lotuspsychjegood morning to all06:15
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: did you see canonical jobs?06:15
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: http://www.canonical.com/careers06:16
EriC^^morning lotuspsychje07:31
EriC^^yeah i saw it a while ago07:32
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: nice nice :p07:43
lotuspsychjebbl have a nice day07:48
lordievaderGood morning.08:52
lotuspsychjegood noon to all10:29
lotuspsychjehi popey10:30
lotus|xenialgood afternoon to all11:04
lotus|xenialcfhowlett: hello mate11:15
cfhowletthey ^311:16
lotus|xenialits trolls days again grr11:27
lotus|xenialtnx cfhowlett11:30
lotus|xeniali dont like ignore cfhowlett , wanna know whats going on11:32
lotus|xenialthis guy needs a ban11:33
lotus|xenialcfhowlett: daftykins saw him quoting TJ to help a user, and it wasnt even relevant11:34
cfhowlettI'm already done.  he's /ignored.11:34
lotus|xeniallol :p11:35
BluesKajHiyas all12:11
TJ-cfhowlett: are you into electronics (components) ?14:56
cfhowlettnot so much.  Y14:56
TJ-just been trying to get hold of an LDO transistor, '662K' 3.3V, 0.5A, SOT-23, and it seems like the only suppliers for small quantities is China :)14:57
cfhowlettI'm up the street from the electronics bazaar ...14:58
cfhowlettmight be able to help14:58
TJ-I have an IDE SSD (Disk-On-Module) that has blown its voltage regulator14:59
cfhowlettspeak ENGLISH dern it!  :)  so what do you need?  details are good, here ...15:00
TJ-I'm trying to find a compatible component at Farnell, but so far not doing too well15:00
TJ-Let me find a reference page so you get the idea :)15:00
MonkeyDustexcellent... release the hounds...15:02
cfhowlettlol!  right, right!15:02
TJ-oh! Farnell have one. The original partial part details I had were incorrect15:02
TJ-I'm sorted, I think.15:03
cfhowlettand now I know what the heck a Farnell is ...15:03
TJ-this thing is about 3mm x 2mm :)15:03
lordievaderAn IDE SSD? Isn't IDE to slow for that?15:09
TJ-They're common in Industrial equipment; the device plugs directly onto the mobo IDE socket15:15
TJ-they avoid the power/size/weght/fragility of spinning disks15:15
lordievaderCan't they do that with sata too?15:16
TJ-Yes, there are SATA versions. But these have been around for IDE systems since the 1990s15:17
* BluesKaj assumes the capacities are quite low15:18
TJ-from <1GB to 256GB15:20
TJ-generally used for mostly-read-only OS installs15:20
lotuspsychjegood evening to all16:07
OerHekshi lotus16:09
lotuspsychjehey OerHeks16:10
lotuspsychjemy second xenial bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/151380116:12
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1513801 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "Scrambled screen and mouse pointer on first boot" [Undecided,New]16:12
TJ-lotuspsychje: You'd never believe I've not yet managed to boot that mobo with the WMP600N in!16:13
lotuspsychjeTJ-: dont sweat mate tyt16:14
TJ-I'm not, but the mobo is supposed to boot! It refuses to USB boot, somehow it blew a PCB trace and transistor on an IDE Disk-On-Module SSD, it's own NIC only does Novell Netware boot services! ... Grrr!16:15
lotuspsychjeTJ-: what mobo brand is that?16:15
lotuspsychjethat pikakuu guy has been a troll again today grrr16:16
lotuspsychjehe plays the game smart, and reverses things to us16:17
TJ-Mercury Kobian PVCLE266M I think it is - has a Via C3 CPU on16:17
TJ-really? I must have missed that16:17
lotuspsychjeTJ-: yeah it was this morning before you joined16:17
lotuspsychjeTJ-: told me not abuse the bot, after someone sweared in the channel16:18
TJ-LOL I detect some 'aspergers' hints in that character :)16:19
lotuspsychjehe will make a mistake soon, and ill grab him16:20
OerHeksI'll ignore him and some other trolls. there has been a wave of trolls lately16:20
OerHeks( and you'll find them making jokes in #u-o )16:21
