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sgroimaxhey there mariogrip how is radio cell fix?09:28
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mhall119getting everybody on, will start the broadcast in a couple minutes14:01
troll_doodmhall119: :)14:01
mhall119also,welcome everybody to the last day of UOS!14:01
Dragoshi andrewlsd14:03
jackulthello everyone14:04
Dragoshello devs14:04
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Dragostroll_dood: are u a dev?14:04
mhall119going live now14:06
justCarakaswe can see you14:06
super_potatoehi all, iz late?14:07
DragosQUESTION:What is Convergence?14:07
mhall119Ask questions here, starting with QUESTION in all caps14:08
mhall119just like Dragos did :)14:08
super_potatoeQUESTION: why does it takes so long for qml apps to load on Ubuntu Phone, even the core apps like the dialer?14:09
DragosQUESTION:Is ubuntu phone 13.04 still usable?14:10
aquariusQUESTION: there are a bunch of restrictions on phone apps which make quite a lot less sense on desktop (obvious one: background processes, but also lack of access to files, etc). Is there a plan to relax confinement on desktop-class devices, or will my desktop computer be restricted like it's a battery-poor phone once we have One Ubuntu across all devices?14:11
michelrQUESTION: a phone app has her name in header. When running in desktop, it also  has  name in window title. Will that duplicate stay  in  final Unity8 ?14:12
Dragosis ubuntu phone unity8 support desktop mode?14:12
mhall119Dragos: you forgot QUESTION14:13
aquariusQUESTION: is the capability for convergence (driving an external screen) going to be a required capability for future phones released with partners? Or might there still be phones which can't do it, like the existing Ubuntu phones can't?14:14
bbrawnerQUESTION: Is Unity the only desktop environment that is being developed with convergence in mind? Will we see LXDE, XFCE, GNOME etc with convergence capabilities?14:14
Dragostouch preview14:14
super_potatoeQUESTION: will the next new Ubuntu phones will all be able to converge? and what will happen to the current bq and meizu sold? will be able to converge?14:14
aquariussuper_potatoe, the existing bq 4.5 and 5 and meizu mx-4 can't do convergence, sadly; that's a hardware thing.14:15
Dragosmhall119: ubuntu touch preview 13.0414:16
zzarrQUESTION: will I be able to use my Meizu MX4 with an external display in the future? (With bluetooth keyboard)14:16
DragosQUESTION:will you continue making *-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip ubuntu phone ?14:17
super_potatoeQUESTION: what happened to the tablet mode? we haven't see any news for a long time14:18
justCarakasQUESTION are there plans to allow external screens to connect over wifi so we don't need slimports14:18
aquariusjustCarakas, I'd really like that. Miracast or similar support would be great. Good question!14:18
Dragos* means something14:19
DragosQUESTION:will there will be kde or lxde or xfce for ubuntu phone?14:20
DragosQUESTION:what happened to ubuntu for android?14:22
super_potatoeQUESTION: what are the minimum hardware requirements for Ubuntu Personal? for ex what GPU and drivers14:22
ahayzenQUESTION: Will my unity8 laptop/desktop ever talk to my unity8 phone? so that when i get a notification on my phone it appears on my laptop (aka the same as what iOS/OS X currently does) and is there any timeline for this?14:22
zzarrQUESTION: will I be able to write SMS and make phone calls from a computer in the same LAN as the phone?14:23
GeraltDo you guys ever look to Wayland to help solve Mir issues?14:23
SutterQUESTION: I bought Meizu Mx4... it's possible that this phone 'll be never convergence????14:23
zzarrsorry, my chatt application bugged14:24
zzarrohh, the hole message is there, but I could not see it14:24
aquariusgood question, zzarr. I'd like to see better communication between an Ubuntu phone and an Ubuntu desktop, when they're not the same device.14:25
Dragosmhall119: ubuntu phone preinstalled armhf for phablet14:26
andrewlsdDragos: are you referring to a disk image?14:27
core_apps_policeQUESTION: Ubuntu for phones does not have background apps, but the desktop has. When we plug the phone to a monitor we will get "background-apps" running?14:27
