Bashing-omTJ-: Are you covered up ? got time to look into Bilge not able to start the GUI in 15.10 ? got over my experience level .00:07
TJ-I'll dive in. Looks like the failsafe kicked in an renamed the broken xorg.conf00:10
Bashing-omTJ-: Thanks .. also http://paste.ubuntu.com/13132993/ .. Do I read right that the Nvidia card can not find a display port ? all attempts are "disconnected " .00:16
TJ-Bashing-om: This is an Intel/Nvidia Optimus?00:17
Bashing-omTJ-: affirmed as optimus per the xorg log file .. OP does not know .00:21
TJ-I wonder if this is one of those MUXless systems - where the nvidia GPU doesn't get to control the outputs, it has to render into shared memory for the Intel to do the framebuffer scanout00:22
Bashing-omTJ-: I had not even considered that ! muxless .00:23
TJ-Do you have any nvidia driver installed there; I want to point you to a help file00:24
Bashing-omTJ-: No .. no longer have any system with Nvidia cards .00:26
TJ-Hang on then, let me find it online00:26
TJ-OK, read this: http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/352.30/README/optimus.html00:27
TJ-Re: "Muxless" the sentence "On systems without a mux, the NVIDIA GPU can still be useful for offscreen rendering, running CUDA applications, and other uses that don't require driving a display." seems applicable00:28
Bashing-omTJ-: (that is subject to change) I have a box I want to build for a media center, if the other half will go along with it -money thing .00:28
TJ-I think the appropriate link there is "see Chapter 32, Offloading Graphics Display with RandR 1.4." to http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/352.30/README/randr14.html00:30
TJ-Chapter 32 seems to suggest that special xorg.conf is the solution to enable offloading, but there may be some additional firmware configuration for the video to be done00:34
Bashing-omTJ-: The above might explain the setting ( I had the OP change) " Driver "modesetting". and also why the system over-writes the changed config file ??00:35
TJ-Yes, it looks like it detects the bad xorg.conf broke things, renames it out the way, and creates a default config. I have the same thing happen with my 6-monitor config if the external GPU adapter isn't connected00:38
Bashing-omTJ-: Regressing a bit; so the output of ' /usr/bin/prime-supported ' being "yes" .... we have a problem ?00:40
TJ-If this will solve these MUXless issues, we can use it as the blueprint from now on to quickly fix these darn things00:40
TJ-the /var/log/prime-supported.log had "Requires offloading: yes"00:41
Bashing-omTJ-: We started messing with this yesterday . I have made 0 progress with it to this time .00:41
TJ-so I think we can infer from that this is MUXless and has to offload rendering to the Nvidia GPU00:41
TJ-This is the first time I've found/seen a sensible simple solution for MUXless - I usually ignore/walk away from Optimus :)00:42
Bashing-omTJ-: My 1st also with a optimus system that is MUX-less . I am again in a learning mode . thanks .00:43
TJ-This seems to be key, from that Chapter 32:00:47
TJ-command to query the capabilities of the graphics devices. If the system requirements are met and the X server is configured correctly, there should be a provider named NVIDIA-0 with the Source Output capability and one named modesetting with the Sink Output capability. If either provider is missing or doesn't have the expected capability, check your system configuration00:47
TJ-$ xrandr --listproviders00:47
pauljwgnite all00:48
TJ-I think we may be there! I suspect Bilge only needs to sort out Unity issues in the profile00:51
Bashing-omTJ-: I will be much relieved if that is so .00:53
TJ-Hmmm, I had thought there was no log-in at all, but it sounds like there's just a Unity rendering issue, which might be down to a config issue, and clues may be in ~/.xsession-errors00:54
TJ-Are you OK to pick back up on the Unity config issues? I've not used it in years!00:55
Bashing-omTJ-: I too could muddle through it . But I do not have access to a running unity desktop. and looks like you are still teaching . sure is nice that Bilge is so willing to co-operate and follow instructions !01:05
TJ-I'm *sure* monitors.xml has been the issue before; I wonder if it is no longer present on 15.1001:07
