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didrockshey hikiko06:05
hikikohi didrocks06:53
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TrevinhoMorning folks08:10
didrockshey Trevinhooooooooooooooooooooo ;)08:14
TrevinhoHey didrooooooooocks!08:18
TrevinhoPouch I've to bring my scooter to the repair shop :-(08:19
didrockswhat happened?08:19
didrocks(you are a real italien, with a scooter and such)08:19
TrevinhoIt doesn't turn on anymore... Someone stolen my battery08:20
didrocksI just miss some accent here and I'll cook some pasta right away ;)08:20
didrocksargh :/08:20
didrocksis it in a garage?08:20
TrevinhoPlus I've to so the government revision, that it's mandatory every 2 years08:20
darkxsthey didrocks Trevinho08:21
TrevinhoNope.... In a closed parking, but there's open walking access08:21
TrevinhoAnd... Yes living in Florence without a scooter is not feasible08:21
darkxstwhy would someone steal a battery !08:21
didrocksevening darkxst08:21
Trevinhodarkxst: because people is retarded?08:21
darkxstTrevinho, I reckon, they could have just stolen the whole scooter08:22
darkxstnot that would have helped you any!08:23
Trevinhodarkxst: no, here there's this thing that if you needs a repair component, you just go in the street and steal from others...08:23
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TrevinhoNot that everybody does this, but there are people who thinks in that way... Thus I said retarded.08:23
darkxstTrevinho, the retards here wouldnt know how to the get the part, so they take the lot!08:24
darkxstdidrocks, this is going to be un-evening, merging gdm3 ;(08:24
Trevinhodarkxst: well I didn't want to offend the real retards..08:25
larsugood morning!08:26
didrocksdarkxst: urgh, another unfun merge08:27
didrocksmorning larsu!08:27
didrocksdarkxst: why do you do that on Friday evening? :p08:27
larsumorning didrocks! How are you?08:27
didrockssounds similar to my rule of "touching perl on Friday evening" ;)08:27
didrockslarsu: good thanks! yourself?08:27
larsudidrocks: my rule is "touching perl"08:27
larsudidrocks: great thanks! Conference was quite fun08:27
* larsu will go this afternoon as well08:28
didrockslarsu: happy that you were able to go there :)08:28
larsubut get some work done in the morning08:28
larsudidrocks: I got a badge and everything!08:28
darkxstdidrocks, I'm injured can't do much else08:28
didrockslarsu: a VIP one? :)08:28
didrocksdarkxst: oh, what happened?08:28
larsudidrocks: daniel put some gold tape on it and kay some stickers of a cat ... so ... yes?!08:29
darkxstdidrocks, pulled/strained calf muscle, not too sure really, but cant really walk much08:29
didrocksdarkxst: yeah, so forced rest…08:31
darkxstwell I probably should have done that rest bit a couple of days ago08:34
willcookemorning all09:00
didrockshey willcooke!09:00
larsugood morning willcooke!09:01
willcookehey Laney09:07
Laneyhey willcooke09:07
Laneyhappy friday09:07
Laneyhow's it going?09:07
didrocksmorning Laney09:08
larsuhappy Friday Laney09:09
Laneyhey didrocks and larsu!09:14
Laneyfeeling good?09:15
larsuyep - smvc agreed to my fix for that bug :) (with small amend)09:15
larsumeeting in person is awesome09:15
Laneyoh he's there?09:15
Laneydid you go on das boot yet?09:16
larsuno that's tonight09:16
larsudon't know if I'll go yet09:16
larsuwould be weird - I'm not there officially and all09:16
Laneyyou are an official systemd contributor!09:17
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didrocksLaney: good! it's Friday! :)09:17
larsu1 commit and 1 comment on a pull request ought to be enough to be called that!09:17
Laneydidrocks: I always check the calendar before saying that09:19
Laneyit would be terrible to be wrong in that way09:19
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Trevinhodamn, that scooter was fricking heavy...09:33
