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dholbachgood morning07:50
Kividholbach, morning07:56
dholbachhi Kivi07:57
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DanChapmanmorning all o/09:30
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KiviHappiness... :)14:19
jplatteHi, is anybody online who works on the Music App?16:12
jplatte(core app)16:12
ahayzenjplatte, o/ i do16:12
jplatteahayzen: I guess you are aware that the App currently can't find any new files on the SD card?16:13
jplatteI thought the app broke for me, but then I saw some reviews mentioning this as well. But it seems to be since a system update, not an App update?16:14
ogra_most likely not the apps fault16:14
ahayzenjplatte, i don't have a device with any SD card support but we have bug 150887316:14
ubot5bug 1508873 in mediascanner2 (Ubuntu) "Music app not detecting SD card content after Phone Update:OTA-7" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150887316:14
ogra_mediascanner is acting up in various ways recently it seems16:15
ahayzenit seems mediascanner2 has broken something for *many* people... expect popey ...16:15
ogra_he's just lying :P16:15
davmor2ahayzen: hasn't broken for me either16:15
popeybug 151375616:15
ubot5bug 1513756 in mediascanner2 (Ubuntu) "Mediascanner looping constantly causing battery exhaustion" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151375616:15
popeyfiled today16:15
ahayzenpopey, but can yours could read files on the SD card?16:15
popeyon OTA-7?16:15
ahayzenok its broken for everyone except for QA and any devs lol16:16
ahayzenpopey, yeah16:16
jplatteWell I still have my old files in the Music App16:16
jplatteFortunately.. Although I tried about everything to reset the app because I thought that might help :D16:16
ahayzencomment #22 in bug 1508873 looks potentially like the issue16:16
ubot5bug 1508873 in mediascanner2 (Ubuntu) "Music app not detecting SD card content after Phone Update:OTA-7" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150887316:16
ahayzenjplatte, would you be able to pastebin your mediascanner2.log or send it to me ?16:17
jplatteYeah it's the corrent bug. Thanks :)16:17
jplatteahayzen: Wanted to ask if I could help next. I'll gladly collect some logs :)16:17
popeywhat do i need to do? nuke the music, wipe ms2 db and put it back?16:17
ahayzenpopey, people are just stating that they update to OTA7 and suddenly the music-app won't see anything on the SD card16:18
davmor2ahayzen: http://people.canonical.com/~davmor2/phone-screenshots/working-sdcard-scan.png see I have no music on the device only on sdcard16:18
popeyi updated like a normal person16:18
ahayzendavmor2, thats the scope not music-app16:18
popeythis is my retail bq phone16:18
ahayzendavmor2, that'll be using the cpp not qml mediascanner interface16:18
ahayzenpopey, like a "normal" person ;-) lol16:18
popeyI can be normal, sometimes.16:19
jplatteahayzen: No the music app does see everything on the SD card that was added to the library previously16:19
ahayzenjplatte, oh your saying stuff that has been *added* cannot be seen?16:19
jplatteAnd even erasing the music apps config, cache, local/share data, and .local/share/mediascanner doesn't change that the old stuff is still there :D16:20
jplatteYeah exactly16:20
davmor2ahayzen: http://people.canonical.com/~davmor2/phone-screenshots/working-music-app-sdcard.png16:21
ahayzenjplatte, i guess that could still be the same issue, it'd still be in the mediascanner db and then if it is having trouble mounting it then it wouldn't be able to scan it. If you could retrieve the log in ~/.cache/upstart/mediascanner-2.0.log that could be useful16:21
ahayzendavmor2, :-P16:21
popey(and older logs in there too)16:21
popeythey may have been rotated out16:21
ahayzenah yeah and that ;-)16:21
popeyin my bug report I concatenated all the gzipped logs16:21
jplatteOkay, how do I copy files over adb?16:21
popeyi use nautilus16:22
ahayzenadb pull /path/on/device /path/locally16:22
davmor2ahayzen: I also have all my music in the music app and scope on my dogfood phone that has been ota'd from ota216:22
ahayzendavmor2, ok but if you now add something to the SD card does it get picked up?16:22
jplatteremote object '/home/phablet/.cache/upstart/mediascanner-2.0.log' does not exist16:22
ahayzeni'm wondering if ms2 is infact looping and 'stuck' like it was on popey's so then its not finding anything new16:22
jplatteAnd no results for find -name "mediascanner*.log"16:23
ahayzenjplatte, you may have to $ ls | grep mediascanner  that directory as popey said the logs may have been rotated16:23
davmor2ahayzen: let me try on my dogfood phone16:23
