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rahulHi it is morning in portland, OR16:47
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Guest33504Hi it is morning in Portland, OR16:48
Guest33504good morning everyone.16:48
Guest33504I have a question for CEO, can I shoot for it?16:49
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dpmeveryone set for the plenary? :-)18:56
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nhainesdpm: all set now.  :)18:58
slangasekmhall119, dholbach: I assume someone will be passing me the hangout info for joining :)18:58
slangasekand done18:59
slangasekI assumed correctly!18:59
popeyo/ i need it too18:59
dholbachgo go go!19:00
popeygot it19:00
wxlwe on yet?19:00
nhaineswxl: soon™!19:01
balloonseveryone ready!19:01
balloonsgo time19:01
wxlnhaines: okie dokie, then. i guess i;ll just wait patiently©.19:01
dpmwe should be ready in a minute19:01
mhall119bear with us guys, Google forgot to give us a "Start Broadcast" button :)19:04
jcastrosorry guys, some technical issues19:04
wxlbeer with us you said?19:04
popey\o/ beer19:04
wxlwow, popey, just wow.19:05
nhainesYay, they're talking about something I'm doing!  \o/19:09
_RidgewingHiyas everybody - I was on the bus - did I miss much ?19:10
nhaines_Ridgewing: nope, just a recap about Ubucon Summit.19:10
_Ridgewingok, cheers.19:11
* _Ridgewing slides nhaines a beer ...19:11
* mhall119 hopes _Ridgewing brought enough for everybody19:11
* balloons looks over at nhaines silently19:12
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_RidgewingIt's only Kopparberg (cider) I'm afraid. http://www.kopparberg.co.uk/cider19:13
therealpopeywho of the presenters is typing?19:15
_RidgewingQUESTION: Why wasn't there a track about /r/Ubuntu on reddit and it's problems with that site. That is : I asked dpm, several times if Jane silbur would do an AMA in the ask a CEO session, yesterday ?19:15
balloons_Ridgewing, ?19:16
balloonsI'm confused by your question19:17
_Ridgewingballoons: You need to be more specific, I'm afraid.19:17
balloons_Ridgewing, that's what I'm hoping you can be19:17
balloonsmore specific19:17
alecuwe love scopes!19:17
dobey_Ridgewing: why would there be a whole track about reddit?19:17
dpm_Ridgewing, the plenary is presentation-style to offer an overview of the track content. It's not Q&A-like, but I can probably answer your question here19:18
ogra_celebration !19:18
_Ridgewingballoons: Because Jane the CEO needs to be asked if she could do a reddit AskMeAnything on behalf of Ubuntu.19:19
balloons_Ridgewing, ahh. That's a different and more easily stated question. Will Jane do an IAMA? You can ask her!19:19
popeyyeah, just drop her an email19:19
dobeyor a twit on twitter or something19:20
_RidgewingReally, she'll listen to me ?#19:20
popeyOf course!19:20
sergiusensballoons, he indirectly did in the Q&A with Jane yesterday, but his question didn't make it. I guess he wonders why more than anything else19:20
dpm_Ridgewing, generally tracks are based on topics to group a set of sessions, I'm not sure how not or r/Ubuntu could fit as a track. However, if you have anything you'd like to discuss particular to reddit, proposing a session or an item on a roundtable could have been a good idea. I.e. you don't need to ask permission, that's the nice thing about contributing to Ubuntu :-)19:20
balloonssergiusens, ahh, thanks for the background :-)19:20
popeythere were a _ton_ of questions yesterday19:20
sergiusensand I suppose it is because dpm started picking questions from people who hadn't had any answered before19:20
popeyyeah, you kinda have to19:20
dpmunfortunately, we couldn't go through all of the questions19:21
popeywe used to have to do that with marks Q&A19:21
popeyhe used to get flooded in the first 10 mins :)19:21
sergiusensLXD IS awesome!19:21
dpmI mentioned it on the hangout, I had to start being selective, so apologies to anyone who didn't get their questions asked19:21
* _Ridgewing feels too unworthy to ask Jane for an iAMA.19:21
dpmI'm pretty certain every person got at least one question (if not more) answered19:21
popey_Ridgewing, feel free to email one of us and we'll forward it on if you don't want to19:22
popey(but really, she's very approachable)19:22
_Ridgewingok, will do.19:22
balloonsyea, https://linuxcontainers.org/lxd/try-it/ is cool19:22
balloonstry it!19:22
* therealpopey hugs popey19:22
dpmthat kind of gives away who therealpopey is19:23
* _Ridgewing hope therealpopey isn't a splinter group !19:23
balloonsI think we lost popey2 and popey319:23
mhall119quick, clone some more19:23
therealpopeyall right all right... I guess I'm late for the popey party19:23
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dobeythey're all just a bunch of popets19:24
balloonswhere do popey clones go when they umm, pass on?19:25
balloonsfor those counting, yes you can see 4 doors in my background19:31
dobeyyou shouldn't do hangouts from hotel california19:34
balloonsare you saying I can leave then?19:36
dobeyobviously not. those doorways are portals unto themselves19:36