Laneydid you have to push it all the way to the place?09:34
Trevinhoyes -_-09:34
TrevinhoI've not a truck... Wasn't too long, but still about 700mt09:34
Trevinhowith hills09:34
Laneythink of it as the start of your workout routine09:34
Trevinhoyeah, might good09:35
Trevinhoalso, since I was there, i decided to try a coworking place today09:35
Laneyyou'll be a huge guy before long09:35
Laneythen nobody will dare to touch your battery again09:35
Trevinhoworking in Florence city center is awesome... Unfortunately this palce is not that busy, but still better than being at home in these days09:35
Laneyso should I upload gtk 3.18? :)09:38
Laneyit would work around this g-i bug and let some things build09:39
TrevinhoLaney: what do you want to break this time? :D09:41
Laneymainly file choosers :P09:42
TrevinhoLaney: ok... Just hope there are not too many deprecations breaking unity related stuff :P09:42
Laneytry a test build?09:43
* Trevinho lazy :P09:44
Laneyyou people09:44
* Laney does a copy then09:44
Laneydoes it even build in PPAs?09:45
TrevinhoNo, I'm doing to try that....09:45
Trevinhoah, well, if you grab the same unity source that was in silo11 it will work09:45
* Laney has problems with the testsuite when building locally09:45
Trevinholet me know, if I should fire my compiler or you leave the ppa builders to do that09:46
Laneymight as well use those09:46
Laneyit's built there already09:46
TrevinhoLaney: there are some "unstable" tests, but they're disabled when in release mdoe09:46
Laney[Build #8270924] i386 build of gtk+3.0 3.18.2-1ubuntu1~ppa1 in ubuntu xenial RELEASE [~ubuntu-desktop/ubuntu/ppa]10:12
Laneyyes, because these mails are always really welcome10:12
Laneycontrol vs. control.in10:13
* Laney head -> desk10:13
didrocksahah ;)10:13
didrockstypical trap!10:13
LaneyI was like "I'm sure that was in the merge"10:14
LaneyTrevinho: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/225350066/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.unity_7.4.0+16.04.20151102-0ubuntu1~test1_BUILDING.txt.gz <- test failure10:23
Laneynormal or new?10:23
TrevinhoLaney: those thumbnailer tests have always been flaky...10:24
Trevinhoif you retry probably will go10:24
Trevinhoor maybe in the other archs10:24
Laneyi386 did work10:25
Laneyretrying then10:25
Trevinhoso... yeah, it's unstable10:25
Trevinhoit didn't fail since long time, though10:25
LaneyPackage 'nettle', required by 'mircookie', not found10:25
Laneysounds tasty right?10:28
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Laneythis is weird10:29
larsuwhat's happening?10:32
Laneynot much, just found a merge proposal which sounds like it was fixing this10:32
Laneybut actually does something different10:32
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hikiko__https://code.launchpad.net/~hikiko/unity/unity.fixed-tests-wwarnings/+merge/275801 Trevinho do you have access to trigger a rebuild for that?11:28
hikiko__+could you review it?11:28
hikiko__it's just 2 lines but I hate these warnings :D11:28
hikiko__thank you!!11:28
Trevinhohikiko__: you also have just use the canonical sesame VPN, and you can do that11:28
hikiko__mmm do I have access by default?11:28
Trevinhohikiko__: however it will fail till we don't have newest unity on trunk... Which should slowly arrive11:29
TrevinhoTrain I love how you manage downstream, but really not that much for upstream stuff :P11:29
Trevinhodidrocks: you're awesome anyway :P11:29
hikiko__should we blame didrocks ? :pp (just kidding)11:30
hikiko__so, what can we do in this case? wait for the new unity to merge it?11:30
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didrockswhat? :)11:35
didrockspfff :p11:35
didrocksforcing you to be a good ubuntu member and care about your distro ;)11:36
