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sitterballoons: do I create the hangout or you?13:51
balloonsahh sitter, there tiy are13:51
balloonssitter, if you are able, go for it. Create a hangout, then we simply paste the links into the page so it's updated to stream it13:52
balloonssitter, looks like you are all set to go ;-)14:00
sitterAre we live?14:01
balloonssitter, indeed you are14:01
ovidiu-florinhello sexy people14:01
ovidiu-florinsitter ^14:02
ovidiu-florinwhy isn't rohan in this channel?14:02
sgclark2yes I just went through that with trusty updates..14:06
ovidiu-florinwhy Ruby?14:11
sgclark2yes it has14:13
balloonscan we see the CI reports you are looking at?14:15
balloonsaka, can we browse the jenkins?14:15
balloonswhere do you host your CI scripts?14:15
sick_rimmitLooks to me like they're here14:16
balloonsCan you give a high level overview of what you do as part of CI. You are performing daily builds, pulling from ppa's whose source exists where? and what do you do with the resulting build? is there a goal to have the builds always pass?14:16
balloonsthanks sick_rimmit14:16
shadeslayerovidiu-florin: just because both me and Harald were proficient in Ruby I think14:18
balloonsseems we're getting some of my question answered now :-)14:19
shadeslayerballoons: we're preparing our source ourselves :)14:19
shadeslayersick_rimmit: that is correct14:19
balloonsso any tests that would be run, should be run as part of the upstream build. So you aren't performing any specific testing14:23
balloonsyou'll just build it and try and get a package to publish right?14:23
shadeslayerballoons: answer to that coming up14:23
ovidiu-florinsitter: please share your $PS114:33
ovidiu-florinor what ever do you use to make your prompt like that14:35
sgclark2very important as I found out with the trusty packages14:37
ovidiu-florinshow the graph when you explain14:39
ovidiu-florinand point to stuff14:39
sick_rimmitPlease could you share some links14:41
ovidiu-florinsitter: how do you choose what KDE projects get into the CI?14:43
sgclark2jenkins has a ruby librarry that is much more extensive than python14:43
sgclark2api library that is14:43
shadeslayerovidiu-florin: I think thats zsh + oh-my-zsh14:48
ryanleesipespopey, hello14:49
ovidiu-florinCan regular non technical people use the Stable CI?14:49
popeyyo ryanleesipes14:49
popeyjust setting up14:49
ovidiu-florinshow us how you add KDevelop in the CI14:51
sgclark2ovidiu-florin: the kf5 has not been done for kdevelop14:53
sgclark2packaging that is14:53
ovidiu-florinhow you ADD14:53
ovidiu-florinpresent thense14:54
shadeslayerovidiu-florin: we can discuss that in #kubuntu-devel14:54
ovidiu-florinwe should14:54
sick_rimmitHey great job thank you14:54
balloonsthanks sitter, rohan, et la!14:54
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justCarakasyou are live15:01
cwayne-uoshey youre live15:02
Aaawesomehey mycroft bring me muh beer15:03
Aaawesomewas it brown??15:04
Aaawesomemardi is Aaawesome15:05
CheeseBurgQUESTION: So if I understand correctly, Unity8 will have built in Mycroft support and intergration by default (when it is ready of course)?15:22
autonomouseQUESTION: Your kickstrter campaign encouraged people to buy multiple Mycroft units. Is there any plan for folks with multiple Mycrofts or a mycroft unit and ubuntu PC running Mycroft to synchronise (without involving the cloud)? i.e. some kind of decentralised/distributed way of making each of them know what you've said to the others? (maybe syncth15:24
autonomouseing or something?)15:24
ryanleesipesCan you guys hear that?15:24
mardiyes, sound ok15:25
autonomouseQUESTION: Which version of Pyhon are you using?15:25
CheeseBurgCan the voice for Mindcroft be customized?15:25
justCarakasQUESTION will it also reply to just Mycroft instead of Okey Mycroft (reminds me of google)15:25
justCarakasthere is echo15:26
Guest86181ryanleesipes: i thin you'e got both mics still on15:27
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Will Mycroft integrate with scopes? Applications?15:28
AaawesomeQUESTION: how did you find the unity8/snappy documentation?15:29
AaawesomeQUESTION: will the phone security restrictions be a problem for implementing mycroft?15:29
ryanleesipesCan you guys hear that?15:30
CheeseBurgphone looks nice tho15:31
justCarakaswe can hear you now15:32
AaawesomeQUESTION: on witch ubuntu phone are you testing mycroft?15:36
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Are you working to integrate Mycroft into other desktop environments? Has there been interest?15:40
