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adam8157hello, which room is to contact canonical IS team?01:53
adam8157also I just sent a mail to feedback@launchpad.net, could anyone take a look?01:54
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samson_uoHi. I'm trying to upload my first PPA. Unfortunately, I had a bad setting in ~/.dput.cf. I fixed that, but now dput is saying the package has already been uploaded. How do I fix this?18:48
samson_uolooks like 'dput -f' is working, if ineffiecient.18:55
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samson-uoHi, how do I debug/resolve errors with the builldd's fail to upload the resulting debs?22:44
wgrantsamson-uo: What does the upload log say?22:44
samson-uohttp://paste.ubuntu.com/13164562/ being the email that launchpad sent me.22:45
samson-uo"Uploading build 20151107-223202-PACKAGEBUILD-8275074 failed."22:45
samson-uoand thats it22:45
samson-uohttps://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/65900 doesn't have anything helpful to add22:46
wgrantThere's more detail in the upload log linked from https://launchpad.net/~samson-uo/+archive/ubuntu/trim-disable-kernel/+build/827507422:47
wgrantINFO Unable to find source publication linux/4.2.0-16.19 in wily22:47
wgrantDid you delete the package or upload a new one before that build finished?22:47
wgrantAh, no.22:47
wgrantYour version is bad.22:47
samson-uowhich bit?22:47
wgrantThe kernel build system is a bit special; you can't just append things to the version and hope it works.22:47
wgrantIt produced binaries with version 4.2.0-16.19.22:48
wgrantAre you aware of the debian/ vs debian.master/ weirdness that the kernel packaging uses?22:48
samson-uothe kernel wiki specifically mentioned not to hack the makefile and append to LOCAL_VERSION22:48
wgrantWhich page were you looking at?22:48
samson-uosaw it, but am not aware of the ramifications22:48
samson-uois appending to LOCAL_VERSION actually the right method?22:50
samson-uohttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel: NOTE: do not attempt to use CONFIG_LOCALVERSION as this _will_ break the build.22:50
samson-uooh, but now I see it says to edit debian.master/changelog and not debian/changelog, which dch changes by default.22:51
samson-uowhat's required to set a custom version for the kernel? is editing the top of debian.master/changelog sufficient?22:53
wgrantThe things to watch out for with the linux packaging are debian.master and the ABI check.22:53
wgrantOn the rare occasion that I need a custom kernel, I hack around the latter by replacing the latest changelog entry, rather than adding a new one.22:54
wgrantI don't know if there's a better method.22:55
samson-uoisn't that the mistake I made here, which caused the resulting deb to not actually have a new version number?22:56
wgrantYour mistake here was ignoring debian.master22:58
wgrantThe build regenerates debian/changelog from debian.master/changelog, so it produced binaries based on the old version.22:58
samson-uoah, so my upload failed because the changelog was no different from the released version23:00
wgrantRight. The binaries said they were for the official version, which didn't exist in your PPA.23:00
samson-uowgrant: got distracted with other stuff, but manged to get an updated version building. I'll know in 3ish hours if that worked. Thanks! :)23:59

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