michelrQUESTION : is there a cpu arch preference for convergence ? ARM ou x86 ?14:28
Dragosandrewlsd: yes14:28
justCarakasQUESTION why not allow multi user mode on the phone that you can use for example to let your kids play on your phone14:29
zzarrUbuntu for Ubuntu :D14:29
GeraltQUESTION: Do you guys work together with KDE Plasma Mobile developers? Also, doesn't Plamsa Mobile run on top of Ubuntu Touch?14:29
DragosQUESTION:if i connect an ubuntu phone to a monitor will unity transform to             desktop unity14:30
mzanetti-QUESTION: speaking of integration between desktop & phone. Will general sync (contacts, Pictures, maybe music/videos) show up on the roadmap?14:32
kyrofamzanetti-, no server in the middle?14:39
mhall119any other questions, keep them coming in14:39
mzanetti-kyrofa, didn't even think about details, but *somehow* would be nice already :)14:40
kyrofamzanetti-, easy to do via owncloud14:40
mzanetti-kyrofa, not easy, no14:40
kyrofamzanetti-, but it might be nice to do it without a server14:40
kyrofamzanetti-, just on the same LAN or something14:40
michelrQUESTION  : about data sync, what is the status of U1DB ?14:41
Dragosmhall119: im romanian14:42
DragosQUESTION:Can i still get ubuntu for android?14:43
zzarrQUESTION: how will legacy applications be implemented on a phone?14:43
Dragosim using an custom android image14:44
justCarakasQUESTION if I buy a slimport now for my nexus 4 will I be able to use it on the new convergent device ?14:45
DragosQUESTION:Did you know that im romanian?14:45
GeraltQUESTION: Is the goal for a default Unity 8 still set for Ubuntu 16.10?14:45
mhall119Dragos: I know now :)14:45
DragosQUESTION:Did u know that there is an app for ubuntu that lets you install mac os x apps on ubuntu?14:46
core_apps_policeQUESTION: We will get a ISO of daily builds for unity 8 like we have today for the 16.04 with unity7?14:46
zzarrthanks for your answer14:47
ahayzenQUESTION: If i had a desktop only application packaged as a click/snap is there a way, or a plan, to allow me to only make that launchable when running in a converged or desktop view. Or must all apps submitted to the store scale from mobile through to TV ?14:47
DragosQUESTION:How to install ubuntu tv?14:47
zzarrQUESTION: are there any focus on USB C/Thunderbolt 3?14:48
GeraltAwesome, thank you guys for the great answers!14:49
Dragosthere is14:49
Dragosits called darling14:49
Merk42lol check with us in 6months. unity8 is always "the release after the current dev"14:49
mzanetti-Dragos, link?14:50
zzarrDragos, check the https://www.darlinghq.org/ page14:50
Dragosi know the linl14:50
Dragosmzanetti-: https://www.darlinghq.org/ but you will need to compile it urself14:51
Markcortbass#QUESTION: Do you plan to support OpenMobile ACL for Android apps on Ubuntu Phone? That would awesome http://www.openmobileww.com/#!acl-for-ubuntu/c1sz214:51
Dragosit was fun14:52
Markcortbass* It's already working for Firefox OS and Tizen14:52
zzarrthanks everyone, it have been a blast :D14:53
justCarakasQUESTION what is your number 1 wanted feature14:53
Dragoszzarr: dev?14:53
zzarrDragos, what do you mean?14:53
Dragosare u a dev zzarr14:54
zzarrDragos, I'm a developer, but I'm not working for Canonical14:54
Dragosit was fun14:55
zzarrit was :)14:55
mhall119oSoMoN: are you setting up the hangout for the next session?14:55
ahayzenthanks guys :-)14:55
ShankeyQUESTION - Does Ubuntu convergence will drain battery more than expected??14:55
Dragosmhall119: it was fun :)14:55
oSoMoNmhall119, can you set it up? not very familiar with doing that14:55
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mhall119oSoMoN: have you created on-air hangouts before?14:56
zzarrI'm working on a device that handles a number of sensors (a sort of universal sensor platform)14:56
mhall119ok, I'll set it up then :)14:56
Dragoschating with devw14:56
Dragoschating with devs14:56
oSoMoNI’m sure it’s not that hard, but I don’t want to delay the session just because I can’t find how to do it…14:56
ShankeyQUESTION - Does Ubuntu convergence will drain battery more than expected??14:56
