bbrawnerSo I'm looking into getting involved with the Ubuntu Development team, and I figured patching bugs would be a good place to start. Is there some way I could filter them by language though? I'm hoping to find some packages written in python that I could contribute to00:10
Unit193mugshot, catfish, a few of those.00:17
bluesabreevening all00:39
knomegey sean00:40
micahghi bluesabre can you do 13:00 or 14:00 UTC for a meeting?01:28
bluesabrehey micahg, no can do, that's when I am on my way to work/at work01:32
bluesabremicahg: 12:00 utc is doable, yes01:56
micahg6AM works for me :)01:58
Unit193I won't be attending.02:12
Unit193bluesabre: See?  Someone in #x asking about -overlay! :D04:45
krytarikknome, slickymaster: Current state of my docs changes is this, btw: http://paste.openstack.org/show/1HfnJUigyCZ5an2nRQJS/ - now just to decide whether we want to rename the "desktop-guide" source dir too, and if the current publish directories are fine.06:24
Unit193ali1234, Noskcaj: re: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mousepad/+bug/1472690 Built with that debdiff, still got the crash.06:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1472690 in mousepad (Ubuntu) "Mousepad crashes when setting tab width > 32" [Medium,Confirmed]06:32
ali1234Unit193: it's because the deb has a prebuilt version of the glade file06:43
ali1234mousepad-prefs-dialog-ui.h - this needs to be rebuilt with the patched glade. it doesn't exist in upstream git06:43
Unit193Cool, so I shouldn't shout to you just Noskcaj.06:43
Unit193thanks, ali1234.06:43
flocculantknome ochosi - I did link the pad from the UOS session - which has the usc demise on it08:05
Unit193Should I be scared of GSC's deps?08:06
flocculantUnit193: who knows - can't find it in the repos yet :)08:06
flocculantand tbh I'm not sure I would +1 us using that anyway - in a year it's likely to be a window with no buttons ... 08:07
Unit193flocculant: Ahaha!  So true.08:07
Unit193And, what would you propose?08:07
flocculanta big pot of superglue and some hope and a pair of wings08:08
flocculantI've just woken up :d08:08
Unit193Yeah alright, 3am my time.  Makes sense.  For GUIs, I've always been the most fond of Synaptic, but it's missing paid apps and I guess isn't as shiny as others.08:09
flocculantyep - I use that tbh08:09
* Unit193 ducks and runs.08:10
flocculantnot sure what the mate thing is like08:10
flocculantyou won't be able to run far or fast enough :D08:10
flocculantbluesabre micahg - ack that :)08:10
Unit193Looked at Deepin for a sec, py2 and no commits in the repo I found since 2012.08:12
flocculantwell the meeting's not for another 4 weeks - so enough time to actually get some info I guess08:13
flocculantomg - you should see synaptic in numix :p08:23
Unit193http://i.imgur.com/6zgFnpv.png ?08:25
flocculantnot here 08:25
Unit193Numix from the shimmer ppa?  Yeah that theme is weird.08:26
flocculantthat wasn't my first reaction :p08:26
flocculantUnit193: can you add the meeting to the calendar now the time is set please :)08:34
flocculantgot no xub calendar anymore 08:34
Unit193Google is stupid.08:36
flocculantno argument from me08:36
flocculantcan't see how to add it AND it show AND to let me add events ... 08:37
Unit193Well, more that it logged me out as I was adding it...  Check, should be set.08:38
flocculantha ha 08:38
flocculantnot showing08:38
flocculantt'is now :)08:39
ochosiknome: since you asked yesterday i followed up in #u-desktop: it's decided that gnome-software will replace USC in 16.0409:14
ochosihowever it isnt packaged anywhere apart from fedora and debian unstable, so it' a bit hard to test atm09:15
ochosiUnit193: any constructive ideas how we could get our hands on it early? also: could you check the deps for us?09:15
Unit193ochosi: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-software/3.16.5-109:58
Unit193It is in depwait, so it'll have to be changes, but deps aren't my favorite.10:01
Unit193http://paste.debian.net/323597/ that's so far in Debian, pretty sure that'll change a bit.  So not aweful, yetâ„¢10:05
Unit193(So that is, in Ubuntu needs a newer packagekit, it can come after that.  Otherwise, try in Debian? :D )10:18
bluesabreUnit193: it will probably be patched into oblivion and be unrecognizable :)11:03
bluesabre"wow, is this ubuntu software center!"11:04
flocculantbluesabre: lol 11:05
bluesabremorning flocculant 11:06
flocculantochosi: thanks for pointing for that bug - once I looked I found one that bluesabre had commented on while back - so ignoring that11:06
flocculantbluesabre: :)11:06
flocculantbluesabre: anything likely to happen with bug 1500307 ? if not I won't add it to the bug list :)11:07