wxlnooooooooooo not flash19:37
dobeywxl: no spoilers!19:38
* balloons runs shaken from such a sight of popey19:38
popeywaiting for my neighbour to light a massive firework19:39
dpmpopey, make sure to unmute!19:41
popeyomg, no much noise!19:41
_Ridgewingmy video isn't working.19:42
_Ridgewingoh now it is .. now it isnt .. oh now it is .... etc etc19:42
popeystop blinking19:42
dobeyyay bufferring19:42
dholbachbaby noises! :-)19:43
dpmgetting new contributors into Ubuntu early19:44
dholbachhaha, yes19:44
mhall119gah, chrome has gone crazy and is slaughtering my hard drive19:44
balloonspopey, I love the backlight19:44
popeylava lamp19:44
balloonsit's like apocalypse popey19:44
dpmpopey doing the guy fawlkes impression19:44
wxlmhall119: blame pepperflash :)19:44
dpm(or whatever it's spelled)19:44
balloonspopey is the new black!19:45
mhall119everytime I open the Dash, Chrome seems to want to write all 3Gb of it's ram usage to swap19:45
balloonslive more on the edge mhall119. No swap19:45
popey\o/ js scopes19:46
mhall119no chrome is easier19:46
balloonsjs copes!!!19:46
_RidgewingJust wondering but what are people's "non-Recommended for you" videos to the right-hand-side of the youtube feed ?19:46
popeyMy legal council recommends i don't answer that.19:47
dpmwe should make "jscopes" official19:47
_RidgewingHere's my screenshot : http://imgur.com/no1Cjpp19:48
alecueat your vegetables!19:48
nhainesYou're welcome!19:48
hwpplayer1What was the topic ?19:49
dobey_Ridgewing: ask youtube. the're recommendations based on your history and what you're watching19:49
alecuThanks to all for the summit!19:49
dholbachthanks a lot everyone!19:49
dpm ____   _    ____ _______   __  _____ ___ __  __ _____19:49
dpm|  _ \ / \  |  _ \_   _\ \ / / |_   _|_ _|  \/  | ____|19:49
dpm| |_) / _ \ | |_) || |  \ V /    | |  | || |\/| |  _|19:49
dpm|  __/ ___ \|  _ < | |   | |     | |  | || |  | | |___19:49
dpm|_| /_/   \_\_| \_\|_|   |_|     |_| |___|_|  |_|_____|19:49
nhainesHaha, we'll have Ubuntu Drinking Summit at Ubucon Summit.  :D19:49
_Ridgewingdobey: Not all of them !19:49
dpmgood work everyone19:49
dobey_Ridgewing: yes all of them. :)19:49
nhainesThanks to everyone's hard work.  :)19:49
* _Ridgewing wonders if viewers have the same videos ?19:50
balloonshere's to a great UOS19:50
dobeyno, i see different videos there19:50
_Ridgewingdobey: Prove it ! (screenshot)19:50
balloonsby definition.. _Ridgewing <> dobey19:50
balloonstherefore his videos are not yours19:50
_RidgewingYes, but I'd to know what other peoples' are.19:51
dobeywell some are possibly the same19:51
_Ridgewingahh !19:51
dobeysome are other UOS or UDS videos19:51
dobeyor ubuntu on air videos19:52
_RidgewingWhere's the overflow video session ?19:52
dobeysome are other "online summit" videos for random things, but because they were done via google hangouts, appear as "related"19:52
_Ridgewingdobey, screnshot'll do fine.19:52
_RidgewingWhere's the overflow video session ?19:53
dobeyif you want to know the algorithm, get a job at google working on youtube related/recommended videos :)19:53
hwpplayer1what do you think about erlang19:53
dobeywhat about erlang?19:54
hwpplayer1which is good for mission critical software19:54
_Ridgewingwhy would I want to know the algorithm ? Just wanna know what video are there FOR YOU.19:54
dobeymy experiences with erlang are not good19:54
hwpplayer1like what ? dobey19:54
_RidgewingWhere's the overflow video session ?19:54
dobey_Ridgewing: well, why do you care what youtube recommends for me? that's for me to know, not you :)19:54
dobeyhwpplayer1: couchdb19:55
_Ridgewingdobey: Privacy is not transparency in my book, but there you go. I guess commeradery can fail, sometimes19:55
hwpplayer1i saw that db on startpage19:56
hwpplayer1can we use postgres19:56
dobey_Ridgewing: there is no "summary" for "overflow" which is just a special track for managing the schedule when people want19:56
dobey_Ridgewing: privacy is privacy. and it's my choice whether i want to share any private information or not. you begging me to do so isn't going to change my mind :)19:57
dobeyhwpplayer1: you can use whatever db you want to use19:57
_Ridgewingdobey: Cool down man , It's your walled garden,19:57
hwpplayer1ok i understand19:57
hwpplayer1by the way ubuntu hangouts are very good19:58
hwpplayer1yesterday i watched CEO19:58
_Ridgewingwe all did.19:58
hwpplayer1Have a good day19:58
hwpplayer1take care19:58
_RidgewingPopey cam lies ! http://popey.com/webcam/19:59
_RidgewingIt's night time there, now.19:59
hwpplayer1ok here too19:59
dpmhave a nice rest of the day everyone! o/20:00
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_Ridgewingpopey, Where do we hangout now ?#20:01
dobeygive it a few months ChanServ, there'll be another session then20:01
popey#ubuntu-offtopic #ubuntu-discuss #ubuntu-uk #ubuntu-community-team20:01
popeylots of places20:01
* _Ridgewing re-furls and puts away his Free Software fleg, for another six months.20:03
_RidgewingWe fought well. But I think Jane the CEO took CTFlag this year !20:05

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