* hikiko just remembered she is not an ubuntu member :| (I got rejected :p)11:37
Trevinhodidrocks: eheheh, i really do care... In fact as I told you I love the way it's handled... I just don't love to wait too many days to get the trunk updated, but well.. I can deal with it11:53
didrocksTrevinho: yeah, it's part of the contract (and the way to force people to care, because too much stuff were thrown above the wall, unfortunately)11:54
Trevinhodidrocks: I know... Automerger was too fun not to abuse of it :D11:55
didrocksTrevinho: heh, I created the daily release/automerger as a first step because we were a team to handle upstream integration11:56
didrocks(and so, fixing things daily was way easier than throwing 20 branches on the release day that would conflict)11:56
attenteah geez12:13
Laneyhi attente!12:14
attentelol, hi Laney12:14
TrevinhoMh, is there a way to get the prefix of where upstart is installed so to get the /usr/share/upstart/session path dynamically?12:15
Trevinhotedg: maybe you know that ^12:15
seb128hey again desktopers ;-)12:20
willcookehey seb12812:20
seb128hey willcooke!12:22
Laneyhey seb12812:24
Laneygood drive?12:24
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seb128Laney, yes, thanks ;-)12:59
seb128back from lunch now12:59
seb128Laney, how are things? good friday morning here?12:59
Laneyseb128: yep, just testing gst13:04
Laneyseems to be an x264/x265 transition going on ._.13:06
seb128transitions fun...13:06
Laneylove the start of the cycle!13:06
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qengho(adjective) morning13:09
seb128hey qengho13:09
qenghoseb128: have any weekend plans?13:11
seb128not really yet, mostly relaxing and spending some time with familly and friends13:11
seb128what about you?13:11
qenghoseb128: Nothing concrete yet. There are two food festivals in town. Epcot Food and Wine, and a Greek Festival. Both call me like the Sirens.13:16
jonohey seb12813:17
jonoare you involved with the Unity 8 LXD container?13:17
seb128hey jono, how are you? didn't see you arounf for a while :-)13:17
jonoseb128, all good thanks!13:17
seb128jono, not at all, try bregma or ChrisTownsend13:17
seb128or maybe tedg13:18
jonoexcited to join GitHub in a few weeks :-)13:18
jonoahhh cool, thanks, seb12813:18
seb128I saw, congrats ;-)13:18
willcookejono !!!13:18
jonohow are you doing?13:18
willcookealright dude13:18
jonohey willcooke :-)13:18
seb128aren't you supposed to be on holidays in India or something?13:18
jonohows it going, pal?13:18
willcookejono, no bad!13:18
ChrisTownsendjono: Hey, I work on the Unity 8 LXC container.13:18
jonoseb128, at a conference, so not really a holiday :-)13:18
jonoChrisTownsend, aha!13:19
seb128oh, ok13:19
jonoI set up the container but it didn't seem to start from LightDM13:19
* willcooke off to a meeting with the big boss. 13:19
jonoI wanted to check if there were any known issues around it13:19
seb128willcooke, good luck!13:19
willcookejono, would be good to catch up once you're back at work13:19
jonowillcooke, good luck!13:19
jonowillcooke, for sure13:19
ChrisTownsendjono: Are you using unity8-lxc from the archive?13:19
jonowillcooke, let me know when you are free13:19
ChrisTownsendjono: And on Wily?13:19
jonoChrisTownsend, I followed the instructions on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8inLXC13:20
jonoyep, Wily13:20
ChrisTownsendjono: Then I assume you used the recommended installation path.13:21
jonoChrisTownsend, what do you mean?13:21
ChrisTownsendjono: Those instructions have either "Recommended installation path" or "Alternative installation for Utopic and later Ubuntu releases".  Let's just be sure.  Could you give the output of 'apt-cache policy unity8-lxc'?13:22
jonoChrisTownsend, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13123920/13:23
