pieter2627morning all04:45
magespawngood morning06:29
pieter2627hi Cryterion magespawn06:38
theblazehenHi guys07:00
theblazehenMy ip changed, and now I'm on a blacklist :/07:00
theblazehenReally glad that ssh -D is a thing07:00
* Squirm prods Trixar_za07:39
SquirmHow is everyone07:39
theblazehenSup Squirm, good and you?07:40
SquirmDoing well07:40
SquirmFeels like I haven't been here for a while07:40
theblazehenNeither have I07:41
magespawnhey Squirm theblazehen 07:42
theblazehensup magespawn 07:42
magespawnyeah the blacklisting of an ip is a pain07:43
magespawntrying to upgrade a ubuntu server from 14.04, nothing seems to work yet thoug07:44
theblazehenmagespawn: thats a LTS version right?07:46
SquirmIt is07:46
magespawnamazon server07:47
magespawni forget is 15.04 also lts?07:47
theblazehenYou have changed from lts to normal right?07:47
theblazehenI think only every 2 years07:47
theblazehen12.04, 14.04, 16.04 etc07:48
pieter2627yeah only every two years^^07:49
pieter2627btw, hi Squirm07:49
andrewlsdMaaz: seen Kilos07:50
Maazandrewlsd: Kilos was last seen 9 hours, 23 minutes and 57 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2015-11-05 14:26:06 PST], and has been offline on freenode since 2015-11-05 14:26:28 PST07:50
andrewlsdHi all07:50
SquirmHey pieter262707:50
Squirmhey andrewlsd07:50
theblazehenmagespawn you changed it to normal in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades right?07:50
theblazehenhi andrewlsd 07:50
andrewlsdhi Squirm theblazehen 07:50
pieter2627hi andrewlsd, did you got right with a unity807:50
andrewlsdMinetest query, I can't remember who has the minetest server here. Any volunteers?07:50
theblazehenmagespawn: I changed that and then just did do-release-upgrade07:51
andrewlsdpieter2627: nope07:51
andrewlsdpieter2627: unity8 seems like too much of a hassle just to test. That's a pity though, coz I really wanted to try it out.07:51
theblazehenI just did ^D on the ssh connection I'm using for my proxy...07:52
theblazehenLuckily it didn't close07:52
andrewlsdmy favourite use of ssh is "ssh -D 3129 user@some-server"07:55
andrewlsdfound #minetest-za 07:56
theblazehenandrewlsd: Yeah, doing that now. Also ssh -R is nice. Useful when I want to run a server for something from home07:56
andrewlsdyip, I used that yesterday to SSH to a device  behind a jumpbox, and then push the DSL router's port 80 up to a server on the 'net that the box could reach08:02
andrewlsdie:   me  --> jumpbox --> targetbox --> external server08:02
andrewlsdtargetbox pushed DSL modem port 80 --> externalserver08:03
andrewlsdI mainly use the ssh -D option, with firefox set to socks proxy with remote DNS08:09
andrewlsd... one way of watching Hulu if the remote server is in the US.08:09
antonmorning all any mikrotik boffins?08:10
theblazehenYeah. On a previous ISP we had they throttled everything severely.. Except ssh :) So ssh -D, and set everything to use that :)08:11
theblazehenmagespawn you know anything about it? ^08:11
pieter2627andrewlsd: have you tried the package `unity8-desktop-session-mir` - found it this morning on one UOS session?08:38
* pieter2627 might try it tomorrow08:38
Cryterionandrewlsd - minetest query?08:41
andrewlsdpieter2627: will check.08:42
andrewlsdCryterion: found #minetest-za, thanks. will ask there if necessary.08:43
CryterionOk kwl, me and thatgraemeguy run the Sa server08:43
pieter2627there seems to have been a problem with it removing `modemManager` but on my 15.10 it does not mention that it will do so...08:44
andrewlsdprepping a new 15.10 install to test...08:53
magespawntheblazehen: sorry about what/ got a bit distracted08:57
