mindshare and then throw it away...11:32
daftykinsTesco's big cheese wants to focus on the supermarket being a... supermarket :D11:32
zmoylan-piwell that's not going to work when aldi and lidl are nearby11:33
zmoylan-pii use tesco mobile for my mobile phone.  hope that keeps going as it's best/only prepay in ireland left11:33
zmoylan-pino junk sms, cheapest, good coverage...11:37
daftykinsi think they're just a MVNO over there - the virtual networks?11:38
zmoylan-pisame here, piggy backing on 02's network, now owened by 3 i think11:39
daftykinsah yeah11:40
zmoylan-pii use data, calls sms so little that i get 2-3 months per €511:41
daftykinswe have 3 mobile providers right now, but one is buying the other yet again so we'll be back to 2 :(11:42
zmoylan-pion any other network €5 only lasts 2 weeks and then i need to add another €5 for 2 more weeks as they moved to rolling contracts but still calling it prepay11:42
zmoylan-piso i kinda want to stick to proper prepay :-) €30 for same if i get a rolling contract...11:43
zmoylan-piif i don't get a choice, i'll probably just ditch using a sim, it's not worth that amount of money for so little usage11:44
awilkinsGiffGaff is kind of in that space11:45
awilkinsYou can do a rolling contract or pay as you go11:45
awilkinsThey charge a flat £0.06 a text, and £0.10 a minute, £0.20 for the first 20MB of data in a day11:46
awilkinsI think I was getting by with about £6 a month but I just upped it to £10 so I could stop worrying about data11:47
awilkinsCalls to other GiffGaff phones are free11:47
awilkinsThey too subcontract onto the O2 network11:48
daftykins*nod* saw some ads for that the other day, can't remember where as i don't normally see broadcast TV11:48
zmoylan-piof course since 3 bought 02 they've been shutting down the 2g network to push 4g which is annoying11:49
awilkinsYeah, the coverage of even 3G is still awful on transport links11:49
awilkinsWhich is a real PITA when you are using Maps and you need a reroute and you can't get decent data11:49
zmoylan-pii use cycle streets for offline map as there is a uk and ireland download for all the map data11:50
awilkinsI find the thing where it will route you around traffic pretty useful11:51
zmoylan-piit won't do the routing offline but i never use that11:51
awilkinsI have no idea how I would function without satnav now :-)11:52
zmoylan-pii have a compass in my bag... :-)11:52
davmor2zmoylan-pi: I have a watch with hands who needs a compass11:58
Garyhow do you tell direction with a watch with hands?11:59
zmoylan-pitake lots of iron, point, spin and when you stop you'll be pointing north :-)12:01
Garyah, it's cloudy :'(12:02
zmoylan-piand it doesn't work when summer time is in effect :-)12:03
zmoylan-pii did get a cheap watch in lidl with a compass feature builtin.  but i don't wear it12:04
davmor2Gary: you can still tell where the sun is even now when it is cloudy12:04
zmoylan-pinot it ireland you can't12:05
davmor2zmoylan-pi: it does work you just set the hand back an hour which takes a couple of seconds12:05
zmoylan-pithere are days you're not even sure it's day when the could cover is really thick12:05
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Garydavmor2, it's in the sky! :p12:07
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LF1951pENdk12:08
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)12:25
zmoylan-pibecause using a solar powered charger on a plane should make everyone around you nervous... :-P https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/da/f6/ce/daf6ce953f87af11d8110291c101210b.jpg12:40
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awilkinszmoylan-pi, That's mental13:02
Garycan anyone recommend a veeam cloud connect supplier?13:25
foobarrya reseller?13:26
foobarryor a service provider13:27
Garyprovider really, but we basically have veeam and want to sync our local backups to a cloud provider, I just need to get some prices13:28
diddledanwow: https://youtu.be/_VPvKl6ezyc13:33
diddledanit's like a scene out of iron man13:34
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diddledanreally quiet today16:10
zmoylan-piIS THIS BETTER? :-)16:18
diddledantoo loud!16:18
zmoylan-pii'll go outside and repeat it so.... ::footsteps and door opening closing nosies::16:19
zmoylan-piis this better?16:19
diddledanwere those door noises the kind you'd find on a cheap (but awesome) B-roll movie?16:20
zmoylan-pioooooh the numbeer of support calls were i asked people to close windows on the desktop and you'd hear footsteps and windows been slammed closed...16:20
zmoylan-pilet's see, you're running windows 3.1 with 4mb with 20 applications running and you say it's going slow... we need to close a few windows...16:22
zmoylan-pijust get the bbc workshop generic door sounds album 2 for for all your squeaky door noise requirements.16:24
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diddledanwarzone here in basingstoke18:46
diddledanexplosions going off18:46
GnarYo, check it19:26
GnarCall Lil' Cease19:26
GnarTell that muh'fucker to bring me some muh'fuckin weed for this hospital19:26
Gnarman fuck that19:26
GnarTell that reporter to go pick up ten thousand from Dez19:26
Gnarand go take about like twenty G's from Gino19:26
GnarTell that muh'fucker get this nigga next door up out of here19:26
GnarNigga be snorin all night I can't sleep (hehe)19:26
GnarCall that big butt nurse with the long hair to come suck my dick19:26
diddledandid anyone spot this yet? https://store.bbc.com/22:13
mappsnew maze runner seems a bit rubbish23:46
diddledanI've not seen the first one yet23:54

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