ChrisTownsendjono: I'll just say the unity8-lxc package from the wily archive is totally busted.13:23
* ChrisTownsend looks13:23
jonothat is probably why13:23
ChrisTownsendjono: No, you're using the version from the PPA that *should* be fixed.13:24
jonoit seems to just hang from LightDM13:24
ChrisTownsendjono: Ok, next, could you give me "/var/log/lightdm/unity-system-compositor.log.13:25
jonoChrisTownsend, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13123941/13:26
jonodamn, I have to run13:26
jonowill try to get back online in a bit13:26
jonothanks, pal13:26
ChrisTownsendjono: Ok, no problem.13:26
tedgTrevinho: I'm not sure of one, but why do you need that?13:36
Trevinhotedg: I want to make the file to generated by makefile with proper binary path (as it's in libexec), but i still want the upstart job to be installed in a place that is not PREFIX, but that its' UPSTART_PREFIX13:37
tedgTrevinho: So usually I use DATADIR/upstart/sessions13:38
Trevinhotedg: yeah, that's true, but if you install in staging, then.... But it has still pros...13:38
tedgTrevinho: I think you're the last person to mention Upstart on IRC, which means, you're the maintainer! You should fix this :-)13:39
willcookeAnyone know if Chris Coulson is around today?13:47
seb128willcooke, he's in Austin I think13:48
seb128unsure when he flights back13:48
willcookethanks seb12813:48
seb128tkamppeter, nice job figuring out the cups filter issue on the phone!13:50
seb128willcooke, ^ I don't know if you saw that Till figured that out, it was a packaging problem with cups and an exec helper missing13:50
willcookeyeah read the bugs reports thanks tkamppeter seb12813:50
tkamppeterwillcooke, seb128: I found this out by having a look into the source code of CUPS, looking for how CUPS calls sub-processes, and then I discovered that they recently have added this cups-exec wrapper, probably it was introduced after my initial splitting of the CUPS binary packages for the phone.13:56
willcooketkamppeter, good work!  Thanks14:01
desrtgood morning peeps14:05
didrockshey desrt!14:06
seb128hey desrt14:06
seb128larsu, did you look at the notify osd icon issue?14:07
desrtgood morning, french people14:07
didrocksseb128: seems we are stamped :p14:07
seb128Laney, could you have a look to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-control-center/+bug/1512435 to see if you think the approach is fine? that should let us move g-c-c to universe14:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1512435 in unity-control-center (Ubuntu) "Stop depending on gnome-control-center" [High,In progress]14:08
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mterrykenvandine, hey man, got time to review a deja-dup branch?  (!)14:26
mterrykenvandine, https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/deja-dup/no-python2/+merge/27687514:27
Sweet5harkhttp://whatthecommit.com/ <- since its Friday, this is a worthy target for your F5s14:30
qenghomterry: I don't know much, but is it normal to include a vapi file? Why not generate it at build time?14:37
mterryqengho, maybe that's just a holdover from early days of vala when vapis would change out from under you and thus I value stability over cleverness  :)14:39
mterryqengho, I got burned a lot early on and it was a formative experience  :)14:39
qenghomterry: scar tissue isn't very flexible.14:40
Laneyseb128: looks good14:42
seb128Laney, thanks14:43
* Laney cries, ffmpeg/armhf fails to build14:44
Laneycorrect response14:49
seb128binutils' fault? ;-)14:51
Laneythat would be great/crap14:51
* Laney porter boxes the hell out of it14:51
Laneyunrelated, /me looks for a pitti ;-)14:52
pittiLaney: sorry, no more pittis available15:01
Laneythis is an OUTRAGE15:02
pitti!?!?! I thought you bowed to the Queen15:02