ahayzendavmor2, thanks16:23
jplatteYeah okay, there are .log.*.gz files16:23
ahayzenyeah bring those over :-)16:24
jplatteOne error16:25
jplatteA lot of times16:25
jplatteterminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'16:26
jplatte  what():  UNIQUE constraint failed: media_attic.id16:26
ahayzenah interesting16:26
ahayzenthat's similar to what comment #22 said16:26
ahayzenjplatte, could you get a copy of the actual db itself as well? .. let me find the path16:26
ahayzenjplatte, /home/phablet/.cache/mediascanner-2.0/mediastore.db .. as that may be useful for the ms2 guys to debug with16:27
davmor2ahayzen: so I just copied across 5 folders of music and they all show in the music app16:28
ahayzendavmor2, interesting ... if you look at the end of this log https://launchpadlibrarian.net/223103287/mediascanner-2.0.log i see.. Volume /media/phablet/UBUNTU-SD was mounted.16:28
ahayzenterminate called without an active exception16:28
popeyhow are people copying the music?16:28
jplatteahayzen: Posted in on the bug16:28
ahayzenthe last thing on that log was .. Extracting metadata from /home/phablet/Videos/Gerald Troost - Ons moment.webm. .. popey when ms2 looped on your desktop was it scanning a webm ?16:28
ahayzeni blame that then :-P lol16:29
popeydon't put webm on the phone, that'll kill mediascanner16:29
popeyyes, that will do it16:29
ahayzenjplatte, do you have webm on your phone?16:29
popeybug 151375616:29
ubot5bug 1513756 in mediascanner2 (Ubuntu) "Mediascanner looping constantly causing battery exhaustion" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151375616:29
jplattePretty certainly not16:29
jplatteBut I'll check16:29
davmor2I used mtp16:29
jplattemtp doesn't wanna work16:30
jplatteactually, a shell and find will serve me better for this anyway ^16:30
jplatteFUUUUUU adb shell, FUUUUU16:31
ahayzenjplatte, can you add you latest ms2 log as well to the bug16:31
jplatteOkay, so I just checked, no .webm in /home/phablet or /media/phablet/SD\ 32GB16:31
jplatteWhere do I find that log?ß16:31
ahayzenIf you are copying via adb you should check the permissions are correct but i thought that worked now that adb goes to the phablet user16:31
ahayzenjplatte, that was the .cache/upstart/mediascanner*.log*.gz thing ?16:32
jplatteI'm confused16:32
jplatteOoh ms2 = mediascanner 2 :D16:32
jplatteso I should upload all the logs?16:33
ahayzenjplatte, you could but the bug already has like 10 logs .. maybe just extract the last one and post to pastebin.ubuntu.com then i can check it quickly16:33
jplattewhat's the xzcat for gzip called?16:35
jplatteugh, whatever will just copy the file16:35
ahayzenhah ok :-)16:36
ahayzenjplatte, can go go through the files and find what the one where it first started erroring with that "what():  UNIQUE constraint failed: media_attic.id" ?16:37
jplattewhat do you mean, going through the files?16:38
ahayzenjplatte, i assume you have .log.1.gz .log.2.gz .log.3.gz etc ?16:39
ahayzenwhich one was that log you posted from ?16:39
jplattewhich what?16:40
jplattewhich log file?16:40
ahayzenah cool16:40
ahayzenso what does the oldest one say ?16:40
jplattewait I need to find out what xzcat for gzip is, copying via adb then unpacking with a graphical program is barbaric16:40
ahayzenyeah it is :-/16:41
jplatteOkay, it's z*16:41
jplatteso zcat, zmore, zless, ...16:41
jplattethe oldest one doesn't look any different16:42
jplattebut now I can tell you SINCE HOW LONG I HAD TO DEAL WITH THIS SHIT:16:43
ahayzenok it most have been rotated out16:43
jplatte2015-10-20 11:56:50.16:43
ahayzenwe need a mediascanner person to look at this bug badly  :-/16:43
ogra_and you think if he looks badly the bug gets scared and goes away ?16:44
ahayzenpopey, anyway we can raise the priority of bug 1508873 its currently on the "image backlog", or should i include it in my mass email rant to the ms2 guys ;-) ?16:45
ubot5bug 1508873 in mediascanner2 (Ubuntu) "Music app not detecting SD card content after Phone Update:OTA-7" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150887316:45
popeyits in progress, right?16:47
popeyand high, so, they know16:47
ahayzen"confirmed" and "high"16:47
ahayzenpopey, but ideally we would want this in OTA8 otherwise it could be ages before this is fixed?16:47
popeyI agree. pmcgowan ^16:48
popeypmcgowan is the magic wand that can raise priority on things IME16:48
pmcgowanpopey, will look in a bit16:49
jplatteSomebody want to give me a bzr clone-or-whatever-it's-called URL for mediascanner? I'd like to look at the code but I think I'd need an hour to find it myself on launchpad :>16:51
ahayzenjplatte, https://code.launchpad.net/mediascanner2 and the bzr path lp:mediascanner216:51
