MeerkatHi. I found a feature-adding patch/bug fix for rapidsvn that I verified still works. How do I get this addition into Ubuntu?00:29
Meerkatis this the proper channel for this topic?01:00
MeerkatHello. I found a patch for RapidSVN that fixes a bug and I verified that it still works. I was told to go here in order to get the fix into Ubuntu. Is this the right place?11:56
mitya57Meerkat, it's the right place, though there are not many people here on weekends.15:20
mitya57Meerkat, please make sure your patch appears on the sponsor queue (see link in the topic), and if it's already there, then just wait until someone picks it up.15:20
Unit193Sponsors queue is really long right now.15:37
Meerkatis there any other way to do this that doesn't involve GPG keys? I can't make any GPG keys due to other bugs.16:39
mitya57You don't need any GPG keys, just attach a debdiff to a bug, or submit a merge proposal against lp:ubuntu/packagename branch.16:56

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