Scary_Guygreetings, it's about as idle in here as it is in #mugorg, but it's early.  the rain is nice at least12:43
cmaloneyYeah, it's quite nice to have a T-storm blow through in the morning12:44
cmaloneythough I'm hoping it pauses for a bot12:44
cmaloneyhave to take my father-in-law to the doctor's office for his semi-annual head patting12:44
Scary_Guynot fun to drive in, although I'll take it over driving east into the sun any day12:44
cmaloneyNo doub12:45
Scary_Guyyeah I should probably go for a checkup myself.  already sick though so at this point I'll just be giving someone money to tell me I'm sick12:45
cmaloneyHopefully it's nothing too bad12:46
Scary_Guypretty sure it's bronchitis, or at least that's what it started as in the beginning of the week, it's moving toward a full on cold at this point12:46
Scary_Guythroat is oddly not soar, which is nice12:46
Scary_Guyanyway, hopefully I kick it by Tuesday12:50
cmaloneyYeah, here's hoping13:03
rick_h__I was hoping to get the leaves raked before the rain fell13:21
_stink_anyone else having problems with the main archive.ubuntu.com repo for 14.04?15:38
_stink_i get failed to fetch all over the place when i try to apt-get update.15:38
widox_stink_:  just now got fails all over *.ubuntu for 14.1015:59
_stink_can i take solace in your fails?15:59
brouschNo. Embrace your rage. visit a local Canonical employee and let him know how you feel in person16:17
_stink_you know it might be aptitude16:19
_stink_if i apt-get update it's fine16:19
_stink_if i use aptitude16:19
_stink_is all brokened16:19
_stink_all the local canonical employees are out of the country half of the time :P16:20
jcastroand also the mirrors are working fine it's all your fault16:22
jcastrohmm, is the OU mirror still an outdated pos?16:22
_stink_i love aptitude, but maybe it's time for a breakup16:24
brouschI didn't realize aptitude was still a thing16:32
brouschI thought it died when apt-get absorbed all of its features16:32
mrgoodcat_i thought apt-get was just a front end for aptitude and you actually needed to have it installed16:33
mrgoodcat_maybe not16:33
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_stink_brousch: don't disparage my dearest love16:34
cscheibjcastro: is no one maintaining your/Ken's mirror any more? heh16:35
jcastroI don't know what happened to the guy who came after me16:43
jcastrobut like, unless the disks got full, which I doubt, it was just a cron job using the exact same scripts as everyone else16:44
jcastroI would expect it to either run perfectly or be totally broken, not in a half-state16:44
jcastrothough really I set that up in a pre-archive being CDNed world16:45
greg-gthis article is making the rounds: http://time.com/4101340/dea-medical-marijuana-joke/  why don't journalists, I don't know, do any research and cite the many more than zero studies that show using whole plant (nug) marijuana is a useful medicine?17:12
greg-gmorning (still for me) rant17:12
cmaloneygreg-g: Because 1) reporting is expensive, so they hire freelance writers to reword published studies, and 2) research is hard and expensive (see #1)17:22
cmaloneywhich is why your newspaper is mostly Reuters and AP reprints17:22
cmaloneyOh, and C) Because the public can't tell the difference between real reporting and ad-copy.17:22
greg-gmy toes are still cold after the low of 37 this morning20:05
greg-gthese CA houses aren't made for this20:05
brouschWhat, no hemp socks?20:08
greg-gheh, which reminds me:20:08
greg-g05:51 <    greg-g> uh, this is my neighbor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9OVom73NNc20:08
greg-g05:52 <    greg-g> he no longer does that work, which is a whole story in and of itself20:08
greg-g05:52 <    greg-g> Full documentary at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Owjmv3hV-a820:08
The_MachineI'll be back again; date night is a 'go' apparently22:28

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