Bashing-omMaybe ~/.config/monitors.xml . Still looking .01:11
TJ-I think this is going to be a gsettings difference01:12
Bashing-omTJ-: there is also these config files for unity : ~/.config/dconf and ~/.config/compiz-1 and ~/.dmrc .01:33
TJ-Right. We only moved .config/ so something in there triggered it to work. I'd love to know what it is!01:36
TJ-One down :)01:47
TJ-I'll look at the .config zip Bilge has sent tomorrow when I'm more awake01:48
Bashing-omTJ-: UH, huh on the down .. I would never have figgured it out .. was chasing my tail . thanks heaps .01:57
TJ-You're welcome. I think part of the issue was the user's description of the issue. I originally thought it was failing to log-in, but it turned out to be 'no workspace/desktop'02:02
* daftykins yawns02:10
TJ-fed up on the bonfire toffee?02:10
daftykinswhat on earth is that? :D02:12
daftykinsheh US lass i know was asking me why there were fireworks here02:12
TJ-I managed to burn out a disk-on-module SSD yesterday02:20
TJ-first a PCB trace from the +5ve input to pin 20 on the PATA-IDE header then realised the LDO voltage regulator was taken out, too! I had managed to connect the device 1 pin column to the right! It would have been fine BUT that pin 20 - which is supposed to be blank, and used as a keyway, was on this device connected to that external 5V input, so when I connected it incorrectly I managed to connect the02:22
TJ-5V external input to ground!02:22
TJ-bonfire toffee: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonfire_toffee02:24
daftykinsgood ol' bodhi.02:50
TJ-Wasn't it one of those Thinkpad Edge models where the boot-loader EFI file had to be marked as 'trusted' before it would boot from it? I wonder if that also affects the simple media path boot-loader /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI - be a right pain if it does02:59
daftykinsyeah i vaguely remember hearing that the other day03:13
daftykinsno idea how you sorted that mind you03:14
TJ-The user passed on some photos of the firmware setup screens. Look at the 3rd photo down: http://imgur.com/a/aj10803:19
TJ-"Select an UEFI file as trusted for executing:" - Secure Boot Mode *must* be enable to use that. When it is selected a file-chooser is shown and you can browser the EFI-SP to choose and select the file. Once it is marked trusted like that, Secure Boot can be disabled again - but it MUST be trusted whether SB is enabled or not03:21
TJ-Security Tab, InsydeH2O Firmware03:21
daftykinshaha guy was watching football in the background03:34
lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:53
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: o/ ,,, It is that time already ? Time flys when having fun .03:55
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: hey mate, had a good support night?03:56
lotuspsychjehey daftykins03:56
Bashing-omTJ-: Made it a good one .03:56
daftykinsi think lotus wakes up far too early03:56
lotuspsychjeyep lol03:56
lotuspsychje4h57 here03:57
lotuspsychjemy pizza was dancinf around my stomac03:57
lotuspsychjeim trying to drown it with coffee now03:57
lotuspsychjedaftykins: did pikachu come back?03:58
TJ-Glass of cold mik settles pizza03:58
Bashing-omthat what pizza does ! lol03:58
lotuspsychjeTJ-: oh i thought that was to settle LSD :p03:58
daftykinslotuspsychje: haha, i'm not sure - not seen any evidence but then i've been offline a lot of today03:58
lotuspsychjedaftykins: i saw him yesterday morning and told me not to abuse the bot after !language to a stfu user lol03:59
daftykinsugh, definitely our latest fan then03:59
lotuspsychjeill be waiting for his mistake :p04:00
lotuspsychjelets c whats new in ubuntu news land04:01
TJ-We've never seen this 'deitarion' before that I can tell, but the character is rather like pikapi04:01
daftykinsi'm not sure pikapi has as much of a clue :)04:01
lotuspsychjedaftykins: TJ- is convices he has asperger :p04:02
daftykinsi think 90% of freenode is04:02
TJ-right, deitarion is http://blog.ssokolow.com/04:04
TJ-what's the haha for?04:05
* lotuspsychje crawls back in his mental cell04:06
TJ-Are you going back to the future, or forward to the past? :D04:06
TJ-I might surprise the dogs and take them out now, before the rain arrives.04:07
TJ-rain is due to start within the hour and go all day, so i'll go now :)04:09
