cyberangerUnit193: ironic indeed01:15
cyberangerUnit193: working on firefox sync tonight01:35
* cyberanger yawns02:22
cyberangerif I can stay up to finish02:22
Unit193FXA and everything?02:23
cyberangerThat's the hope02:23
cyberangerIdeally in a way that'd allow for me to export it to docker and OVA02:24
cyberangermaybe that'd help you02:24
cyberangerNot sure how generic it'll be till I do it, but that's the idea02:25
cyberangerAlso looking at Iridium PTT, but that's a project for another day02:28
Unit193I don't use Docker though.  I just do the token server for now, not FXA yet.02:48
cyberangerVirtualBox (OVA) too02:50
cyberanger(and you could then convert that to a raw image, use in linode)02:50
Unit193Ah, right.  Couldn't remember what that was.02:50
cyberangerOVA is the open virtualization format03:01
cyberanger(Well, OVF is, OVA is the archived (tarball) varient that's more popular)03:02

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