ubottubug 1500307 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "xubuntu does not disable gtk overlay scrollbars (i.e. use solid scrollbars)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150030711:07
Unit193'Least it won't be python.11:07
bluesabreUnit193: pretty sure usc is one of the worst examples of python gui app speed :D11:09
bluesabreflocculant: it'd be nice if there was a way to do it within the theme itself11:12
bluesabreotherwise, from what I am reading we'd have to write to sudoers, and we'll not be doing that11:13
bluesabreor just leaving them enabled11:13
bluesabre(but they are crap and incosistent)11:13
flocculantI'll not add it then :D11:13
flocculantas long as I know it's only greybird - didn't actually think of trying a different them - I'm *shrug* anyway 11:14
knomeflocculant, totally slipped me :)12:07
knomeochosi, cheers12:07
flocculantknome: the m/l link turned up anyway :)12:09
knomebluesabre, are we interested in fixing bug 129460012:11
ubottubug 1294600 in xfwm4 (Ubuntu) "Add support for tear-free compositing in Xfce" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/129460012:11
bluesabreknome: it may not be a good idea. Per ochosi's discussion with olivier, that won't be seen in a stable xfwm release until 4.1412:21
knomewant to add it to a bp?12:23
flocculantwhy would someone (and kde/dolphin) expect a text file to be executable ? doesn't make sense to me at all ... bug 151338312:58
ubottubug 1513383 in thunar (Ubuntu) "Permissions Tab Missing Mark File As Executable" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151338312:58
ali1234because it's a shell script?13:02
flocculantexcept it's not as it is - it works ok if I muck about with the thing the OP has that apparently shows as executable in dolphin but not in thunar13:03
flocculantali1234: it has 2 lines, one's rm -rf foo the other unzip foo13:04
ali1234well, look at it another way13:05
ali1234lets say you had that file and it was marked as executable in the file system13:05
ali1234but it isn't an executable13:05
ali1234how do you use thunar to remove the executable bit from it?13:05
knomeif the first lin is #!/bin/bash, you can mark it executable13:05
flocculantwas my understanding ^^13:09
flocculantwhy would I want to mark some random text file executable - anyway, that's the bug, got a bit more information on it for whoever looks further13:10
knomeif the system marked the file as executable, it's probably better not remove that bit13:10
knomeif it was you, you likely should know how you did it to be able to revert13:10
knomeand if the label was shown always for files when they have the bit, but only for things that should be marked executable (as now), wouldn't it be confusing that the label was hidden?13:11
ali1234yes it would13:12
ali1234which is why the label should be shown for all files13:12
knomeeven when it can be dangerous for the system?13:12
ali1234setting the executable bit on a none-executable file is not dangerous... it cannot be executed by definition13:12
knomeso why should it be set?13:13
knomeor enabled to be set?13:13
ali1234to prevent the user from becoming confused for the reason you stated13:13
knomei don't understand13:13
knomeif the bit is only shown for files that can be marked executable, that's fine13:13
ali1234the bit should always be shown if a file is already marked as executable13:14
knomei was referring to the label disappearing for a single file after you remove the bit13:14
ali1234therefore, in order to be consistent, it should always be shown for all files13:14
knomeno, because there is no reason why some files would be marked executable13:14
knomewhy give the user an option that has no effect on anything?13:15
knomeclean UI/not too many configuration options has always been a target for xfce13:15
knomeso why would this situation be any different?13:15
knomeif you want to make a script executable, use a valid markup so it's recognised as a script13:15
knomeif you don't have to do that, you can dump whatever in a script and then run it13:16
knomeand for plain text files, even if they "can't be run", they could potentially still be dangerous if marked executable13:16
knomewhat if a file looked like it was just text13:17
ali1234ultimately because a file manager should implement all operations allowed by the operating system13:17
knomebut acutally had a line that did something nasty to your system?13:18
knomeby which definition should it do that?13:18
knomeit is not always useful for the user that a GUI application allows them to do anything and everything that the system allows13:20
knomeand many applications do not allow that all13:20
knomeand that's fine13:20
knomewill be on/off from now, preparing lunch/dinner13:21
