infinitebagelsI just installed Lubuntu 14.04 LTS on my Thinkpad T420 and now my batterylife is shit.14:07
infinitebagelsis it safe to install laptop-mode-tools?14:07
infinitebagelsI'm just updating my laptop right now14:08
leszekinfinitebagels: yeah you can do so14:09
infinitebagelsleszek, is there any better packages for power managment for Thinkpads?14:10
leszekI am also using this on my t420 and I am quite happy about it14:12
leszekthe only thing I also installed was the fan control14:12
leszekand tweaked it a little14:12
infinitebagelsleszek, so just laptop-mode-tools and the fan control14:13
infinitebagelsleszek, how's your battery life?14:14
infinitebagelsI just made the jump from Debian Jessie to Lubuntu LTS14:14
infinitebagelsI had 8+ hours before14:14
leszekYeah around 6-8 hours14:14
infinitebagelSorry about that14:16
infinitebagelI had a bunch of IO errors after installing system updates and not rebooting :p14:16
infinitebagelI'm getting sh: echo: I/O Error14:17
infinitebageland google says it might be my SSD is dying... fuck me.14:19
infinitebagelSo it seems like the setup script for laptop-mode-tools in 14.04 LTS is broken14:21
infinitebagelScaling is working on my proccessor now14:24
infinitebagelif I find any method of squeezing more battery life out I'll write a java app to automate it for other Lubuntu users14:24
infinitebagelFor anyone having sh echo io error with laptop-mode-tools, just manually do the "echo ondemand \> /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor14:24
infinitebagel" command14:24
infinitebagelIt will set the scaling to work. You might want to also sync it after.14:25
hateballinfinitebagel: is this a new install, on your SSD?14:25
hateballinfinitebagel: is it a samsung 8xx ssd?14:25
infinitebagelKingston SSD Now!14:25
infinitebagelThe only samsung SSD I would buy is the 85014:25
infinitebagelI also have an ADATA 128gb MSATA in this laptop :)14:26
hateballVery well, it could have the same issue I guess. See #1 here http://www.howtoeverything.net/linux/hardware/ubuntu-freeze-issue-after-ssd-upgrade14:26
infinitebagelI'm not getting any freezing14:27
infinitebagelOnly laptop-mode-tools has spat up this error14:27
hateballYeah well, nothing bad happens if you try it. But it's up to you14:28
hateballFor me, my drive would work well at times, then randomly crap out, etc14:28
infinitebagelMy drive locked up hard yesterday14:29
infinitebagelI also had FDE enabled.14:29
infinitebagelAnything else I should install on my laptop? :p14:30
hateballWell, try that kernel parameter before you suffer data loss is my suggestion14:30
infinitebagelhateball, It's been working perfectly without any dataloss14:31
infinitebagel(I came from debian, from 7)14:32
infinitebageleither way I'm not worried about dataloss, the issue only arose with laptop-mode-tools14:34
infinitebagelI'll try installing another package and seeing14:34
infinitebagelno error14:40
DirksonHey all. I have a lubuntu 13.whatever computer in front of me. How do I upgrade to a more recent version of lubuntu?22:52
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:53
DirksonUnit193: Thanks for the link. There's a lot of fluff on that page, and it leaves some crucial information out - Is it telling me to upgrade the kernel specifically, reboot, (Although it doesn't mention that) then do a dist-upgrade and a do-release-upgrade?22:58
Unit193I didn't check myself recently, I'd guess sed on sources.list until you get to 14.04, then do-release-upgrade unless you want to stick on LTS.22:59
Unit193Personally, I'd try to clean up afterwards too.23:00
DirksonUnit193: The linked page definitely doesn't suggest any manual sources.list changes23:02
Unit193dpkg-query -W -f='${Conffiles}\n' | grep obso  to see obsolete files,  apt list | grep installed,loc  to see packages installed locally but no longer downloadable, and then deborphans to check and see what some packages you may be able to remove.23:02
Unit193Dirkson: Ah, I see.23:02
DirksonHmm. Well, dist-upgrade ain't gonna work anyway - Looks like archives.ubuntu.com dropped all the saucy stuff?23:07
Unit193Right, there's old-archive, or whatnot.23:07
DirksonUgh. I guess I should have dropped my own linux onto a flash drive after all. This is starting to look like a nightmare no matter how I move forward.23:10
Unit193EOL upgrades aren't exactly fun, but doable.23:10
DirksonUnit193: You and the linked page disagree about the ubuntu way to do that, and the do-upgrade tool complains that it doesn't have enough free space (5+gb!) to do its thing. I can't just ignore the problem, since apt-get stopped working. All things considered, the system seems horrifyingly broken for something less than two years old.23:17
Unit193Dirkson: Well I stated how *I* would do it, not the Official Ubuntu method.23:19

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