DirksonUnit193: Managed to free juuuust enough space to let the update tool do its work, and so now I appear to be on 14.somethingorother, which is good enough. Thanks for the earlier input : )00:49
Unit193Great!  Glad you got it all working then.  And check for old kernels too, those can take up a good deal.  I'm a fan of 'ncdu' myself.00:51
DirksonUnit193: Didn't know about ncdu. That seems a lot preferrable to my usual du|grep|less thing.01:20
Guest-2I am using lubuntu 14.04.3 64 bit and it willnot read SDHC card. what can be wrong ?20:24
dzhowhat is the card readable on?20:25
* dzho wonders about the filesystem20:26
Guest-2I dont know. but one card is allready used on another computer with lubuntu 32 bit. i know sometimes i need to format it.20:27
Guest-2My computer dont detect my cards.20:28
Guest-2dzho: it just worked once, but not anymore.20:38
Guest-2how can i make the cardreader works ?20:53
Guest-2Is someone know about sd card mounting problems ?21:14
WsewolodHello. I'm a new linux user, and after dual-booting Lubuntu onto my system, I cannot connect to my wireless internet. What are some troubleshooting possibilities for this that don't involve installing anything?21:39
redwolfWsewolod, do you see your connection in the wifi applet menu?21:44
WsewolodIn the bottom-right connection panel, it does not detect any connections and had some ethernet default21:45
WsewolodMy Win10 partition picks up all wireless networks, and I've "added" the information for my desired signal, but it does not connect or detect anything.21:46
redwolfso it's not detected automatically? did it work during the install process?21:46
WsewolodIt did not.21:46
redwolfit's odd21:48
redwolfmaybe a drivers related problem, or a specific model thing21:49
WsewolodAlright then21:49
WsewolodI'll try reinstalling, and if that doesn't work, temporarily use a different distro on the device :/ Thank you.21:49
redwolfokay o.o21:50

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