oSoMoNShankey, anything that drains the battery more than expected is a bug14:57
DragosQUESTION: how can i join canonical?14:58
oSoMoNDragos, http://www.canonical.com/careers14:58
mhall119Dragos: were you watching Jane's Q&A yesterday where she talked about that?14:58
DragosIf you want to make a difference, make the move to Canonical14:58
Shankeybut how long ubuntu phones will hold the battery power while in convergence mode?? Any idea??14:58
Dragosi was gone14:58
oSoMoNmhall119, is the hangout ready?14:59
mhall119oSoMoN: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYfUUP7ctxyAqFWgSueYg2eaafj8DGxl2zXoY32Z7qcP-XV_JA?hl=en&authuser=014:59
mhall119trying to get Kaleo in here14:59
mhall119Kaleo: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYfUUP7ctxyAqFWgSueYg2eaafj8DGxl2zXoY32Z7qcP-XV_JA?hl=en&authuser=015:00
Dragoscan i install ubuntu phone on iphone?15:00
mhall119Dragos: no15:00
Dragoscan someone give me the link for next session?15:01
mhall119Dragos: if you want to do fun things like that, iphone is the wrong device for you :)15:01
ElleoDragos: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/meeting/22630/app-convergence/15:01
Shankeyhey guys what if i have to watch movie during convergence then  how long ubuntu phone would hold battery power any idea about that??? i mean will it have the aqequate battery backup?15:02
Dragossee ya in next session15:02
Kaleohi everyone :)15:03
karnio/ :)15:03
mzanetti-hi all!15:04
DragosQUESTION:youtube app for ubuntu phone?15:04
mzanetti-Dragos, there is one in the store15:04
mzanetti-Dragos, https://uappexplorer.com/app/com.popey.youtube15:05
Dragosvideo lag15:06
ildornQUESTION: how will the app security model from phones influence desktop apps in convergence?15:07
James_MulhollandHi all15:07
DragosQESTION:terminal app for ubuntu touch preview?15:07
kenvandinepreview?  i don't think we've called it a preview in at least 2 years :)15:08
karnigoogle hangouts doesn't like sharing some windows15:09
karniyeah, what Kaleo said, you'll have to share whole desktop15:09
boikooSoMoN: I think touch apps don't show up in hangouts, you can share the whole screen15:09
mzanetti-oSoMoN, afaik it has troubles with qtquick215:09
karniyes we can see it15:10
mhall119is the video still playing? my desktop froze :(15:10
mzanetti-mhall119, yep15:10
James_MulhollandoSoMoN - We might have lost your video feed? (or maybe it's just us at the office?)15:11
James_MulhollandIt's back15:11
kenvandinefine here15:11
karnifine here15:11
Elleoall good here15:11
mhall119any questions for oSoMoN, go ahead and ask them in here15:12
nerochiaroall good15:12
nerochiarowas gone for a bit15:12
kyrofaYeah I haven't lost it15:12
kyrofaQUESTION: The framerate of the video isn't great. Are the responsive changes animated in any way?15:13
mhall119kyrofa: hangouts use a lot of compression, it's likely just that15:14
Kaleokyrofa, no animations on these yet15:14
kyrofaKaleo, obviously not incredibly important, but your "yet" implies that may be coming? Would be slick indeed15:14
Kaleokyrofa, neat possibility, no idea if there will be time to do that soon..15:15
Kaleoildorn, will get to your question after the demos15:16
nerochiarooSoMoN: drag down first, then drag sideways to the folders. will be fixed with next release of SDK15:17
kyrofaKaleo, actually wait. For some reason I'm putting this in the same category as a responsive web design, where the web page is obviously meant to be resized during regular usage. However, are these designs simply to work on different form factors (i.e. devices)? In other words, when running in desktop mode (like it's running now) will it still change?15:17
mzanetti-QUESTION: how touch-friendly is the wide-mode of the browser?15:17
kyrofaOr is it more meant so that the same code will run on a phone and the desktop?15:18
kyrofaIn which case the transition between modes may not ever been seen15:18
mzanetti-nice!, thanks! I was mostly concerned about the top-tabs being too small15:21
kyrofamzanetti-, good question15:21
mhall119Kaleo: having trouble with the hangout?15:22
Kaleomhall119, with my internet actually15:23
Kaleomhall119, also I'm trying a much lower res to have a higher framerate15:23
mhall119you can turn off your video feed, that sometimes helps15:23