theblazehenmagespawn: anton was asking if anyone had microtik experience08:57
magespawni have some yes08:57
antonThanks don't worry came right mrtg to the rescua08:58
magespawntheblazehen: i will change that on the server setup thanks08:59
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magespawntheblazehen: that has sorted it thanks09:37
theblazehenmagespawn: Glad to help09:40
theblazehenI hate xorg09:55
pieter2627theblazehen: long life mir or wayland :P09:56
theblazehenpieter2627: Wayland (well actually weston) doesn't support multiple GPUs yet09:56
theblazehenNor does the gnome and kde display servers or whatever they are in wayland09:57
andrewlsdtheblazehen: 5 monitors isn't exactly a normal use-case.09:57
theblazehenandrewlsd: True..09:57
theblazehenI'm gonna get some more next year :)09:58
pieter2627hey it's an odd case09:58
andrewlsd3 x 3 monitor grid.09:58
* pieter2627 intended the pun09:58
andrewlsdtheblazehen: build a video wall.09:58
theblazehenandrewlsd: Yeah. I can run 11 off my current setup09:58
theblazehenThat's the plan :) But 4x4 instead09:58
theblazehenProbably gonna go with 1366x768 monitors. Cheap, and I'll be able to see stuff well from a distance09:59
andrewlsdmy neighbour has 4 set up in a "cross" configuration for his flight-sim.  ie, left-middle , centre-middle, right-middle and then centre-top and centre-bottom above and09:59
andrewlsd(for when he's not using is Occulus)10:00
theblazehenI count 5?10:01
theblazehen^ 10:08
theblazehenUptime Funk - (Uptown Funk parody)10:08
andrewlsd^  absolutely brilliant10:14
theblazehenandrewlsd: have you seen the linux sucks talks?10:15
theblazehenThey're really great10:17
andrewlsdthe Maroon 5 parody is epic too10:20
theblazehenGot a link?10:21
magespawntheblazehen: pretty cool10:22
andrewlsdthe Maroon 5 parody: https://youtu.be/M9bq_alk-sw10:26
theblazehenandrewlsd: yeah, that's cool10:31
theblazehenWhat is the use of 16 GiB of RAM when you are only using 2.62 GiB with a torrent client, file manager, vlc, libreoffice, 13 firefox tabs..10:46
theblazehenhttps://github.com/kristopolous/bash-org-tools/tree/master/fortune fortune files for bash.org if anyone wants10:54
MaNIan intelligent OS would still use the other 14 gb to cache disk files and other things which can improve performance11:39
MaNIbut that said if all you do is browse, edit word documents and pirate/watch movies than 16gb is probably overkill11:40
theblazehenMaNI: Yeah, it does11:43
theblazehen8.1 GB in cache. 1GB as VRAM11:43
theblazehenand 4.4GB free11:44
theblazehenMaNI: And i do use it for VMs etc. Back in 2013 I was virtualizing EVERYTHING - 24GB ram, ran freenas, puppet master, torrent vm, media server vm, win 8 vm, win xp vm, and a VM for my desktop - Connected to my vm desktop with x2go as that was faster then using my netbook directly11:57
theblazehenand another VM for some AI / machine learning experiments11:57
theblazehenActually no, then I only had 16 GB RAM11:59
theblazehenOnce I get a gpu I'll set up another PC with 12 GB that I'm not using (1333 MHz, main pc runs 1600 MHz) so that I can use virtualgl with it for gaming12:00
MaNIwhy not use the same machine - with an extra gpu and kvm vga passthrough?12:04
theblazehenBecause then I'd need to connect another PCIe riser for my 1 gpu so that I can add my new gpu in the 16x speed slot. And it took lots of time getting the setup to work how it is now. And right now I;m stuck running nouveau as the "broken" GPU I got only runs with nouveau, and the other gpu of mine isn't supported by nvidia driver any more. And afaik you need to connect a display directly to the VMs gpu?12:07
theblazehenI'd rather use the nvidia driver on the other pc12:07
