mikeputnamohai new kernel14:29
h00kmikeputnam: gh-pages becomes master and does the page14:43
h00kmikeputnam: that's where I'm doing http://hookedonus.com14:43
h00kmikeputnam: https://github.com/anthonyrhook/hookedonus/tree/gh-pages/14:44
h00kwin 1014:57
mikeputnamubuntu 1415:01
=== h00k_ is now known as h00k
ronoc_workhas anyone used ubuntu with a touchscreen only device like a tablet PC?20:58
ronoc_workI was recently gifted one of these guys: http://amzn.to/1MChyXK20:59
ronoc_workand I have 14 on it, it works, but the on screen keyboard is slow and makes me want to have it never lock the screen21:00

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