santa_sgclark: I hope so00:00
sgclarkexcellent :) I can hold off on the new stuff00:00
yofelFYI: I'm on a trip until sunday, so don't expect me to reply as I won't be checking IRC00:14
sgclarkyofel: ok have a great trip!00:16
santa_pushed the add/remove ppa suffix scripts, so it should be ready for a first test run now00:17
sgclarkok, still fixing CI builds. Should be ready to test tomorrow morning.00:20
santa_sgclark: please give me a ping before proceeding so I can assist you with doubts or bugs in the scriptery ;)00:25
sgclarksanta_: will do :) thanks for doing this!00:26
santa_yw, since its the first time we would be using this I would like to keep an eye on how you use it :)00:26
soee_good morning07:03
soee_some good news: http://linux.softpedia.com/blog/new-usb-startup-creator-is-being-made-for-ubuntu-16-04-lts-495794.shtml07:04
sgclarkoh   bloody hell it is 2400  for me.  Vacation!  Or some such. Jens neeeds to be  involed.... Hense Sweden!07:39
soee_hiho sgclark07:46
soee_sgclark: i had not time yet to watch last podcast, how is teh situation with the build server. Rick mentioned DO could sponsor it ?07:49
sgclarkway late. must sleep.. 07:50
soee_ok, have a good night07:50
sgclarkI can  try. Suceeed?  dunno07:51
sgclarkI need a job sorry07:52
ovidiu-florinsitter: I've installed powerline and started it08:47
ovidiu-florinbut it's ugly as hell08:47
ovidiu-florinwhy does it not look like in the pictures?08:47
sitterwrong font? rtfm? :P08:49
ovidiu-florinI'm RTFMing08:50
sitteruse the right font then :P08:50
ovidiu-florinI don't think it's the font08:50
ovidiu-florinI think it's the theme08:50
ovidiu-florinand I can't figure out how to change it08:50
lordievaderGood morning.08:52
sitterI am not sure how I can help08:53
sitterlordievader: good morning08:53
lordievaderHey sitter 08:54
ovidiu-florinsitter: do you have a custom config for it?08:56
sitterI have an ohmyzsh with a .zshrc that configures it to use the bullet-train theme08:57
ovidiu-florinwhere did you get that theme from08:58
sittercomes bundled I think08:59
ovidiu-florinsitter: https://github.com/caiogondim/bullet-train-oh-my-zsh-theme ?09:00
lordievaderzsh :D09:06
* ovidiu-florin is trying out zsh09:44
alleeIs there a known workaround with -dbg pkgs not found (libqxcb) or partialy missing (libglib, libQt5Core, libQt5Quick ...) in crash report asistant.  krunner crash but no dbg for lib{qxcb.  SomeQt5core09:57
sitterfixing the lookup algorithm is the workaround10:03
allee:-)    So no bug report :-(   I even ponder if it makes sense at all to report 2 monitor related bugs, given that we use qt 5.4 and not 5.510:07
alleesitter: but wait, this why libqxcb.so symbols are not found, but why are some in symbols in e.g. libQt5 resolved and other not.10:10
sitterI do not know10:10
allee*this explains10:10
Blizzzis it expected that akonadictl consumes cpu constantly? just put an issue upstream https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35493710:12
ubottuKDE bug 354937 in server "constantly high cpu consumption by akonadiserver" [Normal,Unconfirmed]10:12
alleeBlizz: add process list which akonadi proc.  E.g.  konsole as wide as possible.  Start top, quit and c&p the process that consume to much CPU 10:15
allee^ s/top/htop/10:15
alleeBlizzz: check ~/.xsession-error is akonadi resource constantly log something10:16
alleeI've no akonadi cpu problems currently but does akonadictl stop   and restarting help in your case?10:17
Blizzzallee: i added a screenshot of htop10:19
Blizzzallee: yes, akonadi writes to .xsession-errors10:20
Blizzzi'll add to the bug report10:20
alleeBlizzz: is your qt5.5 self compiled?  Or which deb repo?10:21
Blizzzallee: from http://ppa.launchpad.net/canonical-qt5-edgers/backup-qt551/ubuntu/10:21
Blizzzi have seen this in 5.4 as well, but did not investigate… went to 5.5 because of issues with multiple monitors10:22
alleeBlizzz: you read my mind ;-) I was pondering about 5.5 because of (minor but anoying) mult. monitor problems too.  Did it fix some mult monitor10:23
alleefor you?10:24
Blizzzallee: at office, i connect via VGA to an external one. With 5.5.1 it does it smoothly. Without, i needed to restart plasmashell manually after plugging in, and it crashed when unplugging. this is all good now.10:25
Blizzzin the .xsession-errors you see, it's always the same two items 149472 and 112251 that are mentioned10:25