lotuspsychje#ubuntu-uos-plenary this is where to summit guys hangout/chat04:09
TJ-and ...-uos-core04:12
TJ-and -uos04:12
Bashing-omRelieve is here, I going horizonal for the spell. Good night.04:47
lordievaderGood morning.09:13
cfhowlettany ops?? please come drop a ban hammer on xenu-lives09:13
lordievadercfhowlett: There is a factoid which pings all ops.09:18
cfhowlettlordievader, got it.  wasn't sure any were in play.  thanks, it's been dealt with.09:18
lordievaderOk, good :)09:19
BluesKajHiyas all12:23
EriC^^TJ-: man these awkward uefi stuff16:44
EriC^^just yesterday you were mentioning uefi that have to be "trusted" even with secureboot off and this guy comes in today and his uefi has it16:45
EriC^^so when the bios didn't like anything i remembered what you said and asked him to check and he had the trust thingy16:46
EriC^^but it still wont work right, it's been trusted but he keeps getting a boot menu before grub each time :/16:47
daftykinsTJ- has a knack for that, he told me about the ACPI OSI thing just the day before someone came in needing it too :D16:49
EriC^^yeah it's funny16:49
daftykinsis it a Lenovo too? any BIOS updates available maybe?16:50
EriC^^acer aspire16:51
daftykinsah, blargh16:51
daftykinsif i remember the acers were the first to want a supervisor password added before they'd give up other options, too16:51
daftykinsah yeah E11, that's the model range i keep hearing about UEFI issues with16:52
EriC^^i'm going to get some beer16:55
daftykinsthat guy bodhi yesterday would enjoy seeing these setups that don't work with secure boot being on, despite what he kept saying ;)16:56
TJ-Sorry... was miles away reading!16:57
daftykinsyou're forgiven ;)16:58
TJ-EriC^^: which file(s) were trusted? the UEFI install often installs shimx64.efi as well as grubx64.efi. I seem to recall I may have recommended the user mark all /EFI/ubuntu/*.efi files trusted.16:59
daftykinsacer seem to be performing very badly, in a financial sense - so they might not be long for this world16:59
TJ-EriC^^: Although with my programming hat on, I'd expect only the file that is listed in the Ubuntu boot menu entry would need to be 'trusted'. On the other hand, as that file will call into the UEFI API to load other files, it might actually make sense17:00
TJ-They seem to be extremely tied to Microsoft Windows with no concern for interoperability.17:00
daftykinscould be a money/deal thing17:01
TJ-Strange, seeing as their R&D people must have a lot of experience/knowledge of Linux due to the eee series17:01
daftykinsbut then have we seen this trusted file thing on anything beyond acer yet?17:01
daftykinsnah Eee's were Asus17:01
TJ-I doubt it; MS has got past the point of needing to throw marketing $$$ backhander/rebates at manufacturers17:02
TJ-Oh, they were!17:02
TJ-Ha, I knew it started with A :D17:02
daftykinsalthough acer probably had Linux based netbooks at some point, too17:02
daftykinshehe yeah i often read the other when i see one17:02
TJ-It's like Asustek ... is that Asus or some other company, and then there's the ASrock ... always get confused17:03
TJ-Oh, would you like some pro-tips about IPv6 firewalling whilst I remember!17:03
daftykinsjust to confuse you more, ASRock are a subsidiary of Asus i believe - they just do their own separate line of motherboards etc :>17:03
daftykinsdoes it involve running away from it as fast as you can? :)17:04
TJ-I'm slowly moving our home network over to be primarily IPv6 instead of IPv4 and got myself puzzled and stuck with a simple ping for about 4 hours during the early hours today17:08
EriC^^i was away a bit17:09
daftykinsmy ISP still doesn't give v6, so no hurry to learn for the meantime17:10
TJ-One of the (many) wonderful things about IPv6 is, due to the address space being 128 bits rather than 32 bits, there is no pressure to re-use IP addresses. Every device can have it's own publicly routed IPv6 address. That means complex network applications will 'just-work', because the gateway device doesn't need to do PNAT (Port and Network Address Translation).17:10
TJ-So, in practice ISPs assign every connection its own /48 network... that means you have more than 18 billion addresses you can use, rather than the measily 1 address (a /32) having to be shared, as in IPv417:11