theblazehenAlso, all my games run in wine12:07
theblazehenRunning my onboard HD4600 + GTX550Ti ("broken") + GT210 at the moment12:08
theblazehenhttp://imgur.com/a/uVHYy my old setup. I just removed the laptop as a display12:09
magespawnhow to issue commands to a remote instance of byobu when connected to it from ssh in a local byobu?12:20
theblazehenmagespawn: http://askubuntu.com/questions/102640/how-do-i-send-a-literal-f6-etc-in-byobu this help?12:21
magespawnlet me check13:12
magespawnyes thanks, more learning, i have use the unbound key stroks13:14
magespawnchat late13:35
Kilosafternoon all13:43
theblazehenHi Kilos 13:44
antonafternoon & ciao time to tackle the traffic back home13:49
pieter2627hey Kilos13:56
* pieter2627 wbbl13:56
andrewlsdtheblazehen: make sure whatever machine you want to use supports that PCI passthrough.14:03
andrewlsdI was hoping to do that with mine, and my hardware does not do MMU, or something.14:04
theblazehenandrewlsd: I wont be using a VM, it's basically X11 forwarding that I will be doing14:04
theblazehenVirtualGL runs a Xorg server and it intercepts OpenGL calls and passes it through to the X server, then sends the image to your computer14:05
theblazehenBut my board does support VT-d14:05
andrewlsdyeah mine does VT, but not  intel_iommu14:06
theblazehenAlthough I could also run windows server, with HyperV and RemoteFX then rdp into the vm14:06
theblazehenandrewlsd: So VT-x then?14:06
theblazehenMine has the iommu. Used it in the past14:06
theblazehenI basically run the game with X11 forwarding, but the graphics are rendered on the pc running the game14:10
theblazehenAlthough I could put the gpu in my main pc, set it up so I can use PRIME. I'll just need more space to put another gpu, as I have one in my x16 slot at the moment, so I'll need another x1 to x16 riser and space to put it14:12
andrewlsdrebooting to test iommu stuff :-)14:24
andrewlsdtheblazehen: my CPU is i7-4710MQ, which according to ark.intel.com does not do VT-d14:53
andrewlsdHi Kilos, long time no see14:54
Kiloswasnt i here yesterday andrewlsd ?14:54
Kiloshows things by you14:54
andrewlsdjust not this morning.14:54
andrewlsdgood ty, U?14:55
Kilosim sukkeling with online banking and stuffs14:55
Kilosim good ty14:55
andrewlsdjust came back from SARS, 14:55
Kilosyou owe the or they owe you?14:56
andrewlsdThey owe me, had to go hand in supporting documentation.14:56
andrewlsd(had to do it last year too. Seems to be SOP for home office claims)14:57
Kilosas long as you get back its worth it14:57
Kilosto go stand there and have to pay in would be worse14:58
CryterionKilos, what bank do you use?15:01
Kilosive opened an absa account15:02
Cryterionandrewlsd: SARS - south african robbing service, is it's true name btw15:02
Kilosand when we want to put money in using paypal only fnb has that option15:03
Cryterionoh, I fight with std all the time, they always f-up15:03
andrewlsdFNB seems to be best so far, but I haven't used Capitec yet15:03
CryterionI've Never had a problem with Nedbank15:03
Kiloswhen you do a bank to bank transfer from aus to here they rip you off with costs15:03
andrewlsdCryterion: at least the service is good :-) they rob you quickly, efficiently and with a smile15:04
Cryterionyeah, true15:04
Kiloscost near 1k to transfer 5k15:04
Kiloswhat a ripoff15:04
Kilosand its all done on pcs15:04
Cryterionuse bitcoins15:05
andrewlsdCryterion: nedbank lost my wife's money a few years ago. Took them 9 months to return it to us. So I won't use them. Plus, they're probably the most un-opensource-friendly. With FNB at the opposite end of that spectrum.15:05
Kilosone would swear they have to fly here with the cash15:05