lotuspsychjeyeah indeed, but the problem is OerHeks if you ignore, other users have a trolls mess by them16:21
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: and that guy provides wrong info to users aswell16:21
OerHeksjust type: please ignore *16:22
TJ-pleas ignore everyone :D16:22
OerHeksthat will drive him mad, and warns the other users16:22
TJ-I think pikapi is trying to be helpful but not aware of being too eager, and not always knowing the correct safe steps. Maybe just needs some friendly advice16:23
lotuspsychjeTJ-: hmm you can try it lol16:23
lotuspsychjegood luck16:24
OerHeksTJ-, he surely is trolling, does not know the basics, but know too much about unusual requests.16:24
TJ-that's why I sense aspergers hints16:25
lotuspsychjemental irc16:25
TJ-focus on narrow areas with amazing ability but something slightly different throws them out16:25
OerHekswell, good luck to you, fine helpers, nearly weekend.16:26
lotuspsychjeyeah but 'catching' us back is a nasty trick16:26
lotuspsychjehe tryed to prove daftykin1 wrong aswell16:26
lotuspsychjewe gonna have a new startup disk cretaor yayyyy16:27
TJ-yeah, it's called 'dd'16:28
TJ-I don't know what the entire issue with those tools is. why not just write the image plain and simple rather than messing about with an intermediate boot-loader16:29
lotuspsychjeits gui and nice for the masses16:29
TJ-No argument about GUI ... but why not just 'choose ISO', 'choose target', 'write'16:30
TJ-as in, no trying to insert an additional boot-manager in between the firmware and the ISO contents, since the ISO is hybrid bootable anyhow16:31
TJ-I think those tools have been used by mistake; they're for creating truly multiboot installations with several installers on the same device, which isn't the common use case for most users16:32
lotuspsychjei like that multisystem tool16:32
TJ-The GUI should be the file manager. Drag the ISO image onto the USB device image and done!16:32
lotuspsychjeTJ-: that would be nice16:32
TJ-It's standard drag-n-drop behaviour after all. It would just need to ask for elevated permissions16:33
TJ-If software-center can do that, so can the file manager16:33
lotuspsychjeTJ-: its gonne be gnome software now :p16:33
TJ-Not here it isn't!16:33
lotuspsychjexenial kubuntu ?16:34
TJ-there seems to be some strange, unannounced, alliance with Canonical and Gnome16:34
lotuspsychjeTJ-: we had gnome by default on early ubuntu's right16:34
TJ-I was in the UOS UEFI boot session, and there were 3 guys there from RedHat/Gnome and all the talk was about how Gnome tooling will handle UEFI Capsule updatse16:35
TJ-Gnome is the back-end of Unity too, but not the Gnome Desktop16:35
TJ-I think the reason is Canonical has discovered the costs of going it alone on the desktop 'experience'16:35
lotuspsychjethere's a lot going on these days16:36
lotuspsychjebig business16:36
TJ-interesting though, I can't see how focusing on Gnome works with the Snappy/App infrastructure which is all QT (which is the underpinning of KDE). Gnome has gtk/gdk16:36
TJ-the whole point of these airy fairy 'apps' is they are effectively HTML5/CSS QT QML definitions16:37
TJ-and that's what the phones have, so if everything is 'converging' on that, not sure how Gnome fits in16:38
lotuspsychjesnappy and phones wanna enter the scene16:38
TJ-I found the summit sessions covering it were hard to follow the logic16:38
lotuspsychjeand the big cloud business of canonical16:38
TJ-right, which has nothing whatsoever in common with 'convergence' !16:40
lotuspsychjethink we gonna see weird things in the future16:41
lotuspsychjeand a lot of solving :p16:41
TJ-there was a discussion about this amongst the core devs the other day; the aim to have a single installer image... and the cloud folks were complaining bitterly that there was no way they wanted all the same stuff on as phones/desktop need.16:41
TJ-They were asking what is wrong with 'ubuntu-minimal', that is already supposed to be the common base16:41