Kaleomhall119, yeah, no it's back to normal :)15:24
mhall119oSoMoN: developer.ubuntu.com is nice and responsive now :)15:26
kyrofaSlashdot doesn't have a responsive design. You need to go to m.slashdot15:26
kenvandineoSoMoN, the browser is shaping up very nicely!15:34
oSoMoNkenvandine, slowly, but surely :)15:34
mhall119kenvandine: it's my daily driver :)15:34
mhall119if only gtalk plugin worked, I wouldn't have to use Chrome for UOS15:34
kyrofamhall119, yeah I have to use chrome as well, but it's to _watch_ the video. If I'm in the HO I can use firefox, haha15:36
kenvandinei've been using webbrowser-app to watch all the UOS sessions this week15:37
mhall119kyrofa: yeah, html5 videos should work, but I think the live stream needs flash15:37
kyrofaIt seems so. Unfortunate. I'll install it after :P15:37
kenvandinei'm watching the live stream right now with it15:37
mhall119ok, maybe I'm wrong15:37
kyrofakenvandine, do you have flash though?15:38
kenvandinedunno :)15:38
mhall119no flash on ubuntu webbrowser15:38
kenvandinei just installed webbrowser-app from the stable overlay ppa :)15:38
oSoMoNno flash yet, but Chris is working on enabling it in oxide, and he’s pretty far along15:38
kenvandineso the same version we have on the phone15:38
kyrofaoSoMoN, the fewer browsers that support it the faster it will die, I say15:38
mhall119oSoMoN: really? how is he doing that, using pepperflash or adobe's?15:38
kenvandinei'd rather not have flash :)15:39
oSoMoNyeah, me neither, but it’s still big for a few use cases15:39
karniQUESTION: if I right click on an item, will it show both "positive" and "negative" actions15:41
karniby that I mean leading and trailing15:42
oSoMoNboiko, wanna talk about the work that has been done on phone/messaging apps?15:42
karniit was called Flashback I believe15:43
mhall119ah yeah, flashback15:43
boikooSoMoN: well, messaging-app is halfway done only, need to use the bottom edge component from Kaleo15:43
karniboiko: haha, hopefully "from Kaleo" is equivalent "from SDK" ^_^15:43
karniwe've had a bunch of components everybody used in their apps, yet they were not in the SDK for long :)15:44
boikokarni: yep, it is :)15:45
karniKaleo: ah, thank you15:45
karnithank you guys15:51
rmescandongreat session15:51
James_Mulhollandthanks all!15:52
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karni(not question) As a developer, I would prefer to have control of how many action items are collapsed (occasionally, I would like to collapse all, I won't get into reasons here). but I take this will only be possible with upcoming header implementation and some custom code, as this is not recommended behavior.16:23
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faenilkarni: ^16:37
karniThank you guys, lovely :)16:37
* karni high-fives16:37
karniThank you16:38
James_MulhollandI'll stick around here in channel until 17:00 if anyone else has anything they'd like to ask16:39
michelrQUESTION : a phone app has her name in header. When using it in desktop, her name is also in window title. Will that duplicate stay in final unity8 ?16:40
michelrQUESTION : so, do we still have to put app name in header ?16:41
naskoosQUESTION: How does your approach differs from windows continuum? Do you also use a hub or just an HDMI and OTG?16:41
James_Mulhollandmichelr - Duplicates would/should be avoided in those cases, so the title in the header area would not be shown if it is also present in the window title (decorations). The title space could then be used to communicate something else (the subject line of an email, for e.g.) or just contain only actions.16:42
James_Mulhollandnaskoos - Well, contimuum will offer a "t’s a PC-like experience that’s powered by your phone." Where as Pocket PC will be an actual PC in your pocket that you can use in both ways :-)16:45
James_Mulhollandnaskoos - so if a device has a big enough screen to use in windowed mode comfortably a user can do so, connecting a small screened device to a large display+KB+Mouse would allow and actual PC experience, not something approaching one16:47
James_Mulholland*an actual PC experience16:47