alleeBlizzz: much luck! KDEPIM is unfortunatly hopelessly understaffed.10:31
alleeI would try adonadictl and try to find the item.  Maybe the content show you why they are special.  But for most of my akonadi problem I had to give up :-(10:32
vipanybody heard about resolution of bug about logging in lag?10:32
Blizzzallee: yes… and it took ages until the  Qt4/KDE4 version became usable. I took me three attempts to go back to it, until it was good enough for professional use. Okay,  thanks so far!10:33
alleevip: no news about akondi delay on login. :-(10:33
vipallee: i've heard it is more networkmanager/bluetooth bug10:34
vipallee: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-nm/+bug/150933410:34
alleevip: ah yes, these are two differ beast.  Here it was akonadi10:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1509334 in plasma-nm (Ubuntu Wily) "[sru] plasma-nm blocks temporarily on startup w/o bluetooth device – KDE/Plasma very slow to launch (Kubuntu 15.10)" [Undecided,Fix committed]10:34
vipfound it10:34
soee_vip i think it is not released yet for wily10:35
soee_vip: ut you can download and install package with fix: https://launchpad.net/~clivejo/+archive/ubuntu/wily/+packages10:36
Blizzzanother thing: in my KDE menu there are several applications without Icon, like Dolphin or Firefox. Known?10:36
alleeBlizzz: yes.10:36
alleePath changed between kde 4 and 5 version of apps :-(10:37
vipsoee_: thanks, both nm and akonadi bugs are patched?10:37
soee_nm only10:37
alleeBlizzz: btw.  how long does login take for you?  Here ~ 30s  with  ln -s /bin/true /usr/local/bin/akonadiserver  ~ 4 sec.10:47
vipallee: btw, how do you then start akonadi after login?10:50
alleevip: that just to measure and prove delay is akonadis fault.  (like remove plasma-nm to prove delay is caused by the app)10:52
vipah, ok10:52
jmuxRiddell: so do we have a LibreOffice KDE5 meeting on Monday? When and where?11:12
Riddelljmux: yes, 14:00CET in #libreoffice-something11:13
Riddelljmux: -design?11:13
jmuxRiddell: #libreoffice-design is fine. I'll block one hour11:15
jmuxRiddell: Or do you expect we need longer?11:15
Riddelljmux: nah an hour is fine11:15
Blizzzallee: login does not take long, definitely not half a minue11:23
Blizzz4 sec, if at all. I have session restore disabled11:23
alleeBlizzz: thx for the info.  Interesting.  How may akonadi related proc. have you running? ps x | grep akonad[i] | wc -l   (here 25 proc)11:26
Blizzzallee: 2111:29
Blizzzwith 3 email, one carddav and one caldav account11:30
alleehmm, so what the hell is different for soee_ and me that akondi uses so much time.  Grr..11:30
Blizzzallee: maybe not using disconnect imap?11:56
clivejoallee: have you the plasma-nm patch?11:57
clivejobefore the patch was applied plasma-nm was delaying login by 30 seconds12:00
clivejoallee: what version have you installed "dpkg -s plasma-nm"12:01
clivejoand what version of Kubuntu?12:02
ovidiu-florinsitter: please help me12:07
ovidiu-florinI've looked throught he manual and cannot fix it12:07
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ovidiu-florinsitter: http://imgur.com/qgTarmB12:09
ovidiu-florincompared to this image: https://github.com/caiogondim/bullet-train-oh-my-zsh-theme12:09
ovidiu-florinI have zsh installed and set as defaul12:09
ovidiu-florinand set it's theme to ^^12:09
ovidiu-florinlike it sais in it's readme12:09
ovidiu-florinbut no powerline12:10
ovidiu-florinwhy doesn't the theme look the same?12:10
ovidiu-florinI have the fonts installed in ~/.fonts12:10
ovidiu-florinand I've installed ttf-ancient-fonts12:10
ovidiu-florinand rebooted12:10
BluesKajHiyas all12:11
sitterovidiu-florin: you have to set the font as your konsole font12:12
sitterwhat you are seeing is exactly what happens when it's not useing a powerlined font12:12
ovidiu-florinsitter: do you use powerline with python 2 or 3?12:49
ovidiu-florinbecause I've installed and use it with python 312:50
ovidiu-florinand the vim we ship does not support python312:50
alleeclivejo: ii  plasma-nm                                           4:5.4.2-0ubuntu112:53
alleeclivejo: but I was not affected by plasma-nm delay (mac air with bt).  Replacing akonadi with /bin/true I could login in 4-5 sec12:54