Kilosfnb has also only recently started the paypal link15:06
Kilosthey all thieves15:06
andrewlsdKilos: I think so too.15:06
Cryterionyeah, they are15:06
Kiloshow can it cost 1k to send 5k15:07
Kilosand that was to std bank here15:07
Cryterionstd bank, it costs me R4-5 everytime I swipe the card now, even their staff can't action things correctly at a branch15:07
Kilosand they charge to put money in and to draw the same money15:08
Cryterionimport tax probably, sars15:08
Kilospaypal seems the only viable solution15:09
andrewlsdcheerio all. It's weekend at last.  :-)15:09
Kiloscheers andrewlsd 15:09
Kiloshave a good one15:09
Cryterionpaypal does work, I do know that, not sure on the costs on receiving money though15:09
Cryterioncheers andrewlsd15:10
CryterionAnyone know a little bit on sorting out SSL certificates?15:14
KilosCryterion the pro knows15:49
Kiloslemme try do it here and see how well i foorgot15:50
Kilosyou mean here with irc hey?15:50
KilosCryterion i think you need to change the port number15:53
Kilosdidnt work here either15:53
Kiloswe try at 8.30 tonight if pro available15:53
magespawngood evening17:56
theblazehenCryterion: You heard about the mozilla ssl certs?18:04
theblazehenLets encrypt18:04
Kiloshi magespawn 18:18
theblazehenSomehow application won't launch because they can't create a window in xorg.. Tels me to see if $DISPLAY is set.. Sure is. Weird. Reboot fixed it18:27
inetprogood mornings18:32
Kiloshi there inetpro 18:32
theblazehenHi inetpro, Kilos 18:32
Kiloshi theblazehen 18:32
inetproKilos: sorry, kids been keeping me busy in the evening this week 18:33
inetprohi theblazehen, nice to see you in action again 18:33
theblazehenGlad to be back :) Plan to stick around this time18:34
Kilosgood lad18:37
inetprowb Kilos18:47
Kilosty sir18:47
Kilosall good inetpro ?18:49
Kilosapart from tired of course18:50
theblazehenMaaz tell MaNI I see you're on afrihost. We moved away fro them to crsytalweb, have you tried them out? Bit faster than afrihost for us18:50
Maaztheblazehen: Sure, I'll tell MaNI on freenode18:50
Kilosoh ty for the topic change inetpro 18:51
MaNII use the works ADSL not my call, but afrihost working okay :p18:51
MaazMaNI: By the way, theblazehen on freenode told me "tell MaNI I see you're on afrihost. We moved away fro them to crsytalweb, have you tried them out? Bit faster than afrihost for us" 1 minute and 15 seconds ago18:51
theblazehenAh cool18:51
inetproKilos: say thanks to piet[tab] 18:53
inetprohe be the driving force 18:53
magespawnhey inetpro18:55
inetprohi magespawn18:57
inetprosomething seems very wrong with neology's mirror18:57
magespawnhave you been using your amazon instance?18:57
inetprohave sent a mail to the maintainer, hopefully he will sort it out asap18:57
inetpromagespawn: our QA bot in #ubuntu-africa has been running on AWS all this time18:59
* inetpro needs to check the date when starting the host18:59
magespawncool beans, i have just been running practice exercises on my one18:59
inetprowill probably expire one of these days already19:00
magespawni think mine has about 4 months left of the free service19:00
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magespawnokay what happened there?19:23
Kilosya inetpro neology sick since yesterday19:24
theblazehenI wish people would read man pages... 19:25
Kilosi hate man pages19:25
theblazehenSpent hours helping this guy in #archlinux19:25
magespawntheblazehen: your good deed for the day19:26
theblazehenYeah :)19:26
theblazehenHate xorg though..19:26
theblazehenAnd this guy insists on using linux-libre -won't even test with normal linux19:26
theblazehenAnd he lives in a tty.. In emacs19:26