naskoosQUESTION: Will the current ubuntu phone devices (like meizu mx4) support the convergence feature, or better/special hardware is needed?16:49
karninaskoos: I believe none of hardware released with Ubuntu will support this. It can be run with a Nexus 4, for instance, with an MHL to HDMI connector.16:51
karnihaha I got that wrong16:51
karninone released support it.16:51
karnicertainly *new* Ubuntu hardware will support it, hopefully soon :)16:51
karniI'm afraid current MX and BQ devices however, won't :(16:52
James_Mulhollandnaskoos - Sorry. Yes I believe Karni is correct16:52
naskoosQUESTION: When I'll use an external monitor (with keyboard and mouse) would it be possible to use other desktop managers like LXDE or XFCE?16:54
faenil_it seems my connection dropped16:55
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faenil_naskoos: did you get my reply about continuum?16:56
James_Mulhollandnaskoos - I'm afraid I'm not certain. I'll see if I can chase up an answer for you.16:57
James_MulhollandThanks for tuning in all!16:57
naskoosI have received an answer about continuum but not from you!16:58
faenil_naskoos: currently connect a bluetooth mouse and keyboard is all you need to switch to the windowed Unity8 experience17:03
faenil_actually just the mouse is enough17:03
faenil_additionally, you can connect an external monitor (via SlimPort/MHL, etc..)17:03
faenil_naskoos: ^17:04
faenil_naskoos: if you have a Nexus4 or Nexus7, you can already try the convergent experience! :) (BQ E4.5 and Meizu MX417:04
faenil_unfortunately don't have MHL/slimport support)17:04
faenil_there you go :)17:04
naskoosThank you faenil_!17:05
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faenil_naskoos: no worries :)17:17
d_edmhall119: so to create my session I start a hangouts on air then copy the youtube link into the "edit hangouts details" -> broadcast URL17:30
mhall119d_ed: yup, that's it17:41
mhall119ping me if you need any help with it17:41
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d_edhey all18:00
d_edI'll start the Plasma Mobile session in a minute or two, just let everyone get back from lunch18:00
d_edare people here?18:02
elopiod_ed: yes.18:03
mhall119d_ed: got it all setup?18:03
d_edI thought so...18:04
d_edbut the webpage says "please stand by"18:04
mhall119d_ed: you're live now, video is working18:04
elopiod_ed: I see you.18:04
mhall119d_ed: there's a delay in the live stream of up to a minute or so18:04
ovidiu-florind_ed: yes18:04
ovidiu-florinI can see you18:04
karniwe can hear you, too :)18:04
ovidiu-florinand hear you18:05
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ovidiu-florinheeey Marco18:12
ovidiu-florinI hear Daid talking but see Marco talking18:12
ovidiu-florinwhat's happening?18:12
olafthevikingnotmart__: try turning on some lights in your room, might be less contrasty on the webcam18:13
elopiothe video is crazy in youtube.18:16
notmart__olaftheviking: i tried before, this way the screen of the phone was *sligtly* more visible18:17
notmart__even if still meh :)18:17
Mike101Can vs. Will18:19
Mike101This is getting more and more ridiculous. Another mobile OS?18:20
ovidiu-florinnot exactly18:21
elopioMike101: it's good. Their contributions will help many upstreams.18:21
ovidiu-florinjust the Userspace18:21
Mike101I know, I know.18:21
Mike101I am just sad that why the linux community just doesnt try to make one thing, and perfect it altogether...18:22
notmart__video david was talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auuQA0Q8qpM18:22
d_edor is going to talk about, depending on lag...18:23
ovidiu-florinthe youtube stream is broken, audio and video are not synced18:23
notmart__right :)18:23
olafthevikingMike101: same reason why gtk, qt, e17 exists...18:23
ovidiu-florind_ed: who takes care of devices support?18:23
Mike101olaftheviking: that is?18:24
karniMike101: freedom18:24
olafthevikingMike101: one thinks the other one is doing it wrong18:24
elopioor both are right, but different.18:25
Mike101I know, I want Linux to replace everything else but the thing is that it's not gonna is it? Instead of one thing to replace closed source software, we are just making more and more forks of open source software.18:25
ovidiu-florind_ed: what's libhybris?18:26
