ahoneybunthanks Naizugai!00:25
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parveeni can't install any software from my software center. every time i click on install button it shows starting but it shows no progress at anywhere. please help me on this01:29
mparilloCan you give me an example of what you are trying to install?01:33
parveeni tried to install ubuntu software center and vlc media player and i do it from command line through also. when i tried it from command line it shows me follwing error message01:56
parveenE: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)01:56
parveenE: Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists/01:56
ahoneybundo you have the updater open parveen?01:57
ahoneybunsomething else is holding apt01:57
duckgohello anybody can help with macbook drivers?03:16
volt72what drivers specifically?03:39
lordievaderGood morning.08:52
drednecktrying 15.10.  in 14.04 i had a search and launch layout under desktop settings.  all that 15.10 has for layout is desktop and folder view.  what am i missing?09:10
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soee_dredneck: correct09:28
soee_in Plasma 5 some features were removed, some aren't ported yet09:29
dredneckok, i didnt know if it was something dropped or something not installed09:34
irctc357Hi there! My system language was English US but it seems like Kubuntu decided that some programs like Kate and some others should be in German... I checked /etc/default/locale and the language settings are correct. My keyboard layout is Swiss but that's correct and it also was never a problem before. Does anyone know how I can fix this so that everything is English again?09:39
Smurphyirctc357: all gnome-based programs I am running are displayed in french, even though I have all configured for US English.09:42
SmurphyI do however live in France, and I have German and French dictionaries enabled.09:42
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irctc357Smurphy: Thanks for your reply! Are the dictionaries you spoke about the same as the translations under "System Settings - Regional Settings - Translations"? Or are they something else?09:53
Smurphyirctc357: Yes. Same.10:12
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amovahhi, How can i change my input keyboard source?10:40
amovahanyone can help me?10:43
hateballamovah: I am not sure I understand what you mean10:47
hateballamovah: Do you want to change the input language?10:47
amovahhateball: yes i want10:48
amovahhateball: in unity I can change the input source easily10:49
amovahbut now I'm confiuse10:50
hateballamovah: are you on 14.04 or 15.10 ?10:50
amovahin KDE desktop10:50
amovahI have no problem in unity and gnome desktop10:51
hateballI dont remember offhand in 15.10, but if you open krunner (alt+space) and search for "keyboard" you should have an option for language settings10:51
hateballby default it will be set to your system language, but you should be able to add more layouts and switch between them10:52
hateballotherwise you can just switch in a terminal using "setxkbmap us" or whatever layout you want10:52
amovahlet me try10:53
amovahhateball : thanks10:53
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capsi've installed the proprietary nvidia drivers and i'm just getting a black screen on boot. however when i go to recovery mode, drop to root shell, login as my user and do startx from there it works12:03
capswhen i do a normal boot i think i see the tty login thing for half a second but then everything goes black12:03
hateballcaps: What version of Kubuntu are you using, and what GPU?12:05
hateballcaps: And how did you install the drivers?12:05
caps15.10 and gtx 97012:06
capsi installed from recovery mode12:06
clivejocaps: have you tried the "nomodeset" kernel boot option?12:06
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capsi don't know what that is lol12:07
capshow can i try?12:07
clivejoyou know how to access grub?12:07
clivejoin there edit the kernel line option, the one that has "quiet splash" just add nomodeset to that to become "nomodeset quiet splash"12:09
clivejoif it works, you can add it permanantly *fingers crossed*12:10
capsi added nomodeset at the end of that line now12:10
clivejotry booting with that12:11
capslooks the same. the kubuntu logo thing shows and then everything goes black12:11
clivejokubuntu logo shouldnt show12:11
BluesKajHiyas all12:11
clivejohi BluesKaj12:12
BluesKajhi clivejo12:12
capsit shouldn't?12:12
hateballcaps: So what driver did you install?12:13
hateballcaps: Did you install from nVidia, or did you install from Ubuntu repository?12:14
capsat first i installed the beta driver. same issue but i just "whatever" and went to recovery to startx from there12:14
capsit had some bugs though so i switched to the previous one12:14
