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Guest50370Hello everybody i make first webapp successfully and install it on my nexus 4 . but i have an issue on webapp. there isn't any touch Button for select next , Previous ,home pages.00:08
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popeyjplatte, looks like mediascanner is built with dbgsyms - e.g. https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-031/+build/822812111:00
popeyjplatte, so one could find out what version of mediascanner you have on your device, and find the debugsyms in that ppa (or another)11:01
ursinusIs this channel for apps being developed for ubuntu or on ubuntu12:22
ogra_thats a funny question :)12:22
DanChapmanursinus: it's generally "for ubuntu"12:22
ursinusu think so?12:22
ogra_(most apps that are developed for ubuntu are developed on ubuntu i'd guess)12:23
DanChapmanand developed on ubuntu12:23
ursinusI work on ubuntu making12:23
ursinus"platform independent" apps12:23
ursinusmostly end up wrapping them as exe files12:24
ursinusso what domain do you people work on... python, java, c++?12:26
KiviI used ubuntu make to install android studio... It seems to be installed without avd?23:31

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