ubot5pitti: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:02
pittiwho talked to you, ubot5 ?15:02
LaneyYou're in his land now, so I blame him :P15:02
Laneyhow's it going?15:02
pittiLaney: I'm not, I'm in Texas15:02
Laneyouch :)15:03
Laneypitti: Wondering if you know about debci missing some runs sometimes?15:11
Laneye.g. the regressions for http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#glib2.015:11
pittiLaney: uh no, that's news to me15:11
LaneyI url-hacked the result.tar and log.gz for some of them15:11
Laneypitti: for example http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/libm/libmediaart/xenial/armhf/ misses https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-xenial/xenial/armhf/libm/libmediaart/20151105_193117@/result.tar15:12
pittiindeed, that's missing the 1105 run15:13
pittiLaney: so no, that's completely news to me15:13
pittidebci/data/autopkgtest/xenial/armhf/libg/libgnatcoll/20151105_195025@/ does exist15:14
pittiLaney: did you already did a mass-retry? I didn't this morning15:16
pitti(and might be a nice exercise for you; queues are empty, so have at them)15:16
Laneynot today15:16
pittiLaney: there are some tmpfails apparently (your log)15:16
LaneyI wanted to leave glib in this state in case it was useful for you15:16
pittiLaney: well, the failed runs won't go away from swift, so debugging that on the debci instance is still possible15:16
LaneyI saw a few tmpfails like this15:17
Laney<VirtSubproc>: failure: timed out waiting for container adt-virt-lxc-njbcip to start; last runlevel "unknown "15:17
pittiright, me too; I found that yesterday and discussed with hallyn15:18
pittiit's easily reproduced locally, one can't reboot containers ATM, they'll fail very early on with some "blabla can't get cgroup bla"15:18
pittibug 149742015:18
ubot5bug 1497420 in lxc (Ubuntu) "systemd 226 (moving pid 1 into /init.scope cgroup) breaks lxc-attach" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149742015:18
pittiallegedly https://github.com/lxc/lxc/commit/f348e47c93568b4f0c371cf5df1c98d4e816a86c fixes this (that's the remaining open part), but haven't tested this yet15:19
Laneypitti: are these tests going to work then?15:22
pittiLaney: retrying the armhf ones makes little sense right now, but there might be some x86/ppc ones?15:23
pittiLaney: still a bit confusing; clearly most armhf tests still work, so this apparenlty happens only with some reboots or tests which reboot explicitly or so15:23
pitti$ sudo lxc-start -n adt-xenial -F15:25
pittilog in, sudo reboot -> bang15:25
pittiif anyone wants to check if the above patch helps, please do15:25
Laneypitti: yeah, just not the ones which block glib :) (okay, udisks2 does on i386)15:25
Laneythat's another missing result15:25
Laneyand not a tmpfail15:25
LaneyI can try to build an lxc with that15:26
Laneyom nom nom15:28
pittiLaney: ☺15:31
pittiLaney: you know how to handle tmpfails? (I just recently documented that)15:32
Laneyrm pending.txt?15:32
Laneypitti: hmm, I can't make sudo reboot go bang15:49
LaneyI just started adt-xenial on a cyclops host and rebooted15:49
Laneycomes back up okay15:49
pittiah, I tried that on xenial amd64 host15:50
pittiLaney: so that at least explains why not all of the test go boom15:52
pittiLaney: perhaps something special then, like a test pulls in cgproxy or starts a specific service which changes cgroups or whatnot15:53
Laneypitti: each reboot is clean, right?15:56
Laneythe last run doesn't do much15:56
Trevinhouff, but isn't proposed enabled in s-jenkins?!15:57
pittiLaney: right, but "unknown" essentially means "failed to boot", and there's a high chance that it's the bug above16:03
Laneypitti: Yeah, just hard to verify16:03
LaneyI could just install this lxc deb on all the hosts...16:03