TJ-It makes things easier since the gateway only has to do routing - no complex connection tracking in the netfilters layer (controlled by iptables).17:12
TJ-That does mean though, that if you choose not to firewall those connections on the router but on each device, you've got to get the device firewall rules correct.17:13
daftykins*nod* that's the extent of my knowledge really, plus localhost becoming ::117:13
TJ-So... today I was trying to 'ping6' from a server in London back to my laptop PC here. If the firewall on the PC were disabled it worked... great! But, I don't want the world being able to probe the PC. So, first step is to set a default policy of DROP everything on the INPUT table: "ip6tables -P INPUT DROP" ... great. Pings stop getting through.17:14
daftykinsas did everything else? :>17:19
TJ-Now I want to add a rule to allow IPv6 ICMPv6 echo-request packets in on any wireless interface (which uses the new predictable naming scheme with i/fs starting with "wl") : "ip6tables -A INPUT -i wl+ -p ipv6-icmp -m icmp6 --icmpv6-type echo-request -j ACCEPT"17:20
TJ-Looks great - except it doesn't work!17:20
TJ-the packet counters on the policy DROP rule keep increasing. So I change the policy to ACCEPT and the icmpv6 rule counter starts increasing, and the remote gets ping replies.17:21
TJ-Then I change the policy on INPUT back to DROP and the ping continues for a long time... then fails again!17:21
TJ-So ... 4 hours of experimenting and scratching my head later, with tcpdump not helping me too much.17:22
TJ-Then I have the bright idea of adding a LOG target to the INPUT chain and watch the syslog.17:22
TJ-"ip6tables -A INPUT -i wlp11s0 -j LOG" ... great ... syslog filling with entries rapidly, but strangely the expected DROPS of incoming echo-request (type 128) weren't there, only DROPs of type 135 - weird :s17:23
TJ-Loooking up type 135 it is "Neighbour Solicitation" ... hmmm AHA!17:23
daftykinswhat on earth is that O_O17:24
daftykinswhich host did it think was trying to sell it insurance? :)17:25
daftykinsor borrow the mower...17:25
TJ-NS is built into IPv6, in IPv4 we know it as ARP (Address Resolution Protocol). It's when a device says "WHO HAS IPv4 address a.b.c.d? Tell MAC Address <my Ethernet MAC>" and a.b.c.d sends a packet saying "I HAVE a.b.c.d, my Ethernet MAC is Z"17:26
TJ-So, my gateway router was saying "Who Has IPv6 Address 2a02:8011:2007::2, tell <gateway>" but my firewall was DROPing that packet so my PC never replied to the gateway, so the gateway sent a "Destination Unreachable" response back to the remote server that was PINGing17:27
TJ-So, since the NS request came from the gateway's private IPv6 address, I was able to add a single simple rule to allow all its private traffic in, which covers these NS requests: "ip6tables -A INPUT -s fe80::/16 -i wl+ -p ipv6-icmp -j ACCEPT"17:29
TJ-Suddenly, ping6 is working reliably :D17:29
TJ-And now that experience is captured in the logs, so hopefully the explanation and commands will be useful to someone who gets stuck like I was and searches for help17:30
daftykinsso do i understand right that each of your hosts at home will now have an internal fe80... address and also another, internet facing?17:31
TJ-The fe80:: is everyone's private address space, think like, or in IPv417:32
daftykinsalso i get this feeling that tasks that rely on network scanning, such as adding a network printer will have to have the device actively reply to a broadcast, because it will no longer be found by an exhaustive search because of how long it would take? :D17:32
TJ-It doesn't work like that. 'discovery' services use Multicast that all devices on that link listen for. We have avahi which is the multicast-DNS service, like Apple bonjour17:33
daftykinsoh ok, i never really sniffed whilst one of such scanners was active to see what it used17:34
daftykinshere's a helpful image for any future acer EFI issues - https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-YBDyodrSfpU/Vj3ABK0g4TI/AAAAAAAAhYQ/w3h6p3b7IOs/w683-h659-no/12208754_908703492540113_2109291744906279860_n.jpg17:34
TJ-Multicast addresses are defined in the standards. There are a few global addresses that all devices will listen to, and there are ranges where groups of devices can choose to 'subscribe' to an individual address for their own purposes, such as communication amongst clients of a particular application17:34
