wiuempeTJ-: yes, but i dont know how to debug this... ok, thanks for all00:00
wiuempegood night or day ;)00:00
cynixx3I think I have an .htaccess issue. mod_rewrite is loaded but does not look like its phrasing the information in .htaccess07:13
cynixx3Is there a way to test .htaccess07:14
lordievaderGood morning.09:12
ponyofdeathhi, anyone here can help me with a problem when I am using inline shell config option in vagrant, I see my script behave differently then when running from within the vm17:31
TJ-ponyofdeath: probably a different set of environment variables, and shell options.18:02
ponyofdeathyeah trying to track this down18:04
ponyofdeathand am looking at the env vars but they seem the same18:04
ponyofdeathi dump env with the script18:04
ponyofdeathand when i actually do the login > scipt execution18:04
ponyofdeathseems that maby maven is having a problem when being called from inline vagrant call vs shell18:05
jonahhi does anyone know a simple and easy way to do a nightly backup of my ubuntu server to a NAS on my local network and have the backups compressed to save space? I've read about rsync, and bacula and all sorts but it all seems a lot of work?20:50
cynixx3Rsync is not too bad20:52
Slingjonah: what would you want to back up? what scenarios are you thinking of?20:54
jonahcynixx3: so i set up rsync with a cron? but would i also need to tar all the files up, then rsync the tar? I thought there might just be a linux command tool i could use that would simply let you backup "/"  as source and output it as a bzip or tar etc to the nas with incemental filenames but only ever keep two backups etc20:54
cynixx3if your watching it I like rsync -a --progress /source/dir /destination/dir, then toss your command into cron (preferably by script.sh then cron) . automated backups done.20:54
Slingcomplete system restore or just specific locations20:54
jonahSling: I just wanted to back the whole server, maybe a full backup each week and a nightly with incremental. i suppose i've been spoilt being used to cpanel and whm before which does this for you20:55
jonahSling: I maybe wanted to just leave out some of the dirs that aren't really needed like tmp etc20:55
cynixx3jonah, you probably want to isolate your configs and home directory for backup. Your entire server will not backup well like that.20:55
jonahSling: i have a raid array set up for redundancy but it's not great without a backup going on too...20:55
Slingyeah raid is definitely not backup20:56
Slingdelete a file, and your raid makes sure its deleted everywhere :)20:56
jonahcynixx3: well my thought was if my raid fails, i could rebuild it and just restore the whole thing rather than having to reinstall ubuntu etc and try copy home back and then restore configs and stuff20:56
Slingraid protects you against some hardware failures20:57
jonahSling: yeah!20:57
SlingI'd backup your /etc /home /root and maybe some custom locations, so you can restore from a bare ubuntu setup20:57
jonahSling: isn't there anything already designed to just do a weekly and nightly backup out there to make things easy?20:57
Slingmaybe some additional information such as a dkpg -l20:57
Slingjonah: not terribly plenty if you don't want to pay20:57
Slingbacula is one of them20:57
cynixx3jonah, making a backup system is really a good way to learn linux20:58
jonahSling: i did look at bacula but didn't really get it. do you have to install bacula on the NAS too??20:58
Slingjonah: bacula is not trivial to set up20:58
Slingits comprised of several daemons and mainly built around the concepts of backup tapes20:58
jonahcynixx3: I know and it's not that I lack a want to learn or dislike going to a lot of effort, but I just thought something simple and convenient might be out there. The less complex it is then hopefully the less likely I am to do it wrong!20:59
Slingi personally have a script that compresses certain filesystem locations (full once per week, incremental daily), encrypts it, and the throws it to some cloud service like mega.nz20:59
Slingbuilt around a cli-wrapper for said cloud service21:00
cynixx3I do something similar with local and remote system with just a bash script.21:00
Slingbut if you want to back up more than a few gb you will probably not be able to do that for free21:00
cynixx3Sling, while your here are you able to help with a mod_rewrite issue I am working on?21:01
cynixx3I need aaa/bbb/ccc/ to show that but be phrased as aaa/index.php?/bbb/ccc Right now all I get is /aaa/bbb/ccc http://pastebin.com/iiD8E9zG21:01
cynixx3jonah, if you are up for it I will help you get the backup script working today.21:02
Slingcynixx3: why not use FallbackResource to make all requests to non-existing locations be sent to your index.php?21:02
Slingyou can then use the original uri to route the request in your php script21:02
jonahcynixx3: ok cool lets try it. though my server potentially will hold over 1tb of data if that matters?21:03
jonahcynixx3: currently it is pretty new and empty though!21:03
cynixx3Sling, I attempted that without luck. I am copying an old script from centos to ubuntu-server written by someone else and had it working on centos. I really rather not have to learn their code and fix it.21:03
cynixx3brb baby cries.21:03
jonahcynixx3: basically it is on ip and  I have a nas using - and my plan was to somehow just sftp or ssh the data over21:04
jonahcynixx3: bottle time?21:04
bekksjonah: And whats the issue with accessing your NAS?21:05
jonahbekks: just trying to backup my server each night with maybe a full backup each week to the nas, just not sure the best way or how!21:07
bekks!backup | jonah21:07
ubottujonah: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning21:07
cynixx3jonah, were those resources helpful to you?21:13
jonahcynixx3: yes but i think i've looked over some of that stuff already...21:14
cynixx3okay, start by making a backup directory and a shell script to run your backups.21:15
jonahcynixx3: well i've already made a backup directory on the nas simply called backup21:15
cynixx3okay, where are you storing the tars before transferring them to nas?21:18
jonahcynixx3: so do i have to tar the files before i can copy them to nas? as what happens when the server is say 3/4 full and then it has to try tar everything in the last 1/4?21:19
cynixx3jonah, I am just going off of what you said. You said you wanted to copy and tar before transferring. IF the server is 3/4 full and you try to back it up then the backup will fail.21:20
jonahcynixx3: ah ok. no i only ask just because i wondered if there is a way to backup straight to a tar?21:21
cynixx3It would depend on if and how the NAS is mounted.21:22
bekksjonah: did you read the links given yet?21:23
jonahcynixx3: ok so it can just be compressed straight over some how?21:24
jonahbekks: yes had a quick flick through but still unsure what the best way to go is21:24
bekksjonah: There are totally different methods of crating a backup. tar is just one of them. And not necessarily the best method for your use case.21:28
JanCthere are about 50 rsync-based backup solutions  :)21:30
JanCor maybe 50021:30
bekksAnd about some twenty other backup solutions :)21:30
jonahok thanks i'll go do more reading!21:32
cynixx3bekks, I need help with a mod_rewrite rule if you know anything. I need aaa/bbb/ccc/ to show that but be phrased as aaa/index.php?/bbb/ccc Right now all I get is /aaa/bbb/ccc http://pastebin.com/iiD8E9zG21:32
cynixx3If I try the fallbackresource then all I get is the homepage and can not do anything on the site. and I really dont want to recode this platform.21:32
jak2000why: jak@swManzana:~/ftp$ ping  i get an answer PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.   wich is bad? gateway? or? thanks22:43
JanCjak2000: you mean that line is the only thing you get, or?22:49
jak2000forget paste: From icmp_seq=1 Destination Net Unreachable22:53
JanCthat's a private network IP address?22:56
JanCyou can try to ping the gateway22:58
Seveasthe device on doesn't have a route to Try fixing that :)22:59
jak2000JanC escuse, me yes i can ping to gw23:14

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