sakrecoer_i seem to always sleep when someone is asking question in #ubuntustudio08:41
sakrecoer_could we have ubottu give a message after 5-7 minutes of post-question silence?08:42
sakrecoer_reffering to the list...08:42
sakrecoer_maybe its hardcore stuff to fix... i'm think chats thats finish with a question mark, if no answer after x minutes, then ubottu say "hi, i'm sexybot, have you try list?"08:43
sakrecoer_had funky dream btw, this guy had fixed a program that took the gpg sum and the 2 keys to recreate the file. and then we emailed petabytes to eachother :D08:45
zequenceThere's already one bot out there with immense powers. They're calling it Google :)12:05
zequenceBut, it's a great idea. If it remembers who it has given information in the past, it won't need to repeat itself12:06
zequenceWe do have the welcoming text which could be used for that though12:07
sakrecoer_yes!! those who tend to leave before they get an answer, tend to join the channeljust briefly before asking the quesiton...14:26
sakrecoer_so wellcoming text would be equal to ubottu AI addition...14:26

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