goddardDid he say when he thinks this will be usable?18:26
ovidiu-florinit is usable18:26
ovidiu-florinby developers18:26
Mike101By people?18:26
elopiowho's people?18:26
ovidiu-floringo where?18:26
Mike101Orfinary people.18:27
Mike101Like my mother.18:27
ovidiu-florind_ed: how can we get involved?18:27
notmart__#plasma, forums.kde.org and plasma-devel@kde.org18:28
Mike10112 months sounds quite quick...18:29
Mike101and Ubuntu Phone's main feature is still not here after how many years?18:29
olafthevikingwhich is the main feature?18:30
olafthevikingah that18:30
Mike101That thing...18:30
* olaftheviking is not ubuntu phone user18:30
Mike101I know but it takes time to make things like that18:30
Mike101and KDE mobile can't just be built after 12 months18:31
olafthevikingbut maybe KDE has a better starting position18:31
Mike101It's way to steep a margin.18:31
olafthevikingyou know, cause there is a working system already18:31
olafthevikingunlike unity818:31
olafthevikingI mean, unity8 is still not out yet, is it?18:32
Mike101No, but they have a working system.18:32
olafthevikingso they have to do lots of from scratch18:32
Mike101Like KDE Mobile.18:32
Mike101To be honest, I prefer KDE Mobile but18:32
d_edon the other hand, that gives you a clean base with no legacy history. It's a trade-of18:32
olafthevikingtrue words18:33
Mike101The ideas behind multi-platform app support18:33
karniolaftheviking: Ubuntu phones on the market run Unity 8. Yes, it's out.18:33
olafthevikingkarni: but not on desktop18:33
Mike101But I just disafree with the margin18:33
olafthevikingkarni: Mike101 asked about convergence and how can KDE deliver in 12 months if ubuntu still hasn't18:33
olaftheviking...the convergence, that is18:33
Mike101Not the convergence18:33
Mike101The platform18:33
olafthevikingtho convergence is part of the platform18:34
elopioI think what you are doing with plasma is great. Thanks for the presentation d_ed.18:34
karniolaftheviking: I see18:34
Mike101I just read the part about there being a working model?18:34
karnid_ed: well done18:34
olafthevikingMike101: yes18:34
notmart__for us the shell was pretty much years of preparation, it was seen mostly on the desktop but the design was in this direction from the start18:34
Mike101I thought you were just starting now ;)18:35
notmart__but yeah, for us the hardest problem was mostly on the platform and hardware integration bits, that were solved by ubuntu18:35
Mike101Approx 12 months to make everything relatively okay?18:35
d_edit depends on so many factors that it's not really worth saying18:35
Mike101Who's notmart_18:35
olafthevikingIF enough people work on it, then maybe18:36
d_ednotmart__ is marco18:36
d_edthe other guy in the video18:36
notmart__me and d_ed mantain plasma, both on the desktop and on the phone18:36
notmart__together other people18:36
Mike101Well, have you considered porting it for devices after you are done?18:36
Mike101Just out of curiousity.18:37
d_edwe all got Nexus 5's for consistency18:37
d_edand someone has already put in on a 1+18:37
olafthevikingand there are couple other models where it works18:37
d_edsomeone from the community18:37
notmart__but in principle it should work on any device where ubuntu phone is working18:37
d_edwhich is what we want to build and grow, so who knows.18:37
Mike101I know a few people who work for Xiaomi, perhaps I can ask them to port once this is built?18:38
Mike101Well, I am one of them but18:38
olafthevikingyou could get the devs some phones for testing then18:38
d_edsure, lets exchange email addresses18:38
olaftheviking*wink wink*18:38
Mike101Can you start a separate chat, invite me and then come back here? I don't think it's a good idea to share it in the wild.18:39
Mike101Kay, cheers.18:41
notmart__yeah, via email sounds better18:44
Mike101Switched emails with d_ed.18:46
Mike101Assuming there is somewhere we can work with that, I will contact back with who you can contact :)18:48
mhall119d_ed: I'm writing a summary of sessions from the convergence track, can you give me a couple bullet points from what you convered in your session I can use to describe it?18:49
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