ochosiUnit193: ya know, elementary also has an appcenter09:02
ochosii know, headerbar too09:03
ochosibut that'd be something to look at at least09:03
ochosi(maybe it's also just a fork of gnome software, no clue)09:03
flocculantochosi: does it look like it doesn't have enough options? :p09:04
Unit193flocculant: Troll.09:05
Unit193ochosi: It is vala.09:05
flocculantgood job that didn't get the original commit message :p09:16
Spassin response to yesterday's brief discussion (complaining) about GNOME 3 CSD apps in Xubuntu I made a simple Xfwm theme10:04
ochosiSpass: not bad, but that mainly takes up space ;)10:43
Spassyep, it's definitely not compact10:44
ochosiSpass: btw, if you wanna contribute to Greybird, a hidpi xfwm4 themewould be welcome10:52
Unit193Speaking of which, first Xubuntu Core 16.04 images are up.22:09
flocculantthanks Unit193 22:23
flocculantI guess we really need to push that again 22:23
Unit193I'm not so sure, but hey...22:47

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