Na3iLYo elacheche19:43
elachecheHey Na3iL :)19:46
Na3iLWassup :) how was the meeting last night?19:46
elachechewas good :) you can check the logs :)19:47
Na3iLI already checked it out :)19:48
elachecheNa3iL: we have a meeting tonight19:49
elachechein 11 minutes19:49
elachecheDidn't read the mails?19:51
Na3iLAbout administration system?19:52
Na3iLthe workshop one, yeah I read it19:52
Na3iLCool, I hope that I can figure out how can I come to the workshop19:55
elachecheWhat for Na3iL ? Learn or to contribute? :)19:57
Na3iLTo learn as the 1st objective then to contribute :)19:58
elachecheI see :) Will figure out something Na3iL ;)20:00
elachechechargui: o/20:00
charguiui anis20:01
charguii'm here just a minute till my team be her20:01
elachecheWoooW chargui ! You bring the whole team here :D :D20:02
elachecheHey Huji !20:02
Hujic'est Bilel Mabrouk20:02
charguiyep the avengers :D20:02
charguibest i got since the beginning of the club :'D20:03
elachechehahah :) OK we wait.. Just we should not have more than 60min, cause I have homeworks to do :D20:03
elachecheWe can have other meetings everynight if we need to :)20:03
charguiok just 5 min20:04
elachecheI'm always here.. Na3iL & chaker too20:04
chargui@Na3iL yooo broo20:04
Na3iL0/ chargui Huji20:05
Na3iLwassup guys :D20:05
HujiHey, Everything's up ! :p20:06
elachecheSo.. Before we start20:07
elachecheI want to know, why chargui & Huji are here :) What are you looking for from this meeting :)20:07
elachecheI'm here to just have a chitchat & try to figure out what you really need & want, and think how to make it real & improve it :)20:08
elachecheWhat about you?20:08
charguiok we want to talk about the sys admin workshop20:09
elachechechargui: We are :) But what's your goal for this meeting :) I told you what's mine :)20:10
elachecheI need to know your goals so I can try to make that real :)20:10
elachecheNouhabsn: o.20:10
elachecheNouhabsn: o/20:11
charguimy team @elacheche told you best team ever :'D i lived to see that20:11
HujiI want to know the job of a sys admin, what he does, what value does he have, the notion still ambiguous to me20:11
charguimore are coming wait for us20:11
charguithis is SPARTAAAA !!!!!20:12
elachecheHuji: That's something that I should talk about during the workshop maybe :)20:12
elachecheIn shot words Huji, a SysAdmin is the person who makes sure that you can connect to Inernet & use online services without issues.. ;)20:13
charguiok i have to talk serious now ok anis for me i want to have the abc for a sys admin20:13
charguiand after i'll improve my self20:14
elachechechargui: I was serious all the time :) I was asking those questions for real, I wans't jocking :)20:15
elachechechargui: We wait for someone else?20:16
charguiyes yes i know but me talking about sparta and blablaa just it has been a long time since my last irc meeting and i feel excited a little bit20:16
Nouhabsnwhat can we do in a administration system workshop? i don't have any idea :)20:16
elachechechargui: I agree that this is SPARTAAAA :) Am so excited too becasue I didn't saw you here for a while :)20:17
charguiI don't think so it is just me @Huji and @Nouhabsn20:17
elachecheHey SahnounM91 :)20:17
elachechechargui: We wait for someone else or everyone is here?!20:17
SahnounM91heloo guys /o :D20:17
HujiI'm reading a book about Bash Scripting, Found the word sys admin, and that made me curious20:18
charguiSahnounM91, is here too great let's rock 'n roll20:18
HujiHello SahnounM9120:18
charguielacheche, no that's it20:18
d4rk-5c0rphey there20:18
d4rk-5c0rpsry for the late20:18
elachecheHey d4rk-5c0rp ! WooW You're here for the meeting too! That's awesome :D20:18
charguid4rk-5c0rp, hey little elacheche20:19
SahnounM91d4rk-5c0rp: :D20:19
elachecheOK.. Let's start the meeting from the scratch.. To TALK you should ask for it by sending the ! letter, to finish a sentence you should send EOF.. Are we ok about that?20:20
SahnounM91oukeyy elacheche20:20
elachechechaker: I know that you'll not miss this meeting :) Read the rule and let's start :)20:21
elachecheSo.. Let me start.. I see that Huji chargui Nouhabsn have no idea about the SysAdmin field..20:21
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elachecheNouhabsn: chargui You ask for permission to tal with ! you talk when I tell you to :) :p20:22
elachecheGo ahead chargui20:22
charguiwe have the basics to manipulate a GNU/Linux OS20:23
elachecheOK.. My goal here is to know what's your goal from the SysAdmin Workshop, and try to create the perfect technical plan, with the help of chaker Na3iL & others :)20:25
