JonathanDGood morning.10:58
teddy-dbear Morning peoples, critters and everything else13:20
jacksonGood morngthibg Pixgurgh13:26
jacksonundo the STEALERS13:30
jacksonthats all i need fore christams13:32
lazypowerssweeny: hows things on your side of the org?14:14
ssweenylazypower, things are going great14:15
ssweenyphones be phonin'14:15
ssweenyhow is life in the cloud?14:15
lazypowerClouds be cloudin'14:19
lazypowerLots of new features this last cycle14:19
lazypowerNetwork partition modelling, storage, reactive framework + charm layers14:19
lazypowerCharms are getting skeeeeny14:19
lazypowerssweeny: 2 factor web app - ghostblog. This is a reactive + layers rewrite - https://github.com/battlemidget/juju-layer-ghost14:20
ssweenythat's pretty slick14:22
ssweenyI've actually been contemplating a move from WP to ghost14:22
lazypowerssweeny I've been running static generators for my blog because i really dont need a backend... i rarely update content thats published16:09
ssweenyvery fancy16:22
ssweenyand of course there's a static site generator written in go :)16:22
lazypowerIts silly fast16:25
lazypowergenerates ~ 1k pages sub-second16:25
ssweenysilly fast is right16:28
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