capsfrom nvidia12:14
capsi'm developing some opengl application and i think i'm running into some bugs with the api so i wanted to test the latest drivers12:14
TJ-caps: Hang on, is the screen backlight turning off, or does te backlight remain on but the screen is blank (black/purple colour)12:15
hateballcaps: Remove that. Add this PPA https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa and install nvidia-graphics-drivers-355 from it12:15
capsscreen turns off12:15
TJ-caps: at what stage during startup does it turn off?12:15
capsi'm not sure, after the logo shows12:16
capshow can i tell?12:16
capslogs from previous boot?12:16
TJ-caps: boot without "quiet splash" so you can see the kernel/init system messages12:16
TJ-caps: but... was it working previously with the nouveau driver?12:16
capseverything happens too fast lol12:17
TJ-caps: I'm wondering if it is simply the case that the monitor you have connected is NOT on the GPU's *primary* output12:17
capsi have two monitors connected12:17
TJ-caps: for multi-head GPU cards, 1 output is designated primary. the open-source driver will clone output to all of them but the nvidia driver turns off all but the primary12:17
capsyeah i only see output on one of my monitors12:18
capsthe other one is a 4k tv connected through display port12:18
capsthe main one is just a normal pc monitor connected with dvi12:18
capsanyway everything works if i go to recovery mode, enable read write, drop to root shell, login as user and do startx12:20
TJ-caps: I'd also recommend trying to boot to a text console. on the kernel command-line add "systemd.unit=multi-user.target"12:21
TJ-caps: then from there try "sudo systemctl start graphical.target"12:21
TJ-caps: that'll tell at what stage the problem occurs.12:21
capsis that a startup parameter? i'm not sure where to add it (brb google)12:23
TJ-caps: I'm wondering if the Xorg xserver driver is configuring to drive the 'missing' outputs when it starts, which would explain the monitor going off12:23
TJ-caps: Yes, "kernel command-line" - so add it by modifying the GRUB boot entry12:23
capsah, i can just do that temporarily with the e and ctrl x thing?12:24
TJ-caps: reboot. Hold 'Shift' until the GRUB boot manager menu shows. Highlight the default (first) entry. Press 'E' to edit. Navigate to the line starting "linux ..." and add to it "systemd.unit=multi-user.target". Immediately press Ctrl+X or F10 to boot with that change12:24
capsi added it at the end (i'm assuming each parameter is separated by space?) and i just see the kubuntu logo endlessly12:27
TJ-caps: space - correct. try pressing Esc to toggle the splash screen off12:29
capsesc doesn't seem to do anything12:31
capsctrl alt del triggers a reboot at least12:31
SmurphyHow about switching down to the console ???12:32
capshmm yeah that works12:34
capsand from there i can startx12:34
SmurphyYes - or you can restart the session, or even have a look at the logs for what is going on ...12:34
capscan i do this from KSystemLog?12:35
capsi'm not really that good with linux12:35
SmurphyWhat is KSystemLog ?12:35
SmurphyAh -= application to look at logfils ?12:35
SmurphyWell - check the /var/log directory for most logs. that's what KSystemLog does.12:36
SmurphyOnce the X session went berserk, go down to the console, the to that directory, and with a: ls -lrt you will see the logfiles, ordered by most recent changes last (means the last file is the one that received content most recently0.12:37
SmurphyBut yes, you should be able to use KSystemLog12:37
SmurphyAmazing, I didn't even know ksystemlog existed... Testing it out now ;D12:37
SmurphyLol. I knew there is a hickup. Configure to show max lines number12:38
Smurphy*lol* I can't reboot my system for checking logs... My /var/log, /tmp, /var/tmp are all located on ram-drives for speed reasons :} abd because ssd :D12:40
TJ-caps: sounds like a splash issue if booting with 'multi-user.target' isn't presenting the console. That's done by 'plymouth' which is triggered by the "splash" keyword on the kernel command-line. Might be worth trying again with "systemd.unit=multi-user.target" without "splash"12:48
SmurphyAh - yes. I by default disable plymouth on all my systems.12:49
TJ-caps: ensure that "nomodeset" is NOT there too, so as not to inhibit the expected correct behaviour12:50
nikolaj_basherHi, is there away to turn KDE off so it won't start automatially when the computer boots. It's because I will use it for server and I don't want to use Ram on it when I don't need it13:05
thudsongood afternoon13:05
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ultrasparknikolaj_basher - change the default run level13:06
ultrasparkthis way it won't start x when you start it13:07
nikolaj_basherwhich runlevel is it?13:07
