pieter2627morning all04:19
pieter2627well, all the early ones04:19
thatgraemeguyjust you pieter2627 :)06:00
thatgraemeguymorning all06:00
pieter2627yea, got so bored that my nails got a 'trimming' :P06:04
Kiloshi pieter2627 thatgraemeguy 06:17
Kilosand inetpro and other lurkers06:17
pieter2627hello Kilos06:22
theblazehenSup guys07:06
inetprogood morings oom Kilos07:07
inetprooh and hi everyone else07:07
theblazehenhey inetpro 07:07
Kiloshi theblazehen you ok lad?07:07
theblazehenSup Kilos, yeah I'm good and you?07:07
Kilosgood ty07:08
inetprooom Kilos is way too slack these days :-)07:08
Kiloshehehe sorry inetpro 07:08
* Kilos notes topic hasnt changed07:09
XethronGood morning guys07:23
theblazehenhi Xethron 07:36
magespawngood morning07:54
theblazehenhi magespawn 08:03
magespawnhey theblazehen 08:06
theblazehenhttp://i.imgur.com/BJ1m5Xw.jpg I quite like my setup :) 5 Displays08:28
theblazehen1024x768 + 1366x768 + 1600x900 + 1366x768 + 1024x76808:28
TinuvaMactheblazehen: great word doc you have open there08:44
TinuvaMacsome super secret info08:44
theblazehenTinuvaMac: heh, yeah.. Studying for finals08:46
andrewlsdhope theblazehen has patented that so no one else can procreate that way.08:58
pieter2627theblazehen: you still have subjects left?09:50
theblazehenpieter2627: yeah, most of them. Only wrote likt 5 or 6 exams so far09:50
pieter2627wow, we were done by now09:51
theblazehenI'm in a private school, so write a bit later09:55
Xethrontheblazehen: What do you use to get so many screens? USB adapters?09:56
pieter2627haha, last year they said your in private so will write earlier09:56
* pieter2627 was also in private (homeschool)09:56
theblazehenXethron: nah, I'm using my intel onboard for the main rendering, outputs to VGA and HDMI, then a GTX550Ti set as a RandR output slave with 2x DVI and then a GT210 with 1x VGA output09:57
theblazehenpieter2627: huh, weird09:57
XethronMeh :/ I'm looking for something to increase my displays of my laptop09:58
theblazehenOnboard faster than my dedicated GPU :/ Although I did get it for free as a "broken" gpu. Runs with nouveau but not nvidia09:58
theblazehenXethron: If the USB one supports displaylink then it should work afaik09:58
XethronLaptop luckly has 2 outputs, and its screen. So I can have 3. But would like another one or two :P09:58
XethronI haven't heard good things with Linux and those USB adapters09:59
XethronSo not sure if its worth trying09:59
theblazehenYeah, I think for my laptop 3 should be fine :)09:59
theblazehenYeah, you need to use the modesetting drivers etc09:59
XethronSounds like effort10:00
theblazehenUsing intel onboard? I find intel has best support ofr offloading10:00
XethronI'll wait for USB-C10:00
theblazehenYeah, I once had a 6 display setup, running a virtual display and connecting my laptop with vnc :)10:00
theblazehenYeah, hopefully that works better. Although I think that standard is displaylink though?10:01
XethronIntel CPU yes, NVIDIA GPU10:01
theblazehenAh, nvidia gpu.. Could cause problems. Using nouveau or nvidia driver?10:01
theblazehenMy setup won't work with nouveau as the main display10:02
XethronI don't use the propriatary drivers10:02
theblazehenAMD is worse than nvidia though.. Had my HD5450 swapped out for a GT21010:02
XethronThey always seem to cause issues10:02
theblazehenYeah, same here. Luckily the intel GPU drivers are great10:02
magespawni use a VGA splitter with four outputs10:02
pieter2627Isn't USB-C just a form factor (no new standards)10:03
XethronYeah, seems to be xserver-xorg-ideo-nouveau10:03
theblazehenpieter2627: I think it might just be a new form factor, but there are also going to be new standards or something?10:03
Xethronpieter2627: USB-C is like that Apple thing10:03
XethronWhats that wire new iphones have10:04
XethronAnd the Apple screens use?10:04
theblazehenXethron: Won't work unless you try it I guess.. You don't have an old desktop at home10:04
theblazehenXethron: iphone: lightning, think displays are thunderbolt?10:04
XethronYes, thunderbolt10:04
