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alan_galf_: content with answer? https://code.launchpad.net/~kdub/mir/current-buffer-id-fix/+merge/27598610:04
alf_alan_g: yes10:06
alan_galf_: my kms problem from yesterday. I find that DRM_MODE_DISCONNECTED gets set in reset() after the "connector = resources.connector(connector_id);". Any thoughts?11:14
greyback_RAOF: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13123486/12:05
alf_alan_g: @kms, this seems normal, it gets the latest state from the hardware12:40
alan_galf_: so we're aborting because the hardware state is unexpected?12:42
alf_alan_g: yes, but the thing is that we shouldn't be trying to set the crtc on a disconnected connector, so the problem may be at a higher level12:46
alf_alan_g: do the instructions for reproducing this still stand?12:46
alf_alan_g: (using the two branches over trunk)12:47
alan_galf_: yes. Or use your fix-1511798 branch, in which case you also have to stop the nested server before seeing the crash12:47
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alan_gBTW one of those branches has landed12:48
alf_alan_g: ok, I will give it a go12:50
alan_galf_: thanks.12:51
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alan_galf_: I know this is "wrong" but it seems to workaround problems:12:58
alan_g-    connector = resources.connector(connector_id);12:58
alan_g+    if (!connector || (new_connector && new_connector->connection == DRM_MODE_CONNECTED))12:58
alan_g+        connector = std::move(new_connector);12:58
alan_gHmm, missed a "+    auto new_connector = resources.connector(connector_id);"13:03
alf_alan_g: ack13:04
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alan_galf_: any thoughts on my kms problem?14:16
alf_alan_g: with the alternative fix I was able to reproduce only once, further attempts worked fine.14:21
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alan_gWithout the patch to reset() I've been getting it consistently.14:24
alf_alan_g: just to make sure, instructions are: sudo gdb --args bin/mir_demo_server --window-manager system-compositor --display-config sidebyside --vt 1 --arw-file --on-fatal-error-abort --display-report log14:25
alf_alan_g: plug in screen14:25
alan_galf_: oh! I'm testing on V+, are you on Wily?14:25
alf_alan_g: yes14:26
alf_alan_g: wily14:26
alf_alan_g: 3. bin/mir_demo_server.bin --host /tmp/mir_socket --display-config sidebyside14:27
alf_alan_g: 4. bin/mir_demo_standalone_render_surfaces --no-file --host-socket /run/user/1000/mir_socket --display-config single14:27
alf_alan_g: Then ctrl-c (4) and (3)14:27
alan_gstep 3 s/.bin//14:27
alan_gOtherwise yes14:28
alan_gSo it could be specific hardware, or the OS drivers14:31
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alf_alan_g: It's likely that this is HW/driver related problem, because getting DRM_MODE_DISCONNECTED for a screen that is clearly plugged in, is not something Mir could really affect or mess up (unless there is memory error somewhere).14:55
alf_alan_g: @alternative fix, your concern is that although it passes the tests it doesn't have the desired effect in the above scenario (ctrl-c render surfaces), correct?14:57
alan_gyes. At least my concern is I don't understand why (yet).14:58
alf_alan_g: so, I take it that you are investigating this?14:58
alan_gcurrently tracing through the code14:59
alf_alan_g: ok, then I will do something different for now, but let me know if you need me to try something15:00
alan_galf_: thanks. You said you also saw the kms issue sometimes? Is it worth MPing my workaround?15:01
alf_alan_g: I think it may break monitor disconnects in some cases (it won't update the connector if the monitor has been really disconnected), so I am hesitant to include it15:08
alan_gyeah. I hate having Mir crash as a result though.15:09
alf_alan_g: We could try to be more forgiving of incorrect set_crtc() calls, e.g., log a warning instead of aborting15:21
alf_alan_g: (incorrect => failed)15:21
alan_galf_: when I've finished handling interrupts and investigating your alternative fix I'll try to find something more plausible.15:23
alf_alan_g: ack, from a quick look I think 1. logging a warning + returning false in mgm::RealKMSOutput::set_crtc() and 2. not aborting in mgm::DisplayBuffer::set_crtc() should do the trick, but perhaps there are other points we need to update15:25
alf_alan_g: I would propose the changes myself, but I can't really test if it helps for your use case15:25
alan_g\o/ alf_: I understand the difference - AbstractShell::focus_next_session() is selecting the dying surface's titlebar. (And that doesn't exist in the core WM that gets tested.)15:27
alf_alan_g: great15:31
alan_galf_: should I start another loop by taking your alternate fix and MPing the changes?16:00
alf_alan_g: fine with me16:01
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mcphailbschaefer: ping18:32
bschaefermcphail, pong18:32
mcphailHi - are you still working on SDL2 for mir?18:32
bschaefermcphail, when its needed, or when a bug comes up18:33
bschaefermcphail, any bugs?18:33
mcphaildo you have a link for a version which works with the current Mir libs on the phone?18:33
bschaefermcphail, yeah: https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/libsdl/update-mir-new-abi-api/+merge/27657818:33
bschaeferthats the patch18:33
mcphailTa muchly!18:33
bschaeferfor SDL2 to then new mir API18:33
bschaefermcphail, here is the the actual branch:18:33
bschaeferso you dont have to apply the patch, its already applied18:34
mcphailslvn_: ^^18:34
mcphailbschaefer: you are a hero18:34
bschaefernp, poke me if theres any issues!18:34
slvn_thanks !18:34
mcphailbschaefer: will do18:34
mcphailbschaefer: slvn_ is going to bring us some new games!18:35
bschaeferslvn_, if it works on arm you can post on that MP that you've tested it and all :)18:35
* bschaefer needs to double check it works on the phone18:35
bschaeferIIRC it does...but i dont remember18:36
slvn_what is MP ?18:36
slvn_bschaefer, a few month ago my games where working with the SDL / mir backend18:37
bschaefermerge proposal18:37
bschaeferyup, until mir 0.14 and greater :)18:37
bschaeferall i did was move to the new API/ABI18:37
bschaeferthe MP ^18:37
mcphaildo we still need to --disable-shared-mir when building?18:38
bschaefermcphail, you shouldnt18:38
slvn_Ok ! yes, we found out with mcphail that api function where missing / renamed because of the new api18:38
bschaeferthe only reason that was needed, was because it was broken :)18:38
bschaeferie. functions didnt line up18:38
bschaefer(they kept changing MirBool to bool and back and forth)18:38
bschaeferand would keep the dynamic loading from not working18:38

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