jplatteheh, don't even have bzr installed16:52
ahayzenjplatte, even if you can find where/why it is exploding i'm sure that would help alot16:52
jplatteI'll see what I can do16:53
ahayzenthanks :-)16:53
jplatteWhat's clone called in bzr-land?16:53
ahayzenbzr branch lp:mediascanner216:53
jplatteare the mediascanner guys manually creating primary key IDs or does sqlite have auto-increment / serial without specifiying it explicitly??17:00
ahayzenjplatte, sqlite should auto-increment IIRC from the table it looks like it is auto done17:01
jplattewell the error message tells me that sqlite doesn't do that.. what part of it looks like it's auto-done?17:02
jplatteoh god, what is this sql table?17:03
ahayzenidk i haven't really looked17:03
jplatteit has fields for images, fields for audio files and potentially other stuff17:03
jplatteand everything that doesn't apply is just set to default17:04
jplatteor actually, maybe not default but 017:04
jplattebecause I don't see any `NOT NULL`s, so NULL should be default17:04
jplatteI'll backup the db and see what happens when mediascanner tries to create ir from scratch17:06
ahayzenjplatte, if jamesh is ever around on IRC he is the ms2 guy (note his timezone is Australia and he usually hangs around in #ubuntu-touch)17:06
vthompsonjplatte, hey there. I work with ahayzen. What do you want to know?17:06
ahayzenjplatte, and vthompson maybe able to help ;-)17:06
jplattecan I force mediascanner to rerun?17:07
vthompsonYep "restart mediascanner-2.0" should still work17:08
jplatte/sbin/restart ?17:09
jplatteThat says `restart: Unknown instance: `17:10
jplatteI also tried sudo service mediascanner-2.0 restart17:10
jplattewhich didn't work either17:10
jplatte(unrecognized service)17:10
vthompsonhm, let me connect to my device17:10
ahayzenphablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ restart mediascanner-2.017:11
ahayzenmediascanner-2.0 start/running, process 932117:11
ahayzenworked for me17:11
ahayzenoh maybe your mediascanner2 crashed and wasn't running?17:11
jplatteooooh I have gdb on the UT device :)17:12
jplatteOf course it crashed, numerous times. Like the log says17:12
ahayzenIIRC you can run $ mediascanner-service-2.0  and that will run it in your console so you can see the output17:13
jplatteHEy I can start it directly :)17:13
jplatteYeah that's what I meant17:13
jplatteSo I can also run it in gdb, catch throw, and see  where the error comes from! :)17:13
jplatteIt takes aaages17:13
jplatteand I haven't even run it inside gdb yet17:14
popeyyeah, ms2 runs as you, not root.17:14
popeyso no need for sudo17:14
jplatteooor I can't17:14
jplatteapparently it just throws constantly17:14
vthompsonIt worked for me. I'm on rc-proposed... but the service name shouldn't have changed17:15
jplatteusing exceptions for control flow hooray17:15
jplatteYeah start would probably work for me17:15
jplatteBut now i wanna debug17:15
vthompsonjplatte, cool17:15
jplatteWhich is harder than it has to be because the things just constantly throws exceptions before getting to the actual problematic part17:16
jplatteAnd I'll have to go soon17:16
jplatteI'll see if I can limit the scope of catch throw somehow17:16
vthompsonjplatte, so ms2 is repeated throwing exceptions? You see that in their log I assume?17:18
jplatteThrowing exceptions doesn't mean they're logged17:18
jplatteI just looked at the function throwing exceptions for each file17:19
jplatteThe first line in there... is a label for goto17:19
jplatte(I'm talking about Scanner::next())17:20
jplatteYeah, control flow with exceptions: throw StopIteration();17:20
jplatteI can't debug this properly17:29
jplatteNo debugging symbols, exceptions are being thrown constantly...17:30
jplatteHey wait, maybe I can. In a really awful way..17:31
jplatteIf I would change to a -devel image, would that get me debugging symbols in mediascanner?17:39
ahayzenjplatte, probably not, IIRC you have to make your image writeable and then install the packages. But i'm no expert on that17:40
jplattethen install the packages? which packages?17:40
jplatteI have no problem with making the image writable. Are you saying I could build mediascanner myself, on the phone?17:41
ahayzenjplatte, possibly libmediascanner-2.0-dev17:41
jplatteI'll see if that helps me, but I have a feeling it won't17:41
ahayzenyeah, hmm who would know how to get debug symbols on the device popey ?17:42
jplattewell I know, you get debugging symbols by building the library yourself, with the right compiler flags :D17:43
jplatteBut I don't have a cross-compiler toolchain, have never used one with CMake and don't really want to anyway17:43