elachecheSo, please everyone go here → http://pad.tn/p/CLLFSM_IT_Workshop and let's try to write a draft based on those lines :)20:25
elachecheMeanwhile Huji go ahead :)20:25
Hujiyou defined SysAdmin: "the person who makes sure that you can connect to Inernet & use online services without issues", what kind of issues may occur ? network-related? OS-related?20:26
elachecheHuji: everything, Net, DB, OS, Hardware, Everything.. But the workshop will be oriented to GNU/Linux System Administration..20:28
elachecheI think that I should prepare a little prez about SysAdmin in general..20:29
elachechechaker: go ahead20:29
chakerHuji: What's the number of people you expect to have, since it will make a differnce in what type of workshop that you need20:30
elachechechaker: I forgot about that! We should add that to the pad :)20:30
elachecheGuys! The pad is open to everyone to contribute :)20:31
elachecheJust use different colors :)20:32
SahnounM91elacheche: Public target :16..23] years old ! why ?20:32
elachecheSahnounM91: I didn't wirte that chargui did, go ahead chargui20:33
SahnounM91i'm 24 years old -_- chargui20:34
elachechelool SahnounM91 :) Please ask for permission to talk first :) :p20:34
charguiSahnounM91, "Let's start the meeting from the scratch.. To TALK you should ask for it by sending the ! letter, to finish a sentence you should send EOF.."20:34
charguiSahnounM91, i'll chage it starting from 16 years old20:35
SahnounM91ah d'accord EOF20:35
elachecheCan we take a brack here!20:36
elachecheEverybody please rise your hands if you're here!20:36
charguiit is from 16 years because we have young boys who use fedora or arch and I think they are even better than me20:36
elachecheOK, guys! That pad is for you ALL to write your suggestions in there.. We will discuss the content later.. Now just everyone write what he think of 5 points we have in the list!20:38
elachecheAnd you can add other points if you think that we need to..20:38
elachecheIt's brainstorming session :)20:39
elachecheHuji: go ahead :)20:39
elacheche@All: My job here is to improve your suggestions based on what you want and what I know that we can do :)20:40
elachechechargui: go ahead, Huji is in the pad :)20:40
Hujiabout the time and the duration, I think that may depend on your availability elacheche , I'm thinking if it's going to last for days, would you be available in December's Holiday, personally, it's suits me best20:40
elachechechargui: go ahead, I'll answer Huji in minutes..20:41
charguiI want everybody to love "Terminal" like i do and see the fun behind using it that's my point20:42
charguiand i think the club will have an admin sys project later20:42
charguiso we have to be ready for it20:43
elachecheOK, let me comment Huji & chargui20:44
elachecheHuji: We can arrange that.. It's not a problem.. Am not the only sysadmin in the team.. I know that after 2 sessions you guys will be able to auto-manage a SysAdmin workshop without needing me..20:45
elachecheHuji: I need to know how many days, and how many hours/day you want.. Becasue based on that information I can suggest a planning.. A suitable planning for that..20:46
elachechechargui: Many sysadmins don't love terminal, they just use it becasue they don't have a choice :) I should probably talk about why you should master terminal as a SysAdmin.. Or a developer like d4rk-5c0rp chaker Na3iL did..20:47
elachecheHuji: go20:47
Hujichargui: I need your opinion on my proposition about the date and the duration in order to achieve an agreement20:48
Hujielacheche: how can I cancel ! (for future cases)20:48
elachecheHuji: cancel what? we are not here to DECIDE! We are here to discuss and fill that pad :) We can have meetings everynight to get a good pad ;)20:49
elacheched4rk-5c0rp: go ahead, after you chargui20:49
elacheched4rk-5c0rp: go ahead, after you there is chargui20:49
d4rk-5c0rpsince terminal's right there for me everyday to save the day, I can share my personal experience with the crowd20:50
d4rk-5c0rpso they can have an idea why loving terminal is helpful and awesome20:51
elachecheThat's what am talking about d4rk-5c0rp :)20:51
elachechechargui: go ahead20:51
elachechechargui: is not here, Huji your turn :)20:52
charguiHuji, negative december holiday no one will be there except few who lives20:52
Hujielacheche: I'm talking about canceling an exclamation mark "!", in other words how can I cancel my demand for permission, in case somebody has already answered my question20:52
Hujiah too bad :(20:53
elachecheHuji: just pass when I ask you to talk :) it's not a big deal :D Nouhabsn go ahead :)20:53
elachecheNouhabsn: you're here?*20:54
elachecheOk, Na3iL you go :)20:55