pittiLaney: oh, you mean you ran that test with the patch applied?16:03
LaneyI was making sure I could reproduce the bug first16:03
pittiLaney: sure, we coudl install it with the patch and re-run the failing tests and see what happens16:03
LaneyI could try to run a real autopkgtest16:03
pittiyeah, one of the failing ones16:03
* Laney isn't entirely sure how to correctly run this on one of the hosts though16:03
pittiautopkgtest/run-from-checkout -s postgresql-9.4 --- lxc -es adt-xenial16:04
pittisomething like that16:04
pittiah, no -es, just -s16:04
pitti-e aka --ephemeral doesn't support reboot16:04
Laneynice, thanks16:04
pittiLaney: and perhaps no shell and debugging, so16:04
pittiautopkgtest/run-from-checkout -d libmediaart --- lxc -sd adt-xenial16:05
Laneyyup, it is running16:05
Laneyprobably could have done this in screen :)16:05
Laneyah man, now this passed16:15
Laneypitti: suspicious> "Nov  5 19:08 running.html"16:23
LaneyNov  5 19:30 /run/lock/debci-update.lock16:24
* seb128 finds a glib bug16:27
pittiLaney: indeed!16:30
* pitti runs the cron job manually16:30
pittiLaney: oh, that's fine -- debci got rebooted yesterday by IS, so that's just the creation date I figure16:32
pittiI just restarted the status-collector, so that running.html will continue to work16:33
LaneyFor the lock file yeah16:34
LaneyYou can see that News is being updated but the package pages aren't16:35
RAOFpitti: Bah! git has messed up the permissions on alioth. Could you kindly poke the ownership or acl so that I can actually push to it?16:38
RAOFI've got the 1.2.12 release ready locally, with lots of bugfixes.16:38
RAOFHm. I should probably mention that the relevant repository is colord :)16:38
pittiRAOF: erk, group "Debian"?16:40
pittiI suppose that shold all be scm_collab_maint16:40
RAOFIs Debian not just all DDs?16:40
pittiRAOF: hm, seems I can't do that16:40
* RAOF should probably dust off his DD application sometime.16:41
pitti$ LANG= chgrp scm_collab-maint colord.git/16:41
pittichgrp: changing group of `colord.git/': Operation not permitted16:41
RAOFNew plan: feel like pulling from github? :)16:41
pittiso I seem to own the colord.git dir for some reason, but can't change it16:42
pittiRAOF: I could also move it away, create a new one, and you re-push?16:42
RAOFYeah, could do that.16:43
pittiRAOF: try pushing now16:44
pittiRAOF: what I did was mv colord.git colord.git-brokenperms; cp -r colord.git-brokenperms colord.git16:44
pittiRAOF: now everything has the right group16:44
RAOFremote: fatal: Unable to create temporary file '/srv/git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/colord.git/./objects/pack/tmp_pack_XXXXXX': Permission denied16:44
RAOFNo dice.16:44
pittioh, still needs group writable, hang on16:44
pittiRAOF: insert coin, try it again16:45
pitti(changed umask to 002)16:45
RAOFKindly run “gbp dch --full debian” to generate the changelog, which it obviously doesn't have at the moment.16:45
pittierr, on git.d.o? gbp?16:46
RAOFOnce you've pulled it.16:46
RAOFOr I can generate and commit a changelog, if you want.16:46
pittiRAOF: oh, pull locally?16:47
pittisorry, no idea what you mean16:47
pittiRAOF: but I literally copied everything from the old .git, so what did get lost now?16:47
RAOFI presume you'll pull locally, build, and then upload?16:47
LaneyHe's asking for sponsorship. :P16:47
RAOFOh, nothing got lost.16:47
pittisorry, -ECONTEXT :)16:47
* Laney blinks at running.html16:48
RAOFAh. Whereas *my* context was ‘how can I push 1.2.12 to git.debian.org so that pitti can upload it for me ☺’16:48
pittiRAOF: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13125936/,and 1ubuntu1 -> -2?16:49
pittiand drop the [Martin Pitt]?16:49
RAOFHm, no. Odd.16:49
RAOFWhy doesn't yours pick up that it's a new upstream version?16:50
