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* arosales forgot to put in here that I was reviewing xcat, but sent my findings to the list02:35
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ddellavjamespage, i missed your message earlier, here's the MP: https://code.launchpad.net/~ddellav/charms/trusty/neutron-api/ml2-port-security/+merge/27676404:55
rajalokanHey guys. Any way of deploying a juju charm from local source code instead of pulling from github.13:59
rajalokanAny pointers or help appreciated.13:59
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tvansteenburghrajalokan: https://jujucharms.com/docs/devel/charms-deploying#deploying-from-a-local-repository19:12
rajalokanThanks tvansteenburgh for replying. Was away so couldn't reply. But this isn't the answer I was looking.19:38
rajalokanI guess I was wrong in framing the question.19:38
rajalokanWhat I want is to deploy say OpenStack keystone, But not any distro packaged liberty release or liberty release from OpenStack github page. Rather keystone should be installed from my local source code.19:40
rajalokanWas thinking if we can use juju to setup developer workstation. Apologies again for improperly framed question.19:41
tvansteenburghrajalokan: there is a "Deploying from source" section here https://jujucharms.com/keystone/trusty/31, maybe that helps?19:45
rajalokanThanks tvansteenburgh. Going though it but I remember seeing `repositories` accept only 'git' or 'bzr'. Nothing like a file system.19:56
rajalokanLet me find that out.19:56
tvansteenburghrajalokan: yeah you would probably have to push your code to a public repo19:56
rajalokanYeah. seems like it. Just wanted to confirm it here. I will stick with devstack for some more while then.19:58
wolsenrajalokan: you may want to touch base with coreycb on the deploy from source. Presumably the local file system it's being deployed from points to a guy repo somewhere, iirc it uses that to branch locally - theoretically you could make local edits then redeploy but I may be wrong on that. coreycb is the guy you want to talk to on it though20:53
wolsenerr s/guy repo/git repo - on my phone - lovely autocorrect20:54
rick_h__rajalokan: tvansteenburgh we're working on something like this for this cycle21:02
rick_h__rajalokan: tvansteenburgh where you can mount your local filesystem with the lxd provider to do openstack dev as you describe21:02
rick_h__rajalokan: and the charms would be able to locate the source code to use off that mounted shared filesystem21:02
rick_h__rajalokan: tvansteenburgh so it's not here atm, but a use case teams are working on for 16.0421:02
rick_h__rajalokan: look for the lxd provider work soon (the first leg of the task) and happy to have folks test things out and see how they feel as we work along21:03
tvansteenburghrick_h__: cool, thanks. saw a demo of the lxd provider yesterday - eager to give that a spin21:38

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