qwebirc94850I just upgraded to Ubuntu 15.10 desktop on my mythtv machine - when I use mythbuntu control center it will only install 0.27 no matter how many times I tell it to use the 0.28 repos.   Any way I can get this to work?20:35
tgm4883_qwebirc94850: you'll need to pastebin some output from when you try to install mythtv20:35
qwebirc94850I'm using the gui, does it leave a log somewhere?20:36
tgm4883_qwebirc94850: which gui?20:36
qwebirc94850version 0.64.1220:36
qwebirc94850err, 0.64.120:36
tgm4883_qwebirc94850: ok20:37
tgm4883_qwebirc94850: so open a terminal and run 'sudo apt-get update'20:37
qwebirc94850am running that right now, will let you know when it's finished20:38
qwebirc94850just finished that - 0.27 is still installed20:39
qwebirc94850should I try removing it with synaptic and then use control center to reinstall again?20:40
tgm4883qwebirc94850:correct, all we did was update your package list20:40
tgm4883qwebirc94850:do 'apt-get dist-upgrade'20:40
tgm4883err, that will need sudo too20:40
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qwebirc94850ahhh, there is a dependency problem with mythtv20:41
qwebirc94850so the dist-upgrade filed20:41
tgm4883qwebirc94850: can you pastebin those logs?20:42
qwebirc94850just fixed that (was a read-only symlink)20:42
qwebirc94850dist-upgrade just completed20:42
tgm4883qwebirc94850: ok, is i t installed now 0.28?20:43
qwebirc94850no, it says 0.27 still - am getting a pastebin of that last command for you20:43
kiwi_70977ok thanks20:43
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tgm4883can you pastebin the output of 'ls -l /etc/apt/sources.list.d/'20:44
mikeathere you go20:45
kiwi_70977can you pastebin the mythbuntu-ubuntu-0_28-wily.list file20:47
mikeayup, let me get it20:47
mikea(if I can find it lol)20:47
mikeaah, it's an empty file20:48
kiwi_70977that's weird20:48
mikeaactually, according to the pastebin all of the mythbuntu files in that directory are empty20:49
kiwi_70977heh, I guess they are20:50
kiwi_70977except for mythbuntu-ubuntu-0_28-vivid.list.distUpgrade20:50
kiwi_70977what is in that?20:50
mikeahas a normal ppa entry for vivid20:50
kiwi_70977mikea:ok, I would try selecting 0.27 in MCC, saving it, then selecting 0.28 again20:51
kiwi_70977and see if those files get populated20:51
mikeaI did notice when using this on vivid that MCC would not always update if you picked 0.2820:51
mikeatrying now20:52
mikeachanging to 0.27 did not update any of the files20:52
qwebirc13824mikea: ok, do this20:53
mikeachanging back to 0.28 did this time20:53
qwebirc13824ah ok20:53
qwebirc13824mikea: which files got updated?20:53
mikeathe 0_28 wily main one20:53
mikeanow has valid entries20:54
qwebirc13824mikea: ok, so lets to 'sudo apt-get update' again20:55
mikeaalthough reading through the output, it did not hit the mythbuntu repo20:56
qwebirc13824mikea: pastebin the output?20:56
mikeaalso included cat of the repo file20:57
shout-usermikea can you pastebin the output of 'apt-cache show mythtv-frontend'21:00
mikeayou bet21:00
qwebirc13824mikea: so it's working. Now do a 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'21:05
mikeahey, I'm seeing 0.28 stuff downloading now!21:06
mikeaso I guess somehow MCC didn't update the repos properly after the distro upgrade?21:06
tgm4883well a distro upgrade disables third party repos21:07
tgm4883I'd have to look at the MCC code to see exactly what happened21:07
mikearight - I've done this process before when I updated to vivid - it worked mostly, but certainly didn't have this kind of problem21:07
mikeatgm4883 it's working now - thank you for the help!21:13
qwebirc13824tgm4883 test test21:38

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