nikolaj_basherthe reason why I don't use debian instead is because i would like it to run vpn (KDE remote desktop) in the feauture13:08
svend-evGood morning13:14
TJ-nikolaj_basher: which release version is it? 15.10 ?13:15
rom1504nobody had issues with vlc in 15.10 ?13:16
TJ-That's good then :)13:16
rom1504(using an nvidia card and drivers)13:16
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TJ-nikolaj_basher: OK, then it is systemd. You can disable the graphical boot with "systemctl disable graphical.target"13:38
nikolaj_basherTJ-, and that won't effect if I use it for VPN remote desktop?13:39
TJ-nikolaj_basher: that simply stops the sddm/lightdm/whatever display manager service from being automatically started at boot. You can still start it manually13:40
nikolaj_bashernice thanks13:43
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gombeanI need more volume!14:51
Smurphyvolume ? what volume ?14:51
gombeanmy system volume is very low, compared to, say, Windows(!)15:00
gombeanI have amarok volume up full now and system volume up full15:01
Z4sk4gombean, try on terminal alsamixer15:01
Z4sk4and see if all its up15:01
gombeanmaster is 10015:02
gombeanheadphone is 'MM'15:02
marco-parilloI have not tried it, but what about this: https://userbase.kde.org/Sound_Problems#Low_maximum_volume_with_PulseAudio_on_KDE_or_pavucontrol_shows_more_than_100.25_of_volume.2C_but_KMix_goes_only_up_to_100.2515:02
gombeanmeh, no. still very low15:05
gombeani would say about 60% of max volume in windows :/15:05
parveeni have installed kubuntu 15.10 on my system. Why it is not showing hibernate option into leave. is it disabled or it is not present in it15:37
BluesKajparveen, it's been removed from the "Leave" options15:43
parveenwhat should i have to do to hibernate my system15:48
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parveencan anyone tell me what should i do get hibernate into my kubuntu 15.10. it it not present in it16:42
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Walexparveen: that's a vague question, but make sure you have the 'pm-utils' packages installed and therefore the 'pm-hibernate' command16:47
parveenhibernate is not present in leave17:06
wfreemanI have somehow managed to completely break KDE; I have no panels and a blank black desktop, and can only run programs using the alt-f2 shortcut. Is there any way to reset KDE to default settings?19:26
soee_create new user19:29
geniiwfreeman: rm ~/.kde19:29
soee_or delete .config and .kde19:29
wfreemanThanks; I'll try that.19:31
hanmaci hope i am not the only one that does miss the kdegames meta package in the current packages ... because i it seems i will not see it back this year :(19:39
jhunoldyes, my wife has suffered, too ;-)19:42
hanmacand the joke: the debian package does work, but because ubuntu want to make things different, they broke it ... and didnt fixed it in more than 10 months!!!19:43
NaizugaiDoes anyone know how to remove this blue line in Firefox? http://upit.staltsoft.com/images/1446842325.png20:39
allonCan somebody help me?21:59
bpromptallo rather21:59
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:59
allonall right :)22:00
allonI installed kubuntu 14.04 a good year ago to develop on gcompris22:00
allonand I never used it as I continued to develop on my 12.1022:01
allonnow I have to use it to be able to use vorbis-tools22:01
allonbut when I want to update kubuntu its says22:01
allonI installed kubuntu 1422:01
allonhttp://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/u/util-linux/mount_2.20.1-5.1ubuntu20.6_i386.deb 404 Not Found [IP: 80]22:02
allongoogle does not help me at all22:02
Unit193Try  apt-get update  first.22:02
allonseems I have to go to source.lst22:02
geniisudo apt-get update22:02
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allonseems to work :) no error message anymore and even if I can not see the download progress par displayed the download speed is changing22:05
allonthanks :)22:05
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Unit193allon: For the progress bar, use  apt  rather than  apt-get.22:14
allonUnit193: I double clicked on the update icon in systrayn but now this is working. I can show a lots of messages "pr├ęparation de la configuration python 3" etc etc appearing on my screen.22:16
Unit193Ah yeah don't know about the GUI for this, never use it.22:16
bpromptI assume is probably Muon Package Manager22:22
allonthe process running is called muon-updater22:27
allonthanks a lot everything is updated and pc is rebooted22:32
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andres_i need some hacker for network support23:10
andres_anyone available23:10
bprompt!topic | andres_23:11
ubottuandres_: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic23:11

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