Na3iLI will talk about the #2 point20:55
Na3iLif the workshop will be during 2 days or more I think we should make it more open to others, I mean we should make it public not only with peeps that have already background/skills about GNU/Linux distros20:55
Nouhabsnyes i think that fisrt a presentation about adminSys should be done in order to know what really is exactly and how can we use it and for what perpeses20:55
Na3iLThus, we should have 1st part about install party for them & learn them the basics about GNU/Linux I think many other members in u-tn can handle it20:55
elachecheHuji: Yes20:57
HujiI agree with Na3iL , but I suggest 3 days session: Install Party, Theoritical session and a workshop to practice those20:57
elachechechargui: go20:58
charguifor me20:58
charguievery person not capable of installing GNU/Linux by him self is not welcomed he will slow us20:59
charguiHaving GNU/Linux Os is premordial20:59
elachecheOK, last one to talk is Na3iL then I'll comment what I read :)21:00
charguino install party21:00
elachechego ahead Na3iL21:00
Na3iLchargui, this workshop will be essentially for education21:01
Na3iLyou mention that they will be there kids21:01
elachechechargui: You don't have permission to talk, let me comment first :)21:02
elachecheOK, I love all the suggestions I read here or in the pad, BASED on how many days the workshop will be we can manage to MAKE ALL those suggestions REAL..21:03
elachecheThe thing here, that everyone of you is here with a goal in his mind, I need you to write what you want based on your goal on that pad answering those questions..21:04
elachecheYou have 24h to think and write that in the pad.. It'll be our first draft.. To collect all the ideas.. It's NOT the good time to discuss the ideas.. LEt's have every little idea first..21:05
elachechechargui: go ahead21:05
charguiNa3iL,  the kids already works on GNU/Linux OS (Fedora and arch)21:05
elachecheHuji: is next, and we END the meeting after Huji :)21:05
elachecheHuji: go$21:06
HujiI Have a suggestion: tomorrow we have a python workshop in the FSM, we'll make a survey then to acquire their opinions and come back with more data which are helpful to fill our pad21:06
elachecheOK, Huji that'll be great :) let's finish with this meeting for tonight.. But before, I need you all to confirm that you'll write you're ideas in the pad..21:07
elachecheAre we OK everybody?21:07
elachecheno need to ask for a permission now :) just answer :D21:07
elachecheYou have the pad link, just write WHATEVER you think.. Every idea is a GREAt idea, IF we don't use it for this workshop will use it for an other one..21:08
Guest98111  ok21:08
elachechechaker: Na3iL d4rk-5c0rp you too guys can write whatever you think21:09
d4rk-5c0rpfr sure elacheche21:09
elachechechargui: Huji Nouhabsn we still have time to take decisions.. So use that time by writing everything in that pad..21:09
elachecheGuest98111: I don't know you, but go ahead and contribute :D21:10
Na3iLGuest98111, was his nickname pseduo x) x)21:10
elachechechargui: Huji Nouhabsn when you like to meet again here to have an other chitchat session? I'm always here, Na3iL chaker d4rk-5c0rp are alsways here too..21:11
charguielacheche, you said we have 24 hr so tomorrow we will fill it with the other members21:11
elachechechargui: PLEASE DON'T do a brainstorming then write it donw in that pad :D I need everyone to write his OWN ideas.. :p21:12
elachechechargui: we can have 1hours meeting every night here :)21:12
charguielacheche, ok21:12
d4rk-5c0rpso basically you just need to share that pad link chargui :D21:13
elacheche1 hour*21:13
charguielacheche, 9 pm will it be good for you ?21:13
elachechechargui: You need to know just 1 information.. And confirm it with your SPARTIAN team.. How many days will have :) Because based on that information we can or can not do something21:14
elachechechargui: Am every night here :)21:14
elachechechargui: Huji Nouhabsn happy to see you here :) I should go, we talk later :)21:15
HujiGood night !21:15
charguielacheche, in your opinion how many session will take to turn us from zero to hero :v21:15
elachechechargui: tell to sahnoun that he need to write his suggestions too :) :D21:15
elachechechargui: I'm not a "hero" yet, so I have no idea :)21:16
charguielacheche, ok i'll tell him21:16
charguithat's because you work alone as a team we have a chance21:17
elachecheAsk the opinion of cbj or chaker .. I GTG.. See you later :)21:17
charguiok good night then21:18
elacheched4rk-5c0rp: come to  #clibre.tn please21:18
charguigood night everybody I have work to do21:20
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