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tsdgeosmerge \o/09:48
tsdgeosall the conflicts :D10:00
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tsdgeosmzanetti-: CI has the same problem i do https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/unity8-vivid-amd64-ci/1260/console11:29
mzanetti-tsdgeos, I would think it might take a little while until the package shows up in x...11:29
tsdgeosmzanetti-: that's not xenial, it's vivid11:29
mzanetti-well, I did an apt-get update & upgrade and it installed the new lib11:30
mzanetti-had building issues before that too. already tried a rebuild?11:30
tsdgeoswant me to retrigger the build?11:30
mzanetti-I'd try that first11:30
tsdgeoslet's see11:31
tsdgeosah, no need,  you had made 2 commits more and it's already building :)11:33
dandradernew release \o/12:07
dandraderand new conflicts with existing MPs :/12:07
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mzanettitsdgeos, hey, can you re-approve the ones I merged?13:06
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ultrapiewow the latest unity8 broke everything13:09
mzanettiultrapie, ?13:10
ultrapiedash is empty, wrong gu13:10
mzanettidandrader, by "wrong" I mean that there is a shadow appearing and then there's nothing coming in from the edge... not wrong from code point of view, but from a design point of view.13:10
ultrapieall the qml apps are broken13:11
mzanettidandrader, I'll try to chase a designer13:11
mzanettiultrapie, works for me13:11
dandradermzanetti, what do you mean by "nothing coming in from the edge"?13:12
dandradermzanetti, you expect the tip  of the Launcher to start showing up while you're pushing against the edge?13:13
mzanettidandrader, well, given that there is a dropshadow going over the full edge, from top to bottom, it would suggest that an element of that size is coming in13:13
mzanettidandrader, that's ok for the left edge, because the launcher actually is of that size13:13
mzanettibut it looks wrong on the right edge, given the spread that comes in is only a third of the screen size13:13
mzanettithe dropshadow gets bigger and bigger, and by the time the spread comes in it just disappears into nowwhere...13:14
dandradermzanetti, the the spread thakes the entire screen (it blurs it all). and, besides, the whole right edge is active for the edge barrier detection13:14
mzanettibut the blur doesn't come in from the right13:14
mzanettianyways, nothing wrong with your implementation. It's really a design thing13:15
mzanettiwill discuss it with them and come back to you13:15
dandradermzanetti, JohnLea told me just to mimic unity713:16
mzanettijust still haven't managed to catch one, even though I started pinging 4 hours ago13:16
mzanettidandrader, again, that's fine for the left edge... but there is no such thing on the right edge13:16
mzanettiin unity713:16
dandradermzanetti, btw, he's active on IRC, just talked to him minutes ago.13:16
ultrapiemzanetti: unity8-dash.log > dash.qml:36 Refference error: window is not defined13:18
ultrapiemzanetti: unity8-dash.log > dash.qml:265 Refference error: scopeStyle is not defined13:18
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ltinklultrapie, on the phone?13:34
* ltinkl seen that error too13:34
tsdgeosmzanetti: i was waiting for CI to run13:36
tsdgeosscopeStyle "is fine"13:37
tsdgeosbeen there for like 3 million years13:37
tsdgeoswindow is a bit more scary i'd say13:37
ultrapieltinkl: desktop13:38
ultrapieltinkl: 16.04 with unity8 desktop mir session13:38
ltinklultrapie, ok, logout/login again13:39
ltinklultrapie, that fixed it for me13:39
ultrapielet's see :D13:39
ultrapieltinkl: nope, still the same13:40
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ultrapiemzanetti: unity8-dash.log > ... createCardComponent 70:37: QML CroppedImageMinimumSourceSize: Failed to get image from provider: image://theme/ubuntu14:01
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ubot5Ubuntu bug 1513852 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "unity8 dash is empty" [Undecided,New]14:27
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mterryjosharenson, top-approved!  :)21:14
josharensonmterry: woo hoo!21:15
josharensonmterry: it passed?21:15
mterryjosharenson, all except some weird xenial autopilot issue21:15
mterryjosharenson, but that didn't even get to the point of running tests, seemed borked21:15
josharensonmterry: cool (sorta)21:15

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