skd5anerHello - I've got a basic ubuntu server install where I've installed mythtv from source on it.  LiRC has been working fine for years, but I upgraded from 14.10 --> 15.04 and LIRC stopped working17:43
skd5anerso, I upgraded from 15.04 --> 15.10, still doesn't work17:44
skd5anerI've got an MCEUSB IR receiver... but nothing is working on mode2 or irw17:44
skd5anerIt's on a USB2 port (not USB3, I've read that can cause issues)17:45
skd5anerwhen I send the IR reciever a signal, the led lights up indicating it's receiving a signal, but the system doesn't do anything17:45
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mikeaWhat units are the cutlist generated by mythutil in?   I'm working on my own utility to cut the commercials since mythtranscode isn't working in 0.28 right now17:52
skd5anerhmm, irw is working now...17:52
skd5anerI mean, mode2 that is17:52
mikeaany time I run mythtranscode with --honorcutlist I get garbage for video in the output and greatly reduced volume on the audio17:52

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