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Amarantineist ehe 5th of November 3:08 sm aandere i miss ehe javaScript hands-on14:09
Amarantinemy phone does not interact good wwith this irc client14:11
davidcallealex-abreu, marcustomlinson, https://hangouts.google.com/call/qi7heh35xv2zoki22n3g2myisya14:44
* davidcalle gets a coffee, brb14:45
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davidcalleHey aquarius :)14:52
aquariusnow, THIS session I have been looking forward to.14:52
aquariusFor two years. At least. :-)14:53
davidcalleaquarius, same :)14:55
davidcalleWe will start in 2 min14:59
popeyhehe aquarius15:01
aquariusI got 50p says the answer ends up being node. :)15:04
davidcalleaquarius :)15:05
aquariusI win!15:05
aquariushm, this is interesting; will my JS scope be able to bundle arbitrary node libraries? If so, that'd be delightful15:07
alecuaquarius: yes, you'll be able to bundle any node libraries. Let's ask marcus afterwards if binary modules are already supported15:08
alecuaquarius: pure js modules are of course already supported15:09
* davidcalle notes question for later15:09
aquariusoh, I have a bunch of questions :)15:09
aquariuswoah. Binary modules are supported? Was not expecting that!15:12
alecuquestion answered :-)15:12
araI can imagine that this is going to boost the number of scopes in the store15:16
pstolowskiawesome stuff15:17
arawhat project, sorry?15:22
davidcalleara, unity-js-scopes15:22
alecu"javascriptonic" ?15:23
arais this available in 14.04? or 15.10 only?15:24
alecuthis might be a better starting point: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/scopes/tutorials/developing-scopes-javascript/15:24
alecuara: this is for unity8, so currently it's for the phone15:24
arayes, I mean the SDK :)15:24
davidcalleara, 15.04 and up15:24
alecuah, great15:25
davidcalleIs the font big enough for everyone?15:25
aranot for me :/15:25
aquariusI can't read any of that at all15:26
alecudavidcalle: yes, please ask alex to increase the font15:26
araor a lot :)15:27
aramuch better :)15:27
marcustomlinsonthat scope hasn't got art set, hence the error :)15:33
marcustomlinsontypically you'd be required to try,catch over those methods15:33
pstolowskithe scope code looks pretty neat15:43
aquariusroughly the same as the C++ API, which is nice.15:43
davidcalleaquarius, indeed, and with npm libs bundled in your click, you can do very feature-heavy scopes very quickly. My first go at it ended up in a movie search engine, with cover art and download link in less than 50 lines.15:46
aquariusgaah, cmake fails :(15:47
pstolowskimarcustomlinson spoiled us with these bindings15:47
pstolowskipeople will never look back at C++ api :/15:48
aquariusoh, I have some questions :-)15:50
aquariusQUESTION: when will the documentation for this be published to developer.ubuntu.com? And will there be tutorials as well as just the API documentation that's currently in the project?15:50
aquariusQUESTION: when will the unity-js-scopes module be published to npm?15:50
aquariusQUESTION: will nodejs be exposed to apps as well so I can write QML apps which include a node back end (not a C++ back end)?15:50
davidcalleaquarius, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/scopes/tutorials/developing-scopes-javascript/15:50
aquariusha! you are gorgeous human beings.15:50
alex-abreupstolowski, :)15:51
aquariusfair enough; it was worth asking ;)15:53
aquariusQUESTION: unity-js-scopes-dev doesn't exist in the PPA :(15:53
aquariussudo apt install unity-js-scopes-dev -> E: Unable to locate package unity-js-scopes-dev15:54
alecuthe api docs are already available on the -doc package, right?15:54
alex-abreualecu, yes15:54
aquariusI have added the staging PPA.15:54
aquariusI'm running 14.0415:54
aquariusI can't run the LTS?15:55
aquariusoh. :-(15:55
aquariusThank you anyway, team. This looks good.15:55
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alecubye guys!15:56
alecumarcustomlinson: alex-abreu: great session!15:56
arathanks! bye!15:56
alex-abreuthx you guys15:56
marcustomlinsonyeah thanks!15:56
justCarakasno video ?16:13
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ian-weisserGetting the hangout going....18:00
BrianLinuxing2Evening all :)18:03
ian-weisserAlmost there....18:04
BrianLinuxing2I shall get my tea18:04
dholbachvideo is live, but the sound is mute18:07
ian-weisserWell, Dang18:07
BrianLinuxing2no volume here18:07
dholbachstill no volume18:08
dholbachmaybe something in the mic settings?18:08
ian-weisserWell, drat. Worked fine in the test moments ago...18:08
ian-weisserChecking settings.  Might just start on IRC till it's sorted18:08
dholbachcan you hear me?18:09
PaulW2Udholbach: I can hear you18:09
BrianLinuxing2got some sound18:09
dholbachian-weisser, could you hear me when I was speaking?18:09
dholbachtry again18:10
PaulW2Uian-weisser: yes18:10
dholbachdoes anyone want to join the hangout?18:10
dholbach^ link to the pad18:11
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BrianLinuxing2damn am getting "Authorization is required to access"18:12
dholbachbrianLinuxing2: on the pad?18:12
popeyjoin that team18:12
BrianLinuxing2:) thanks18:13
popeynow refresh the etherpad http://pad.ubuntu.com/uos-1511-growing-new-community-members18:13
balloonsstuck on 2 factor18:13
popey\o/ \o\ \o/ core apps18:13
* dholbach hugs popey18:14
dholbachany feedback and anecdotes from you guys?18:14
dholbachor do any of you want to join the hangout?18:14
popeyDo we have every possible way of contributing covered by find-a-task?18:15
