psusicould a release manager please approve my nomination for bug #1281588 to trusty?00:03
ubot5bug 1281588 in udisks2 (Ubuntu) "Disk standby timer is broken" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128158800:03
hggdhpsusi: approved,thank you for your work on it00:12
psusihggdh, thanks... question.. if I finally get off my duff and get upgraded from contributing developer to full developer, would these nominations still require someone else's approval?00:13
hggdhpsusi: not sure, since it may depend on package sets you have under you. But, personally, I think an independent review is always good.00:15
MeerkatHi I found a feature-adding patch/bug fix for rapidsvn that I verified still works. Where do I go to get this addition into Ubuntu?00:16
psusihggdh, well, it seems that if I can go ahead and upload the fixed package myself, it seems silly that I need someone else to add the task to track it first ;)00:17
hggdhMeerkat: rapidsvn is in Universe. you can go to #ubuntu-motu, and work from there00:17
hggdhpsusi: psusi yes, but SRUs have their own flow00:18
EthosI would like to inform that, after flawlessly upgrading from 14.04 to 15.10. Ubuntu 15.10 constantly throws an error message, when it really suppose to show package update message.  I know this how, because after updating using apt-get update and/or apt-get dist-upgrade the message disappears.  -- Thanks. Rad06:51

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