TJ-HA HA !! Classic17:35
TJ-I've got to save that!17:37
daftykinsi'm thinking of telling satelite to purge 'lilo' since it seems to be messing up his/her kernel updates - sound ok? GRUB seems to be in use19:01
OerHeksstrange yes19:04
EriC^^lilo yikes19:07
EriC^^that's pretty ancient19:07
daftykinsEriC^^: just a heads up, that guys Asus T100 is more of a tablet 2-in-1 device thing, so not quite as conventional as a netbook as they claimed D:19:11
daftykinscould be intel atom or intel baytrail based19:13
daftykinsthe EFI probably has to be accessed through that funny windows reboot menu method19:17
TJ-You mean REAL power-down; Windows 'FastBoot' is a stupid way of saying 'Hibernate' :)19:27
daftykinsheh, it's more than hibernate though really19:27
daftykinsyou might even call it... hybridernate!19:27
OerHeksis that fastboot not a new way of keeping the system running to obtain updates?19:28
TJ-it just cooperates with the firmware so the firmware knows to skip some steps in POST and not do any boot-device scanning19:28
TJ-That's why to disable it you have to go into the Windows Shutdown menu and choose Power Off (or whatever its called)19:29
daftykinsor just run "shutdown -s -t 1" in the run dialogue (Super +R)19:29
daftykinsfor a one time run19:29
EriC^^my dad wants to install win1019:31
TJ-Amazing that Windows is getting a real shell soon, too, be able to SSH in :)19:31
EriC^^told him i'd check if win10 would run fine on his laptop Toshiba Satellite L55 B526719:31
EriC^^anybody know anything about it?19:31
TJ-Yeah... 75% certain it'll get infected by malware... but not if he uses Ubuntu19:32
daftykinsEriC^^: which Windows did it come with?19:32
EriC^^he needs windows though for accounting stuff19:32
daftykinsah that should be fine then, worst case scenario some onboard audio quirks - i'd just check whether it needs any software utilities to handle the controls e.g. brightness, volume etc - and check if the toshiba site has them for download19:33
daftykinsand as always with any OS (imo but Windows the most) i'd do a full format and not just rely on the upgrade19:34
EriC^^sounds good19:35
EriC^^says here also upgrade to windows 10 for free19:36
EriC^^i think it's like upgrade friendly probably?19:36
daftykinsoh yeah that's plenty recent19:37
EriC^^my dad doesn't know a lot about computers, i think it took us 2-3hours on the phone to make a live lubuntu usb once to try on his older pc19:37
daftykinsi get some quirks on my asus sandybridge from 4 years ago or more, but it works fine :)19:37
daftykinsouch :D19:37
EriC^^at the end i told him, fiddle around, get creative, next time we talked i dont remember what he did exactly but i was like what? no dont be creative anymore19:37
EriC^^he really went for it :D19:38
daftykinswell, i'd get him to do a backup naturally then let the upgrade run (since it's the way you convert the license, so to speak) and create a flash drive with Microsoft's own 10 ISO downloader so you can get a true clean install done19:38
daftykinsbe a bit of a pain if you're not there in person though i guess19:38
daftykinsthere's really no need to upgrade for most19:39
daftykinsi'm not bothering to let any clients upgrade, proper business ones19:39
OerHekslet me guess, abb4s is on an unsupported 13.10 / 14.1019:41
EriC^^i think i'll give it a go, he really wants win10 i think19:42
daftykinsOerHeks: or Mint ;)19:42
OerHeksor fedora19:42
EriC^^worse case if it messes up big time i'll just help him fix it when he's here in person19:42
daftykinsEriC^^: oh one other thing would be to burn the recovery DVDs with the manufacturer utility before upgrade19:43
daftykinsyou know the ones that let you clean install from? they're always good just in case19:43
EriC^^yeah definitely19:43
daftykinsi don't trust the recovery partitions :D19:44
EriC^^yeah me neither :D19:44
daftykinsin fact i nuke all machines i set up, partly to reclaim that disk space ;)19:44
daftykinsEriC^^: oh one thing that might be useful to know, is that an update should be coming to windows 10 soon (<3 weeks) that will basically update 10 to being how it should've been at release19:45
EriC^^oh, cool!19:45
daftykinsas we speak i'm trying to get my spare machine to update to the latest build, but it's being stubborn right now :>19:46