balloonswhen things are new and fresh, it's exciting18:15
BrianLinuxing2Ian's right. I'd didn't appreciate the opportunities were there to help out18:15
balloonswhen things are older, it can feel a bit more stale. More discovered. The interesting bits may or may not be left18:15
popeyDo we have any metrics for usage of find-a-task? (I asked mhall119 for google analytics, but I don't think we have it)18:15
BrianLinuxing2And been using Ubuntu off and on since about 200418:15
balloonsQUESTION: Do we have numbers from find-a-task? How many hits?18:16
popeydholbach, no18:16
popeydholbach, we should18:16
popeyConversion rate, yeah.18:16
BrianLinuxing2might I make a suggestion?18:16
popeyI am having difficulty thinking of people who _recently_ came to the project to contribute, no matter where they came from.18:17
popeyBrianLinuxing2, knock yourself out.18:17
dholbachBrianLinuxing2, sure18:17
BrianLinuxing2I would suggest being outward facing. Doing more external events.18:17
popeyYeah, +1 to that.18:17
BrianLinuxing2Let people know you exist18:17
popeyBeyond our bubble.18:17
balloonsI know we just changed the site to feature it prominently18:17
dholbachpopey, balloons, BrianLinuxing2: want to join the hangout?18:18
BrianLinuxing2Its not sites, it is meetup, community events18:18
BrianLinuxing2being at hackathons18:18
BrianLinuxing2being visable18:18
dholbachBrianLinuxing2, and you would present like the doc team at those events?18:18
BrianLinuxing2I teach Linux at a meetup but until I met Thibuat I hadn't appreciate y'all were still "alive"18:19
BrianLinuxing2Surely you have to get a pool people first, then push them towards what they like/can do?18:21
BrianLinuxing2Fresh blood I mean18:21
BrianLinuxing2On-line is good, people being visible at technical events, hackathon, etc helps people see Ubuntu is still around18:22
BrianLinuxing2there are technical events, 100s every week in London, being there just to say "yeah Ubuntu is still very active, we can always do with your help" would bring people in18:23
BrianLinuxing2then there is the process of "what do they like doing?"18:24
BrianLinuxing2we have these things, you could do....18:24
BrianLinuxing2Agree with Ian, about ask ubuntu people not knowing what is there.18:25
BrianLinuxing2advert idea is good18:27
BrianLinuxing2plus stackflow, etc18:27
BrianLinuxing2its better than mine :)18:27
BrianLinuxing2or potential users18:28
BrianLinuxing2Got to throw the net widely, anyone that uses XP wants to use Ubuntu, but doesn't know how to help out18:29
popeyfound it!18:30
BrianLinuxing2Why not Twitter and the whole branch of social media too?18:30
BrianLinuxing2If you send me links to the adverts I will promote on Twitter18:32
BrianLinuxing2sensible point from Allan18:33
BrianLinuxing2a few small video might be good too.18:35
dholbachnice idea18:36
BrianLinuxing2a lot of people don't like just textual info, as the complete source, whereas a small video clip would reach a wider audience18:37
BrianLinuxing2me, I am useless at video, but navigating the pages is a pain.18:39
BrianLinuxing2what videos? what pages to ask? how to do it18:39
BrianLinuxing2I agree they are hard18:39
BrianLinuxing2but to reach a wider audience, different methods needed18:40
BrianLinuxing2not everyone, like us, process textual pages as we do.18:40
BrianLinuxing2whereas "creative" types process info differently, as educationalists have found18:41
BrianLinuxing2just a quick "you want to help out" - small clip on "this are the pages for you, and how to do it"18:42
BrianLinuxing2simple stuff18:42
BrianLinuxing2like recording a desktop session, etc18:43
ali1234in my opinion "find a task" is too generic18:43
dholbachthat's ubuntu-community-team@lists.ubuntu.com18:44
dholbachali1234, what would you rather see?18:44
ali1234dholbach: something that helps me find an actual task18:44
BrianLinuxing2ok Ian might do that18:44
ali1234i mean i already knew before going to that page that i'm best suited to coding18:44
ali1234that doesn't help me find coding tasks18:44
dholbachali1234, ah... so a database of things which need to be developed18:44
dholbachwe have something like that up at harvest.ubuntu.com18:45
ali1234dholbach: yes a list of actual things that you need/want doing18:45
dholbachbut that's just for development tasks18:45
ali1234yeah harvest looks more like what i want18:46
akronixhow to get into the system development of Ubuntu?18:46
balloonsthanks for the session ian-weisser18:46
BrianLinuxing2been good listening18:46
popeyyeah, good point ali123418:46
ian-weisserThanks everyone for participating!18:46
dholbachakronix, http://packaging.ubuntu.com/ might be interesting for you18:46
dholbachthanks a lot everyone18:47
ian-weisserLots of good ideas, feedback, and useful tasks.18:47
ian-weisserWe'll make this thing work yet....18:47
ali1234dholbach: i just clicked a random task on harvest and it took me to a bug that was fix released 18 months ago18:54
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dholbachali1234, oh.... which bug was that? where did you see it listed?18:55
ali1234and i unticked the package filter to see all packages and it's listed under freeciv18:56
ali1234https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-app-install/+bug/155059 is another (appears under homebank)18:59
ali1234i would like to be able to filter this by programming language19:05
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balloonsali1234, by language.. not sure that's doable19:44

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