pittiRAOF: perhaps do all the necessary changes and I'll just do the dch -rm?16:50
RAOFYup. Pushed a changelog; you merely need to remove UNRELEASED :)16:50
RAOFBah! That's why - I didn't git push --tags, so gbp dch didn't know about the new upstream.16:51
pittiRAOF: unstable? or exp?16:51
pittiRAOF: ok, building16:52
pittiE: colord changes: bad-distribution-in-changes-file unstable16:52
pittioh come on lintian, don't be so mean16:52
pittiDebian is a fine distro16:52
sarnoldhehe :)16:53
seb128which reminds me16:53
seb128why isn't dch giving me "wily" and not "xenial"16:53
RAOFIt'll also complain about not calling ldconf, because we're behind.16:53
* seb128 looks at that16:53
pittiRAOF: *mumble* thousand build deps *mumble* slow hotel network *mumble*16:55
attentebbl, dentist appointment16:55
pittiLaney: debci is missing other results too; I wonder if the reboot corrupted something16:57
pittiLaney: I'll jst delete all xenial results and re-run *shrug*16:57
Laneypitti: I think it's basically not updating16:57
Laneyor, the news pane is but the package pages not16:57
Laneyand the listener appears to be busted too?16:58
pittihow so?16:58
Laneyrunning still not updating16:58
pittiit'll only work for newly started tests16:58
LaneyI retried some after you started the collector again16:59
pittiRAOF: uploaded17:02
RAOFpitti: Woot! Thank you.17:02
RAOFAnd now to merge it!17:04
pittiRAOF: oh, we have a delta there?17:05
RAOFArgyll isn't in main.17:05
RAOFAnd I have no particular desire to do a MIR for it. (It's got all the awkwardness, including its own crazy buildsystem)17:06
RAOFAnd is orphaned in Debian, and...17:06
* RAOF may have to pick it up in Debian...17:06
pittiLaney: so the failed gliby tests work now?17:14
Laneypitti: At least some https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-xenial/xenial/armhf/libm/libmediaart/20151106_171233@/log.gz17:16
Laneyhard to have a global view until britney runs again17:16
* Laney hears fireworks quite close17:19
willcookeThis year has been pretty quiet round here.  Normally I hear them from about the start of October17:20
willcookelast night we had a few, but I don't think as many as normal17:20
willcookeCubs bonfire tomorrow :)17:20
Laneybah I think it's out of view17:21
Laneyoh, I can see them!17:23
Laneyit's not exactly a flowing display...17:23
seb128what are the fireworks for?17:24
Laneyguy fawkes night yesterday17:24
didrockstime for week-end! see you on Monday guys :-)17:24
didrocksand enjoy hearing fireworks ;)17:25
Laneybye did NOPE ALREADY GONE17:25
RAOFCan haz a linitan that doesn't needlessly complain about postinst-must-call-ldconfig? :)17:26
pittiwe watched V for Vendetta last night17:33
pittiwas great!17:33
pittiand there were lots of concerts17:33
mhall119tedg: ping17:34
tedgHowdy mhall11917:35
mhall119tedg: hey, I'm working on the UbuCon schedule for Orlando, can you do an hour talk at 10am?17:36
tedgmhall119: Sure, I fly in the night before.17:36
mhall119tedg: awesome, thanks17:37
tedgmhall119: I'm flexible17:37
* mhall119 looks forward to hanging out with tedg again17:37
tedgHah, yeah, should be good. Sad that I can't stay longer.17:37
tedgWe'll always have Ubucon ;-)17:38
mhall119yes, new memories and embarrassing stories to tell :)17:40
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* Trevinho leaves for the WE18:14
Laneysee you Trevinho18:15
* Laney is doing One More Build18:15
willcookegoing too, see y'all18:16
Laneybut srsly18:19
Laneylooks like poppler and ocaml x265 and x264 and soundtouch are entangled18:22
Laneygoing to be a fun week fixing that! :)18:22
seb128Trevinho, have a good w.e18:25
seb128Laney, :-(18:25
seb128Laney, did we get an handle on the webkit situation?18:25
Trevinhoseb128: you too!19:08

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