daftykinsnow that i've passed LFS101x on edx.org i'm going to read the second half of the course material XD19:48
daftykinshmm, how to setup NFS shares - do i care?19:48
daftykinsit's tough really to try and learn Linuxy things when you don't have a practical application for them19:49
EriC^^is that the one where you make a game in scratch?19:49
EriC^^yeah that's true19:49
daftykinsnah, just really basic stuff like an intro to the OS in general... bit of command line, tiny bit of bash scripting is coming up too i think19:50
daftykinsthere we go, that's the start sections19:50
daftykinsmaybe i should just move on to the sys admin one19:51
TJ-I shadowed Eddie on the edX  Python programming course 3 years ago; they were still working the bugs out of the software then and the tests were a real mess19:51
TJ-Has it improved?19:51
daftykinswell i ran through the final exams twice thinking all i had to do was pick an answer then save, but kept wondering why it didn't give me a result19:52
daftykinsseemed to be i had to click 'check' on each question page too, then it worked and totted up the scores - bit tedious though19:52
daftykinsi think that's because my one gives you two chances to answer each question19:53
TJ-Yes, that Check thing was fun - sometimes it wouldn't allow the correct number of attempts, other times it would never recognise the correct answer, and other times the 'correct' answer was actually wrong so no-one got it19:54
daftykinslol oh dear19:55
daftykinsi had my accident whilst working on the first version of LFS101x ("Introduction to Linux") so it was already on v2 by the time i gave it a try the other night19:55
daftykinsi even have a certificate! :P19:55
TJ-I ended up contributing patches to the marking system19:57
TJ-But never got a cert :p19:57
TJ-The problem was grad students were being left to run it, and they knew less than the professor, and were overworked and underresourced19:58
daftykinsmmm sounds about right19:58
daftykinsso i guess despite this having some fancy professor on the front, it's really his research Ph.D. lackeys doing the groundwork :D19:59
TJ-I'm going to write a 'snippets' tool on my web-site for all these often-repeated instructions for acpi_osi and so-on, so there's a nice short URL to give people instead of typing it repeatedly19:59
TJ-Well yes, that makes sense, especially as there's little to no income19:59
daftykinssounds like a plan, what about an !acpi factoid ?20:00
OerHeksbut there is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI20:00
daftykinshmm none of those have the same aspect20:00
TJ-OerHeks: I just want a simple text-only link that people can use to easily copy/paste into their shell20:01
TJ-It can be fetched using curl for example as a script, or whatever20:01
EriC^^i made a tiny game in scratch once from the cs course i was trying, didnt really continue it just made the scratch game20:02
TJ-I'm actually planning on putting my entire /usr/local/bin/ as a shared sshfs accesible resource so folks can mount it and use the latest without messing about20:03
EriC^^spacebar to kickflip, h to heelflip20:03
daftykinshehe so many folks trip up over the " for the ACPI stuff :>20:07
TJ-Yes, it is confusing for non-programmer types20:08
daftykinsguess i'll play with NFS just for the fun of it20:10
daftykinswell that's fun, all i get is the mount command stalling :) i wonder what's going on here!20:47
TJ-mixing nfsv4 with nfsv3? no rpc running on the server? no idmap configured?20:49
daftykinshehe, even more basic than that - service not running on the server 8D20:51
daftykinsdidn't pay enough attention to package installation output - showing it wouldn't be running at all post install - until /etc/exports is setup20:51
daftykinslittle bit surprised that ubuntu lets the service be called the very un-memorable 'nfs-kernel-server'20:51
EriC^^suspend logs are so exciting20:52
TJ-They're the life and soul of the ATH0^20:56
TJ-oops, disconnected!20:56
TJ-Hmmmm, I've got an order in for a Tesla S P85D, but wondering now about the new Apple Faraday Future. Would I dare own Apple!?21:30
daftykinsnot if i were you ;)21:32
OerHeksTJ-, buy VW21:32
TJ-OerHeks: I couldn't manage an entire company!21:32
OerHeksOh, that is why daftykins and me are here21:33
