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handsome_fenghi, everyone, sorry i'm latter08:35
handsome_fengmarco ? eleni ?08:38
Trevinhohi handsome_feng08:38
handsome_fenghi :)08:38
TrevinhoAh, we have a meeting to day... But time changed here, so in theory it was in in 1 hour08:39
Trevinhois that too late for you?08:39
handsome_fenger , yes, maybe we can make this meeting tomoro ?08:41
Trevinhohandsome_feng: no, well it's fine for me now...08:41
TrevinhoI'm going to change the event08:41
Trevinhohandsome_feng: it's 16:30 there, right?08:43
Trevinhoerr, 16:43... :P08:43
handsome_fengyou are right08:45
Trevinhohandsome_feng: no problem, let's do this quick and informal, there's no problem08:46
Trevinhohandsome_feng: or.... I don't know... what's the best plan08:46
handsome_fengbest plan of wizard ?08:47
Trevinhohandsome_feng: so, I didn't get anything back from the design, let me ask willcooke08:48
TrevinhoOuch, he's still not online...08:48
TrevinhoSo, well I'll ask him later08:48
handsome_feng@Trevinho  OK, no problem08:48
TrevinhoHowever, I'd say your design is mostly fine. You can proceed with that, at least the logic part... Then if we need to tune the UI there's time.08:48
TrevinhoAh, you need to handle also multi-monitor, I'd do the same as it's done in the lockscreen...08:49
TrevinhoSo show that view in the monitor where's the pointer is08:49
handsome_fengOK, Got this08:50
handsome_fengHi, willcooke08:51
willcookehi handsome_feng08:52
handsome_fengwe are just talk about the wizard08:52
Trevinhowillcooke: hey, did you get anything back from John/design about the wizard?08:52
willcookeNot quite yet, but they are due to review "real soon now"08:52
willcookeI will chase him now and see if I can get a time line08:52
handsome_fengThank you , so let's wait  :)08:54
handsome_fengmarco, anything else about the lockscreen ?08:57
Trevinhohandsome_feng: no, I've seen you're still working on it... Are you already ready for a review?08:58
handsome_fengI have not write the  autopilot test ...08:59
TrevinhoWell, those are a little hard to do in the lockscreen, you can add some unit-tests if you want09:00
Trevinhobut autopilot is complicated there09:00
handsome_fengAnd also should handle some detals09:00
TrevinhoOk, fine... Once you're ok, feel free to propose the merge request, and I'll review it09:00
TrevinhoI've seen some progress also in the launcher rotation...09:01
handsome_fengYes, I just add the  option about launcher position09:01
TrevinhoAh, one thing I've seen there that you should change: you added a sigc::signal<void> launcher_position_changed;09:01
TrevinhoBut you don't need that... just use nux::RWProperty<LauncherPosition> launcher_position; (just use nux::Property)09:02
Trevinhoand that gives you the signal for free09:02
Trevinhoso you can just do09:02
Trevinholauncher_position.changed.connect() ...09:02
TrevinhoAlso, maybe, instead of using LauncherWidth/LauncherHeight, we can just use LauncherSize at this point09:03
handsome_fenger, i put it there and just forget it ...09:03
TrevinhoYou rename that value and use for both the cases.09:03
handsome_fengok, i have do this in some small functions09:03
TrevinhoAh, I wanted to mention that the list of bugs we want to target for 16.04, have now been moved to09:05
TrevinhoThe same as searching for the "rls-x-incoming" tag in launchpad, but shows all the projects involved09:06
handsome_fengAnd i should use launcher_position.changed to info the dash/launcher/panel to redraw , right ?09:06
TrevinhoSo,. if you think there's anything important, you can just tag with that09:06
Trevinhohandsome_feng: yep09:06
Trevinhohandsome_feng: that property will both allow you to handle the value, and being notified when changed09:06
handsome_fengTrevinho: Thank you , got it09:07
Trevinhohandsome_feng: you can look for examples around in the code, it's all quite easy09:07
handsome_fengok , i just learn from the code too09:08
TrevinhoJust remember that if you use lambda_functions to connect to signals, you need to disconnect from them (using a connnection::wrapper or a connection::manager)... Otherwise you might experience crashes.09:08
TrevinhoIn xenial there's also the sigc::track_obj feature, but it's probably too early to use it.09:08
handsome_fengoh, write it down in my notebook09:10
handsome_fengThank you for your advise , seems all things have discussed09:13
handsome_fengmaybe we can wrap this up?09:14
Trevinhohandsome_feng: yeah, sorry... I got int a bug :P... However yes09:17
TrevinhoI think we're done.09:17
handsome_fengThanks ! and bye ! maro  :)09:18
handsome_fengbye, willcooke !09:18
willcookesee you09:18
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