flocculantso - just that Dolphin allows the option and Thunar doesn't - not a bug 13:28
ali1234it's certainly not a bug, just a design choice13:31
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flocculantbluesabre: any reason that menu items are unremovable with menulibre? bug 151359019:29
ubottubug 1513590 in menulibre (Ubuntu) "unable to delete items in menulibre" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151359019:30
knomeflocculant, known!!!19:36
knomewell actually19:37
* knome retracts19:37
flocculantreally - well I can't see the bug? 19:37
* flocculant does that too :D19:37
flocculantI did look :p19:37
knomebug 1341447 ?19:37
ubottubug 1341447 in menulibre (Ubuntu) "menulibre crashed with PermissionError in delete_launcher(): [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/usr/share/applications/calendar.desktop'" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134144719:37
knomebug 1444668 ?19:38
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 1444668 could not be found19:38
knomebug 144466819:38
flocculantnot really - doesn't crash here - just refuses to do what it says it will do :)19:38
flocculantprivate bug I guess19:39
knomeit is19:39
* knome sees if there is actually anything private19:39
knomebug 144466819:41
ubottubug 1444668 in menulibre (Ubuntu) "menulibre crashed with PermissionError in save_launcher(): [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/username/.local/share/applications/exo-web-browser.desktop'" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144466819:41
flocculantagain a crash - not seeing it crash here19:41
knomecommented on the bug19:43
knomeyou are talking about it in #xubuntu 19:44
flocculantbit more info on it now too 20:01
* flocculant hopes he got the unknowable knome likes it this way docbook syntax right this time :p20:02
knomethat sentence made no sense :P20:02
flocculantthat's because moveable punctuation :p20:03
knomeflocculant, at least i like the IDs now <320:08
flocculantwhy is lp:xubuntu-docs/utopic not gone? 20:10
* flocculant wanders off to package tracker where it makes some sense :D20:11
knomeflocculant, lp:xubuntu-docs/saucy isn't gone either20:12
knomenow utopic shouldn't appear any more on regular lists20:12
flocculantyou're right :)20:13
SwissBotfeed xubuntu-docs had 8 updates, showing the latest 321:06
knomeUnit193, hm.. can we change the output format for SwissBot?21:43
bluesabreevening all22:40
bluesabreflocculant: fun!22:40
bluesabreI'll start reviewing bugs and kicking tires this weekend22:41
Unit193knome: Not sure what you mean.23:07
knomeUnit193, the notice format23:09
knomeit's now ::branch:: [fixes] r### Description... (by Committer)23:10
Unit193That's because it's what the RSS feed shows.23:11
krytarikknome: I'll hazard a guess and say we could spare all the stuff at the top here, and just have it in the index file - no?: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/xubuntu-docs/xenial/view/head:/desktop-guide/C/administrative-tasks.xml23:24
knometbh, i'm not sure if that would still let us validate all of the files23:25
knomebut if yes, then i'm happy to do that23:25
tracker5Hi, I was trying to report a bug in the Xubuntu 16.04 installer23:29
tracker5Yes, I downloaded the alpha from cdimage23:30
knomeit's pre-alpha really23:31
knomewhat's the "bug" you found?23:31
tracker5I initially tried to install by bypassing the live CD, and the installer hung near the very end of the process (something to do with my old packages)23:31
tracker5the installed system wouldn't let me do anything besides move the mouse on blank desktop!23:32
knomewell... it's pre-alpha23:32
tracker5So i reinstalled from the live CD and it worked, but all my previous packages weren't there (which is likely deliberate)23:32
tracker5I totally understand that it's at a pre-alpha state.  just thought somebody might like to be aware of that!23:33
knomeyou're describing two different things here, upgrade and a clean install23:33
knomewell, anybody who installs a pre-alpha operating system should know they might mess up their system.23:33
tracker5initially it was an upgrade23:33
tracker5when i reinstalled using live CD it was also an upgrade23:33
tracker5I was totally prepared for possibly messing it up23:34
tracker5but seems to work well now that i've reinstalled the missing packages23:34
krytarikknome: Nope, doesn't work without. :P23:35
knomekrytarik, yeah :P23:36
knomekrytarik, unfortunately...23:36
Unit193tracker5: For what it's worth, we don't usually touch the installer, it's the one from Ubuntu.  I've not heard an issue about that though.23:37
Unit193(The installer is 'ubiquity')23:41

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