CheeseBurgMycroft + HUD = killer feature!!!15:40
foafQUESTION: will the initial code be available to look at in the short term or only a more final version when you start shipping?15:43
CheeseBurgImagine have Mycroft support in the SDK15:44
willcookeQUESTION:  How's the design of the Mycroft hardware coming along?  Do you have a unit we can see?15:49
CheeseBurgThanks! I'll definitely follow Mycroft more closely15:50
foafawesome, look forward to fiddling around!15:51
willcookethanks ryanleesipes15:54
ryanleesipesThank you guys15:54
autonomouseThanks Ryan!15:54
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Elleoballoons: heya, do I just create a hang out on air and send you the link or does it need setting up from your side?15:58
balloonshey Elleo! follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS/Sessions15:59
balloonsI'm hosting another session, so I can't host it for you, but you know how to do that bit I'm sure anyway16:00
Elleoballoons: okay, thanks16:00
balloonsif you do get stuck, ping. I'm here to make sure you get going a-ok16:00
balloonsElleo, once you have the hangout, you'll just need to add it to this page http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/hangout/22608/game-development-for-the-ubuntu-phone/16:01
Elleoballoons: heya, don't seem to have access to the "Edit Hangout Details" option on that page16:02
balloonsElleo, ohh, well then16:02
balloonsElleo, what's the hangout, I can update it :-)16:03
Elleoballoons: https://plus.google.com/events/cik5798it3j8gudocnqg2f6agck16:03
Elleoballoons: thanks16:03
balloonsElleo, you should be good16:04
Elleoballoons: great, thanks16:04
cucumber__i'm blind.. i can't see :| but i hear you16:05
cucumber__QUESTION: how is the QML performance on Ubuntu Phones? and is it QML really meant for making games?16:08
cucumber__QUESTION: are you using timers as loops?16:12
cucumber__QUESTION: why are you using gedit instead of Qt?16:13
cucumber__QUESTION: how is the performance of html5 on Ubuntu Phones? and how is it compared to qml?16:15
cucumber__QUESTION: any demos of c/c++ OpenGL ES?16:17
kenvandineperformance looks pretty smooth16:21
cucumber__tux racer :D16:25
mzanetti-QUESTION: any experience with liquidfun?16:25
mzanetti-a fork of Box2D with liquids added16:26
mzanetti-wanted to do something with that, but pre-start already16:26
kenvandineliquidfun would rock16:27
mzanetti-fwiw: https://google.github.io/liquidfun/16:27
kenvandinei've talked to the qml-box2d maintainer about rebasing the qml bindings on liquidfun16:27
kenvandinehe's keen on the idea16:27
cucumber__thanks for the great session Mike o/16:28
kenvandinethen we'd get that in bacon2d16:28
mzanetti-kenvandine, https://github.com/qml-box2d/qml-box2d/issues/5816:28
Elleokenvandine: cool16:28
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Guest9062All set cm-t?17:57
cm-tHi everyone17:59
YoBoYtu peux coller le lien vers la vidéo et le lien pour participer ici ?18:00
gwakaBonsoir tout le monde18:00
LeChristCosmiquePourquoi j'entends deux voix ?18:02
LeChristCosmiqueah ... oui le mettre en double ça aide pas ...18:03
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YoBoYSi vous avez des questions, précédez les du mot « QUESTION : » histoire qu'on les voit bien svp18:10
YoBoY(et n'hésitez pas à en poser ;)18:10
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YoBoYpour plus d'infos https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncil18:19
YoBoY<troll> et même sur le bureau j'hésite de plus en plus à le lancer :D18:21
cm-tle plan suis celui-ci http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/all/18:23
ArKwignAmannQUESTION : Y a-t-il eu des précisions sur l'environnement téléphone (Environement graphiquec, fonctionnalité, ...)     ?18:23
LeChristCosmiqueQUESTION : Qu'adviendra-t'il de ubuntu-server ?18:36
gwakaQUESTION : C'est quand les prochain UbuntuCon et UbuntuParty en France ? Et ou ? Et comment participer ?18:36
YoBoYon dit Mate18:38
roadmrça se prononce comme en espagnol (le boisson): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MATE_%28software%2918:39
YoBoYmoi je le prononce comme dans roommate18:39
LeChristCosmiqueYoBoY: dans ce cas là ça serait mate comme partenaire18:40
ArKwignAmannQUESTION: Réalité vituelle et Ubuntu ?18:50
ArKwignAmannun casque en carton18:55
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ArKwignAmannMerci pour vos intervention :)18:56
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YoBoYmerci à tous18:56

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