alleeclivejo,soee_: I've found out that with akonadictl stop, then logout, the login need ~ 7 sec. Without akonadictl stop before logout it's 30 sec. See #akonadi. thx to Blizzz for the inspiration to try this :-)12:58
soee_allee: ood to know, thanks ! :)13:00
alleeclivejo: ah, forgot: I'm using wily13:01
Blizzzwow, strange. sounds like it's not stopping by itself probably on logout/shutdown13:02
alleeBlizzz: akonadi not running after logout.  but something goes wrong how it's stopped. See proc list: https://paste.kde.org/ptfptwcvo13:04
* allee wonders why every logout gives an additional kuiserver5 process that runs until shutdown13:05
Blizzzmore is better?13:05
* allee notes: only sometimes konsole is not resotored13:06
alleeBlizzz: lol.  Wenn ich einmal reich waere,didel...13:06
Blizzzmeanwhile i wonder where the debug symbols for akonadi_davgroupware_resource are. they should be in kdepim-runtime-dbg, but apparently are missing.13:08
Blizzzonce upon a time it was possible to open a bug in launchpad, no?13:09
alleeBlizzz: me too.  I've asked the same today. response: [11:03:47] <sitter> fixing the lookup algorithm is the workaround13:10
alleebut this does not explain why sometimes some symbols are resolved and other missing :-(13:10
Blizzzhow to do this anyway?13:11
alleeUsually I checked which pkg a lib was in (dpkg -S /path/to/lib) and added -dbg to pkg name and installed it.  But this didn't work today for the first time.13:12
alleewith the some symbols resolved some not.  I'm totally glueless.  Must be a bug during -dbg generation IMHO.13:13
Blizzzi fought launchpad and filed this now: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim-runtime/+bug/151383013:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1513830 in kdepim-runtime (Ubuntu) "debug symbols for akonadi_davgroupware_resource missing" [Undecided,New]13:16
ovidiu-florinsitter: I can't find how to set powerline to use bullet-train. Please advise13:43
sitterthat sentence makes no sense13:44
sitterbullet-train is an implementation of the powerline style13:44
ovidiu-florinI thought bullet-train is a theme for zsh13:44
sitterwhich implements the powerline style13:44
ovidiu-florin<sitter> I have an ohmyzsh with a .zshrc that configures it to use the bullet-train theme13:47
ovidiu-florinwhere does powerline come in this scenario?13:47
soee_inegrates with http://www.mattermost.org/community-applications/14:05
shadeslayerwhere did we keep our packaging in bzr?14:58
shadeslayerah nvm14:59
shadeslayerpackagers, not packaging is the team15:00
clivejowhat you looking for shadeslayer15:00
shadeslayerclivejo: nothing in particular15:00
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pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-173-gc56fba8 * Aleix Pol: muon (20 files in 6 dirs)15:34
pursuivantPreparation for the split15:34
pursuivantMove the required classes within libMuonApt into muon15:34
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-174-g60e429d * Aleix Pol:  (16 files in 5 dirs)15:34
pursuivantMove libmuonapt within the ApplicationsBackend15:34
jmuxRiddell: https://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2015/11/Munich16:35
jmuxshadeslayer, yofel, everybody else: ^^^16:37
nluxtonHi - I can't set the window manager in Kubuntu 15.10 - I have a set_window_manager.sh in the plasma-workspace/env/ dir but it doesn't set KDEWM - however, if I chang 'startkde' like the following: https://paste.kde.org/p2hzjumog -- then it starts working.16:50
nluxtonAnyone got any idea what might be happening to cause this to go wrong in the 'vanilla' case?16:53
shadeslayerwell, you've just removed the exception handling there16:55
shadeslayerI would recommend asking in #kde16:56
nluxtonI tried that to no avail - I'll try again next week16:56
shadeslayerah 16:56
shadeslayeryeah :)16:57
shadeslayerI'm not sure honesty :)16:57
shadeslayernluxton: perhaps you can set +x on startkde and check .xsession-errors16:57
shadeslayerto see why your script doesn't work16:57
nluxtonI ran it interactively in order to figure it out thus far16:57
nluxtonI mean, my script seems fine ... it's just export KDEWM=/usr/bin/xmonad16:58
nluxtonIt was working fine until I upgraded to 15.10 today16:58
shadeslayernluxton: maybe check what running (test -r "$file" && . "$file") || : gives you16:58
shadeslayernluxton: perhaps it's too late in the startup sequence and kwin has already taken over16:59
