wxlsince https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs lacks any links to the ppa, as does sgclark's post about the trusty-backports ppa, can someone please link me?00:51
mparilloThis is an example of the guidance I used to share about backports: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/plasma-532-and-frameworks-5120-backported-kubuntu-1504/01:20
wxlthx mparillo 01:21
* wxl yawns04:14
wxlstill up philipballew ?04:57
wxlwrong channel04:57
lordievaderGood morning.09:12
clivejohas anything changed graphically in wily this past few days?10:34
clivejomy display has suddenly got bigger (bigger fonts, bigger tray icons etc)10:36
clivejohi sick_rimmit10:55
soee_in Wily - i doubt10:55
clivejosoee_: :(10:55
clivejothis is so weird10:56
soee_domething related to DPI prbably in your case10:56
clivejohow do I change that?10:56
clivejoIn Settings> Display Configuation> Scale Display it is set at 1x, but if I move that slider and save, settings crashes10:58
clivejoIm installing qtbase5-dbg & systemsettings-dbg to get a better bug report10:59
clivejothis happened in reverse during wily development11:00
clivejobut I grew to like the smaller icons11:01
soee_tbh i had never someserious problems with DPI on my laptop11:01
clivejoand Id like them back!11:01
clivejohow do you change the DPI?11:05
sick_rimmitHi clivejo11:07
sick_rimmitmorning everyone11:07
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soee_clivejo: i do not change anything, it just work fone11:14
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BluesKajHiyas all12:23
sick_rimmitHi BluesKaj12:41
BluesKajHi sick_rimmit12:41
sick_rimmitLooking at some Bugs, I am Triaging..12:41
BluesKajok good12:41
sick_rimmitWe've got some for Quanta the old HTML IDE..12:41
sick_rimmitI don't think that we package that any more do we ?12:42
sick_rimmitHas Kdevelop taken over from it12:42
BluesKajsick_rimmit, dunno, i test, but don't package12:43
sick_rimmitAh cool, well that's even more important12:56
sick_rimmitDo you use the TestDrive tool ?12:57
BluesKajnope, never used it ...whenever Riddell or one of the devs has a major release/ppa etc, then a list of testers are called to test it13:05
clivejoI *beeping* hate NVidia!13:05
BluesKajthat's about as involved as I get13:06
BluesKajnvidia works ok vs amd 13:06
clivejoIve spent an hour trying to get back into Plasma13:07
clivejoand still got stupid big icons and fonts13:07
clivejoI dunno why changed over night13:07
BluesKajnvidia does have it's bugs but they're usually fixable ...amd 's problems are more numerous13:08
clivejobut nothing changed, there was no updates, nothing new installed.  Just booted this morning to my whole desktop blown up and ugly looking13:09
clivejoall my screens are same resolution, just everything is bigger13:10
BluesKajsystem settings>icons>advanced tab13:10
clivejoits not just the icons, its the fonts, windows everything13:10
BluesKajthen it's your resolution and your fonts dpi13:11
clivejothe resolutions are the same13:11
clivejoIve still got the screen sizes I had all along13:12
clivejothis seems to be the problem - https://plus.google.com/+KDEOKK/posts/R34B46xDvNz13:19
clivejoinstead of the default setting of x1, I need to go smaller, like x0.913:20
BluesKajI have increase the dpi due to the size of my monitor, it's a 42" Panasonic plasma TV13:24
clivejowell that scaling slider is as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike13:28
BluesKajclivejo, there's still a lot of features that are missing or don't work well, or don't work at all13:32
clivejosorry BluesKaj, I rebooted as you sent that message13:47
clivejothe problem is it was working fine yesterday.  What changed from yesterday to today ?13:48
BluesKajwhich kubuntu?13:49
clivejoits so weird, it did this in reverse a few months ago.  I thought it was just an update as part of wily devel, but I liked the smaller icons and having more room on the screen 13:52
clivejowasted 4 hours on this now :(13:54
BluesKajsorry clivejo i just use the icon sizes settings, but even they don't seem to do much14:03
