sim642I just had to reboot xubuntu 15.04 because for no reason at all it simply wouldn't see my wifi, but would see all the other wifis around here. This is super annoying07:52
Sonu_Hi when i am installing Magento extension on ubuntu . i am getting this error CONNECT ERROR: PHP Extensions "zlib" must be loaded.10:18
well_laid_lawnSonu_:  what is magento an extension of ?10:20
Sonu_well_laid_lawn: why i am seeing this error.. i have installed alresy zlib10:27
well_laid_lawnSonu_:  the error says it's not running so try to start it10:28
well_laid_lawnI don't konw what zlib is10:28
well_laid_lawn!info zlib10:29
ubottuPackage zlib does not exist in wily10:29
Sonu_well_laid_lawn: https://www.namhuy.net/2430/install-enable-zlib-linux-server.html10:30
well_laid_lawnSonu_:  is there a howto on that link to start it?10:30
Sonu_you can read about zlib10:33
Sonu_Why need zlib on your linux web server? zlib, gzip and mod_deflate on Apache HTTPD server compress your web pages and serve them to client’s web browsers which can save and reduce bandwidth usage. Most modern web browsers today like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox supports both gzip and/or deflate. Enable zlib.output_compression setting in your linux web server will allow gzip compress pages served by PHP.10:33
well_laid_lawnI don't want to read about zlib - I don't use it. Someone in #ubuntu-server might be able to help10:34
knomewell_laid_lawn, huh?10:41
well_laid_lawnknome:  which bit confused you?10:42
knomewell_laid_lawn, the blunt bit?10:44
well_laid_lawnmaybe I could have thrown in a smiley10:46
knomemaybe :)10:47
knomethanks for the consideration10:47
well_laid_lawnI typed with the best intentions10:47
GeekDudeMy computer shutdown unexpectedly, and it reset all my whisker menu settings. Is that overly strange?14:01
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kozukumianyone using plank here? i have a strange issue where i cant pin thunar to the dock20:50
kozukumiI am loving Plank as a dock on xfce21:01
kozukumiso good21:01
JohnnyComeL8lykozukumi, You are an über customizer....21:03
kozukuminah not really21:03
kozukumijust icons and theme21:03
kozukumithis is my first real use of linux on the desktop21:04
Meerkathow do I move channels down to the bottom? Im running out of vertical space21:04
JohnnyComeL8lyWell, here's your much needed welcome!21:04
Meerkatkozukumi, that was for you21:05
kozukumihow can i make the whisker menu open on pressing the win/super key?21:05
kozukumiMeerkat, channels?21:05
Meerkatof hexchat21:06
kozukumiview channel switcher tabs21:06
Meerkatoh, bummer. They do not wrap. :(21:06
kozukuminope :(21:06
JohnnyComeL8lykozukumi, I changed my HexChat to be like yours... it is different - refreshing, perhaps?21:08
kozukumiyeah i prefer it21:08
kozukumiim only on a couple of channels at a time21:08
kozukumicompton is awesome as a compositor, beautiful video with no tearing or dropped frames :)21:09
kozukumilooks sexy21:09
JohnnyComeL8lyI'm somewhat maxed out... I'm connected to 2 servers and have 8 channels in all.21:10
kozukumiI love the snap to edge and other windows options :) http://i.imgur.com/iSijLPW.png21:15
JohnnyComeL8lykozukumi, did you have to install crompton?21:19
kozukumithen i stick this in startup compton --backend glx --paint-on-overlay --vsync opengl-swc21:20
JohnnyComeL8lySo, by default, there is no compositor?21:20
kozukumiit uses the xfce compositor by default21:20
kozukuminot sure what that is called tho21:20
JohnnyComeL8lyxfwm4 http://blog.xfce.org/2004/10/xfce-window-manager-now-includes-its-own-compositing-manager/21:21
JohnnyComeL8lyI just ddg'd "xfce compositor" I know somewhere I've seen that same info.... xD21:22
kozukumiyeah but the xfwm compositor doesnt work as well as compton in my experience21:23
JohnnyComeL8lyI haven't notice any issues.21:25
kozukumii got video tearing on youtube html5 videos at 60fps using the default compositor21:26
JohnnyComeL8lyAnd, I'm thinking of installing Openbox, for when I want to game.  That way compositing doesn't get in the way of playing.21:26
kozukumiyeah or you can just kill the compton process and run again when finished gaming?21:26
JohnnyComeL8lyWhich ones did you watch?21:26
krytarikJohnnyComeL8ly: You know, you can just disable it too. :P21:27
kozukumiloads of test videos21:27
JohnnyComeL8lykrytarik, I was going to ask about that.21:27
JohnnyComeL8lyCan you point me to a link, please? :-)21:27
JohnnyComeL8lyOr if its a cmd.21:27
kozukumiyou can do it via the window tweaks manager21:28
kozukumion the compositor tab21:28
JohnnyComeL8lyOk, so according to what is there already, I should have no problems if I'm fullscreen?21:29
JohnnyComeL8lykrytarik and kozukumi, thanks for that help... it appears I needed it even though I didn't come here for it. xD21:31
JohnnyComeL8lyxyz4 from linuxgaming2?21:36
xyz_hi! I unwillingly opened Pidgin and now this program runs during startup. How to change it? I don't see any wy to uncheck it in the preferences.21:37
xyz_*any way21:37
JohnnyComeL8lyWell, I don't like Pigin... so I would just remove it if you don't have use for it.21:38
JohnnyComeL8lyxyz_, Check ~/.config/autostart/ for a desktop application file that starts it.21:40
JohnnyComeL8lyOr, open menu -> Settings -> Session and Startup   Go to the Autostart tab  then un-check the box by Pidgin if it is there.21:44
xyz_JohnnyComeL8ly: there is no /autostart/ in /.config/21:48
xyz_neither is pidgin in Session and Startup21:49
JohnnyComeL8lyWell, then it hasn't been set there....21:49
xyz_so why is there an pidgin icon (exactly envelope) amongst other applets?21:50
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