Kilosmorning all09:52
theblazehenhi Kilos 09:56
Kiloshi theblazehen all good?09:56
Kilosnice to have you back again09:56
theblazehenYeah, I'm good and you Kilos ?09:57
Kilosgood too ty09:57
theblazehenJust got 6 exams left :)09:57
theblazehenBit stressed for 2nd math exam.. :/09:59
Kilosif you know your work there is no need to stress10:03
theblazehenYeah. Thing is, no matter how hard I try, I just can't get euclidean geometry10:04
Kilosfind gremble10:04
Kiloshe the maths man10:05
Kiloshe might be able to explain it in a easier way10:05
Kilosoh he is here10:05
theblazehenThink I should be fine. At least this paper includes more of other stuff, so shouldn't be too much of a problem10:05
Kilosgrumbles help the lad10:05
theblazehenPrevious year or 2 was mostly euclidean in paper 210:06
Kilosi dont even know what that is10:06
theblazehenBasically circles and triangles and lines inside circles10:06
Kilosyou int pta as well hey10:06
theblazehenI hate circles10:06
Kilosso is gremble10:07
theblazehenyeah.Met him at sfd10:07
Kilosoh yes10:07
grembleHey Kilos 10:13
grembleHey theblazehen What don't you get with Euclidean Geometry10:14
theblazehengremble: Like, I know the theorems and stuff, and like I can do stuff individualy with one or two theorems involved.10:15
grembleWhere do you struggle?10:16
theblazehenThe problem comes in when they add like lots of lines, and you need to use different theorems, and like when they involve multiple circles etc10:16
theblazehenI just don't "see" how to get the answer10:16
grembleAh alright. Yes, it gets a little difficult to discern the various problems. That is no problem on your understanding though, that is an experience problem10:17
theblazehenyeah. Thing is, I practise as much as I can - I often, even after like 30 min can't see the solution sometimes10:17
grembleI take really long to get experience intuituin, where fundamental reasoning over the problem is practically instantaneous. So different parts have different difficulties10:17
grembletheblazehen: That is me with Differential Equations :P10:18
theblazehenah, lol10:18
grembleI passed that by eating and sleeping DE's. People thought I was going crazy because I would not go anywhere without a set of questions to work out10:18
grembleWaiting on line? Doing problems :P10:19
theblazehenHeh, yeah10:22
theblazehenI actually got a really great way of concentrating :) Like, idk how to describe it. The kind of concentrating where you don't focus on anything else. Did my physics exam like that, finished in 1:30, most people in like 2:4010:23
theblazehenAnd could have studied the whole night through the day before if I wanted to, without being tired on the day :)10:23
theblazehenThink I'll do that again for the math exam10:23
grembleI wish I had the ability to concentrate like that10:41
grembleI've only been able to concentrate properly while using something like ritalin or THC10:42
theblazehenHeh, I used meds for that actually10:42
theblazehenWell, more _lack_ of meds :)10:42
inetprogood mornings11:16
theblazehenhi inetpro. Not so morning anymore :)11:17
grembleHey inetpro 11:19
inetprooh hello gremble as well11:19
inetprohot in Pretoria again today11:20
theblazehenYeah. Should go up to 31 today11:21
inetprosadly the minimums are too low for any rains11:22
grembleIts horrible. I have a fever as well, so I'm not very impressed11:22
theblazehenYeah, 12% chance of precipitation11:22
inetprois it not a matter of 12% quantity of precipitation?11:25
inetproor the probability of 12% quantity?11:25
grembleWhat is a 100% quantity of percipitation?11:25
* inetpro get very confused with these forecasts11:26
inetpronever know what it really means11:26
gremble:P It is a probability of percipitation11:26
theblazehenI think 100% is 100% chance of rain11:26
grembleThere are so many variables to take into account to predict rain, that they have to use statistical models11:27
gremble(most weather is statistical models)11:27
theblazehengremble: Fun fact, there is a distributed computing project that models climate change11:27
grembleIt's because weather is a chaos system, so it always has probabilistic outcomes, no matter how well you think you know the forces at play11:28
grembletheblazehen: And it is most of the time probably wrong :P11:28
gremblewell no11:28
gremblesorry, I read that incorrectly11:28
grembleClimate change it can model11:28
theblazehengremble: Well, it's planning long term, not short term weather11:28
gremblebut not weather forcasting11:28
theblazehenRan that for a while11:28
inetproI see wikipedia talking about probability of precipitation (POP) usually expresses a combination of degree of confidence and areal coverage11:29
theblazehenWow, I made vlc segfaullt11:31
grembleOdd. 11:33
grembleI'd think that projects like that ran extensive valgrind testing to prevent shit like that11:34
theblazehengremble: Yeah, opened a mkv from the cli, crashes. Opening it from the media menu in vlc has no problem11:34
theblazehenShould I file a bug report you think?11:35
grembleMy friend usually has me edit is documents and often says that he can learn a lot about writing from me, but he still vehemently fights with me whenever I tell him to not use the passive voice in writing or to not just list facts, etc. 11:38
theblazehenheh. Those kinds of people..11:39
theblazehenWelp, firefox crashed..15:30
theblazehenAnd I can't open any new windows of anything..15:30
theblazehenOh.. Maximum number of clients reached?!15:31
theblazehenSomething I can duckduckgo :)15:31
inetproKilos: why so quiet on this hot Saturday evening?17:52
Kilosjust cruising17:53
Kilosflat on my back with the idiot box making a noise17:53
inetprosurely you must be enjoying this heat?17:53
Kilosi love it17:53
Kilos35 tomorrow17:54
Kilosi can ctach some UV's17:55
inetproif only that helped to charge my batteries17:55
inetproI'm afraid my battery goes flat very quickly with such heat17:56
Kilosno loadshedding till april17:56
theblazehenYay! Guess I can play with ZFS then :)18:08
=== gremble is now known as somethingunique
=== somethingunique is now known as gremble
Kilosnight all . sleep tight18:55
magespawngood evening19:25
theblazehenHi magespawn 19:27
grembleHey magespawn 19:33
magespawnin and out, like a boomarang19:52
grembleIt's how you roll19:52
magespawni am cool like that19:59
magespawnbed time for me, good night all21:04
VlekkieWhats the rules of this irc tho?23:31
VlekkieAnd hey23:31
grembleVlekkie: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/TermsOfService These are the terms of service rules23:33
grembleinformally, be polite and stay within the spirit of the channel :)23:33
grembleMost people are only online from like 08:00-ish to 22:00 or 23:00 though23:34
VlekkieBut take that it's off topic then?23:37
grembleit's offtopic? What is 'it's'?23:38
VlekkieNM lol23:38
grembleAlright :)23:39
VlekkieGonna head to bed, cheers23:40
grembleSee you around23:40
VlekkieOne last thing, anyone know what the best irc client for Android is?23:41
grembleI've heard good things about irccloud. I use Andirc or something like that23:42
grembleI used to at least23:42
VlekkieI'm using "Andchat" ATM and seems good , but wonder if there is better?23:42
grembleOh, yes that is the one that I used23:42
VlekkieOkay thanks cheers :)23:43

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