XethronApple is also dropping all its Thunderbolt technology in favour of USB-C10:05
magespawnso not technically four screens10:05
theblazehenmagespawn: Different from the ones that have 4 duplicate screens? That's what they have at school.. 10:06
magespawnit is a duplicate, then i just extend the desktop rather than duplicate it, work like a projector10:07
magespawncheap and nasty10:07
magespawnbut works no matter what laptop i plug in10:08
theblazehenYeah, seems to be xserver-xorg-ideo-nouveau puters breakingbad confucius dexter{,slab} kernelnewbies portal{,2} vimtips debian science archlinux hackers linux matrix protolol) <(echo) <(python2 -c 'print \"-\"*50') <(echo);done"|fmt -w 52}10:23
theblazehen${color3}${font DejaVu Sans Mono:size=10}${execi 60 bash -c "for i in 1 2 3 4 5; do cat <(fortune -a computers breakingbad confucius dexter{,slab} kernelnewbies portal{,2} vimtips debian science archlinux hackers linux matrix protolol) <(echo) <(python2 -c 'print \"-\"*50') <(echo);done"|fmt -w 52}10:23
theblazehen^What happens when you realize conky has a line length limit10:24
theblazehenCould save 2 characters if i used 'seq 1 5' instead of the '1 2 3 4 5', ah well. Got it small enough now10:25
andrewlsdSimilar results with: for i in {1..5} 10:25
andrewlsd(applies to bash, YMMV with other envs)10:26
theblazehenyeah, forgot about that.. saves 1 char more than my seq solution. ty10:26
theblazehenactually no, since seq would need to be surrounded by ` or with $()10:26
theblazehenSo yours saves 3 characters10:33
andrewlsdanyone here looked at "snappy-desktop" or managed to get Unity8 ?  11:01
andrewlsdI tried the unity8-lxc  session, but it didn't ever build successfully11:02
andrewlsdbasically, I just want a ISO/USB that I can boot from and test drive.11:02
theblazehenhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8DesktopIso This? 11:16
theblazehenGot it from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8Desktop11:16
andrewlsdtheblazehen: thanks. that link is from 2014, and the "daily live" link is dead13:25
andrewlsdregarding UDS: Am I correct that the sessions start 16h00 SA time?13:31
inetproandrewlsd: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/2015-11-05/13:55
andrewlsdty inetpro 13:55
inetprooh and yes, 14:00 UTC = 16:00 SAST13:56
andrewlsdchecking out #ubuntu-uos-convergence14:12
Kilosi hope neology is upgrading and not down14:48
Kiloshi skokkk 14:48
skokkkello kilos14:52
theblazehenKilos: I'm hoping to get another South African mirror running next year :)14:56
Kiloshard work getting it added14:57
Kilosthe za  mirror is running lekker fast today14:58
theblazehenJust gotta get some cash first :) Around 1.5k per month to host, unlimited 100mbit pipe14:58
theblazehenJust gotta buy a 1U server first14:58
Kiloswhy do you want to do that14:59
Kiloswe have 2 good local mirrors14:59
theblazehenTo like give back to the community in a way14:59
Kilosaw restart needed14:59
theblazehenAlso gonna host mirror for arch, gonna be the 2nd delta mirror14:59
theblazehenYeah. Only 1 delta mirror at the moment15:00
theblazehenwb Kilos 15:03
Kilosohi superfly 15:11
Kiloshey theblazehen you still here?15:53
theblazehenSup Kilos, yeah I'm here15:54
Kilosyou were gone so long15:54
Kilosdo you know about #ubuntu-africa15:54
theblazehenFirst I heard of it15:54
Kilosyour welcome to join the mailing list and the irc channel15:55
theblazehenYeah, I will15:55
Kilosrefresh the site a few times and watch the backgroung change15:56
theblazehenKilos: nice16:17
Kilosthe fly led the site building16:17
theblazehenawesome. Nice job superfly 16:20
Kiloslovely site hey16:28
=== thatgraemeguy_ is now known as thatgraemeguy
CryterionGood Evening everyone17:06
* Kilos yawns17:41
Kiloslong night ahead17:41
theblazehenKilos: What's happening?17:44
Kilosmembership board meeting at midnight17:44
magespawngood evening17:57
Kiloshi magespawn pieter2627 Cryterion 17:59
Kilosand MaNI 17:59
pieter2627hallooo all17:59
magespawnhey Kilos pieter2627 18:00
pieter2627Kilos: I am reading the log so will have feedback in a bit18:01
