jonohey all06:07
darkxstricotz, did you get any response from debian re soname bump for gjs?07:43
ricotzdarkxst, I made mbiebl aware of it, but it seems he doesnt care07:47
ricotzdarkxst, note the package-name is the same since Trusty, and I guess there were more breakages since then07:48
darkxstright, I didn't look back past 1.43.3, but that doesn't look so bad, most of the changes are related to the coverage stuff07:50
darkxstatleast I didnt see anything that wouldnt cause a FTBFS if code moves07:51
darkxstNoskcaj, did you get those merges done?07:54
ricotzdarkxst, anyhow still there were API changes, but feel free to ignore them and drop the blocking bug report07:55
darkxstricotz, still powerpc test failures also, but happy to ignore those for now07:56
ubot5Gnome bug 757328 in general "test-suite fails on various architectures in testCallbackTransferFull" [Normal,New]07:58
darkxstfor some reason its GI_TRANSFER_NOTHING on powerpc08:00
ricotzdarkxst, did you try to bisect it?08:04
darkxstno but it is this https://git.gnome.org/browse/gjs/commit/?id=348ee04116eb4681320251329551d6b1ba2794d408:04
darkxst(the test was in a different commit)08:04
darkxstbut essentially on powerpc that patch does not exist08:05
darkxstatleast not for the test case08:05
darkxstand I aint bisecting anything, qemu emulation is soooooo slow08:06
mgedminoh wow lightdm is very nice on a dual-head screen (login prompt shows up on the screen that has the mouse cursor)10:25
darkxstmgedmin, GNOME are working on that for 3.2010:36
ubot5Gnome bug 685300 in lock-screen "shield lifting should only happen on one display in a multihead setup" [Normal,New]10:39
mgedmin"with some flat color fill when the displays' Y resolution doesn't match"10:47
mgedminooh, what happens when the resolution matches?10:47
bcxHi can I get horizontal scrolling in Nautilus as in file-roller or baobab ?18:35
JohnnyComeL8lyI don't think you will ever *need* to have horizontal scrolling.18:41
JohnnyComeL8lybcx: ^^^18:42
bcxJohnnyComeL8ly: ?18:43
bcxJohnnyComeL8ly: it is difficult to manage long filenames without it ...18:44
bcxJohnnyComeL8ly:  how do you manage long file names views on little screens ?18:46
JohnnyComeL8lyI'm on Xubuntu, and with Thunar, the rename is done in a pop-up window - I think that is a better design.18:48
JohnnyComeL8lyI use Ubuntu-GNOME too (16.04 dev).18:49
JohnnyComeL8lybcx: how small is your monitor?18:49
bcxJohnnyComeL8ly: 1024*76818:50
JohnnyComeL8lyYou can't use the file browser in maximized position?18:51
bcxJohnnyComeL8ly: i'm not talking about the rename, simply the view, I also have more columns, owner, perms, I would like to horizontally scroll instead of filenames being cropped18:51
JohnnyComeL8lyWhat is the file browser which is in use?18:52
bcxJohnnyComeL8ly: yes18:54
JohnnyComeL8lybcx: Where do you live?18:55
bcxIs thunar able to scroll horizontally ?18:55
bcxJohnnyComeL8ly: at granma's :p18:55
JohnnyComeL8lyWhen I hover over the horizontal bar, in detailed listing, then it scrolls sideways, but most of the time, I don't use that....18:56
bcxJohnnyComeL8ly: Is thunar able to scroll horizontally ??? I would give it a try if so18:56
JohnnyComeL8lybcx: I meant, Country/Region... if you live in the U.S.A., you should be able to get free monitors from people.  I got most of the monitors I use for free.  They are 1280x1024.18:58
bcxJohnnyComeL8ly: Does Thunar have a configuration system as nautilus-actions ? I even would love not to re-implement my existing right-click actions ...18:58
bcxJohnnyComeL8ly: :) I understand now18:58
JohnnyComeL8lyYes, Thunar is able to scroll horizontally, but like I said, you have to hover over the slider-bar.18:58
bcxJohnnyComeL8ly: I mainly use VirtualBoxes images with no drivers18:59
JohnnyComeL8lyThat isn't as good as real hardware for the OS to work on.18:59
JohnnyComeL8ly(In most cases, I should say.)19:00
bcxJohnnyComeL8ly: so in Thunar I cannot scroll horizontally with two fingers anywhere in the view, that is the workflow I am looking for19:00
JohnnyComeL8lyUnless you have really crummy hardware, and M$ windoz has the best driver. Even then, I wouldn't do it... too much black hole with M$.19:01
bcxJohnnyComeL8ly: indeed, especially without guest additions :( , but I won resolution a level with wily's mesa drivers on vbox, before that was 800x60019:01
JohnnyComeL8lyWhat, are you on a touch screen lappie?19:01
JohnnyComeL8lybcx: ^^^19:03
bcxJohnnyComeL8ly: i don't know the word lappie, no touch screen, I just use my laptop's integrated pointing device (synaptics touchpad), which is really less comfortable that on a mac19:04
JohnnyComeL8lylappie = laptop19:05
JohnnyComeL8lyIdk about that... I get what you're saying, but have never messed with anything like that.19:06
jamfhi there!23:58
jamfi have ubuntu gnome 14.10 currently installed, and now im about to upgrade to 15.1023:59
jamffollowing the guide in the ubuntu-gnome website, says that i have to ppa-purge the ppa gnome3-team repos23:59
jamfand then upgrade23:59

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