bazhang<zacwalls> jrv_, Also installs spyware like software to use mic and camera without user consent...01:56
bazhangchrome does that?01:56
bazhangnews to me01:56
Flannelbazhang: The "ok google" thing that was in it for a bit, I presume is what he's talking about.01:56
bazhangFlannel, cheers, not heard of it til just now01:57
gavExcuse me06:28
gavI was +q in #ubuntu-offtopic.06:28
gavThis is silly and pointless.06:28
gavI'd like to request that I be banned or the quiet removed. Making me sit there forever without being heard is cruel and unusual06:29
Unit193I see why, you spammed thus were muted.  You clearly knew it was annoying too, as you "apologized" "in advance" for it.  In that case, let me recommend you a new command, /part #ubuntu-offtopic06:30
gavWe all know that isn't likely to happen06:31
Unit193We all know you aren't likely to part?  But yet you'd like a ban as a mute is "cruel"?  Anyway, why did you feel it necessary to spam in the first place?06:32
Unit193gav: Will you please stop spamming?06:34
gavNow I will, yes06:34
gavThank you, and good evening06:34
valoriethis is called in small children "acting out"06:40
valorieyou would think people would grow out of this sort of silliness by puberty06:40
ubottuMikaela called the ops in #ubuntu-women ()08:59
Unit193XenuLives in #ubuntu.09:12
FlannelI'm pretty sure that's not where Xenu lives.09:12
Unit193Hah. :D09:13
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (xenulives)09:13
valorieI don't see what happenedwith xenulives -- klined I would hope?21:14
Unit193Removed, rejoined, didn't make much of a mess so was left alone.21:14
valorieI'll write a ban for #u-w then21:17
Unit193Likely will just change IPs, fwiw.21:18
valorieI've not had time to do it, so probably won't22:42

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