Kiloscool ty18:01
Kilosive forgotten what i asked even18:02
pieter2627Kilos: is clr_ with any lug?18:04
Kilosoh my18:04
Kiloswhat did he say18:04
pieter2627he seems the most keen about a linuxconza or linuxfestza - the one that broad them up18:05
pieter2627sounds like the same karl that organized SFD18:06
Kilosdont think its karl18:08
pieter2627for the lugs members you mentioned we have Vince of Durbs, then there is also grmble of tuks18:08
pieter2627oh ok (clr almost sounds like it)18:09
Kilosoh ya and wwk in durbs'18:09
pieter2627and then should also be someone from jozi?18:10
Kilosbut i get the dbn lug mails and they have been dead quiet for months18:10
Kilos2 of thejozi lug guys came here some months ago and stayed a couple of days18:11
magespawnpieter2627: if i recall correctly karl is kmf on freenode18:12
pieter2627ty magespawn18:12
Kilosya ty magespawn i couldnt remember18:13
pieter2627Kilos: sounded like you might have had g+ (whre you thought it is best to connect) info on some lugs which we can try18:14
Kilosthe durban lug guys have hangouts on G+18:14
Kiloseven their mailing list gets done from there i think18:15
Kilosmaybe jozi lug are also G+ers18:16
pieter2627yip, the hangout is what you mentioned that made me think you might have the other's too18:16
Kilosdidnt i say i dont do G+ often18:16
Kilosinetpro is the G+ man18:16
pieter2627yip, which is why you asked for help18:17
Kilosmaybe we need to rock his boat18:17
* Kilos rocks the pros cradle18:17
Kilosnot smoothly either18:18
pieter2627haha, else we can start scouting g+ tom18:18
* Kilos jerks the cradle a bit18:18
Kilosall the dn lug guys have slacked off here18:19
pieter2627Kilos you are making me cradle-sick :P18:19
KilosMaaz seen nuvolari18:20
MaazKilos: nuvolari was last seen 1 month, 11 days, 1 minute and 29 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2015-09-25 11:18:46 PDT], and has been offline on freenode since 2015-10-20 16:00:29 PDT18:20
Kiloshe used to live here18:20
KilosCT corrupted him18:20
Kilospro should get here in about18:22
pieter2627anyway, will see again tomorrow18:22
Kilos8 mins18:22
magespawntoo busy out taking photos of the country side18:22
pieter2627Night all18:22
Kilossleep tight pieter2627 18:22
pieter2627Kilos: 8mins?18:22
Kilospro has family time till 8.3018:23
=== who_da_fly is now known as superfly
magespawnback again19:56
thatgraemeguyoh hai20:01
grembleI've had to set up an SSL connection in order to get onto IRC through mweb -_-21:02
Kiloshi Guest9474 21:12
Kiloswhats happening gremble 21:12
grembleHey Kilos 21:12
Kiloswhy is it not doing irc21:12
grembleI don't know21:12
grembleI have been struggling to get onto irc for days now21:12
grembleIt would just drop the connection for the entire day21:13
Kilosdoes it give error reports21:13
grembleNo, it just dies. Refusing to connect21:13
Kilosfone them and complain'21:13
gremblethen tries to reconncet21:13
grembleSo I tried setting up a tor connection, but freenode doesn't support tor atm. Set up SSL and now it magically works21:14
Kilosya but you shouldnt need to hassle like that21:15
Kilosirc works easy normally21:15
grembleKilos: I agree. At least it has given me the opportunity to learn about SSL certificates and got me thinking about implementing a toy messing app that uses UDP instead of TCP21:16
grembleHow have you been Kilos?21:16
Kilosive been good ty, just tired21:16
Kiloswould have been in bed hours ago if not for a board meeting21:17
grembleOh alright. I think my belly is keeping me awake, and the fact that I have been sleeping the entire day. I've been inbed sick since sunday21:17
Kilosoh my21:18
Kiloswhats wrong21:18
Kiloshaha refined salt21:18
grembleFlu or something that my mother picked up at the hospital (where she works) and it just hit me hard21:18
grembleHaha probably :P21:18
Kilosoh my21:18
Kiloslotsa bugs in hospitals21:18
grembleYep. We'll just have to fortify our immune systems21:19
grembleHey magespawn 21:37
Kilosnight all, sleep tight22:26

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