BluesKajI normally don't populate my desktop with icons. I populate the launchers in the panel by dragging them from the application launcher14:05
BluesKajin conjunction with the icons only taskmanager14:06
* sick_rimmit Laughs with clivejo15:11
* sick_rimmit "An Ashtray on a Motorbike"15:11
* clivejo is not laughing15:11
clivejothis plasma has a mind of its own15:12
clivejolike a baby Skynet15:12
clivejosick_rimmit: if you have time would you try that slider in different positions and see if it does anything on your system?15:16
clivejosgclark: RE: Plasma 5.4.3 are you running the automation scripts or santa's ng ones?15:38
clivejoany devs here today?16:02
sick_rimmitlooks like its just you and me clivejo16:16
sick_rimmitI'm just running a testdrive install of 16.0416:16
sick_rimmitWhat's this slider you want looking at ?16:16
clivejoI was wanting to get some of the new release KDE stuff packaged16:16
clivejobut automation scripts have gone :/16:17
sick_rimmitAh got it16:17
sick_rimmitJust looking at that post on G+16:18
clivejodoes it work for you?16:19
alleeclivejo: about packagging:  AFAIK we have no backup tool in kubuntu.  Maybe kubuntu should try to find one for 16.04.  16:34
clivejohi TJ-16:35
clivejowould you have any idea on the status of the new automation tools?16:36
TJ-No, I've not really been following. Is that the things santa was working on?16:37
clivejoI believe so16:37
sick_rimmitallee: I understand KUP is pretty good, and part of the KDE Suite16:59
alleesick_rimmit: yes. it's nice.  I use it.  Missing is way to abort a running backup and some UI enhancements.  17:00
alleeit only backups  user data.  Question is if that enough.   IMHO at least a good start.17:01
clivejosick_rimmit: did the scaling slider work for you?17:01
* clivejo had to reboot17:01
alleeKup is not part of KDE Applications.17:02
sick_rimmitInstall not finished yey clivejo17:02
sick_rimmitLet me have a look on my lappie here17:02
alleeAH, missing: a) cancel running backup b)  Sort of progress  c) better way to verify archived data. (Doing it here before the backup >~ 26 h delay until backup starts) 17:04
alleeBut I like that it offers a backup when the USB disk is connected.17:05
sick_rimmitHow do I find that KDE Module Control dialogue ?17:06
sick_rimmitAh now I got it17:06
sick_rimmitclivejo: Yes that slider works on my machine17:09
sick_rimmitWhich is a 2009 Samsun R710 running a NVidia card17:09
clivejodoesnt work for me :/17:13
clivejoIve tried to override the DPI in the xorg.config file but it only applies it to the login screen then overirdes it 17:19
TJ-clivejo: how about applying it directly using 'xrandr' ?18:03
clivejosick_rimmit: how did xenial install go?20:12
clivejoanyone else got xenial installed?20:30
sick_rimmitclivejo: I just got the install finished, and is rebooting now...21:00
sick_rimmitIt's in VBox and this laptop is quite old.. 200921:00
sick_rimmitPlus, I've been doing loads on my laptop today.. It only has 3Gb of RAM21:01
sick_rimmitBut it has 24Gb of SSD Swap ;-)21:01
clivejothat should speed it up21:13
sick_rimmitAlright good news..21:18
sick_rimmitIt installed, and booted. I've logged in and am at the desktop.. on 16.04 Xenial..21:19
sick_rimmitI reckon that's a result21:19
clivejono major problems?22:00
clivejomy internet is soooo slow!22:37
valorieclivejo: sorry to hear of your recent difficulties22:47
valoriethat really sucks22:47
clivejowhich ones?22:47
clivejoIve had a few issues recently?!?22:47
valoriedisplay was one that I read up here22:48
valoriein the scrollback22:48
clivejoyeah that ones annoying me!22:49
valoriestill no fix?22:53
valoriehave you looked for bug reports?22:53
valorieDavid is the best for being responsive, friendly and helpful22:53
valoried_ed: ^^^22:54
valorieplus hilarious22:54
clivejoI dont know what is wrong22:55
clivejoit just changed last night22:55
clivejotrying to get my pbuilder sorted for xenial22:58
clivejoonly a few hundred MB but its soooo slow22:59
* clivejo yawns23:34
clivejoI feel like Im falling23:34
clivejosick_rimmit: what are you up to?23:38
valorieoh dear, sick_rimmit has a sick connection23:59

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