jplatteThough it would be interesting if I could build it on the device directly, I'll see if I can find gcc and cmake in the phone's repos17:43
jplatteHuh, yeah apparently they're available in the UT repos17:44
jplatteLet's see...17:44
popeywe strip debug symbols unless specified otherwise17:44
popeyI could probably build you a version of ms2 in a ppa which has dbgsym not stripped17:44
jplattenah, I'll try to build it myself :)17:45
popeyokay, ping if you need anything17:45
popeyhappy to help017:45
popey<- note: not a developer17:45
jplattethanks! :)17:45
popeyI personally build arm stuff in a chroot on my desktop17:45
jplattegood to know that there are people with a working cross-compiling setup :D17:47
jplattedo you know how to build apps using the normal framework with CMake for armhf too?17:48
jplatteI have been burned enough by the SDKs failure to even build for my smartphone to not use the SDK before there's a really big update, but maybe I could use the app skeleton I have and just work on it without the SKD?17:49
jplatteWould be really nice, I don't like qtcreator anyway, and even had to set up a VM for all that stuff17:49
jplatte(I should probably mention: I'm now talking about my attempt to create a UT app, has nothing to do with mediascanner :D)17:50
popeyi dont use qtcreator17:51
popeyI use my own script for building stuff in the schroot17:51
jplatteBut have you created / built UT apps?17:51
jplattewell I think I'll have enough other stuff to do now and the next days, but I might ask you about that again :)17:52
popeyclick chroot -a armhf -f ubuntu-sdk-15.04 create17:52
popeyI think that is enough (if you have the sdk (ppa) installed) to create an armhf chroot in which to build stuff17:52
popeybut yeah, ping me if you want help, happy to17:52
mcphailahayzen: you don't need the debug symbols on the device17:53
ahayzenmcphail, jplatte is the one looking for help :-)17:53
ahayzenmcphail, jplatte is trying to get the debug symbols for mediascanner217:53
jplattepopey: Oh okay, you're using click.17:54
jplatteWell then I probably still need to do everything in the VM, but whatever :)17:54
popeyI also sometimes sacrifice a nexus 7 to build on17:54
popeybut I rarely do that these days because it's s o  s l o w17:54
mcphailjplatte: if there is a .ddeb available for mediascanner2, you can simply download and unpack that on your build machine. You can the point gdb at the symbols17:54
jplattemcphail: Oh, well that sounds useful17:55
jplatteBuut I have no clue if there is a .ddeb available for mediascanner2, or where to search for it17:55
mcphailhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash gives some pointers17:57
popeyif ms2 is in the overlay ppa, bet there is no ddeb17:58
popeybecause ppa17:58
mcphailaah - of course17:58
jplatteTLS 1.017:58
jplattewhy does everyone use outdated TLS? :D17:58
jplatteanyway, apparently that doesn't help?17:59
jplattebecause ppa?17:59
jplattebut building on the device also is running into problems at the moment17:59
popeyyeah, the phone is on 15.04 of ubuntu with extras added via a ppa17:59
jplatteinstalling -dev packages doesn't help cmake find the header files apparently17:59
mcphailjplatte: you make have to hack the pkg-config search path18:00
jplatteoh, okay18:01
jplattewhere are the pkgconfig files installed to=18:01
vthompsonahayzen, you want to review this? lp:~vthompson/music-app/fix-1511585-part-218:21
vthompsonAP is still broken18:21
ahayzenvthompson, ah yes :-)18:21
ahayzenvthompson, is that the new ms2 package that appeared in rc-proposed :')18:22
ahayzenvthompson, mediascanner2.0/vivid 0.108+15.04.20151102-0ubuntu1 armhf [upgradable from: 0.107+15.04.20150922.1-0ubuntu1] right ?18:22
vthompsonIt should be18:22
ahayzenas my lappy is still vivid so have to use device to test18:22
vthompsonYep, the 20151102 update18:23
ahayzencoolio i'll update and run AP18:23
vthompsonGodspeed ;)18:23
jplattelibdbus-cpp-dev is installed and the .pc file is there, cmake doesn't find it (but finds all other packages)18:47
jplatteactually, it finds all other pkg-config packages18:47
jplattedoesn't find qt5core, but haven't tried installing something there, don't know what to install18:48
jplattegonna give up for today18:48
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jplatte> popey: I could probably build you a version of ms2 in a ppa which has dbgsym not stripped23:54
jplatteWas just remembering this. I don't really know how I'd continue trying to build it myself, so would be nice if I didn't have to ^^23:54
jplatteI'll go to bed soon and won't be online until tomorrow late evening (CET) though.23:55

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