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Saviqmzanetti-, kgunn, silo 21 ready for QA08:25
kgunnawesome! enjoy vacation Saviq08:25
Saviqnot just yet! ;)08:26
Saviqbut will, thanks08:26
kgunnoh...one more day08:29
Saviqthat's assuming that Lufthansa's flight attendants strike that's starting tomorrow won't make it difficult (their association is "UFO" btw)08:29
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pstolowskiTrevinho, ping10:12
Trevinhopstolowski: pong10:13
pstolowskiTrevinho, hey Marco!10:13
Trevinhopstolowski: hey10:13
pstolowskiTrevinho, i've just learned yesterday about the plans of abandoning software center in 16.0410:13
Trevinhopstolowski: yeah, so it seems the case if we can get gnome sw center in shape for us10:14
pstolowskiTrevinho, do you know what's the plan for the legacy App lens scope with regard to that change? there is a dependency on a software-center bit for previews of apps from the store10:14
pstolowskiTrevinho, and this is a significant bit of code in Apps lens affected by any change like that10:14
Trevinhopstolowski: mh, not sure... I think you should ask more to robert_ancell10:15
Trevinhopstolowski: yeah, i was wondering that, but also the idea was to remove some support to install stuff from the dash, if that didn't work with g-s-c10:15
Trevinhowillcooke: do you have further infos about that ^10:15
pstolowskiTrevinho, yeah, i thought that too... changing apps scope would require significant effort.10:16
willcookeWe'd need to speak to Robert10:19
willcookeit's still early days10:19
willcookeDoes the lens use USC specifically, or does it use the xapian(?) database?10:19
willcookeseb128 fyi ^10:20
pstolowskiwillcooke, it uses xapian AND a helper python service exposed by u-s-c to get some extra data10:20
* tsdgeos wonders if we broke the dash header color setting and noone realized 10:20
seb128willcooke, I mentioned it during the session yesterday10:20
seb128willcooke, I think we overlooked the fact that the dash was using s-c bits when we suggested that we could drop s-c now10:21
willcookeseb128, could you comment on the thread between you, me, laney, robert?10:23
seb128willcooke, done10:28
willcookethx seb12810:32
cimiltinkl: ping10:36
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kgunnSaviq: what is the pkg or lp project for the app store login page ?11:47
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davmor2kgunn: login is https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client12:07
kgunndavmor2: ta12:08
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dandradermzanetti-, if an application is not "touch" it means it's "legacy"?12:33
mzanetti-yes, as per the prereq branch12:34
dandraderso how do I make a desktop-only (mouse and keyboard) application that is not "legacy"?12:35
dandradergreyback, ^12:36
greybackdandrader: we have no means to specify "desktop-only"12:37
mzanetti-heh, yeah... there is no such thing as "desktop-only"12:37
mzanetti-you might be able to restrict the app to mouse input only, or minimum screen size12:38
mzanetti-but yes... isTouchApp is probably not the best term12:39
dandraderreminds me of windows 8 disaster where the desktop was touch-oriented12:40
mzanetti-otoh... do you think by the time we're ready there will be screens without touch?12:40
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mariogripwhat is "Ubuntu Pocket Desktop"? i just saw it on the cdimage server.13:12
dandradermterry, is there a simple way to launch an app and have it not be considered a touch app by qtmir?13:34
mterrydandrader, once silo 21 lands, don' set X-Ubuntu-Touch=true (but only if you're not submitting to store)13:34
mterrydandrader, (in your desktop file)13:35
dandradermterry, ah cool. A just need lp:~mterry/qtmir/no-touch-no-lifecycle and its dependencies, right?13:35
mterrydandrader, yup13:36
mterrydandrader, those branches will turn off lifecycle management.  Other branches we have lying around may do other things based on that info13:36
Saviqdandrader, best use silo 21 as-is, and https://code.launchpad.net/~ci-train-bot/unity8/ as base13:36
mterrySaviq, we still trying to land silo 21 for OTA8?13:37
Saviqmterry, made it QA ready this morning, hope so13:37
mterry(or was that never the plan?)13:37
mterrySaviq, oh awesome13:37
mterrySaviq, I want some of those fixes for my daily device  :)13:37
Saviqmterry, I know ;)13:37
Saviqshould be good, finally13:38
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mzanetti-dandrader|afk, https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/move-screenshots-to-tests/+merge/27679818:02
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dandradermzanetti-, where's my mouseEdgePush review?18:20
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