lotuspsychjethe more characters on the play, the more arguments will rise16:42
TJ-there was some bad tempered falling out and silence descended.16:42
lotuspsychjecan imagine16:42
TJ-basically the 'suits' are saying 'we must have convergence and a single pretty Ubuntu image'16:42
lotuspsychjewhat happened to opensource thinking there16:43
lotuspsychjeisnt the community supose to brainstorm along?16:43
TJ-It rather feels to me like Canonical is being prepared to be partially sold; possible public listing in the pipeline maybe16:43
lotuspsychjei never liked the amazon stuff16:43
TJ-supposed to - but that kind of stuff disappeared into Canonical years ago. "Community" is only a veneer now... if you don't agree you can go - see what happened to  Jonathan Riddel, founder of Kubuntu. Frozen out and 'told' to resign from the Kubuntu Community Council.16:44
lotuspsychjewho knows what else we gonna see16:44
TJ-I think its time I had a nap; I've worn my eyes out today staring at SMD components on PCBs16:50
lotuspsychjecant you try that plop cd16:51
lotuspsychjeor cant you get a cdrom working on it neither16:51
TJ-there's no CD on that mobo, and it has previously booted from the same USB device, which is the annoying part16:51
lotuspsychjecmos clear and battery out?16:52
lotuspsychjeanyway, after a good night sleep, is the best time to solve hardware issues16:54
lotuspsychje(or under the shower, my gf says)16:55
TJ-yes, tried it under the shower :D16:55
TJ-and I slept with the battery out16:55
MonkeyDustyes but no17:33
fosstererHi! I've been using 15.10 daily builds so far. Now that 16.04 daily-builds are getting ready, is there a way for me to move to 16.04?18:12
BluesKajfossterer, update and upgrade to make sure you have the latest packages , then sudo do release-upgrade -d , if you want to upgrade over the net or do a clean install of one of these images, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/18:16
BluesKajuse this site if you're using ubuntu http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/18:18
fosstererBluesKaj: Thanks, I'm already running 15.10 daily-build isntalled. Can use 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade an installed 'daily-build' (to 16.04)?18:19
fosstererDid you ever use a daily-build?18:19
BluesKajyes, I've used both , don't forget to use  -d at the end of the do-release, its 'd for development18:20
fosstererGreat! Thanks for responding, BluesKaj!18:21
BluesKajthe daily build is great for a clean install if you have separate / and /home partitions in particular18:21
fosstererYeah.. I have /home separately.. I use the same for LTS and daily-build installs18:22
BluesKajyeah , i still have 14.04 on a separate partition as my stable backup OS18:26
fossterercool... Do you do any active testing on daily-builds?18:26
BluesKajyes this is a daily that I'm testing atm, altho I haven't seen many problems so far with 16.04, it's still basically 15.10 underneath18:28
BluesKajbut I'm a KDE guy, the ubuntu 16.04 testers are reporting basically the same experience18:29
fosstererCan I see any of the bugs you worked on/reported earlier? I started using 15.10 daily builds with the aim of participating in bug-squashing stuff18:30
BluesKajI  rarely report bugs anymore because most of the time they're dupes, already reported18:31
OerHeksI do, when they need confirmation18:31
fosstererCan I see a sample?18:32
BluesKajok , gotta go for a few mins .... paper mail etc18:33
BluesKajcheck launchpad18:33
fossterer~kaj, is that you?18:34
fossterercool.. Thanks18:37
MonkeyDusta 16.04 xfce bug i noticed, unable to login with the guest account18:41
OerHeksDelay release !18:42
MonkeyDustcritical error18:42
OerHeksMonkeyDust :-D20:13
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pauljwHi everyone21:28
OerHekshey paul21:28
TJ-grrr, found another vulnerable BIOS flash tool. AMI again. Surpised - not.23:44

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