tjaaltonhow come nautilus is shown as being in "updates,proposed" for trusty, though it should be released already?05:29
tjaaltonthere's another update on the queue that I'd like to get in05:30
tjaaltonbut sru-review complains that -0u9.10 is already there05:30
tjaalton(the old version)05:30
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Laneytjaalton: It's usually deleted when moving to -updates09:10
tjaaltonLaney: but not here? sru-review doesn't even offer the new one09:11
Laneytjaalton: aha, seems to be a manual step http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html09:13
* Laney isn't on the SRU team so doesn't know such things09:13
tjaaltondone! :)09:14
Laneyseems like sru-review is showing the wrong version but if you look at the diff it's right09:14
tjaaltonindeed, duh09:14
Laneymaybe because I fixed theh old changelog09:14
tjaaltonit should be clear now09:14
* Laney dunno09:14
tjaaltonI'll ack it09:14
LaneyOK, don't think that was necessary though. :P09:14
tjaaltonnever seen a package in that state before09:15
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cjwatsontjaalton: yeah, we do the removals in bulk from time to time.  I've just poked it10:10
cjwatson(from -proposed)10:10
cjwatsonone of those days I'll finish the Archive.copyPackage(move=True) implementation10:10
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