magespawni did not even know that they existed when i first started with ubuntu19:26
magespawnand you had to help him?19:27
theblazehenYeah, in my first few years I just read the gnome docs that came with 8.0419:27
theblazehenNah, I was just procrastinating on studying19:27
magespawnmmm, and now/19:28
theblazehenNow, I juts give up..19:28
theblazehenHe's asking how to list packages that match a name.. 1 min in a man page, lol19:28
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inetprooops magespawn, that was me choosing the wrong channel when trying to help Kilos in #ubuntu-africa 19:33
magespawnno worries19:33
Kiloswhat a schlep19:36
Cryterionmaaz: is coffee on19:50
MaazCryterion: Excuse me?19:50
Cryterionmaaz: stock the fridge with beer then19:51
MaazCryterion: Excuse me?19:51
Cryterionmaaz: make some coffee19:51
MaazCryterion: Huh?19:51
Cryterionmaaz: coffee19:53
MaazCryterion: coffee is liquid code19:53
Cryterionmaaz: so is java19:53
MaazCryterion: One learns a new thing every day19:53
Cryterionmaaz: you don't know how to learn19:53
MaazCryterion: Huh?19:53
Cryterionmaaz: huh?19:54
MaazCryterion: *blink*19:54
theblazehenCryterion: https://github.com/spion/triplie-ng if you're looking for conversation :)19:54
grembleGood evening19:54
Cryterionevening guys19:54
theblazehenhi gremble 19:54
grembleHey theblazehen 19:55
grembleHey Cryterion 19:55
Kiloshi gremble 19:55
grembleHey Kilos 19:55
theblazehen"Doing this all day leaves you in a state of mild aphasia as you look at people's faces while they're speaking and you don't know they've finished because there's no semicolon"19:56
Cryterionwas just playing with maaz, can never seem to get him to make coffee, he always does that to me lol19:56
grembleYou're coding in C?19:56
theblazehengremble: php ;)19:56
theblazehenjk. Got it from http://www.stilldrinking.org/programming-sucks19:57
* gremble shivers19:57
grembleHaha :P19:57
Cryterionc also has the ;19:57
theblazehenPython too, if you *really* want to19:57
grembleI'm trying to write a simple commandline parser in haskell. I think I am to dumb for programming languages xD19:57
theblazehenTry this in the python REPL: "from __future__ import braces"19:58
Cryterionlast link reminds me of a Internet Explorer error, "Error, the command completed successfully!"19:58
theblazehenYeah, I've seen that (not irl though)19:59
Cryterionnot url either, on screen, win9520:00
theblazehenOuch :(20:00
theblazehen98SE 4 life20:00
theblazehenLonghorn was actually quite nice. What vista should have been20:01
theblazehenOnly windows version that I really liked20:01
Cryterion95C was the most stable, but 98SE 4 was close20:03
grembleI thought longhorn wasn't released? It was the codename for 7 or something?20:03
theblazehengremble: codename for vista, yeah20:03
grembleYes, vista wasn't nice :P20:03
theblazehenRan the beta before vista was released for a year or two20:03
grembleOh alright20:03
theblazehengremble: Due to the fact that they ran late, and had to rush the final product. Longhorn still had the good features before they were ripped out of vista20:04
CryterionI stayed away from vista, jumped most systems from 95C to 98SE then XP20:04
grembleThe only reason I used windows from time to time these days is because I have to do editing using word. LibreOffice is not doing very well on its trackchanges and review features :<20:04
theblazehenYeah, got a window vm just for that20:05
grembleWhy did they have to rip features out to make a deadline?20:05
theblazehenhttp://www.zdnet.com/pictures/windows-longhorn-still-the-most-exciting-windows-ui-to-date/ :)20:05
theblazehenBecause they weren't ready for normal users yet, etc20:05