daftykinsyeah we have to eat, too ;)21:33
OerHeksdaftykins needs new tyres, and a cat-door21:34
TJ-That'll make him draftykins :D21:34
* OerHeks wants just a laptop with 32gb & 2x msata21:34
daftykinshaha, you say that but i often get called that in #ubutu ;)21:35
OerHekssome say DerHeks21:36
OerHeks"wipe your screen, silly!"21:36
TJ-oh, I'm saved! Other research seems to indicate that FF is actually owned by a massive Chinese conglomerate, Leshi Internet & Technology, so I'll only have buggy firmware and the car will problaby talk Chinglish!21:38
OerHekspassword 000021:39
DosTuMaiGPS: Wad go there for liao? Oso geng hao go jin cheng leh.21:40
TJ-I can actually here that in my head21:40
DosTuMaiMight see if I can get my GPS to talk in Singlish...21:41
MonkeyDustsimilar to Franglais?21:56
daftykinsthis tlt guy seems to be captain guess-the-possible-options22:08
daftykinsi don't like the look of the PCI entry in ksft's paste - http://termbin.com/ukcr22:13
daftykinsdoesn't even come up with a name for the nvidia device22:13
DosTuMaiMonkeyDust: I think so. Sing/Chinglish is a mashup of English & Chinese.22:13
EriC^^i think those butterflies the black ones have to be the stupidest creatures in the universe22:14
EriC^^one entered my room and is super hyper active turning around in circles in the middle, then goes to the lamp, gets burned, goes in circles again then runs head on into the lamp again22:15
daftykinswe mostly get moths doing that22:16
EriC^^it's like oh look a light bulb, *runs straight into it and gets burned and leaves* then oh look a light bulb etc. etc.22:16
daftykinspoor blighters use the sun to navigate, so think it's their path from what i understand - but then it's not like they fly up into space when they're outdoors22:17
TJ-daftykins: that ksft lspci is likely because the GPU wasn't released when the PCI tables were compiled22:17
EriC^^yeah i think it's a moth, it finally entered into the ceiling fan's metal thingy and i can hear it bouncing in it22:17
TJ-Using "lspci -nn" is preferrable since that always gives you the Vendor:Device IDs so you can check it22:17
EriC^^daftykins: lol, yeah22:17
TJ-but also, "sudo update-pciids" will fetch the latest ID tables, so that lspci should then report correctly22:18
daftykinsah yeah i remember you mentioning that one22:18
DosTuMaiIt's the moth's navigation software glitching. They use the moon and stars to navigate by keeping it at a certain angle in their eyes. Kinda backfires with lights.22:18
daftykinsi would've thought neither would stop it working properly though, as the nvidia driver is up to date22:18
daftykinsDosTuMai: ah so they're more nocturnal22:18
TJ-daftykins: correct, this is just coesmtic for human recognition22:19
DosTuMaiYah, it'll be a moth most likely. If you had a pic, I could probably identify it. =]22:19
daftykinsEriC^^: pics or it didn't happen ;)22:20
EriC^^it's in the ceiling fan's metal thingy right now, i can see it walking around in it22:22
EriC^^dunno if it can't figure out how to leave22:23
EriC^^or it's like i'll sleep in this metal nest tonight22:23
DosTuMaiMost likely not. Poor thing.22:23
EriC^^if i turn the fan on, it will fatality it22:24
EriC^^lol, i'll probably try to help it out in a bit22:24
TJ-vaccuum cleaner!22:25
EriC^^it's odd, i dont see it anymore22:26
daftykinsok i've no idea how to continue if anyone has any ideas for ksft22:26
daftykinsi don't fancy delving into fixing a steam install just so he can try running the game again ;)22:27
TJ-did you ask if the user has removed the fluff from the radiator recently?22:35
daftykinsclaims the machine is a week old, so it'd be odd for it to be built up that quick, mmm22:42
daftykinsmaybe a reinstall of the nvidia packages will provoke something ;) (nah i'm not holding my breath!)22:42
daftykinsi'm gonna get some food prepared22:42
TJ-I'm off to bed :)22:43
daftykinsso early!22:43
daftykinsnn sir!22:43
TJ-I didn't get to bed last night, had a nap today whilst it was raining, so trying to get hours back to normal22:44
OerHeksmy dog don't mind walking at nighttimes22:46
TJ-The Huskies loved their 4am walk this morning :) We got back just as the rain started.22:50
daftykinslooks like ksft got reset again but didn't come back!23:19

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