shadeslayerI also recall there being a option somewhere to set your custom wm16:59
nluxtonWell, it works without the || :   bit16:59
nluxtonJust like it used to16:59
shadeslayernluxton: yeah but run that in your shell17:00
shadeslayerwith the ||17:00
nluxtonAnd it seems like kwin gets set as the default later on if it's blank17:00
nluxtonYeah it works fine in the shell17:00
shadeslayernluxton: ok, maybe make your file touch a script somewhere17:00
nluxtonUnless I use the || :  bit - and then everything works fine, except that KDEWM stays blank 17:00
nluxtonGood shout17:00
nluxtonMake sure it's actually sourced17:00
nluxtonDefinitely running17:02
shadeslayernluxton: that's with the ||: ?17:02
nluxtonI just reset startkde to vanilla (and set the 'is kde running?' check to 1 so that it tries everything anyway lol)17:02
shadeslayerok, well, try dumping the env into a file before and after the import17:02
shadeslayerer, export17:03
shadeslayerI mean17:03
shadeslayerfrom your script17:03
shadeslayerperhaps even a pidof kwin_x1117:03
shadeslayerthat way we'll know if kwin_x11 gets started before KDEWM gets set17:03
shadeslayerthen that'd be the problem17:03
nluxtonWell I echod it to the screen before, before and after, and again when it checks if KDEWM is blank later on in the startkde script, and they were all blank17:03
shadeslayeroh, then isn't that the issue?17:04
shadeslayernluxton: you could also try putting it in /etc/environment17:04
nluxtonYeah - I'm attempting to understand why that's happening17:04
shadeslayerI mean, it /should/ work there17:04
shadeslayerand when debugging bash scripts, +x is your friend ;)17:05
nluxtonBecause it's a change in behaviour since 15.04 ... why should a simple source op stop working?17:05
shadeslayerso you probably want to do that in startkde17:05
shadeslayernluxton: well, maybe startkde changed17:05
nluxtonYeah that was my next step is to start figuring it all out myself - and then potentially raising bug reports etc - I just hoped I might short-circuit that ;)17:06
nluxtonSomeone could say "It's because || : doesn't work in dash" or something like that haha17:06
nluxtonWhat is the " || :" construct anyway?17:07
shadeslayernot sure17:07
shadeslayer: is true17:08
shadeslayerso as I understand it, it's exception handling17:08
shadeslayerif (test -r "$file" && . "$file") evaluates to false, OR it with true?17:09
nluxtonYeah it seems like a way of ignoring failures17:09
shadeslayeryeah I guess17:09
nluxtonRather than having the whole script fail17:09
nluxtonThe weird thing is, if I remove it, it works fine - if I add it, something breaks17:09
nluxtonComputers, honestly17:10
nluxtonThe test + source has an exit code of 117:12
nluxtonIf I remove the double quotes, it's fine17:12
nluxtonI had a typo17:13
nluxtonOH MY17:14
nluxtonIt's the parentheses17:14
shadeslayerwhat about the parentheses17:14
nluxtonWith them, it doesn't set the variable17:14
nluxtonWithout them, it works fine17:14
nluxton(in both cases, without the || :)17:15
shadeslayerI wonder why17:15
nluxtonIs it starting a subshell or something weird?17:15
shadeslayerI honestly don't know17:15
shadeslayerlets see17:15
shadeslayernluxton: (export FOO="bar")17:16
shadeslayerdoes not give me a foo var :P17:16
shadeslayerI think because () evaluates everything inside17:16
nluxtonOK, I think that constitutes a bug, right?17:16
shadeslayerno, that's interesting bash stuff :P17:16
nluxtonHaha, I mean a bug in kdestart ;)17:17
shadeslayernluxton: try this17:17
nluxtonMaybe someone switching between langs and thinking "Yeah, this will be fine"17:17
shadeslayereval export KDEWM17:17
nluxtonDamn, I have to leave work now17:18
shadeslayeroh :(17:19
nluxtonI'll do it Monday - thanks for being my rubber duck! :D17:19
nluxtonHave a great weekend17:19
shadeslayeryou know, I never thought about it, but computers are bigger on the inside :O17:23
shadeslayersome of them are also blue17:23
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.2-175-gb8bb3a1 * Aleix Pol:  (395 files in 47 dirs)17:46
pursuivantRemove discover17:46
pursuivantAnd the whole abstraction layer as it's being moved into a separate17:46
pursuivantWith it, also the notifier plasmoid, updater and exporter.17:46

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