grembleOh alright20:05
CryterionLibre works fine for me, some stuff no longer there which was only usefull for people at that time20:05
grembleI'm quite keen on my current UI. Openbox with numix and plank20:06
theblazehengremble: Numix is nice. Have you tried the arc themes?20:06
theblazehenDid you see my setup I posted?20:06
grembleYou posted your setup?20:07
theblazehenhttp://imgur.com/a/uVHYy old setup http://i.imgur.com/BJ1m5Xw.jpg current20:07
grembleI haven't tried the arc themes. I'm not entirely one for ricing. This just came with antegros :P20:07
theblazehenAntergos is nice :) Had that on desktop, and running it on laptop nice20:08
theblazehenCan't really do it on desktop, because gnome doesn't like running with RandR providers and stuff...20:08
grembleYour board is going to collect so much dust :<20:09
grembleWell, the old setup20:09
theblazehenIt does..20:09
theblazehennew setup is the same, just not using laptop as a display now20:09
grembleI have two screens atm, my laptop (the computer that I am using since my desktop's HDD is still fried) and a 23" (iirc)20:11
theblazehenCool. maybe PXE boot the desktop, with an image on the laptop?20:11
theblazehenjust load pxelinux and a kernel on a usb, then use root as a nfs / nbd mount20:12
grembleNo real point to doing that, since everything that the desktop was useful for was on that HDD :P20:12
theblazehenyeah.. :/20:12
grembleSo when I get a new HDD, I'll make the desktop useful again20:13
gremblebut they've become quite expensive20:13
theblazehenWhat size you looking for?20:13
theblazehenMy WD10EZEX is around 750 for 1TB. Performs well20:13
grembleSmallest you get these days is 1TB so probably that20:14
theblazehenBoots in 19 seconds20:14
grembleBut the places around here doesn't seem to have those. Not 7200 rpm at least20:14
theblazehenAh, you're not in SA right?20:14
theblazehenEurope somewhere?20:14
grembleNo, I'm in Pretoria20:14
grembleWe've met20:14
theblazehenAh, yeah :)20:15
theblazehenwootware.co.za is great. Cheap too20:15
grembleYes, this is nice. Thanks theblazehen 20:16
theblazehenSpent over 50k there :)20:17
theblazehenWhen me and my dad were into bitcoin mining20:17
grembleOoh, they have a nice cheap T440P thinkpad :<20:18
theblazehennice. I hate most laptop keyboards.. Can hardly ever push Super + shift with one finger20:18
theblazehenGot a K70 mechanical keyboard with MX Blues now :)20:19
theblazehenCost me 2 grand.. Worth it20:19
grembleNice. One day when I am rich I'll get a mechanical keyboard20:19
theblazehenYeah, you'll never go back to normal..20:19
grembleI'm not to averse to my Compaq 6510b's keyboard20:19
grembleBetter than the desktop's for sure20:20
theblazehenMy old keyboard was made like 15 years ago. Pretty decent. But not as good as this one :) 2nd best keyboard I've ever used20:20
Kilosnight all sleep tight20:26
theblazehennight Kilos 20:26
grembleI'm sitting here looking at a haskell repository and wondering if I shouldn't instead rewrite it in python :<20:27
theblazehenYeah, python ftw20:27
grembleI hate having to decide which programming language to use haha because I am never sure which would be better for the scope of the project20:28
grembleAlso, it is probably because I am an excellent bikeshedder20:29
theblazehenYeah. I tend to normally go for python.. Even for things that it's a bad idea for...20:29
theblazehenYes! Just discovered that I lost the code I was just thinking about :)20:30
grembleAlways nice to discover that code is lost20:30
grembleShould've used version control20:30
theblazehenNo thanks20:30
theblazehennight guys20:35

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