rick_h__cmaloney: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/tex-yoda02:26
rick_h__have to sign in to see it :(02:26
jgransdenanyone here familiar with sphinx and rst?20:02
jgransdeni cannot seem to figure out how to have it give me a backslash character20:03
jgransdenif i escape it with another \ it will give me a | in my html output20:04
jrwrena tiny bit.20:10
cmaloneySphinx and RST are a real pain in the ass20:17
jgransdenha.. gotta use 3 \.. apperently like sed20:18
jgransdenso \\\ gives me one \20:18
jgransdeni spent far too much time figuring that out20:18
jgransdeni spent far too much time figuring that out20:19
cmaloneyWe use Sphix and RST here at work (Python shop) and every time it is frustrating20:19
jrwrenthat is weird20:20
jrwrensounds like a double escape, but it shouldn't be.20:20
cmaloneyIn "feeling old" news, Queensryche Empire was released 25 years ago20:21
cmaloneynot sure of exact date20:21
jgransdeni remember that comming out.20:24
jgransdeni liked me some queensryche back in the day20:24
jgransdenmost of the newer stuff is crap, though i though opperation mindcrime 2 was ok20:26
cmaloneyI didn't like OM:220:26
cmaloneyFelt unnecessary20:26
cmaloneyReturned a defective disc and never picked it up again20:27
cmaloneyDidn't need a follow-up that Nikki got out, was still discouraged, decided to kill Doctor X, succeeded, and was still a fucked up little man20:28
jgransdeni just liked that the music was more like their old prog-rock stuff, less like their new shit-rock stuff20:29
jgransdenbut the album after went right back to shit-rock20:30
cmaloneyPromised land was their last solid album20:30
cmaloneyHear in the Now... was passable.20:30
jgransdeni diddnt really like either of those. But i think those came out when i was in my hardcore/metalcore days, so my perception was askew then20:36

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